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Fuckn My Flat 2

My hands were shaking at the anticipation, she grabbed the back of my neck and brought me in for another deep kiss, my fingers danced lightly over the mounds of her boobs grazing the hard nipples as my hand got closer to her glistening thighs. I moved my hands over her pussy lips. Wet doesn’t even get close to describing her. This girl was hot and dying for some hard cock to make her scream. Her back arched as I lightly moved her wet lips apart, her panty gusset was soaked through with it as I dragged them off her, her ass raising in the air to help giving me a waft of her pussy smell as she lifted herself. It was amazing.

This girl was every guys dream. She knew what she wanted, she was relaxed, comfortable with her body, not insecure, and sexually confident. I ran my finger down her crack, dipping it in to the knuckle without any barrier, she groaned and bucked, and said “my god I feel like I could cum all over your hand right now, lick my clit it’s throbbing”. I lowered myself between her thighs and slid my tongue from the hint of her asshole right the way up to her folding lips, parting them with my tongue. I darted my tongue inside her and all around her soaking snatch. She gasped again, and begged for a finger to be in her again, while at the same time pulling her top and bra straps to the side to expose her huge breasts to me. The nipples were sticking straight up to the ceiling like a pair of thumbs. She grabbed her tits roughly, squeezing them and pulling her nipples as I slipped in two fingers and quickly found her G spot. I massaged it as I licked her clit. It was swelling with bl**d the more attention I gave it, and she was panting uncontrollably as I fondled her G spot.”I’m gonna shoot into your mouth” she managed to moan. She had the most tightening snatch I ever felt as she came and a single jet of pussy wetness blasted into my lips and over the bed clothes. It tasted strong and sweet, like sex in my mouth.

She collapsed back into a relaxed state. “My god that was intense as fuck” she grinned. I came up to lie next to her, and shared her liquid sex as we kissed. She licked her lips, “I always like my taste” she said as she pushed me onto my back and straddle me. Her tits were hanging down now, cradled in her lowered bra and top, she lifted off my shirt and let her dark nipples trace along my body as she smiled and stared right into my eyes. “I love my big tits as much as you do” she said “I’m taking these to meet your cock now though”. I felt my cock twitch three times under my jeans as she said this. It was straining against the material. She let her nipples caress me as her hands reached for my belt and trousers, and she slid her hand under the waist band and gripped my shaft. She pulled the jeans down with her other hand until I was completely naked on my bed. Her mouth met my bulging cock tip and she took it all in. I could feel the hugeness of her boobs against my thighs brushing them with her warm flesh. Then I noticed while my cock was in her mouth she had one hand on a nipple and the other on her pussy, this was one horny girl.

Her nipples were quite long when aroused and dark coloured. Her areolae were big as well, and the same dark colour to them that contrasted against her smooth skin. I could feel her tongue tracing all along my dick as she came up off my shaft and squeezed those lovely titties around my now throbbing cock. She flicked her nips as she squashed my prick into the flesh. She smiled and looked me straight in the eyes as she said she wanted me to shoot all over these big boobies. That was what did it for me I spunked right onto her chin and all over her smooth breasts. She lifted her tit and licked the spunk from them. She went back to my cock and kissed and cleaned it with her mouth, I fell back completely exhausted. I closed my eyes as she waved to me from the en-suite door. I woke back up as climbed in beside me, clean and smooth as silk, completely naked now. She said she was happy to leave me in peace if I wanted now, but I said no you can stay over, my mind was on the next bit of excitement.

Despite my growing hard on as I lay next to her I fell back asl**p quickly, my hand resting on her breasts as they lay one on top of the other. The next thing I knew was the sensation of pleasure as I opened my eyes in that post sl**p shock. My eyes flitted over my clock. 5am. Still dark. Then I remembered, and my cock was in her hand, and she was pumping, and sliding her thumb over my cock head as her hand slid to the tip, arousing my even more. Her pendulous tits were pressing against my arm. I saw her smile in the twinkle of light we had and she whispered to me, “I’m wet all over my soft, warm lips, and I need you inside me now”. With that she straddled me her pussy moistening my abdomen as she pushed her boobs into my face. She gasped asking me to bight her nipple, and to squeeze her tits hard in my hands. She expertly slid her pussy down and straight onto my waiting shaft. It was ecstasy. My cock filled her right to the tip in an instant, she moaned out “fuck yes, I can feel you stretching me”. I was breathless. She was tight and warm. My cock was perfectly nestled inside her as she slid off it and back on in quick succession, pulling my foreskin back to reveal the pleasure underneath.

My hands were all over her tits, kneading them, squashing them trying to fit them all into my hand at once. I lifted them and pushed them as flat as I could, pulling at the nips until she yelped. She tightened up with her impending orgasm, and let herself go in the moment. This pushed me to my limit and I sped up my thrusting into her vagina and pulled out at the last second. She leaned backwards and my spunk sprayed her body, bits of cum landing on her tits and stomach. She leaned forward and hissed into my ear ”best fuck for some time, I’m sure we can do even better next time though”. It was the beginning of an intense three months of my life, which was essentially devoted to the same thing night after night. And that was my fault, and what ultimately led to the end of us in hind sight. I have a mixture of tame and not so pictures, which I’ll make anonymous and put up here if there’s enough interest. It was five years ago now, so I’ll try to find her MySpace later on. We had zero contact since the end of the three months.

I have more encounters I wanted to type up and share so I’ll do that over time, thanks for looking

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