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Service Girl Stephie #3

Stephie returns seeking more!

After her torment she called and said she was so sore she got a padded bra, remarking that her nipples are still tall and have to be protected she has found that the slightest contact makes her horney. I suggested she come over for more treatment to take care of issue and she went Oh Really?
Several days later on friday we had some friends over for dinner and Stephie came over later helping to clean up, in the kitchen she was doing dishes and sipping a glass of wine and remarked that the hot water was steamy so she left to adjust her layers of shirts. I filled her wine glass but when she returned looking more comfortable but for me totally arousing, she had worn a light jacket and a Tshirt and a small sleeveless vest. Now without the jacket and the t shirt she was in the sleeveless vest and her bra, the vest is slightly cropped so it shows her waist and fits fantastic.
Dishes in the sink she gets washing with all the steam rising from the soap I decide that as I go by her I reach and gather her hair, securing it in a single tail then giving it a stern tug to nibble her neck while she keeps her soapy hands over the sink. Oh God and takes a long breath as I kiss as a purring sound and with the effects of the wine she remarks that it feels good, Keep your hands in the sink I tell her as my palm brushes her stomach making her tense it. Hands holding her waist and kissing her neck I tell her to rinse her hands and place them on the edge, the wife grabs one hand I take the other and we lead her out of the kitchen tossing a towel over her head.
Keep walking I tell her and Stephie goes Oh My what did I get into and I go Yep you totally got into something Big! We stop in the hall and have her take another sip of wine and we continue sitting her on a bed, removing the towel I hand her some cuffs to put on and she smiles and says Oh God that wine is going right to my head. I lean and kiss her then hold her head back and tell her that the concern she told me was going to be addressed, opening her mouth inserting two fingers deep I said Relax as I pushed down on her tongue and kept breathing. While I held her she was informed on her three hour tour she would take then had her take another sip of wine, fingers removed she said that was not so bad then she quivered as I brushed her sides.
We will repeat and you will hold your breath Ok? Inserting my fingers I counted pushing deep and nearly a minute then out, soft breath and she stated that she swims competitively and I smiled and said that explains your stamina. I rubbed her back and thighs getting some good breathing then her stomach, I said that she said she got a padded bra and she told me Oh Yeh I am so sensitive so I said the wine hopefully has helped. Open palm from her neck down and over and she moans slightly as I pause and gently squeeze, Stephie moans and pushes against my hand remarking it IS sensitive by feel good.
I hand her the glass for another sip and the glass is emptied and she turns and kisses me and say’s OK- take care of me good like before, I reach for a dildo and instruct her to suck it like a real cock and I dare you to take it All inside your mouth. She lays down and hands it to me and asks me to insert it, the wife appears wearing a belt with a long dildo and Stephie smiles and leads it inside. The wife thrusts it inside and leaning her head back nearly a third is inside and her tongue sweeps it during removal, repeating several times a little more each time I decide to put a blindfold on Stephie and make it more fun.
While the dildo disappears inside her the wife has been stroking me to full staff and those abs are making me even harder, then the wife pulls out and motions me to put it inside for a real ride so I move over and get ready. Relaxed and head back I insert all the way and hold and her throat messages my pole and her tongue teases while I thrust, the wife set a timer so I can stay in for a minute and hold her stomach and pinch her sides. Moaning and lifting while I thrust she cleans each time when I pull out, then nearly a minute I remove and taking a breath she remarks that we did a switcheroo.
Still hard I see that the wife had removed her jeans and underwear so I moved over to discover that she was leaking all over the bed sheets, No wasting this so I thrust and banged for several minutes and shot my load deep inside Stephie’s pussy. Kissing her deeply I sat her up and said you're not done leading her down the hall to another room, placed in a chair open legged I secure her wrists insert a long dildo deep inside her wet pussy. Ankles secure I add some Ten’s pads to her inner thighs and attach the wires to the dildo containing pads along it’s length, then on a low setting she jumps and wiggles as I thrust it in and nearly out teasing her wet hole.
Tense those muscles as I watch her clench her abs with each shock then I add several more pads because I like to torment her, the pulses travel randomly making her twist and tense but then she get new movements as the additional pads are activated. Rubbing her stomach I push upward to her bra and whisper that I have sustained plans for you today, then reaching I brush then squeeze her nipples getting her to arch her back. Stephie goes OH - they feel good, Oh Crap the wine has - I am Not Telling! I lean over and say that I know what the wine did as I open the vest and pull her bra over her head, panting I apply a clamp to her swollen still tall puffies and she goes Oh Crap as they bite into the tender skin.
Now committed to the chair her nipples clamped I hold the clamps and twist a little getting some good wiggle, then more pulses making her toss testing the restraints I stop everything and tighten them stretching her body on the chair. I tell her to open and sip more wine through a straw and then some water while I rub her chest and around her nipples, a long breath as the wife reaches from behind open fingers holding Stephie’s chest I grip the nipple clamps and pull firmly.
Tensing from the stretch the wife activates the Ten’s and Stephie crunches and wiggles lifting her body high, my hands take the slack and as she fall to the chair her body twitches and her nipples get another stretching torment only days later from the last treatment. Relaxing I remove the dildo and insert my pole to the hilt and hold as she quivers, the wife adds pads around her nipples and gives them an initial zap getting an arched back. Softly Stephie mutters Oh fuck my nipples feel so good- Crap Primed myself for Oh My God as I the wife sent more pulses through her nipples while I thrust several dozen time in a row, then I held inside while the wife sent sharp pulses through her puffy nipples and I thirst again and give them a stern tug and hold.
Holding the chain I put it over a bar above and add weights down to a ledge, panting heavily I hold her back arched as the wife adds another weight. More pulses while I thrust and I release her to wiggle watching her twist and tense her abs gripping my pole, then she tosses and breathes in a long gasp sucking in air and lowering her body with a long moan. I get to a point of releasing my load as Stephie raises her body taking long breaths, seemingly endless orgasms course through her body as well as the pulses and weights tormenting her flesh.
She begins to slow down so we reduce the pulses to waves that make her twist slowly at time manually adding sharp pulses to her nipples, she squeaks as the pulse and my stern tugging torments there elastic puffy flesh. Finally after nearly ten minutes of pulses Stephie relaxes as we turn off the Ten’s, I can’t resist holding and tugging the clamps while she is still making grunting noises and glancing at her dripping pussy. I relish the future sessions with her toned and willing to be tormented body seemingly ready to submit to make my kinkiest thoughts a reality, Stephie awakens groggy and we help her to a nearby bed to sl**p laying on her back I watch the rise and fall of her breaths.

Several hours Stephie awakens and comes in the kitchen for a snack and remarks that she confesses that doing dishes will not be the same, I kiss her and say that her body will always be maintained at peak performance around me.

Stephie rubs her chest and goes - O M G just wait till the wine wears off, I am gonna have to come over.

I smile and say “Looking forward to it!”...

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