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First Time with TS Woman

I had been curious and excited about being with a ts girl for a long time. So when I was in a hotel in another city while traveling for work, I searched craigslist. I posted an ad and received a 6 or 7 responses. One girl made me very excited and seemed like a nice and real person. She was slim and feminine and 30 years old. She was very pretty in her pics. I sent a message to her and wondered if I would hear back from her. I told her I was a curious guy and what I was hoping to share with a ts girl.

To my surprise she responded within 10 minutes. She told me she liked what I said in my message and that she didn't mind that I was a newbie. She asked for my number so I sent it to her.

She called me soon after and we talked for about 20 minutes. Her voice had my heart pounding because my fantasy seemed more real now. She asked me to tell her more about what I wanted to do. I told her that I wanted a sensual encounter with kissing and that I was very oral.

In one hour she was at my door. I invited her in and she handed me her little leather jacket and gave me a kiss on my cheek as she passed by. She sat down on the couch where I had put out 2 glasses of wine. I hung up her jacket and I sat down next to her. We both lifted a glass of wine and paused for a moment for a clink.

"You seem like a very conservative guy who does not do this kind of thing," she told me with a smile. I couldn't argue as I sat there with my khaki pants and blue shirt. She laughed at me and told me I was cute.

She put down her glass and crossed her legs. She had on black hose and black high-heeled shoes. She moved her leg up and down as she put her hand on mine. I put down my glass and put my hand on her leg. She leaned over and kissed me gently. When I kissed he back, she held my head and slipped her tongue into my mouth. My tongue played with hers as my hand moved to her chest. As i started to squeeze her breasts, I felt her hand over mine. She moved my hand lower and finally to her thigh. I felt her warm soft leg and started to move my hand under her short skirt. She kissed me more deeply to encourage me. I could feel her soft moan as she kissed me.

Now my hands had found her undies. She was so warm there and I could feel her hard cock underneath. This was new to me. I was used to feeling a woman's undies. My hand explored the contours of her cock and hot balls. She could tell it was new to me and stopped kissing me so she could look into my eyes and watch as had my new experience.

"Do you like it?" she asked.

"Yes," I said nervously.

"Don't be shy now" she whispered. "Your hand feels so good"

I moved my hand up and down her undies feeling her hard cock underneath. She put her head on my shoulder and moaned in my ear. I kept stroking and following the curve of her cock under the soft fabric. My hand moved along the hot curve toward the tip. Then my hand was on her belly and the tip of her cock was pushing out of her undies. I had my hand on her bare cock and i was so excited.

I pulled down her undies and started to stroke her cock. She was so hard and hot in my hand and my heart was beating fast. She lifted her skirt and her cock was out and in my hand. She looked at me as I stared at my hand holding a hard cock.

She laughed a little and said, "you said on the phone that you were an oral guy."

I smiled and took the hint. I got off the couch and kneeled between her legs. I pulled her undies down her legs as she raised her ass off the couch. I pulled her undies over her shoes and laid them on the floor.

I kept stroking her hard cock as I licked my way up inside her thigh. Soon my lips found her hot balls and I felt her fingers in my hair. I licked and kissed her balls. She tasted so good. I felt her hands pushing my face closer so I sucked one of her balls into my mouth and kept stroking her. I imagined the hot cum inside her balls ready for me.

I kissed the base of her cock and started to lick and kiss my way up. I reached the tip of her cock and licked all around it and make it wet. I slipped my tongue into her pee hole and licked her. She gasped and laughed a little. I could taste her wet and salty. I sucked her cock head between my lips and teased her with my tongue.

I was going to take my time teasing her but i felt her hand on my head pushing down gently. So i slid my wet mouth down her hard cock and swallowed more and more of her cock. She moaned, "Yes." I could feel her cock head in the back of my throat. I had to hold my breath. This was not as easy as it looked in videos. I gagged a little. She held me there for a few moments then let me go.

I started to slide my mouth up and down her cock keeping her mostly in my mouth. I rubbed her balls that were wet from my mouth now. I looked up and saw her with her head back and her eyes closed and her mouth open. I could taste a few drops of her sweet warm precum on my tongue as I sucked her.

I sucked her cock deep in my mouth used my tongue to lick her as I moved up and down. Her breathing was getting more and more heavy. I could feel her cock pulsing on my tongue inside my mouth.

Suddenly she held my head with both hands and stood up. I looked up and her and she was looking down at my lips stretched around her cock. She held my head and started to slide her cock in and out of my mouth.

"Suck," she ordered.

She was taking over and it made me very excited. I sucked her so my mouth was tight and wet for her. She thrust her hips to my mouth driving her cock deeper. I did my best to keep up with her. She was not taking it easy now. She was fucking my wet mouth for her pleasure and I was going along for the ride.

Several times she thrust her hard cock deep in my throat with my lips and nose in her short pubes. She held me there as she breathed heavily. She pulled her wet cock out of my mouth and slapped my face with it and then drove it back in deep.

She held my head tighter and started to fuck my mouth faster and deeper. She moaned louder and said in a low voice, "I'm close."

Then she thrust deep and held my head. She moaned loud and her hard cock started to pulse hard and her hot cum shot into my mouth squirt after squirt. She held my mouth down on her cock so tight so I had to swallow each squirt of hot cum. I loved feeling her cock pulse and squirt in my mouth.

She pulled out of my mouth and rubbed her wet cock head on my lips. i looked up and saw her smiling. I sucked her cock head again and pulled out a few more drops of cum and this made her laugh a little again. I licked her wet pee hole for more of her juices and she pulled back and giggled. "I'm too sensitive now" she said. She lifted me to my feet and pulled me down on the couch with her. We held each other and kissed. She told me she could taste her cum on my lips.

She spent the night with me in my room and we shared a shower in the morning. And that is another fun story.

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