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Loving Cum - Nikki, Nookie, Cock and an orgy

I’d been out of university for a year and a half. The early 80’s wasn’t the greatest for business but I’d joined a firm that did financial analysis, management consulting, and had a few moneyed sugar daddies looking for great investments. My job was to find those investments, put people on the inside to make sure the money was being spent well, and to make all of us money.
My boss was great. He was a classic 80’s guy. “When you’re in a tough negotiation, just imagine the other guy is naked.” I figured the other guy had the same advice so I used one of my little kinks to help me focus. I loved women’s underwear, the sexier the better. So I’d wear underwear and hose during tough negotiations. I was always focused and on the verge of a woody. If the other guy imagined me correctly, he’d be shocked and I’d have the upper hand.
It was approaching fall and Nikki called asking if I’d take her to school for her senior year. Nikki had been my former girlfriend Deb’s roommate. Deb and I taught Nikki how to suck cock and love to swallow and share cum. Nikki and I messed around from time to time and I liked visiting her at school. Nikki and I had done almost everything you could do with fingers, toes, and tongues, but we’d never actually fucked.
The previous spring, I drove her home from school. Nikki was in one of her moods….sexy moods. She was a strawberry blonde cheerleader type. On the drive home she was having fun. The school was in a rural area of Washington and we were driving the Interstate in my convertible. Nikki started flashing her tits, rubbing her nipples and distracting me and anyone else near us on the road. She pushed her shorts down and began fingering her pussy. In about four minutes she just went off. She was bucking, screaming, cumming, and fingering herself hard. When she relaxed, she leaned over to me, put her fingers to my mouth and let me suck off her pussy juices.
Nikki laughed and squeezed my crotch. “Got you a bit excited huh?” She ran her hand up the pants leg of my shorts. When she got to my rock hard cock she found it encased in nice silky lacy underwear. “WTF?” she shouted. I’d forgotten I was wearing. I started telling her the story about my penchant for women’s undies but she just started tearing at my belt and zipper. She yanked the shorts down leaving me with a seat belt across a blue lacy bikini with the head of my cock sticking out of the waist band.
“Don’t take the interstate, take the old road” Nikki said. I took the back way and headed south as she squeezed the head of my cock. She licked her fingers then ran them over the head. I was squirming in the seat and swerving on the road. We pulled down a side road and I hopped out of the car and braced myself on the front fender. Nikki made sure my pants were around my ankles and she sucked me perfectly until I blasted into her mouth. She showed me my cum and came up and kissed me deep. We shared my cum, I fingered her twat and she erupted again. This time, I put my two fingers to her mouth and let her suck her cum.
All of this was just the set up to one of the sexiest weekends of my life. School was ready to start and Nickki called, “Pick me up on Friday to go back to school. I’ll make it worth your while.” Holy fuck she was right. Nikki couldn’t check into the dorm until Saturday so I booked us a suite for Friday night. I headed out from Seattle and picked her up early on Friday. We got to school and checked into the hotel. Nikki said she wanted to rest before we partied. She told me to swing through campus, meet my friends and then pick up some food and come back. She was going to nap. Yeah, right.
I got back to the hotel about 7:30 pm. When I walked in it was dark. Flickering light from candles caught my attention. Nikki was lying on the sofa in the suite. But in between her legs was an absolutely gorgeous woman with Jet black hair and wearing bright white lingerie. The bustier was pulled down over her right nipple and Nikki was fondling that tight small breast breast. She had sheer white panties and I could immediately tell that she was shaved. This was incredibly unusual for the early 80’s.Nikki looked at me deeply and said “This is the girl I call Nookie and all of us can share her tonight.” Nookie was small, about 5’ 2” with a tiny waist and perky 34B tits.
“I’m into sharing,” I said. My cock was immediately getting hard. Suddenly I felt a presence behind me. Both girls smiled so I felt safe. A low throaty female voice said, “Yes, Nookie may be yours tonight, but first you are mine.” Holy crap! Now my cock was rock solid hard. Quickly a leather dog collar was latched around my neck. “Come with me” she commanded. “You need to get bathed and dressed.” I knew the voice and finally it hit me. It was Roberta, a graduate assistant I lusted for when I was in school. I remember reading that she was new to the faculty this year as a professor.
“Hey Bobbie, good to see you again” I said with cocky laugh. She yanked the dog collar, pulled me toward her face and said, “Its Roberta, bitch. You’re mine tonight and you’ll be tasting cock before you ever taste any pussy.” Nikki and Nookie followed me into the suite’s bedroom, Nikki was absolutely naked and Nookie had on her white lingerie. There on the bed was a black bustier, black undies, and a black garter with hose. Roberta commanded the girls, “Dress this little bitch.” They got me out of my clothes and led me to a warm bath. They bathed me. I stayed rock hard as they rubbed soap on my shaft balls and ass. Then they dried me and led me out to the bedroom where they slipped on my black girlie clothes. I caught a view of myself in the mirror and felt very sexy.
Roberta took the dog collar leash and led me into the suite’s living room. Sitting in a chair was a muscled guy about 30 with a crew cut wearing pantyhose and a dog collar like mine. I could see a nice cock through the panty hose. Roberta said, “Nikki told me that you and your bitch girlfriend taught her how to suck cock and drink cum. Now she’s going to help you learn how to do it yourself.” Nikki took the leash and put me on my knees then led me to this guy’s crotch. She ripped the pantyhose and his cock fell out in my face. He was only half hard and Nikki told me to take it in my mouth and work the head. He got harder, a nice six and a half inch cut cock that fit nicely in my mouth. He pulled his cock out and slapped my face with it. Nikki helped stroke the cock and I took it all the way down to the back of my tmouth. I worked on him, finally concentrating on the tip with my tongue, lips and teeth. I fondled his balls and as they got harder I knew what was coming. “Don’t spill a drop,” Nikki whispered. The dude let loose into my mouth and I took it all. He must have cum in four or five spurts. I pulled back when he was done and held my mouth up, opened it, and showed the three girls the cum. “Swallow it all down” Roberta commanded and I did what she said. It was my first taste of another man’s cum and I liked it. The guy got up, put on jeans, a T shirt, and tennis shoes and walked out.
I was led back into the bedroom. Nookie and I took one bed and Roberta and Nikki the other. Roberta stripped and the two girls began fingering each other as they watched me with Nookie. She was in white, I was in black, and I decided that meant I would take over. I went down on Nookie and worked her to her first orgasm with me. She bucked and screamed as she came. As she sucked my cock she left the black underwear around my balls. I laid her on her back, pulled her undies aside, put her legs on my shoulders and began pushing and grinding like there was no tomorrow. The other two were in an incredible 69 with tongues in twats and fingers in asses. It hit me what I wanted to do. I flipped Nookie over to her hands and knees. I was wearing my doggie collar so I fucked her doggie style. She still had her undies on and when I was ready to bust, I pulled out and spewed a massive amount of sperm onto her panty-covered ass.
I asked her to lie down on her tummy then carefully removed the cum-soaked panties from her body. Roberta and Nikki had reached screaming orgasms while I was fucking Nookie and now they were sitting on the bed watching us. I handed the cum-soaked panties to Roberta and asked, “Does this meet with your pleasure, Madam?” “Almost” she said. She slipped the panties on and told me to lie down on my back across the bed. She then ground her panty covered ass with my cum and Nookie’s juices into my face. She pulled the panties aside and let me tongue her asshole. Finally she lay back, I flipped over, and went to town with my tongue on her twat. With Nikki working the left breast and Nookie on the right breast, Roberta erupted in an incredible orgasm all over my face and lips.
The next day INikki and I drove to campus to move her into her dorm room. Nikki was wearing a sun dress as and would finger her pussy while we were using the elevator to bring her things to the room. After the third trip she leaned over to me and said the words I’d always wanted to here, “I want you to fuck me today.” It shouldn’t have surprised me but when Nikki’s roommate arrived it turned out to be Nookie. Her real name was Samantha and it was funny meeting her parents as they helped her move in. When Samantha took her parents downstairs to say goodbye, Nikki ripped my shorts down and pulled her sundress up. She put her arms around my neck and her legs around my hips and impaled herself on my cock. She ground and bounced on my cock saying “make me cum, make me cum.” We knew we only had minutes before Samantha returned. “Fuck me harder, Oh my Gawd I’m cumming,” Nikki growled into my ear. I could feel her juices run down my legs and I erupted inside her. We were like a****ls just rutting along the side of the road and I kept spurting my cum into her.
As I pulled out I heard to door open. Samantha came in and said “I hope you left something for me.” She licked cum and juices from my leg and cleaned up my cock head. Then she went over, pushed Nikki back on her bed, and dropped her mouth to her twat. As she licked my cum out of Nikki, I decided it was time to head home. “Have a great senior year,” I said to Nikki. She looked at me with her eyes rolling back in her head and said “Cum over and visit us anytime.” It was years before Arnold made the line popular but I remember exactly what I said as I walked out the door. “I’ll be back.”

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