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Buck and Rachel - MMF - FInale

After Ric and I had DP'ed Rachel, we went to living room, had some wine and hung out - after a little bit Rachel came in, grabbed some wine and said she was going to try to get some sl**p. We ended up all getting into bed - we did get some sl**p, but at various times during the night Ric and I - or just one of us, fucked around with Rachel.

In the morning I woke up with just Rachel in bed - I could hear Ric out in the kitchen. Rachel woke up, gave me a kiss, a big sl**py smile and got up to go to the bathroom - despite the multiple fucking episodes she had taken last night, she looked great. Watching her walk naked to the bathroom caused my cock to start stirring - when she came back in I was stroking my cock and she just looked at me, gave a sigh, and started to suck on it. She was taking my cock deep in her mouth and then stopping and licking the shaft, and then licking and sucking my balls.

She stopped sucking me and she got on top of me, she started to ride my cock, sliding up and down - her pussy was amazingly wet - and then she would start to rock back and forth on it. She then turned around and started to ride me reverse cowgirl, leaning forward so that I could see her ass bouncing up and down on me - I slid a finger in her ass and she started to moan. I reached for the lube on the night stand and put some on my finger - making it easier to slide a finger and then two into her ass as she rode me. After a little while she pulled herself off my cock and then positioned her asshole over my cock, slowly sitting on my cock as she buried it into her ass. I was in heaven, Rachel was now fucking my cock - she had turned back around so that her tits were in my face. I then noticed Rachel looking to the side of the bed - Ric was there, stroking his cock with one hand - a cup of coffee in the other. He smiled and said good morning as he watched Rachel pump her ass up and down on my cock. She told him to get over here - he put the coffee down and got up on the bed - allowing Rachel to be able to suck his cock. She was stroking and sucking his cock as she sat back on my cock which was still buried in her ass. I started to buck my hips up and down - I knew I was going to cum - the motion of her ass on my cock - the view of her tits in my face and watching her suck Ric was becoming too much. I told her I was going to cum - she stopped sucking Ric's cock and pulled off my cock - she knelt on the bed and told me to cum on her as she went back to sucking Ric's cock. I stroked my cock and started to cum - shooting my load until her face - some of it getting on Ric's cock - Rachel sucked him and cleaned up my cum - and then Ric started to moan - he grabbed Rachel's head and pushed her mouth down on his cock as he came into her mouth. She sucked him dry, cum dripping out of her mouth. She looked up at us, cum on her face - and said good morning. He all laughed and got out of bed to clean up and have coffee. It was the end to a great night of sex. We'd have some more fun in the future with Ric. Rachel liked the feel of more than one cock in her - and when she liked something - she wanted more.

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