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First Orgy

The summer of my first orgy I was 16. My cousin and I were able to get a couple of the local boys, our friends that we played baseball with and went fishing with to help us out. Well my cousins aunt still lived with us and we told our friends that we could get a girl maybe my cousins aunt or one of her friends to have sex with us. The only catch was that any boys had to be blind folded as to not be able to know who the girl was, and the only sex that was allowed was anal and oral. Well like any teenage boy, they all jumped at the chance to get their dicks wet and sucked. My cousin set it up with them for a Thursday afternoon when we knew we would have the house to oursleves for several hours. As my cousin got the basement ready, making sure there were plenty of towels and blankets avaialbe. He also put a matress that my uncle had in the back room in the middle of the floor in front of the old couch. He also had a chair placed cloase by so there would be many options to be had. While he was doing that, I was up in the bathroom putting on my makeup and a wig, doing my hiar real nice and some perfume. I them put on some earings and a ribbon around my neck. I snugged myslef into one of my aunts corsets with garters and finished it off with black stockings. Then I put on the matching panties. The skirt and blouse went on next then the shoes, yes black 4 inch pumps, thanks aunty for the sexy wardrobe. I got the word from y cousin to come down stairs. He hads placed pillow cases on everyone of the guys heads and fastened them in place with my uncles ties around their eyes. As I walked down the stairs you could hear my heels echoing in the basement and you could see the guys starting to breath heavy, thinking a lady was descending into the basement to please them. Well almost. I turned the corner and counted 9 guys, wow that was alot. I strutted across the concrete floor to where my cousin had lined them all up. They were in a straight line and all naked except for their socks and shoes. I squatted infront of the first one and took his cock into my mouth, he quivered and gasped as i sucked him in. I gave him about 30 seconds of attention and them moved onto the next cock. my cousin had divided them up perfectly. Fromt he smallest 5 inches, to the largest one, an 18 year old boy with what had to be almost 9 inches of cock. WOW. I ended at the 9 inch cock and it was the largest cock I had ever had in my mouth. I sucked him a little longer to get him fully hard. He was really throbbing in my mouth, and I was wondering how I would ever get his length and width inside my ass. I was done fluffing the boys and my cousin gave them all directions to wait there turn as they would be positioned as needed. They were all promised at least one blowjob and one fuck. I squatted over the the first cock and guided him into my ass as i rode him reverse cowgirl style. as I rode him I had another boy standing in front of me and i sucked him off. These boys weren't going to last long, and I was right before I could even get used to the cock inside me he was pulsing and grinding in me as he held onto my hips. as he was relaxing the one in front of me was holding my head and grunting as he shot his load inside my mouth. I was able to swallow it all. Ok it was time to get into a rythm. I got on all fours and told my cousin to keep them cumming litterally/ I had one in front of me lying down as i bobbed up and down on their cocks all the while another was either stradling behind me and fucking me like a frog jump or they were kneeking behind me, all of them after being guided into my ass would grab onto my hips like the gate had just opened at a rodeo and they were trying to have a perfect 8 second ride. They were wound pretty tight and wanted to shoot their cum into something fast. Well they did just that. as soon as one came he would be replaced my another. and as I had another load blasted into my mouth they would move on and antoher would be in his place and i was sucking again. This went on for at leats two hours. they were promised 2 cums but they all got as many as they wanted. Nowe it was my turn. I want to ride the 9 inch boy. My cousin had him lay down on the matress as i stradled ham and guided his head into me. My feet were on either side of him and I lowered myself onto his shaft. At first it was difficult to get used to, but after all that fucking i was a little loose. I was able to get him all the way in nad fels his balls touching my ass. Ok this was it. I would sw=quat all the way down taking everything and the all the way out till only his head was hovering at my entrance and them repeat the process . I started out slowly then picked up the pace . then my cousin had to guys stand side by side. as i rode this enourmous cock all the way in and then out i sumultaneously sucked the two guys in front of me. I was able to get the two i was sucking off quickly so I could enhoy the fuck. I let them just cum on my face. Ok it was time for me to cum. I slid of MR big and got on all fours on the mattress. My cousin directed MR big to stand behind me with either of his feet next to my knees and slightly squat down till his cock was close to my hole. I then reached around and placed him in me. My cousin ordered him to grab onto my hips and fuck me hard. He obeyed and I loved every minute of it. this boy destroyed my ass. He only was able to destroy it for about 2 minutes, but the sounds he was making and the groans and grunts i was expelling were enough to drive anyone to want to cum and watch. When he came he grabbed onto my hips and let out a yell and buried his cock so deep I though his balls were going to go in. He has spread me so wide and his shaft had massaged my prostate so much that I had released a huge puddle of cum on the matress below my hanging cock. he was done and slip out with a loud slurping sound. He left my ass gaping open. I just lay there with my head on the mattress and a couple more of the boys wanted to take a turn on me. They entered me but other thatn a few tingly feeling I was spent and only felt the pulsing that MR big had given me. they were able to pump in me and shoot their loads. It was getting close to 2 and a half hours of sucking and fucking now. My mouth was sore and my ass now hurt so I was spent. I got up and walked upstairs allowing the guys to hear me clippity clop away on the concrete floor and then up the woodedn stairs. I hopped in the shower as my cousin showed the boys the way out. It would be their first time fucking me and letting me suck them. To this day, they still talk about these sexcapades thinking that my cousin and I were fucking also, when we were actually the one giving them pleasure. It felt so good.

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