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Right Place Right Sluts

Those of you that read my stories know Kat my wife and her band of horny wifes as she calls them well seeing as she is ofen off taking care of there hot holes I am ofen alone, not that I mind Kat's conqurest cause most of the time I too end up pounding there holes silly.
Two weeks ago I went to eat alone and upon getting into the dinner I see Tracy this is one of Kat's new girls I think maybe juse two or three times in the sack but from all the moaning and pantting I'm sure Tracy has enjoyed herself, I was interduced to her just a few days ago. Anyhow she is setting there with her husband his b*****r and his girlfiend after a couple of min. she heads to the bathroom and on the way back sees me. TONY OMG HOW ARE YOU ? Hi I'm fine how are you? MUCH BETTER NOW she grabs my hand and pulls me back to the restroom area kissing me she explans tonite is date nite her and hubby were suppose to go to the moives alone the XXX moives and she was going to tell hubby about her and Kat then show him what she learned but hubby invited his boren b*****r so she was pissed off. TONY AFTER WE EAT WE ARE GOING TO NICK'S PLEASE COME THERE TOO PLEASE!! I think a second then say OK.

At about 9pm I walk into NICK'S a bar in town dancing drinking pool but also a big pick-up place. As I walk around people that I know say Hi and buy me drinks and shots in the back by the pool tables Tracy is sitting while hubby plays I wlak up and talk to some people her hubbys is on the other side and can't see she reaches out and rubs my leg then ass then looking up at me rubs my cock people there see whats up and move to block hubbys sight and she undoes my zipper and reaches in to stoke my cock now as much as I love this I do not want to start trouble so I move away not having this she gets up and motions for me to follow her in the back alley she drops down and englufs my 91/2" cock to the base and blows me as good if not better then Kat and that is not easy to say she moves her head up and down stady and fast then tells me to FUCK MY MOUTH MAKE ME GAG ON YOUR BIG COCK BABY.. about this time the b*****rs girlfreind finds us and says OMG WHAT ARE YOU DOING TRACY YOUR MARRIED AND HE IS INSIDE THERE Tracy smiles and starts to stoke my cock HON LOOK AT THIS COCK DOES YOUR PUSS GET WET LOOKING AT IT AND THE TASTE OF HIS CUM IS LIKE NUN BEFORE AND OMG THE THINGS HE CAN DO TO MY CUNT WITH IT HE FUCKS ME HARD AND SO DEEP LIKE NO ONE ELSE EVER HAS. You have fucked him O YEA AND HIS WIFE TOO she reaches out and grabs her hand feel how hard he is. A crowd is froming but the girl stokes me anyhow and as she does Tracy starts to reach around and play with her titsthe girl leans in opens her mouth and moans as I fill it up as deep as I can Tracy wispers in her ear lets go to his house and fuck OK OMG YES PLEASE YES we walk to the car and are off leaving the (boys) there..

In the car I'm driving Tracy has the girl in the back pulls her clothes free and licks and bites her nipps alwhile fingering her hard they are moaning and pantting hot and heavy getting to the house and leaving there clothes they are both nake and pulling my clothes free we fuck for a couple of hours and Kat comes in and joines us so I sit back and watch the misstress take charge about 2:30am I take them back to the bar hubby and b*o just about passed out never knew they were gone I help them get the d***ks to the car and they kiss me long and heavy good bye as I start to walk away the girl who I findly found out was named Joy yells HEY HOW ABOUT SAME TIME TOMORROW? I just wavy and say YEPER...

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