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Playing Cards Part 2

The last hand I won. “I am glad it’s over” she said. As I slowly pulled her panty down her legs. Then she stood as a model allowed my eyes to probe her desirable body. I saw that Connie’s pussy was lightly covered by red hair. But I could easily see her pink pussy lips. As I wet my lips in anticipation of enjoying her sweet wet pussy juices. As I pulled her closer for a more detail look my hands when behind her to squeezed her firm ass.
“Ok” Connie said “you won the game your wish is my command for the 30 minutes”. As she walks past me totally nude like a model walking down the New York runway. Tempting me with every step as she sets the microwave clock. That is a hot open invitation if I ever heard of one. She came closer to me she reached for my knees separating them as she walked between them. Now she was just inches away. So I could not see anything but her wonderful body.
Then she turned 180 degrees and bent over touching the floor with her palms. When she did I saw a birth mark on her lower back just above her butt. As I wrapped my arms around her legs. Then I licked her butt like it was a ice cream cone. Until her ass was covered by my saliva. With every lick Connie would moan, ever so softly. As my tongue got closer to her crack. As she cried in unexcepted delight at the attention.
After several licks I stood her up and turned her around to face me as my arms wrapped around her waist. Then she skillfully took a knife and cut my draws until my dick was free. As they fell to the floor I kissed her with all the passion I could. Connie did not resist my advancement. In fact she encouraged it.
Soon I found myself pined against the wall. With Connie bent down on her knees giving me a blow job. Connie, gave me one to treasure. Then she allowed my wet dick to find it’s way through her hair. As my dick went between her pink pussy lips into a place few have gone before (not even her husband’s cock would venture). There pinned against the wall she moved her hips to take all of my 7" of my black dick. Before long our public hairs were intertwined. As my dick rubbed against the back of her pussy wall. As I held her around the waist. My head against her soft breast.
Just then I heard from Connie the request that I been wanting to here “Ohhhh please, cum in me NOWWW ”. The anticipation was more than either of us expected or handle. With her consent I released all my sperm into her waiting pussy. As I felt my warm sperm flowing from my body into her’s. She exclaimed “YESSS, YESS, THAT’S WHAT I WANT” through her tears of enjoyment and relief. At that time we became friend’s with a benefit package that no Fortune 500 company could not beat.
As we relaxed for our activity we could hear again the TV still reporting on the fire. We decide to go to the kitchen and have a some ice cream. We were still nude but our homos were still high like the ocean waves stirred up by a category 3 hurricane. We have woken a new side each of us and we both loved it. As the alarm from the microwave went off. But we knew that we had started something special we did not want to stop.
Connie was bent over the sink to running the water. When I cautiously came up behind her and pressed my dick against her crack, I put my arm around her and caress her breast in my hands and slowly straighten her up and press my chest against her back, lean my chin against her shoulder. Connie lean her head against my shoulder. She took her hands and took them against the sides of my hips. As I could feel her fingernails dig into my flesh. As she felt the heat of my dick. Forgetting that the water was on. With the sink on one side, me on the other side and Connie in the middle I tightly hold her body erect.
There we stood our nude bodies pressed against each other. Ever so close, her white body against my black body. As we hold each other we knew this is not just a one night stand. Now we were sexual partners even though we knew it was cheating on our spouses. But that fact was the last thing on our minds. Our emotions had taken full and complete control.
We clear off the breakfast island then I lifted her up on the island. I raised her legs so the back of her legs would face me she wrapped her feet around my head. I position myself so that my dick would have full access to her pussy and butt. I put some ice cream on her titts. I insert my dick into her pussy as I lean over to enjoy the melting ice cream. Between the hot sex we had, the melting ice cream on her breast, and my warm dick inside her it was not long until both of us were hollering and crying for pure joy. We had finally found what we been missing.
While in bed we cuddling for a long time but we had to decide what are we going to do about this desire for each other that was not going away. Knowing that we are both have a spouse that we loved and don’t want to leave. Nor have sex in the way Connie and I just experienced.
After a while we agreed that we should meet secretly and share what we are missing at home. We also agreed not to tell our spouses about what truly went on after they went to work. That there was more heat (sexually) here than the fire they went to fight.
This would be the best way to handle the situation. We both knew this is dangerous and i*****l activity. We could hurt and disappoint a lot of people, if our secret was found out. But right now neither of us cared. We had gone too far to stop.
We seal this agreement with a big long hug and wet kiss. As I left through the front door. I hope Connie was satisfied with our new arraignment. I knew I was and were planning our next time together.

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