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Wife's first gang bang

We're a mid 50s MWC that has been swinging for over fifteen years. Most of our experiences have been with other couples and single men, plus we have attended private house parties and swing clubs. My wife found out early in our journey into swinging that she very much enjoyed the attention of two men and we have engaged in a number of MFM threesomes as a result, many times in which she enjoyed the pleasures of double penetration. Once this horny MILF gets going, there's not a whole lot stopping her. Her fantasies naturally turned to thoughts of more than two men and her - a gang bang where she is the center of attention. Though we tried to arrange one a few times, they either never really worked out or she got nervous about it and cancelled the whole thing because she really couldn't go through with it. Well, all of that changed a few years ago. We received an invitation through an online swinger site of which we were members to attend a private party in western PA where the focus is on interracial gang bangs for the ladies. After a little discussion, we decided to go.
We were both a little nervous when we arrived, but the host and hostess of the party were very friendly and did their best to put us at ease. The party was in a large hotel suite with three rooms that included two queen size beds and one king size, two sofas and a large hot tub. As other couples and single men arrived, it was clear that they were a very welcoming and laid-back bunch and we soon relaxed. It ended up being a mix of about 10 couples and 25 or so single men, mostly black and some white. Lyn was approached by one of the black men and they began to slowly caress each other and kiss passionately. As he bent his head down to suck on her tits and nipples, her hand found its way to his crotch - at first slowly rubbing him through his pants and then undoing his pants and extracting his now rock hard cock. She dropped to her knees and began to give him one of her slow patented blow jobs. She then reclined on the couch so I could lick her sweet pussy while she continued to orally pleasure him. Then the hostess - J - and a single white man came over to join in. The man sat in a chair while J sucked his cock. The black man lay on his back and licked J's pussy while Lyn sucked his dick and I lapped at her pussy. Within minutes we were all writhing in pleasure as they all began to cum. Just as the black man was about to cum, Lyn took his cock from her mouth and jerked his juice all over her tits. And so our night began.
After she took a quick shower and cleaned up, we were relaxing with a drink when a new couple arrived. After making a quick round of greetings and small talk, the woman looked at her watch and announced “Well boys, we only have a babysitter until about midnight, so let’s get this party going!” She peeled off her long overcoat, revealing an absolutely stunning body and wearing only a demi-bra, garter, stockings and heels beneath it. She got on the bed on her hands and knees and smacked her ass hard. I think she’s done this before. Four guys surrounded her on the bed and she began to suck one cock after another. Leaving Lyn on the couch with the host and hostess, I went to the bed and joined the crowd. She took my cock into her mouth and sucked as one man replaced another behind her and shoved his dick into her pussy. We all took our turns getting sucked and fucking her, until all had fucked her good and hard and everybody came.
Lyn began flirting with a man who was sitting by himself in the hot tub. He got out and toweled off and they began to play around. This time she ended up on the big king sized bed with him and a small crowd began to gather around them and other men of both races joined them on the bed. She spent the next hour or more in various positions between various men, alternately sucking and fucking about 5 different guys. After a turn at her pussy, they'd get back in line to fuck her mouth. This repeated itself two more times during the night and Lyn ended up fucking and/or sucking about 16 men altogether at the party. At one point, she and another woman were on their hands and knees together side by side on a bed, kissing and fondling each other as a group of about eight men took their liberties with both of them. A couple of the guys had pornstar championship sized cocks; I loved the pleasure/pain look on her face when she got filled with one of those. For the most part, I stayed by her side and kissed and fondled and reassured her, every once in awhile getting in front of her to receive some of that award-winning head she's SO good at.
Despite all the men she fucked during the party, she had not been DPed that night – yet. As we were preparing to leave and go to our own hotel room, we invited one of the hung black men she fucked earlier in the evening to join us. He eagerly agreed, of course. Once there, we all quickly got naked and she got down to business. As we stood in front of her, Lyn got on her knees and began to stroke and suck our cocks. Once we had reached the required rigidity, she took him by the hand and led him to the bed. She had him lay down and straddled him cowgirl. I sat in a chair and stroked myself as she slowly lowered herself onto his cock. He grasped her by the ass and began to quicken the rhythm, raising her ass until he almost slipped out of her pussy and slamming her back down his entire length. They settled into a rhythm as he kneaded her ass cheeks and spread her asshole apart. As she rode him deep in her pussy, I got onto the bed behind her and lubed up my now rock hard cock and her asshole. I slid at first one finger and then two into her ass as she rode her pussy back and forth on his cock. After a few moments, I could tell she was starting to approach an orgasm. I removed my fingers and placed the tip of my dick against her asshole. With just a little bit of pressure, the head slipped inside her ass. She immediately slid herself the whole way back against me and buried both our cocks inside her. As we picked up the pace, see-sawing her back and forth, she began to groan loudly and buck hard against us, screaming for us to fuck her hard. As we thrust ourselves into her, her body tensed and she stopped bucking against us; instead her whole body began to quiver and shake as her orgasm moved through and consumed her. We continued slamming our cocks into her holes as she lay sandwiched between us. After a few moments, I slid out of her ass and told her to turn around and straddle him reverse cowgirl. She grasped his cock and lowered her asshole down on it, sliding him the whole way in. She leaned back against him and spread her legs, opening her now well-fucked pussy to me. I got between her legs and slid my dick inside her soaking wet cunt. With his cock buried in her ass and him grinding beneath her, I fucked her pussy as fast as I could. In just a few seconds her next orgasm began to build within her. We fucked her furiously until once again she screamed in pleasure and her body shook violently with her climax. I pulled out of her and fed her my cock as he continued to pump her ass with his. She rode her ass up and down on his dick while sucking and slurping on my cock. When I was about to cum, she took my dick from her mouth and jacked my load onto her face and licked the cum from my shaft. He began to moan loudly beneath her and she continued to pump her ass up and down on him. With a loud groan, he shoved her asshole down hard onto his cock as he unloaded his nuts in her ass.
Lyn dismounted and got on her hands and knees, pushing his load out of her gaping ass and letting it dribble down her leg onto the bed. Grabbing a dildo from the night stand, she slid it into her ass and slowly fucked herself with it. She then got a vibrator and inserted that into her still soaked pussy. We both watched, stroking ourselves, as she double fucked herself with the toys. Soon, we were both hard again and joined her on the bed. He got behind her and removed the dildo from her ass, replacing it with his cock. As he fucked her ass doggy-style, she continued to fuck her pussy with the vibrator as I sat in front of her. Grasping a breast in each hand, I massaged her tits and pinched her nipples as she engulfed my dick with her mouth. As he pounded her ass, she thrust the vibrator even harder into her pussy and I felt her body tense as her orgasm approached. Sensing this himself, he grasped both her hips and power fucked her ass as hard as he could. As I grabbed her by the head and fucked her mouth, she kept fucking her pussy with the vibrator. She bucked her hips hard against him and her entire body began to shudder with her orgasm. She let out a deep, guttural groan as her mouth continued to work my cock. As she bucked beneath him, he began to moan from his own impending orgasm and emptied himself into her ass for a second time. He withdrew and I flipped her onto her back and got between her legs, sliding my cock into her soaking pussy. As I pumped deep into her, she massaged her clit furiously with the vibrator. Once again, her body tensed as she began to cum and she dropped the vibrator, grasping my hips and pulling me into her hard. As I felt my own orgasm approaching once more, I pulled out of her and jacked my load onto her belly and tits. I collapsed on the bed beside her as she rubbed the cum over her tits and licked it from her fingers. We all laid there for about 15 minutes, spent and recovering from it. After showering and dressing, our new friend said he was going back down the hall to the party and see if it was still going.
Lyn and I showered together and got back into bed. Soon, I was slowly caressing her breasts and teasing her nipples with my tongue. I slid a hand down her body and between her legs, feeling that she was once again getting moist with anticipation. Licking my way down her body, I lay between her legs and began to lick her pussy lips and clit. As she got wetter and her hips rocked against my face, I slid first one then two then three fingers inside her. After a few minutes, I removed my fingers from her pussy and slid one then two into her ass as I buried my face in her pussy, licking her from taint to clit and as deep as my tongue could reach. Another orgasm began to wash over her as I lapped her pussy and finger fucked her ass. After she came, I got on my knees and pushed her legs back over her body. I guided my cock once more into her ass and spread her legs apart so I could get to her pussy. Finding her dildo, I slid it into her pussy as I continued to fuck her ass. We fucked like that for a good while; being well past my 20s, I knew it was going to take me awhile to cum after already having done so three times during the night. She took the dildo from me and began to furiously pump her pussy with it herself. Sensing her about to cum again excited me to the point that my own orgasm began inside me. She came first, jamming the dildo into her pussy as my cock fucked her ass. Her body tensed and her pussy gripped the dildo as a flood of her juices poured from her pussy. I grabbed her hips with both hands and pulled her ass hard onto my cock as I came and emptied what cum I had left into her asshole. Collapsing on the bed beside her, we both fell quickly to sl**p, completely spent and satisfied.
So, that is the story of Lyn’s first – and so far only – gang bang. We haven’t been actively swinging for some time now, but you never know what the future might bring. Maybe another gang bang?

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