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Mom and mary

It was bitter cold outside and all Mary felt like doing was curling up on the couch with a glass of wine and enjoy a good movie. The snow was falling outside as she poured herself a glass of merlot in the kitchen then made her way into the living room. She felt alone in the large empty house as her husband of less than a year was once again away on business. Mary had just turned 20 and she thought of her mother's warnings of marrying an older man, although very successful, he was frequently away. She was a beautiful girl with long brown hair, sparkling blue eyes, and a long slender body. She stood 5' 11" tall and weighed 140 lbs, her breasts were the favorite part of her body and she loved to show them off by wearing low cut tops.

It was still early, but Mary decided to change into something more comfortable before settling in to watch a movie. She sat her glass of wine on the coffee table in front of the couch and headed into her bedroom. She stood in front of her mirrored dresser and kicked off her shoes. She watched herself in the mirror as she unbuttoned her blouse and let it slide off her arms and onto the floor. Placing a hand on the dresser she reached down and pulled off each of her socks. Next she unbuttoned the top of her jeans and lowered the zipper. She wiggled her ass slightly as she worked the jeans down over her shapely hips.

Standing now only in her bra and panties Mary admired her body in the mirror. Smiling, she raised her hands and cupped each of her gorgeous breasts, feeling their weight in her hands. She loved it when her husband would fondle and nurse her breasts. Feeling herself getting aroused she f***ed herself to stop and went to the closet to retrieve a nightgown. As she started to put on the nightgown she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror again and feeling still slightly aroused she decided to be even more comfortable. Tossing the nightgown on the bed she reached back and unhooked her bra. Her breasts fell out of their confinement and the cool air seemed to rush over her nipples. She stared down at her rather large breasts and watched as her nipples grew hard before her eyes. Now feeling quite naughty she decided she might as well lose the panties as well. Hooking a finger under the waist band on either side of her tiny pink panties she quickly tugged them down to her ankles and stepped out of them. As she stepped back toward the bed to get her nightgown she slid one hand down her firm, flat belly and over her freshly waxed pussy. Her pussy was completely bald and looked liked it belonged on a much younger girl. Mary knew what she would be doing before bed, but she wanted to relax and watch a movie first so after putting on her nightgown she finally headed back toward the living room.

After selecting one of her favorite movies Mary popped it into the DVD player and climbed onto the couch. The movie was almost over and Mary had d***k nearly the entire bottle of wine when she heard a knock at the door. Quickly, she peered out the window and recognized her mother's car. After stopping to pause the movie she made her way to the front door and opened it to greet her mother.

Mary opened the door and felt the cold wind rush in. "Hi Mom, come in, what are doing out in this weather?

Mary's mom Rebecca stepped in and closed the door. Brushing the snow from her shoulders she replied. "You know I go to dinner with your aunt on Fridays, we went to that new Italian restaurant over on Fuller Avenue so since I was in the neighborhood I thought I would stop by and see you."

Rebecca was a stunning woman even at 41 years old. She was not quite as tall as her daughter, but other than that they looked very similar. In fact they had often been mistaken as s****rs.

Helping her mother take off her coat Mary said. "I'm surprised you would go out in all this snow."

"The weatherman said it wasn't supposed to be this heavy until after midnight. Apparently he was wrong."

"Ya those guys have the best job. They can be wrong 80% of the time and no one cares."

Rebecca was wearing a tight fitting black dress and black stockings that disappeared under the hem of her dress. Her long brown hair glistened from the melting flakes of snow. The two made there way into the kitchen. "Would you like some coffee or tea mom?"

Spying the bottle of wine on the table Rebecca replied "No thanks, but I'd love a glass of wine."

Mary poured her mother a glass of wine, finishing off the bottle. She passed her mom the glass and opened another bottle she pulled from the cabinet. Although they lived only 30 minutes apart it had been a few weeks since the two had seen each other. They were very close, however and talked to one another almost daily on the phone. Rebecca had also married an older man when she was only 19 and he had passed away two years ago of a heart attack.

The two women talked in the kitchen for a long time and before they had realized it the wine was all gone and it nearly 11:30pm. "Oh my god Mary, look at the time. I must get going"

Looking out the window at the heavy snow coming done Mary replied "I don't think your going anywhere tonight mom. It's snowing like crazy and you've' had a few drinks."

Peering out the window Rebecca replied "Perhaps your right my dear."

"I was watching a movie earlier, it's almost over. Want to watch the end with me?"

"Sure honey, do have any more wine?"

"Yes, Bill keeps us stocked up for when company comes over." Mary went to the cabinet and opened another bottle and filled each of their glasses. The two beautiful women made their way to the living room. Mary curled up in the corner of the couch while Rebecca sat up in the matching love seat.

Holding up the DVD case Mary asked "Have you seen this before?"

"Yes a few ago, I liked it a lot"

"You sure you want to watch it again, we can watch something else?"

"No dear this is fine, you should see the end."

"Okay then." Mary pressed play on the remote and the movie resumed. It was love story that began when the couple was young, but had parted ways in college only to rekindle their relationship in their 40s. The final seen of the movie ends with the couple making love again after more than 20 years apart.

"Isn't that a beautiful ending?" said Rebecca. "It makes me think of when your father would come home after a trip and we would spend a whole day in bed."

"I miss Dad too." Said Mary as she sat up to go give her mom a hug, but instead she spilled some of her wine onto the front of her nightgown. "Oh Shit, you got to be k**ding me?" Mary said as she put the glass down on the table and hurried for the kitchen, Rebecca following right behind. Mary started to wipe the stain with the kitchen towel.

"No you need to soak that in detergent to get that stain out" belted Rebecca as she reached for the bottom of Mary's nightgown trying to help her get it off quickly. Pulling in upwards in an attempt to get it off quickly she realized that Mary was not wearing anything underneath and was quite surprised to she her firm, bare ass appear from under the gown. "Mary! Where are your panties?" she gasped in astonishment.

"Ummm! I'm not wearing any." Was all Mary could get out.

"Well that's obvious. No bra either I suppose?"

"No mom."

"Well quickly now, get out of that gown so I can get it soaking while you find some panties."

Mary blushed, but did as she was told and pulled off her nightgown. She turned and handed it to her mother. Rebecca took the nightgown from her daughter's hand. However, she did not immediately leave for the wash room, but looked down at her daughter's bare pussy. Mary quickly noticed this and tried to cover it with her hands.

"That doesn't appear to have changed much since the last time I saw it." Quipped Rebecca as she turned and left for the wash room.

Mary went to her bedroom and opened her dresser to get a pair of panties. As she pulled a pair out she thought to herself "She can't tell me what to do". Mary tossed the panties back in the drawer and retrieved a clean nightgown from the closet.

Rebecca entered Mary's room a few moments later. "You nightgown is soaking in the bathroom sink. In the morning I will scrub out the stain."

"Thanks mom."

"Do you have something I can borrow to wear to bed?"

"Sure mom, pajamas or a nightgown?"

"I'll have a nightgown please."

Mary went to the closet once again and pulled out two nightgowns. One was pink with a lacy hem and sort of low cut at the top. The other was white, a bit longer and less revealing. "I'll take the pink one if you don't mind?"

"Sure mom." Mary said as she handed her mother the nightie.

Rebecca turned to leave and as she headed out the door she asked "Is it okay if I wear panties with mine?" and chuckled as she walked out.

Mary went to the bathroom to wash up before bed. As she was brushing her teeth her mom came to the door. "Are you going to bed dear?"

"Yes mom, I'm tired. Let me know if you need anything."

"Okay honey, I'm going down to watch the late show. Good night dear."

"Good night mom."

Rebecca headed down the stairs and a moment later Mary heard the TV go on. She finished washing up and headed for bed. Mary turned on her own TV as she pulled off her nightgown and climbed into bed. She loved the feel of the soft clean sheets on her naked body. Gently she began to run her nails over her thighs with one hand and caressed her nipples with the other. Suddenly the image of her mom seeing her naked in the kitchen and looking at her pussy flashed into her mind. The strange thought awkwardly enhanced her arousal as she began to wonder what her mom's pussy might look like. Mary's fingers finally worked there way toward her smooth mound between her legs. Slowly she drew one finger up the length of her pussy giving herself a nice tingling feeling in her belly. Her legs instinctively began to spread as the tip of her finger found the tiny pink nub at the top of her moistening little cunt. Softly she moaned as her juices worked their way from inside her sweet cunny. Gently she started to push her finger inside her wet little hole. Working her index finger deeper and deeper as her cunt loosened to accept it, soon she was able to add a second.

After a while Mary began to feel the impending rush of her orgasm. From her intensely building climax or the quantity of wine she had consumed or most likely both she had forgotten of her visitor down stairs. Her moans turned from soft quiet sounds of pleasure to a rather quite loud moan.

Down stairs Rebecca was going to the kitchen to get a snack during a commercial break. As she passed by the stairs she thought she heard her daughter's voice. She hesitated a second and then proceeded to the kitchen. Moments later as she passed the stairs again, carrying a small bowl of g****s and strawberries, she heard the noise again. This time she was certain of it. She paused at the bottom of the stairs and listened. It sounded as if Mary was in pain. Rebecca thought perhaps her daughter was ill from drinking so much wine and began to head up the stairs.

As she got the Mary's room she reached for the doorknob. As she was turning the knob she suddenly realized that they were sounds coming from someone who is sick, but it was too late. Her reaction time had been slowed just enough from the wine that her brain did not have time to tell her hand to stop. The door flew open.

Mary was just reaching the point of no return as Rebecca appeared in the doorway. Rebecca watched in amazement as her daughter's hips quivered, her eyes were closed and she was biting her lower lip as she shook in orgasm. Rebecca wanted to turn and close the door before she was seen, but something was stopping her. It was like she was frozen and couldn't move.

As Mary's orgasm began to secede her eyes opened and saw a woman standing in her doorway. Quickly remembering that her mom was staying at the house she sat up pulling her legs closed and knees up trying to hide as much of her naked body as she could.

"I'm sorry honey, I didn't see anything. I thought you were sick. I could hear from downstairs."

"I'm sorry too mom."

"Sorry for what? You shouldn't be sorry. I should have knocked."

"I shouldn't have done that, but I get lonely being here by myself so often."

"It's okay dear. To be honest since your father past away I do it all the time myself."

"You do?"

"Of course I do. In fact I was waiting for you to fall asl**p so I could do the same thing myself."

Rebecca slowly moved herself further and further into the bedroom as she reassured her daughter there was nothing wrong with masturbating. "It's not as if you were cheating on your husband."

"I know Ma. It's just that sometimes I feel guilty about it."

Finally making her way all to the edge of the bed Rebecca sat down. She looked into her daughters gorgeous blue eyes and smiled at her. "You are a beautiful young girl and your husband should be here to take care of you."

"I miss having him here to hold onto at night."

Rebecca placed her hand softly on Mary's knee and said "I know my dear. I understand how tough it is being in bed alone night after night."

Mary looked up at her mom and gave her a little smile. Rebecca leaned forward and wrapped her arms around her daughter in a loving embrace. Mary pushed her legs out straight to free her own arms and returned the hug. Rebecca pulled her head back to look at her daughter. They gazed into one another's eyes for what seemed like an eternity. Each one trying to comprehend what was happening. Then as if it was totally natural slowly there lips moved closer and closer before finally meeting. The first kiss was just a soft closed lip kiss that lasted only a second. The second kiss was the same only several seconds longer. When they met for the third time Rebecca's lips began to part. Mary responded in kind and there kiss became very deep and passionate.

Mary felt her mother's soft hands running up and down her back and begin to run her fingers through her hair. Mary was the first to push her tongue into her mother's mouth tasting a hint of strawberry. Rebecca's tongue met Mary's and they danced in unison.

After several minutes of deep wet kissing Rebecca pulled back and once again looked into her daughters eyes. She questioned herself if this was right. Was her daughter d***k? Was she d***k? Would her daughter hate her in the morning if they went on?

Before she could answer any of these questions Mary started getting up off the bed. Rebecca thought to herself "God I shouldn't have done this."

Before Rebecca had time to run Mary was holding out her hand toward her. "Stand up mom. Let me help you with your nightie."

Rebecca reached for her daughter's hand and stood up off the bed. Mary gently put her hands on her mother's hips and grabbed the material on either side of her nightie. Rebecca raised her arms as Mary pulled the nightgown over her mother's head. Mary stood and admired her mother's body. Still firm and tone at her age she thought.

"You are so beautiful mom."

"Are you sure about this Mary?"

"Sure about what mom?" as she unfastened the clasp on the front of her mom's bra.

"Mary, are you sure this is not the alcohol doing this?"

"Doing what mom? This?" Mary said as she hooked her thumbs into each side of the waist band on her mom's panties and began to tug them down.

Rebecca's hands grabbed her daughter's hands and held them. They looked at each other. Mary smiled brightly and together they pulled off Rebecca's panties. They embraced in another deep kiss. Their breasts pressed up against one another for the very first time. They held this position for several minutes before falling onto the bed.

Rebecca was hornier than she has ever been and got on top of her daughter. Kissing her like she was a long time lover. Rebecca's pussy was straddling her daughter's right leg and she began to grind her cunt onto it. Mary had one hand on each cheek of her mom's ass, massaging it as well as pulling it harder onto her leg. Both women were extremely aroused. Mary could feel the soft hairs of her mom's pussy tickling her thigh as her mom mashed her pussy against her.

Rebecca could no longer take it. She pulled her lips from Mary's and laid her face to one side as her orgasm flooded her vagina. She cried out loudly as her entire body began to spasm. Mary felt the warm juices flooding her leg and thigh as her mother's orgasm raged through her body. When she finally she came back to earth Mary rolled out from under her and began to suckle her mother's large nipples. One at a time Rebecca's nipples stiffened between Mary's lips. The smell of sex filled the room and Mary had the sudden desire for her first taste of pussy. She slowly kissed and licked her way down Rebecca's chest and onto her belly. She spent several moments tonguing her moms navel.

She spent a moment admiring the nice trimmed patch of pubic hair her mother had trimmed into a tiny triangle just above her pussy. All around her mom's labia was smooth and silky. Rebecca's legs parted in anticipation of what was to come. Being older Rebecca's pussy opened wide as her legs spread. This gave Mary a terrific view of her mom's pussy. It was a lovely light shade of pink. Her meaty outer labia hung wide and her clit had to be a half inch long. Mary first took in the intoxicating aroma before taking her first taste of pussy, her mom's pussy. Her tongue entered from the bottom and slowly she glided it up through the wet lips of Rebecca's pussy. Rebecca thought she would pass out when she felt her daughter's tongue reach her clit.

Mary gently sucked her mom's clit, feeling it begin to stiffen. Her tongue swirled around dozens of times before softly suckling it again. Mary repeated this exercise seven or eight times before she felt her mom grabbing her hair and pulling her firmly into her cunt. Moments later Rebecca's hips were fucking her daughter's face as her second orgasm was unleashed. Rebecca pushed her daughter's face lower and began to release wave after wave of cum. Mary felt the warm fluid flow across her lips and onto her tongue. It was like candy to a baby. She couldn't get enough. She buried her tongue deep in her mom's pussy trying to coax every drop of juice out of her juicy vagina. Rebecca's second orgasm was stronger than the first. She couldn't believe how her body was reacting to the first female to ever make her cum.

When Mary felt her mom finally stop shaking she climbed up and straddled her face. "Now it's my turn mom."

Rebecca starred up at Mary's bald beaver. It was like she looking directly into heaven. Mary's pussy was perfect, her soft white skin rolling into the sweetest little pink pussy lips ever seen. Mary lowered her pussy down onto her mom's face and she quickly managed to get her tongue inside her only daughter. Mary's breath quickened as her mom explored every inch of her pussy. Rebecca reached up and held one of Mary's ass cheeks in each hand, pulling them apart hoping it would allow her deeper access to her pussy. It wasn't long before Mary felt her body beginning to tense up. Rebecca sensed this and increased the intensity of which she ate Mary's pussy.

Mary couldn't take any more and her body began to quiver violently as her orgasm raced through her belly and into her pussy. Wave after wave overtook Mary's young body as her mom urged her orgasm on with her tongue Mary's pussy erupeted as her body shook in pure extacy. Her pussy exploded and her juices flowed freely into her mom's mouth. Rebecca enjoyed the sweet nectar flowing from Mary's pussy and savored every drop.

When Mary came down from her high the two women held each close and kissed. They enjoyed the combined flavors of each others pussy.

"Thank you mom, that was wonderful."

"Dear, you don't even know how amazing that was."

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