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Round Two

You wrap your hands around me and you wisper in my ear "i need more" i pull my head back and look in your eyes and say ...give me your hands...... I turn you over and extend your hands to the corner of your bed... I grab my handcuffs and lock your right hand to one post and lock your left to the other. My cum.covered cock is leaving trails.of your cum all over your ass...... i wisper .... Your about to get more..... I then start to lick behind your ear i get bold and bite down on the edge of your ear to show you that i mean business. Your body shakes as i let go of your ear. I slowly start to slide down your body as my tongue continues to lay a line of moisture down your back. i drag my fingers down your back with my fingernails leaving there mark...... My tongue has reached the crack of your ass. I let my tongue linger until my hands catch hands start to rub your ass... I squeeze and twist and slowly spread your cheeks as my tongue slides down farther..... you pull your legs up to get your ass up in the air this causes my tongue to find its target..... I lick and i poke with my tongue as my hands grab your ass harder..... I press my face in closer enabling my tongue to find your weak spot... I stiffen my tongue up and slide my hands to the front of your hips.... you feel me grab your hips and you raised your ass to my tongue I put pressure on my tongue as it begins to loosen you I push him in almost an inch then pull him back... I do this until I have developed a good rhythm of tongue fucking you. I circle my hands around until they touch. I slide them forward until I reach your nipple. I slowly start to caress them with my fingers. My tongue is now moving close to two inches into your tight ass. My cock is as hard as he's ever been..... I pull my tongue out and begin to work my way back up to your neck. You can feel my cock sliding up your legs... my cock reaches your ass but he is lined up with your pussy you feel the head touching your lips but deep down you know that's not where my cock is heading .........

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