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Life change,after change job 2

He had been told by everyone that kasem was not a man to be messed with and just about everyone was scared of him. He could be a very dangerous person. All his earlier anger had been drained away and he sounded subdued and defeated when he finally told her that accepting the little man's offer seemed to be their only option.

She had never heard her husband sound so dejected and she cried bitterly after hanging up the phone. ruchika had always been faithful to mohit and he had been her only lover. The thought of having sex with anyone else made her feel sick as she loved her husband so much. But after there conversation on the phone she knew there was nothing else to do but take mohits advice and contact kasem.

So the next morning she called kasem and told him she would agree to his proposition. She begged him to not to do this to her, though she knew her pleas were useless. He told her she would be picked up that evening and to make sure she closed up her house as she would be staying with him for as long as he wanted. She put the phone down and burst into tears once again. She hated him. He had a reputation as a cruel and very callus man. And he was so physically repulsive. My god, she wondered, how had she gotten herself into this ?

The limo collected her just as kasem had said and took her to his vast house. After the limo dropped her off, she rang the bell and a domestic showed her into a very large, lounge-like room. After standing there for what seemed like forever but was only several minutes, she became aware of her strange reactions. She had been waiting for this since her call to him yesterday, dreading it, yet she was acutely aware of her own fear. She tried to dismiss this as kasem walked into the room wearing a purple dressing gown.

He greeted her differently this time, bending his head and kissing her hand. He told her not to worry, he would not hurt her; in fact, he assured her, she would enjoy it. In a wimpy voice, she once again asked him not to do this, but he paid her no attention.

"ruchika, if you will please come with me," he said and they walked through several rooms, finally entering one that had a Jacuzzi. He told her he would be back shortly and instructed her to disrobe and get into the Jacuzzi. ruchika did so and found the warm, bubbly water
indeed made her feel relaxed. At that point a domestic entered the pool room and handed her a crystal goblet. It contained a potent, wine-like drink with a fruity taste.

kasem encouraged her to drink it and she quickly took several large swallows, hoping it would ease her anxiety. The warm, swirling water and delicious drink began to have the desired effect and ruchika felt deeply relaxed. About 15 minutes later, kasem returned with a dressing gown similar to his own and told her to put it on and follow him.

From there they moved down a long corridor and entered a large room. kasem sat on the large, low bed and told her to remove her gown and turn herself around. He spent several minutes quietly appraising her body, murmuring to himself as he admiring her supple curves and flawless indian skin, knowing they were his to do with as he pleased.

Under normal circumstances, ruchika would have felt sick and revolted by this act, but instead she was feeling an increased warmth and relaxation, a sweet lethargy, as if everything around her was slowing down and she was focused on the moment. For just a moment, she
wondered if something had been put into her drink.

He began by stroking her arms and gently brushing his large fingers through her long, red hair. He kissed her neck and ears and slid his hands over her body, causing her to shudder involuntarily. She was already sexually charged from knowing what was going to happen - and
perhaps by her inability to prevent it.

She could feel the familiar signs, her pussy lips moistening and opening, gently stretching her labia so that the tip of her clitoris was exposed, longing for the first delicious contact. She was vaguely aware that she shouldn't be reacting this way, at least not under
these conditions, but she seemed to have no control over her body's responses. It was now very clear to her that her drink had indeed been laced with something. This brute now had her under the influenced of something and she didn't know what.

He began kissing her, gently at first, then forcing his tongue inside her mouth searching for hers. He found it and sucked it into his mouth. His hands continued their slow, steady caress of her young indian body. Her need had been building steadily, and finally
reached a point that she began removing his dressing gown.

She tried to avoid looking at his very fat stomach or anything further below as she undressed him. Her mind was whirling; she had wondered all night about this very moment, how it would come about and what she would find. mohit was of moderate size at best, and she knew there were men with much larger cocks, but she no experience of this.

Finally she moved her hand below his belly and grasped his member. It was incredibly warm to her touch, hard and swollen and so very thick. Instinctively she moved her head lower, wanting to see it. She'd not seen that many cocks, and certainly never a black one, or one of
this size. kasem must have sensed it.

"Is this your first black cock, ruchika?" he asked gently.
He voice seemed even deeper than usual.

She tilted her head upward. "Yes... yes it is," she said haltingly. Even as she spoke she kept running her slim fingers up and down the length of his long shaft, her hand moving in a slow, steady, stroking motion. It was certainly much longer than mohit's, she thought, and it felt nearly twice as thick. Her body seemed on autopilot as she slid off the bed onto the floor. kasem moved to the edge of the bed in front of her and spread his short legs into a V shape.

ruchika continued to stroke and fondled his large organ, which was now level with her face. She gently f***ed the thick foreskin back down the shaft, exposing the very bulbous, pinkish purple head. This was another first for her as mohit was circumcised, and she found she
enjoyed watching the dark skin slide back as she exposed the mushroomed shaped glans. Her rapidly increasing sexual tension had banished any guilt feeling to the back of her consciousness. She seemed in a trace-like state as she brought her head forward,
kissing and licking his throbbing cock head.

After several minutes of this slow, sweet torment her urge to suck on his ever growing cock was overwhelming. She opened her mouth and attempted to engulf the swollen tip, but she found it a struggle. After several tries she finally managed to fit the head and upper shaft into her mouth. Still, it was a tight fit and her small mouth was stretched to its maximum, forming a tight seal around his organ. As she moved her head slowly up and down she made wet, noisy slobbering sounds as trickles of saliva oozed from the corners of her mouth.

kasem was in his element, near rapture almost; there was nothing he loved more than watching a frightening, defeated indian woman like ruchika, a virgin to black cock, kneeling subserviently before him, choking and gagging as she tried to suck his enormous erection into her sweet little married mouth. He leaned forward a bit, reached down and began rubbing ruchika's firm breasts, pulling and squeezing roughly on the ends until her tender nipples were so inflamed that they stood out like beacons.

He pulled her body up a bit then and spread her legs until he could reach one of his big hands between them. His thick forefinger quickly found her distended clit, rubbing it so hard she wanted to scream out for him to stop. But her mouth was filled to capacity, filled with
his huge black cock, and he just kept rubbing her bud, up, down and sideways, until her pussy was soaking wet and hyper sensitive to any touch.

Even in her somewhat altered state, ruchika was surprised how f***eful he was compared to mohit, who was almost always tender and loving. kasem pushed and pulled her this way and that at his whim; he was always in charge, doing exactly what he wanted, when he wanted. A distant part of her consciousness still couldn't believe she was allowing him to explore her so shamelessly, but the rest of her seemed to be on sexual auto-pilot and her arousal kept building. Giving in to her feelings, she began to enjoy this roughness and loss of control, Knowing she was being f***efully used.

She was almost limp when he pulled her onto the bed and rolled her onto her back. As he pushed he thighs wide apart she tried to resist, but it was a token response, a foolish gesture neither took seriously. Moving between her spread legs, he grasped his rigid cock by the base and placed its bloated head against her now defeated vaginal opening. Then started to f***e the folds of wet flesh apart. She asked him to cover his cock with a condom to ensure it was safe.

There was no response at all from kasem. He just continued and pushed more making ruchika pant and gasp, fingers frantically rubbing her clit, as she felt the inside of her tight pussy being slowly pulled apart as it grasped the huge mass being f***ed into it. She screamed in pleasure-pain as she felt her womanhood being violated, stretched and opened in a way she had never imagined as he continued to slide himself ever deeper into her. Her long legs were wrapped around him and she was sweating heavily under him, grinding her hips and grunting shamelessly as she worked to accommodate him.

She felt stuffed, her body impaled, as his cock moved further into her tight, grasping channel. He was slowly opening her, reaching places deep inside her, places she had never known existed, creating an intense sensation of pleasurable fullness. Then with one last heavy push his huge black cock finally bottomed out, ruchika was overwhelmed, gasping and squealing, clawing at his back, screaming at him to please take it easy on her.

But he kept moving slowly, tormenting her until she couldn't bear it. She knew, on some far away level, that she was behaving like a total slut, but that didn't stop her losing control, thrusting her hips forward so fast she almost lifted him off the bed. He was making her tight pussy fit his huge cock.

When finally her orgasm hit the feeling was like nothing she had ever experienced. From its epicentre deep inside her it quickly blossomed out in such intensely pleasurable waves that she feared she might be having a seizure. She gave herself over to her climax completely, remaining in its throes, making no attempt whatever to control her writhing body or stifle the curses and a****l-like shrieks that poured from some primitive place inside her.

kasem was pleased with himself as he looked down at her dishevelled, sweat drenched form. Then he rocked back on his heels and pulled his still hard cock out of her spent pussy, which now gaped open as never before. He pulled her upward against some pillows and straddled her upper body, putting his slime covered cock into her open mouth.

He leaned forward, driving himself into her so deeply that he hit the back of her throat. ruchika, sill only semi-consciences from her orgasm, began to gag and choke pitifully, clawing at the air with her fingers and making terrible retching noises as a heavy stream of spittle and bile escaped her lips and ran down her quivering chin.

At the last moment he eased himself out of her mouth and she was able to get her breath. She wanked his cock for awhile, her small hand moving easily up and down its slippery long length. kasem grunted, told her he was going to cum and ordered her to put his cock back into her mouth and start sucking him again. Out of habit, ruchika started to resist, but quickly thought better of it. This is something mohit had never asked her to do, but of course she had no choice.

She had no sooner complied with his order than she heard him howl and felt his cock begin to pulse. She stared up at him, eyes wide, as his balls released a huge torrent of vile tasting black seed. So great was the quantity of cum that suddenly filled her mouth that ruchika couldn't
swallow it all and began to choke and cough violently.

"Swallow it you fucking bitch, swallow it all," he bellowed.

She had never heard his voice so low or demanding and it scared her so badly she began swallowing faster, licking at her scum-coated lips, gulping down the sticky, awful tasting semen as fast as his cock pumped it out. She wanted desperately to vomit, but managed to
fight back the impulse until finally his monster ejaculation ended. Smiling down at her, he squeezed her face with his hand pushing his middle and index fingers into her mouth until it popped open wide.

"Open for me. That's it, a little wider," he cajoled. "Now, stick out your tongue. Eh, good girl, you did swallow all of it." He laughed long and deeply and the sound of his voice made her shiver. Despite everything, she felt wonderfully happy, proud of herself, pleased that she had been able to service him exactly as he had instructed. Even being called his fucking bitch made her feel warm inside, because suddenly... she understood.

And she was also pleased in a strange way the he had not pumped his cum into her pussy. She didn't want his black seed entering her womb. He had emptied his nuts into her mouth.

ruchika smiled. With mohit, she knew, that would have been that, and they would have gone to sl**p. But kasem began to work her clitoris and nipples again, though a bit more gently this time. When she looked, ruchika noticed he was erect again, his cock as large and stiff as if he had never come. ruchika felt hyper aroused and began to mewl and squirm at the same time she reached for his cock and began to stroke it.

Grabbing the young indian woman, kasem, flipped her over onto her hands and knees. She responded immediately, spreading her legs, arching her back and canting her pelvis, exposing her moist, open slit that he just had made his. He then walked forward until he was close enough to slide the huge purple head of his penis up and down in the furrow of her soaking labia. At this light contact, she makes a noise between a pant and a groan. He grabbed a fistful of her beautiful red hair, now matted with sweat, and jerked her head back hard.

"What do you want, bitch ? Fucking tell me what you want ?" he asked gruffly.

"Please, oh, please...." she whimpered, hoping he will stop her humiliation, but knowing otherwise.

He tightened his grip, pulling her head back more sharply. He found her clit with his thumb and began a gentle massage, causing her body to shudder. "It's easy, bitch. Just tell me what you want, what you need, what all bitches need. What you want me to give you tell me now or else"

She was beaten and knew it. She really didn't like the or else at the end of the sentence. She felt so threatened by him and knew what he wanted. Again he spoke "Say it fucking bitch tell me now what you want"

She panted in a rasping voice, her tone betmohiting true desperation.

Then ruchika finally answered him. "Fuck me"

Unable to take anymore himself, kasem slipped the head of his swollen cock inside her cunt and began to push. ruchika grunted loudly as once again she felt the heft of his massive cock burrowing inside her, spreading her pussy walls gently apart as it once again opened her tight channel.

For just a moment she felt the familiar pain-pleasure from before, although it was quickly replaced by pure pleasure as he grabbed her hips and increased his motion, pumping his thick shaft into her more quickly this time.

ruchika was coming completely unravelled, shaking her head from side to side and beating her fists against the mattress, all the while delivering an unbroken babble of screams, groans and curses. She wouldn't have thought it possible, but it felt even better this time.
He seemed to have wedged his cock in even deeper, or maybe he had just hit some new, more sensitive spots inside her.

Suddenly, there was a new sensation as kasem pushed one of his thick fingers deep into her anus. Earlier, she might have panicked, but now she just groaned in pleasure as she felt both his cock and his finger working inside her, separated by only a thin membrane
of skin. This seemed to take her to another level of arousal, sending another charge through her already overheated body.

She was dripping sweat and panting crazily as she looked at him over her shoulder, telling him in a ragged, gasping voice that she was so close and please to fuck her faster. After several more minutes of hard pounding, kasem knew she was close, for he could feel the twitching, tightening contractions of her internal muscles around his finger.

When ruchika finally went over the edge she lost all control; her pale, sultry body began to shake and convulse crazily and she let out a series of high pitched screams and squeals that echoed off the barren walls of the room. Even as she continued to orgasm, Margashi drove his huge cock in deep, finally hitting some internal part of her, then shouted at her " Now bitch it's time to make you my fucking whore".

Wide eyed she froze at his words. Her pussy was completely full of his black cock and he had her in a helpless position and he knew it. kasem rammed hard holding his monster cock balls deep into ruchika's defenseless opening and with that erupted with an orgasm almost as violent as hers. His heavy balls contracted and he began to shoot hot, sending thick streams of potent black seed deep into ruchika's fertile young womb. He was grasping her hips tightly making sure every drop was spent as deeply into her as possible.

Moments later, they both collapsed on the bed, utterly spent. After awakening from a brief sl**p, ruchika snuggled against kasem. Her inner thighs were trembling and a stream of his semen trickled from her ravaged vagina, forming a damp circle on the sheet. She looked at him lovingly and said she'd never been fucked like that. He smiled and cuddled her close, feeling her wonderful softness and warmth of her lush body.

"You indian women need to have a black lover to teach you what real sex is like," he laughed. "And now, you are my indian Slut." ruchika looked at him and she knew he was right. She lay on the bed feeling his semen deep inside her belly. The way she was now feeling she knew that he had her in a position where she would do just about anything her told her to do.

Other the next few days kasem used her body as a cum receptor. He repeatedly fucked her as hard as he could making certain not only that she was completely submissive to him but also her young indian pussy became accustom to taking large black cock. It was only a few days before kasem told ruchika he would be sharing her body with whoever he wanted and she would get used to opening her legs when and where she was told.

Within weeks of there first encounter ruchika was pregnant with her first Black c***d. She had been successfully bred. And if kasem had anything to do with it then it would not be her last.

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