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A late Night Visitor...

It was on a Wednesday night, some where after 10:00pm. There was a rap at my dorm room door, I was studying for a mid term test and really didn't want to be disturb.

Yet I wondered over to the door and took hold of the knob, as I turned I asked 'who's there?' The door pushed back to me as a voice answered 'it's Prentice, let me in!' Talk about gumption, Prentice was already through the door by the time he finished speaking.

Prentice and I was in the same class, nearly the same weight and size. We had went through high school and most of our freshman and Junior year in college together. I can not ever recall seeing him in the shower during any time nor had he ever said more to me than a nod of his head in passing. So imagine my surprise to have him standing in my dorm room.

Prentice closed the door and stood looking at me, and removed his coat, as he dropped it to the floor I noticed that he only had on his pajama pants, no shirt. I looked up at him as he pushed down his pajamas and his stiff cock sprung up. I asked 'just what do you think you are doing?' Prentice looked at me and smiled and said 'we are fucking you tonight, you and me!'

I looked at him as he stood there and started to stroke his cock, my gaze drifted down to his exposed cock and widened in amazement as I noticed that his cock was near ten or twelve inches long and as huge as my wrist in diameter. Prentice said 'don't just stand there get on your knees and suck my dick.'

In a daze I lowered my self down to his cock and took hold of this monstrosity of a penis. As I tried to wrap my fingers around the girth of his shaft, his cock throbbed violently in my grip. His huge golf ball size penile glans oozed pre-cum from the slit at it's tip.

I tentatively licked the enormous cock head, Prentice gently gripped my head, one hand on the top of my head the other at the back. Slowly he guided my lips to his penis and whispered 'come on suck, we don't have all night.' I parted my lips and opened my mouth as wide as I could to take his cock head inside.

Prentice moaned and groaned 'yyyeeessss, that's it suck it easy now.' Prentice slowly started to grind his hips as he held my head working his cock around in my oral orifice, his pre-cum tasted salty yet had a sweet after taste. I couldn't manage to keep his cock in my mouth and pulled back allowing my lips to make a smacking sound.

Prentice took his cock and slapped me across the face saying 'I want my dick sucked,' I looked up at him and said 'you're too big, I can't get all of it in my mouth.' Prentice answered 'than you better make it good and wet, I'm gonna bust that boy pussy of yours wide open.'

I quickly reached into my drawer and retrieved the tube of lubricant, I returned to his cock and started to lick it passionately covering his huge head with my saliva. After I sufficiently covered his cock with spit I applied a generous amount of lubricant to my anal opening.

Prentice said to me as I started to get up 'oh no, I want you to stay on your knees with your pretty little ass up in the air.' I looked at Prentice and said 'you'll bust my butt open if you don't be careful.' 'Than you better make me believe that you are enjoying my dick. Or I'll wreck that little ass of yours.'

Hesitantly I turned and lowered my head to the floor exposing my vulnerable neither region to him. Prentice knelt behind me and slowly slid his mammoth size cock head up and down the crack of my butt. Each time his enormous cock head passed my anus, I trembled in anticipation.

Prentice cleared his throat and spit a huge glob right into my butt hole and spread it around with his cock head. Prentice poised his rubbery hard cock head against my pucker anal opening and steadily pressed against it. I could feel my outer anal sphincter muscle ring resist the invading monster demands.

Prentice and I both moaned at the same time, Prentice saying 'damn this is some sweet tight pussy, I can't wait to get my dick in it.' My outer sphincter muscle ring submitted and relaxed allowing the invading monster access. As the gigantic head popped into my anal canal, I gasped and began to take short gasp of air.

I begged 'please, please be careful, you're too big.' Prentice rubbed my buttocks and said 'ooohhhh baby, pussy like this should be fucked slowly.' Once his penile ridge had entered my outer sphincter muscle ring closed around the neck of his penile shaft, just blow the penile ridge of his huge head.

Prentice slowly began to rotate his hips causing me to moan and groan in lustful pain. Prentice said to me 'tell me how much you love this dick, tell me bitch or I'll pull it out and not give you any more.' I gasped in pain 'yes, Prentice I love your dick. Please take it easy.'

Prentice said 'glad you like it I'll give you some more.' Gripping me by both my buttocks, Prentice pushed two more inches of his elongated male member deeper into my anal canal. Gasping for air and in pain I begged 'please Prentice, go slow, please go slow.' Prentice said 'this pussy so tight, it's gripping my dick so tight I can hardly move.'

Prentice pulled back an inch and pushed three more inches into my anal canal, his cock head pressed against my inner anal sphincter muscle ring. I whimpered as Prentice grind his rock hard member around in my anal canal. Prentice said to me 'I'm going all the way in, I want your butt against my thighs.'

I groaned and begged 'please, Prentice, take it easy please take it easy.' Either on purpose or filled with lustful passion Prentice gripped my hips and viciously rammed the remaining nine inches of his anaconda like cock into my rectum.

I gasped in pain and exhibited an audible yelp that I thought could be heard down the hall. Prentice moaned and said 'talk dirty to me as I fuck this boi pussy, talk dirty.' I exasperatedly exclaim as quietly as possible, as Prentice pulled his cock back and slammed it again into my butt, 'oh...oh...oh...good dick...that's good dick...Yeah baby...that's good dick...give it to me please let me have it...this pussies yours can get when you want it...get it baby get it.'

Prentice set into hunching back and forth sliding his enormously huge cock back and forth. I was frantically gasping for breath be the pain of his entrance and egress. With each advance of his enormous size cock I could feel the walls of my anal canal straining to contain the girth of the invading member.

His rubbery hard cock head was constrained to the confines of my anal tube, my sphincter muscle rings gripped his massive cock as if it did not wish for it to leave the hollow of it's offices, I groaned and moaned with each thrust of his manhood.

Prentice picked up the pace and I felt his cock began to twitch, with a powerful thrust, Prentice sunk his cock as deep into my bowels as possible and grind his hips against my buttocks and released the substance of his loins. I could feel each spurt of his sperm as it struck the back walls of my rectum. It was so much that some of it squirted out around the tight fitting shaft of his enormous cock.

Prentice collapsed onto my back and we fell to the floor with Prentice grinding deep into my prostate body. We laid there gasping and groaning as Prentice emptied the last of his substance into my orifice. My rectum became Prentice cum receptacle for the rest of the night.

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