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My fantasy shared....

i was at my local where ive had many a crossdressing session, the area was rugged and wild just how i like it :) underneath my tracksuit bottoms were fishnet black tights with some very lacey and very naughty black suspenders.... Finished off with an extremely revealing gstring, i could feel it resting between my plump but small bum cheeks, that feeling is out this world it makes me incredibly horny especially when i strut about like a cheap tart rolling and flicking my hips. Underneath my tracky top was a stunning black lace bra complete with enhancers which made my already feminie pecs look like real pert BB sized boobs. On top of that was a skimpy boob tube keeping me all together while on my bottom half i wore a kinky pleatedmini skirt. It makes me turn from a man to a slut in seconds :) as im layed on my back in the car seat i start rubbing myself, teasing my dick till it swells in my pantys. Ive turned the wing mirror in so i can admire my body dressed as a little tart! After removing my track suit i push my bum out creating a feminine arch on my back it also pushed out my hips to look even more like a woman. After spending some attention preparing my hole for a thrashing i glance over at my passenger seat where stood proud was the best cock shaped marrow id ever seen:)

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