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My wife turns hot, how it all started

As requested this is the story from when we met the trucker. Anyone who wants to critique my writing style can keep it to yourself please I'm not an artist, and my stories are real accounts.
I was on this other website that is all about picture sharing, and quickly found my way to adult pictures. There was also the ability to send messages to people about pictures or anything. I expressed to someone my desire to have my wife flash her body inside a truck, and take pics from the outside, I just thought it would be sexy. It was. Anyway, a local trucker saw my note and offered his truck as a venue. I said I would have to find a way, so we started taking drives on the highway and flashing drivers. They loved it and it turned her on to see them watching her.
The trucker and I set up a meet point at a local truck stop where we would meet by accident and take it from there. We pulled into the truck stop and I had already been talking to her about an inside the truck photo shoot, she was wishy washy on the idea. He got out of his truck and walked past our car, and I rolled down my window. She said what the hell are you doing? I said just a minute. He walked over and I told him we wanted a truck to take some pics in, acting as if we were just meeting and had never talked. She was very embarrassed, but already dressed to flash and we talked her into it.
Lori had no idea what to think as we walked to his truck. We got there and I helped her up the step into the passenger door. He sat there in the driver seat all smiles, and asked what we wanted to do. I took pics of her in his seat topless, on the bed, and we both went out to see her press her tits on the window from the inside, man I wish I still had these pics!
After that we both rushed back inside, I wasn't letting him near my wife alone. Finally I said before we go how bout a couple of pics with you in his lap like he's teaching you to drive. Lori was reluctant but we coaxed her into it. She sat on his lap where he positioned her left hand on the wheel and her right on the gear shift and then went for a feel of her tits, and they are nice 38c cup. I was ok with that and then he quickly touched her pussy and she looked panicked at me. I told him it was time to go. we thanked him, but he of course said no he thanked us and her. We laughed and left.
All the way to a local bar she was flushed and just kept saying "he touched me down there," and "he touched my pussy, no one has touched me there but you."
I was apologizing but she was freaked out and two days later still talking about it when I finally realized it turned her on. She was having trouble telling me not just that it affected her but how.
I said write me an email and tell me everything she was thinking, because she couldn't tell me face to face. That night after work I read it, and wow was I shocked, I never thought she would want to take things to another level. She had been ok with flashing but now she worked out a plan of going back there and seducing a driver and fucking him in his truck!
I was blown away, she said "you asked me to be honest." That was true, but my head was spinning I said give me time to process this, but we fucked with a great deal of passion and I exploded hard into her pussy when she asked if I wanted to see my wife get fucked? Major turn on as I'm sure she could tell.
The next day I went to CVS and bought a 3 pack of rubbers and put them in the glove box of her car in the garage when I got home. She asked as soon as she saw my face what was going on? I said that I had thought it over and she should go open her glove box. She came back in with the rubbers and a huge smile. We never made it to dinner we just started stripping and well you know what then. It was then that I told her I could set up the same trucker at the same spot.
I know I didn't get to the sharing part yet and it is good, I'll write that next time.

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