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Old and crabby ! me ??

Although I'm old and crabby it never ceases to amaze me how much great sex I still can get from some very sexy ppl !
I have a very slutty fuck buddy who is only 23 now but was 21 when we first started to fuck! She’s is married to a friend and was looking for some dirty sex as opposed to hubby sex! Well she found the right man in me! :)
it started very normally with just us fucking and I soon realised how dirty she was and how much she wanted to push the boundaries, we started to go dogging up to Wisley on the A3 she loved having an audience while I finger and fucked her , so I ask if she wanted someone else to join in and she said " Yes" ,cool !
I searched on-line and found a guy fairly local to us and arranged a meet on the hogs back, she was very excited about the prospect of having two cocks to play with.
We arrived and he wasn't there we sat and waited and then eventually he turned up just as we were about to leave! He apologised and said he never been here before and had stopped in the wrong place! , we walked over to the wooded area which wasn't easy for her as she was in heels and it took a while to get her there! :) I was so horny by this time and I started to kiss her and slowly hitch up her short dress, she helps me lift it off over her head, the other guy went behind her and started to fondle her tits mmmmm she was soaking wet at this as I started to finger her soppy pussy, I got down on my knees and started to lick at her fanny lips and clit, drinking in her juices , he had moved round and was deep tonguing her now as she had leaned back against a tree trunk , she was groping for his cock and he pulls down he jeans and out pops a wonderful example of a hard cock not massive but not small about 7inches maybe but quite thick it looked great! I had a full view of it and I knew she was going to enjoy it.
I pulled her panties down to her ankles as she turned away from him and bent over holding on to the tree he also knelt down and started licking her cunt from behind and tonguing her arse too she was moaning loudly by this time and I was mesmerised at seeing her enjoying his attentions, he continued to lick her and make her very wet, I got my cock out and wanked slowly as I watched, still on my knees, he stood up and wiped his cock over her firm arse cheeks she murmured and he started to enter her from behind , she adjusted her stance and allowed easy entry to her juiced up cunt, he slowly started to fuck her, pumping harder and harder as he built up the pace she was loving every second of it, I had moved round to the front and wiggled my face into her pussy and I could feel his cocks as it was being pushed in and out of her tight hole, it suddenly pops out and misses the pussy and I open and let him enter my mouth mmmmm I nice long suck and then release it to re-enter her she gasps as he does and takes the full length in again, I don't know if he was expecting me to suck on him but he obviously enjoyed it cause he pops out again a few minutes later and waits for me to suck it again . I do and I love it the taste of her cunt on his cock is wonderful. we continue for about ten minutes in this fashion and then he withdraws cause he's knackered and leans against the tree, she then squats down and starts to suck his cock I stand and offer her mine and she is now taking turns to suck and lick our cocks , I want a proper suck on his so I go down and we are sharing it licking sucking and tasting his precum . I was wanking him quite fast as she was licking his balls when I could feel his spunk starting to rise and his cock started to pulse, she jumps up spins round and he spunked all over her arse! great big jets of hot cum right into the crack of her bum it was so fucking horny ! I stand and start to wank myself he started to fondle my balls and I pump my cum over one cheek of her bum nowhere near as much as his but still hot and sticky! She’s turns and smiles puts both hands on her bum cheeks and rubs our cum into them “wonderful for the skin complexion " she laughs!
She pulls up her knickers and we organise ourselves for the trip back to the cars but she doesn’t put her dress back on so she just has her Basque, knickers, stockings and heels, wow, what a sight
She totters across the grassland and gets to the lay-by right by the side of a truck and we walk up to the car she’s wriggling her bum as she goes the guy comes over and kisses her full on the mouth and thanks us both and disappears , in the meantime a truck driver has seen her and jumped out of his cab and walked up to the car, as we are getting in all he can do is stare with his mouth open and puts his thumb up and says to me “ well done mate -well done “ with a huge grin on his face ! 

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