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Learning about jacking off Part Ten Marcia

My days were very busy. Tomorrow I would have a Beggar's Night gig entertaining four women. The idea was intriguing since having just fucked Mrs. Martin while her friend and possibly a new employer named Gloria watched us. I found that very exciting.

Today was a client from the list given to me by Mrs. Wilson, who was on vacation at the ocean with her husband and daughter, Dan and Ellen. One new name on the list she gave me was Marcia who was set for today. I called her number at 9:00 a.m., the time Mrs. Wilson said to call.

It was odd because the phone had just started ringing when it was picked up immediately. I heard a voice that was more of a whisper say, "Hello?" It was a woman, so I said, "Hello, Laurie Wilson said I should call you today." I heard a catch in her throat. There was a pause and then in a much stronger voice the woman said, "Yes! Well hello Peter. My name is Marcia and what Laurie told me about you was intriguing and then I saw the photographs her husband Don had taken of you and Laurie I knew you would be perfect." I didn't think it would be polite to point out that Laurie's husband was named Dan.

"I am glad you liked those photos...may I call you Marcia?" Marcia breathed heavily and said, "Oh I didn't just like those pictures. I enjoyed them last night about four different times...if you understand. If you can come to my apartment now you will find me to be a very appreciative friend...VERY!" Then she added, "Please call me Marcia."

I told her that would be wonderful and it would take about thirty minutes if I caught the next bus. "I have your address. Do you want me to come to the front door? I often go to the back door, but it's all up to you." She thought it over and said the front door would be fine." I bid her good-bye, took a quick shower, put on clean clothes and caught the bus.

Her apartment number was 129B. I walked to the Noblesse Oblige Apartments and soon found 129 B. The door was open. I rang the doorbell. From inside I heard, "Is that you Peter?" I said it was. "Please close and lock the door after you come in and lock it please Peter. I am down the hall in my bedroom."

I did as she asked and walked down the hall. Her bedroom had flowers in vases everywhere. There was a queen sized bed against the wall to the right with a pink bed spread. Marcia was lying naked on the bed with her head on three large fluffy pillows. I stopped and admired her body. She was built like a model. Long beautiful legs, nice curves on a trim body. Her breasts were probably 34 B. She had on a beautiful smile and nothing else. I had never seen a black woman naked before. I hadn't even thought about the possibility of a black woman being a client.

"Hello Marcia," I said with a very big smile. "My name is Peter...I am here to make you happy and I must say I am very excited to be your...guest today." She patted the bed next to her left side and said, "Laurie said you would be very handsome Peter. She is so so right. How old are you?" I told her my age and she smiled even more brightly. "I have dreamed of having a...young man just like you as a lover for some time." She pulled two twenties from the top of the drawer and offered them to me. I leaned forward, took the bills from her fingers and carefully placed them in my pocket.

"Shall I get undressed now Marcia?" She nodded her head, but said, "Please stand on the bed while you undress Peter. I will pleasure myself while you strip. You don't have to tease me but please...take your time."

I slipped off my shoes and socks and moved onto her bed. Her mattress was very firm and soon I was standing between her open legs. The light in the room cast a wonderful sheen on her fine dark flesh. Her nipples were very large and were quite hard. Marcia moved her right hand down to her smooth dark slit. Her other hand went to her left breast. She circled her nipple lightly with her fingers as her middle finger on her right hand dipped into her slit. I removed my shirt slowly. I had worn a button up short sleeve shirt with the name of the local college above the right pocket. I undid the buttons slowly. Marcia smiled sweetly at me. When the buttons were all undone, I slowly pulled the sides of the shirt apart to expose my smooth chest.

I smiled down at her and moved a finger over my right nipple, echoing her movement on her own nipple. She broke into a big smile at that, then slid her finger further into her cunt. I unbuckled my belt slowly and pulled it just as slowly from the belt loops on my shorts. I unsnapped the top of the shorts, then slowly moved the talon of the zipper down one click at a time (If that makes sense). This made Marcia VERY happy. She moved her other hand down to her swollen puss, used the middle finger of each to spread her lips open. The red insides of her cunt, accented wonderfully by the dark flesh on either side of her cunt lips was VERY exciting. My cock was so hard in my shorts it almost ached.

Finally the zipper was completely down. I inched the top of my shorts down inch by agonizing inch. I had not put on underwear. My cock was imprisoned in a down position so that it lifted the left leg of my short pants. When the belt line of the shorts reached where the base of my cock started, Marcia gasped and plunged two fingers into her cunt.

I smiled down at her, looking her body up and down from her face down her long beautiful neck. She was breathing heavily as her fingers moved a bit more quickly inside her body. I watched her fingers moving for a bit, keeping my eyes there for fifteen seconds or so, then looked at her face. Her eyes were riveted on the open zipper and the base of my cock. I inched the shorts down. I made the material creep down more and more so of my shaft came into view. Finally, just the head of my cock was restrained by my shorts. "Now Marcia?"

She licked her lips and whispered, "Now."

I let the shorts drop then. My cock bounded up and settled finally into the classic angle pointing up. She looked at my cock and balls and said, "You have a beautiful cock Peter. I hope your balls are full of semen. Now I must tell you something that you might find unbelievable."

I looked at her expectantly as she continued stroking herself. "Stroke your cock for me Peter. I don't want you to ejaculate, because I will want all of that inside of me. Do it slowly and I will tell you my story."

I stood there and moved my hand on my shaft, holding it lightly. She began: "I am a virgin and I am 32 years old. I have spent the past 14 years of my life with a woman who was my lover. We broke up last year.

Recently I met a wonderful man named Arthur. He is a handsome black man from my home town. I like him very much, and I know sometime we are going to have full blown sex. Your penis is very very nice Peter and will be perfect to 'break me in.' While I have enjoyed Arthur's penis with my mouth, he has not yet had full sex with me. I want to be nice and broken in before Arthur takes me. He doesn't know I'm a virgin."

I nodded thoughtfully and said, "I have never...been with a virgin before, so I am not sure how to do this, but I think gently at first and then getting more into it once you aren't a virgin. I really don't know what that means physically. I am pretty sure a cherry isn't like a cherry. I have heard there is bleeding, but I am really not that experienced."

She smiled and said, "Peter, we will do just fine with this. I want to explore the parameters of the sexual experience this first time with you. My hymen is right here, if you kneel down and slide your finger next to my finger." I knelt next to her in awe, sliding my finger next to her slippery finger. I felt a thin membrane that could have been taken by any dildo like the ones my clients seem to have in profusion. She seemed to read my mind. "Peter, I could have taken care of this with any of the long objects that women use. I was given one by my lover, but I didn't want to have my hymen, cherry, taken by artificial means. Many women don't even have a 'cherry'. I am one of the fortunate ones who does.

My main issue is I want my cherry to be taken in a natural way and then when it's gone, I want you to do some of the things I have heard about. I imagine at your age you haven't yet heard of fisting. It's when a..." I stopped her and said, "Oh yeah. I've already done that twice, so I know about that. It's pretty extreme, but I'll bet that would open you up more for Arthur. I would love to do that. I don't know if I will ever again get the chance to fuck a woman who is a virgin. I will consider it an honor. I may never get to do that again. If I do, then I will know more about it. I will do my best with you Marcia." She smiled and with a finger signaled me to move down to her.

Gently I moved next to this luscious woman, easily the most beautiful woman I had ever seen naked. "Is it against your rules to kiss a client Peter? I have heard that somewhere." I shook my head 'no' and said I love to kiss. "It makes me so excited to do that."

My heart was pounding as my lips moved toward hers. I hoped my lips felt as moist and succulent as hers did. We kissed, our eyes wide open. She winked at me and slipped her tongue into my mouth. I sucked on it for a bit, then moved mine into her mouth. She put her arms around me and we kissed passionately for some time.

She whispered, "Please suck my nipples lover." Her mouth was open as she watched my young mouth move to a hard nipple. I swirled my tongue around it then sucked it into my mouth, still moving my tongue around and over it. She held my head to her breast like she might hold a lover or a baby. She released me and said, "My pussy is very wet. I want you to lick me there, then put your mouth over the opening and suck me up into your mouth." I smiled and moved down so my head was between her legs. Her eyes were glittering in the room lights as she looked down at me with a serene smile on her face. "I had a boyfriend your age years ago Peter. In those days a girl didn't give up the holy grail as I am to you right now. We kissed and petted, but I was too afraid of getting pregnant, so he never even saw my pussy. You doing this now makes me think of him. He was a nice...young man."

I put my hands under her tight bottom. With my thumbs I spread the dark lips and stared in amazement at the beauty of her red insides, so juicy and shining in the light. I ran the tip of my tongue along the edges of the lips, avoiding my thumbs while I did so. I used the flat of my tongue to lap up the juices that were seeping there. Marcia had her fingers in my hair and was raising her pelvis to me. She whispered then, "Take me now Peter." I got up onto my knees, and asked if she needed to cover the bed with something.

She slapped her forehead and said, "Oh yeah. Of course! There are several towels in the bathroom. Bring the white ones." I went to the bathroom, found three white towels and brought them to her. She rolled her legs up toward her breasts and lifted her ass. I lay the largest towel right under her gorgeous butt. I wasn't sure about the others and she said, "Give them to me. I don't know it we will need these at all. Just want to be prepared...isn't that the Boy Scout Motto? I laughed and said, "I only got as far as Bear in Cub Scouts, so I never was in the Boy Scouts."

She shook her head and clicked her tongue imagining all that. I assumed she was on the pill, but asked anyway. She grinned broadly. "Oh THAT would be a major fuck up. Get pregnant from a guy I hired to break my cherry. I'm sure Arthur would LOVE that. YES...I have been on the pill since I broke up with Ophelia.

I said that a pillow might be a good idea if I was going to fuck her missionary style. She smiled and handed me one of her pillows. She lifted her ass again. I pulled away the towel, placed the pillow there then put the towel over it. I held the pillow steady as she lay herself down onto it.

I put my hands on the insides of her thighs then and slid them slowly up unti my thumbs were right there at her slit. I could see the red juicy insides peeking from between the slightly open lips. We both looked down at my cock as it moved to her slit. The purple head of my cock was flowing with pre-cum. I held onto my shaft and rubbed the head all along her swollen slit. Marcia gasped and said, "oh...OH...OHHHH" as the head moved back down and slid inside her near the base of her cunt. I knew about how far down the cherry was, so I slid into her gently until I thought I was there. I looked at her face and she nodded her head indicating I was THERE. "What do you think Marcia? Go against it slowly...or do it fast?" She was thoughtful then slid her middle finger along my shaft to the membrane. She was thinking then said, "Fast and hard, I think."

"That's what you want?" She it her lower lip and nodded her head. I had my hands on the bed beside her hips. I looked at her and said, "Thank you for this Marcia." She shook her head slowly and whispered, "You're welcome and Thank you. Now DO IT!"

I don't know what my expression was like, but I was determined to cause as little pain as possible. I tested the membrane, pushing on it with my cock. Marcia kept her finger inside against the membrane. She nodded her head vigorously and I plunged my prick down and through the hymen. She let out a tiny gasp, then held me inside her once I was all the way inside.

We kissed for several minutes then she said, "You've earned your money Peter. Now...Make love to me." We fucked slowly and languidly for some time. There was a bit of bl**d on my cock, but not much. She pulled her finger out and there was bl**d on the first joint. She wiped the bl**d on her belly, inspected her finger to see that it was clean and then placed her hands on the bed spread. I was starting to feel my orgasm getting close and I told her so. "Do you want me to stop for a while Marcia? I know I can get rested and I won't cum. If I keep moving I am going to it though. She said, "Kiss me and keep moving Peter. Go as fast as you want. I want you to enjoy this first time too." I kissed her hard and, with my hands on her hips started pounding her as I had been wanting to do for the past five minutes.

Our groins were slapping together rapidly. She was calling my name out and smiling at me while she cried.

Finally, I know my body arched and my mouth was open as I released my seed deep into her pussy. I pounded her with long deep thrusts. Finally I was done and collapsed onto her body. She caressed my hair and her interior muscles flexed on my cock. She tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Time to earn the rest of the money lover." She had a bottle of liquid in her hand. The tip was open. She took my right hand and spread KY Jelly on my hand. I knew this meant it was time to fist her. I rolled off of her, careful to keep my slippery and partly bl**dy cock on the towel.

I moved my slippery hand along her open slit. It was already wet from her juices, my juices and the bl**d. I moved the two middle fingers into her. She spread her lips wide apart as I added a third finger. I rotated my slippery hand in her cunt and pushed in at the same time. Finally I slipped in the little finger and tucked my thumb inside my fingers. I pushed and rotated, waiting for her cunt to relax enough to take all of it. I pushed hard into her, still twisting my fingers. They finally popped through the muscle barrier and as my hand moved inside her it curled into a fist.

Marcia's mouth was wide open and she was gasping. "Wait...oh...wait!" I felt her cunt muscles clamped on my fist. I started licking her clit and all around her cunt where my fist had invaded her. Finally she said, "Just move in me Peter. Don't move any deeper...yet." I returned to twisting my fist inside her. She had the bottle of KY in her hand. I watched as she pulled one of her lips as far as she could to the side. There was the tiniest of spaces. She inserted the tip of the KY bottle into that space and squeezed the juice out. She ran her finger then over the tight seal of cunt and fist, trying to work the juice in more to make the process easier. I twisted my hand again and that seemed to help. Finally my hand was moving freely. Marcia held her hands up then and said, "Peter, this is how big Arthur's cock is." She patted her wrist and said, "this is how thick it is."

I gasped at that. Looking at how far apart her hands were, I wasn't sure but maybe ten inches...certainly longer than mine.

I was able now to move my fist into her more and started pulling back then pushing in. The third time I pushed into her Marcia came so hard on my fist that she hurt my fist. I tried not to show it, but it was painful. Finally she relaxed and her face was less tense. Her cunt was less tense too. "Do you want my fist deeper Marcia?"

She shook her head and said, "I know I can take him now baby. You have done a wonderful job. When you pull out, please don't leave your hand in a fist." I nodded my head and pulled my hand slowly from her. Even doing that, her cunt lips bulged as my hand pulled from her cunt.

"Peter, please turn the shower on. I like it hot... but make it how you like it. When it's ready, please come and get me. I don't know how well I will be able to walk."

When the water was ready I helped her to the shower. She went to her knees and sucked me off. That was really nice. She let the semen dribble down her chin. We laughed and then scrubbed each other.

When I was dressed again, Marcia handed me two hundred dollars and gave me a twenty for "Mrs. Wilson." I thanked her and asked if she would be all right. She said, "I will be JUST FINE lover! I am going to lie here and have a nap. Later I am going to call Arthur and tell him that the next time he comes to town I want to feel that monster cock of his in my pussy." We kissed goodbye and I had another notch on my list of cunts I had fucked.

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