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Learning about jacking off Part Eleven Saturday

Saturday morning. I was ready for a bit of a rest from my adventures, but now I was worried about being home all day when my parents would be home too. I couldn't be absolutely, 100% sure the slut in the red dress had been the woman who was making my breakfast right now. The voice and the hair seemed so close that it HAD to be her. I had been surprised t just how much I enjoyed fucking the masked woman thinking it WAS her.

I moved down the steps inspired by the smell of bacon and eggs. I approached the kitchen where the breakfast table was, just aswhen Mother stepped out of the kitchen ready to call me down.

"Oh good! I was just going to tell you breakfast was ready Peter. You must be growing up son. Usually I have to make a huge racket to get you out of bed on a Saturday morning." I hadn't looked at her face yet and she asked, "Are you all right Peter?" She put her hand on my forehead and said,"Well you don't feel warm. What's up with you this morning?"

I said there was nothing wrong, but still didn't look at her. She took my chin and held my head so I had to look directly at her. "Look here young man, just because you are growing up, you are STILL under my roof. Do you understand me?" I looked into her eyes, seeing the same unusual blue-green color there I had known for years and the color I had seen under the mask worn by the slut in the red dress.

I said, "Yes Ma'am." She put a smile back on her face and said, "Let's have some breakfast now and have a nice morning. Okay buster?" I hugged her and said, "I'm sorry Mom, I just had things on my mind." She gave me a playful pat on the butt and said, "Well, anytime you need to talk about something that's bothering you Peter I am always here...well on the weekends anyway.

Dad gave me the fish eye when I walked into the room, but when he saw my Mother smiling brightly he went back to reading his newspaper. "Good morning Son." "Good morning Dad. How did the Yankees do yesterday?" He pulled away the sports page from the table and handed it to me.

I was pretending to read the paper while I snuck glances at my mother. I checked out her hair, her tits, her ass. I could see no way she wasn't the woman from Beggar's Night. She turned and saw me looking at her and smiled brightly, "It's coming Peter! I just didn't want your yolks to be runny."

When she put the plate in front of me, her left hand squeezed my right shoulder. I turned my face and it almost hit her boob. I looked up at her and said, "Thanks Mom!" She squeezed my shoulder again, looked at my father and then back at me and said quietly, "When you've finished your breakfast I want to have a little talk with you Peter." I reddened, but nodded my head.

I ate the bacon first like I always do. Dad.s face was buried in the State and Local News part of the paper. I finished my breakfast, put my dishes in the sink and said again, "Thanks Mom." I walked up to my bedroom. I was reading my list of clients for the next week when I heard a light rap on the door. I shoved the paper under my pillow and picked up one of my baseball magazines. "Come in, the door's not locked."

Mom opened the door and walked into my room. She shut the door behind her then sat on the bed next to me. "Now that you are starting grow up Peter, I understand there might be things that are bothering you." She looked into my face waiting for me to say something. I started to speak, to talk about Beggar's Night, but I wasn't sure yet so I remained quiet. She looked hard at me and asked, "Do you have a girlfriend Peter?" My whole body jerked at that then I laughed and said, "Well...not really Mom."

She put her hand on mine and asked softly, "What does 'not really' mean Peter? Either you have a girlfriend or you don't." I looked at her with a stupefied look on my face. She had an enigmatic smile on her face as she looked at me. Finally she whispered, "What happened the other night Peter, must NEVER happen here. Do you understand?" I nodded my head.

Mom grinned then and said, "You were amazing! When I figured out it was you, I was so shocked...and excited. It's a good thing I wasn't out with my regular girls for girls night out. I have known Barbara for quite a while. She doesn't know you're my son, but she told me about you. She gave my number to Gloria. I have NEVER done anything like that in my life...well, not exactly like that.

Your father and I have an open relationship. Do you know what that is Peter?" I didn't so she explained that each of them needed to have a night out without the other a couple of times a month. She didn't know what Dad did with his buddies, but when she was out with the girls they sometimes did some pretty wild things. "Knowing what it is you have been doing with your time this summer, it seems that shouldn't shock you too much. Just thinking about the other night has kept me wet almost constantly. Your father has been the beneficiary of what we did."

"You TOLD him?" I asked in shock. "NO, I didn't tell him. He has just been very... well... pleased in bed the last two nights." I nodded and grinned. "So you can't get it off you mind either." She shook her head, smiling and said, "It will NEVER leave my head. I will always want more, but that will never happen here.

If I made an appointment for you through Gloria, would you like that?" She looked at me casually, but I knew she was burning with the thought...just as I was. I took her hand and whispered, "Well YES Mom. I would love that. You wouldn't have to pay me though." She thought that over then asked, "How much money have you gotten from your uh...clients?" I figured it out in my head and said, "I have $1600 dollars Mom. I was thinking of saving it for going to college...and maybe a new car someday."

"HOW MUCH?!" I repeated the answer. She looked at me and said, "There are THAT many women who want...." Her voice trailed off then she added, "Of COURSE there are THAT many women who want what you have to give. You DO know this is all i*****l as hell...right?" I nodded and said, "I am being careful Mom."

I told her I knew it was i*****l but I couldn't see why. I wanted what women had and women wanted what I had. I was discreet and cared about making the women happy. What was the problem that made society call it i*****l.

"My only problem Mom is that I do these gigs during the day because you guys are home at night. It was Beggar's Night and you guys said I could go out. If I could go out maybe one or two nights during the week...just in the summer...well I would be able to do more than I do now. Mom asked me how I had started with taking clients. "Do you really need to know Mom? I don't want you to maybe get mad at her and ..." She reassured me that she wouldn't get angry, but wanted to know...the curiosity had been driving her crazy since that night.

I told her then about cousin Tom teaching about jacking off. She grinned and said she and Dad had figured it was something like that. I gave her a look and she said, "You ARE of the age when girls will start to drive you mad Peter. Having an outlet will maybe keep you from getting some teenage girl pregnant. Do you still masturbate?" Normally a question like that would cause some sort of blow up in a normal situation. We were way beyond normal here no matter how normal we seemed.

"With all the women, I haven't felt the need to jack off since I started taking clients. I do sometimes though...lately I have been thinking about you. I reached under the bed and pulled out a pair of her panties I had taken from the dirty clothes the night after my night as Robin, Boy Wonder. Mom reddened, then took the panties from me. She sniffed the crotch and smiled. "I can see the charm of the panties Peter. Would you like some pictures?" I looked at her oddly and she said, "Your Daddy and I have boxes of pictures he has taken of me in various positions. We haven't looked at them in years. Many of them are from before you were even born. Some of them though are from the past two nights. Your Daddy and I play games. Lately we have been playing that he and I are close to your age.

I said I DID want to have some of the pictures. I asked her to select the five least likely to be missed by Dad, but that she likes a lot. She squeezed my hand and said, "I'm glad we had this talk Peter. I will bring them to you later." She kissed my forehead then got up and left the room. We smiled at each other when she turned around and looked at me from the hallway. She looked down the hall, then turned back and quickly pulled the top of her dress under her tits, flashing me then covering back up.

It was late afternoon when I heard another rap on my door. I said "come in." My Mother walked in with a small paper bag. Your Daddy went to the store so I sorted through the pictures. She said, "Here you are Peter. There 23 pictures in the bag. I selected them carefully for you. I would like to know how much you enjoyed them. I looked at her and said, "Let me sort through them while you're here Mom. I can let you know now. It seemed that was what she wanted to hear from me. She sat on the edge of my bed facing me as I took the photographs out of the bag.

The first one I saw was my Mother much much younger. She had her legs spread open and she was holding her hands under her tits. She was very skinny. I looked at three others more or less like least from that era...only one had her on her hands and knees, another had her sitting on the couch with her legs spread, and one more had her leaning back on a couch with several fingers in her cunt. There were two pictures that had been taken the last couple of nights. Mom looked really great in these ones and the picture quality was much better. She was sitting with her legs spread and she was pulling on her nipples on one and the other one had her masturbating. I said, "I want to keep them all Mom. Thank you! My favorites though are these two. If you leave the room I will jack off using those two pics and your panties, if I may have them back." I hesitated and said, "You may stay and watch me masturbate if you wish. I would not mind having the panties you have on right now." She reddened, then a smile slowly broke across her lips. She lifted her skirt and I saw that the blue silk panties she had on were wet in the crotch. She peeled them off for me. I saw her gorgeous cunt again and smiled at her.

My cock was obviously already very hard. I stood up, removed my pants and underwear. I sniffed the fresh panties and they were heavenly. I lay on my side on the bed and put the two recent photos in easy sight. Mom still had her skirt above her waist. We sat at opposite corners of my bed. When I started masturbating she did too. I didn't need to look at the pictures anymore. I watched her slide her fingers into her cunt and move them in time to the stroking I was doing on my prick. I sniffed the panties while I was jacking. We stared intently at each other. She started to moan and I knew she wasn't long from her first orgasm. I quickened my stroking and when it was close, I put her blue panties over the head of my cock and stroked with the silky fabric there. The head was in the crotch. When I started coming I knew she could see that I was soaking her panties.

We hadn't fucked, but we had both come. She held out her hand for the panties. When I gave them to her, she licked and sucked the semen from the fabric. She pulled the panties back on, gave me a peck on the cheek and said, "I'm glad we kept our word not to do THAT again. Someday soon though I will be calling Gloria. No need to tell her I am your Mother.

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