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Painting in the wrong outfit

I bust open the door and their you stand. You have a paint brush in your hand and you just stare at me. You don't know why I'm there but you have an idea. I start to walk toward you. You drop the paint brush and start to back up. I get closer you keep backing up. I'm three steps away and you back into the wall you have been painting. I take the last three steps and all you can see is lust in my eyes. Your scared, you wasn't expecting this but you know it's about to happen. I rub the sweat off your cheak with the back of my hand and lean in on the other side and blow on your neck until my lips find your ear. As I'm nibbling on your ear you start to raise your hand to my chest... I grab it strongly with my hand. I turn you around and and with your body still against the wet wall with your wrist behind you in my hand I lean my body against yours and with my other hand brush your hair back and kiss your neck again. I think about letting your other hand go but I know better. For some reason your painting in a sundress as if you were expecting me. I move my free hand to the few buttons of your sundress and break then apart. I quickly take both hands and rip your sundress apart and let it fall to the floor. I step back and look in wonder at your naked back and the most incredible high cut lace panties that I have ever seen............. After I have you exactly where I want you I am at a loss of what to do. When I first came in I knew I was going to take you hard and fast. All I can see is you standing against the wall And I can't stop staring at every inch of your body. I want to grab you and pick you up and carry you to the shower and wash every inch of your body slowly but instead I take my clothes off right there and spin you back around and grab your ass and pull you in close as our body's touch, your breasts rubbing against my body, my cock starting to raise up as it gets harder. I can feel my cock rubbing up against you. You lift your self up on your toes so my cock can rub you better. With both our body's covered with paint now you wrap your arms around my neck and you bring your lips closer to mine as I start to move my hips in a circular motion. Before are lips meet you feel my hands grab the back of your legs and I start to lift you up. You feel your pussy rub against my cock as you move above my cock. My cock flops out past your pussy as you feel the head rub against your lips. I push my hips in and lower you slightly so your lips are rubbing the length of my cock. I rock you back n forth as my cock keeps sliding back n forth. You wisper in my ear and wisper "this is not right we shouldn't be doing this. I ask you if you want to stop and you just let out a sigh and rest you're head on my shoulder. You slowly kiss my neck as the head of my cock gets closer to the entrance of your pussy. You can feel it getting closer but you sence I'm teasing you. The head passes the entrance again and you try to shift your hips to give it better access. Finally the head of my cock gets stops by the entrance of your pussy. You make a slight adjustment and it slides in but just an inch. I am still holding you up just enough to only feel the head of my cock. You decide to play dirty and reach your hand up to my chest and you slightly grab my nipple. I feel your touch and I let you slide down my body a little more and now you feel more of my cock. Your fingers aren't satisfied with what there accomplishing. They take a better grip and twist and pull on them. I can feel the burn and I immediately lose the strength I have that is holding you up. You slide down my cock another few inches. You start to rock your hips back n forth on my cock. I match your moves and we start to move as one. You lean your head back on my neck and your lips touch my neck. As my cock is going deeper you create a suction on my neck that feels incredible. The harder I bounce you on my cock the harder you suck. You are moaning as my cock is slamming into your pussy. I feel you begin to tense up and I realize you are getting close to cumming. I take you over to the bed and throw you down breaking the connection you have on my neck. I grab your hands and put them above your head I line my cock back up and I slam my cock back into your pussy. Our fingers interlock as slide my cock in deep and start to gyrate my hips. I can feel you start to tence up again and i can feel I'm close. I look at you and i tell you to cum on my cock. I pull my cock all the way out and slam him in deep again. You scream "I'm cumming don't stop i need your cock" i can't hold it no more and i can feel my cock start to shoot. I can tell the first shot came out hard.... Your eyes went wide when i started to cum. You say "i feel your cock cumming... I have never felt that before." you squeeze my hands tighter and you close your eyes as I finish filling your pussy full of my cum

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