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Victoria and Elise part 2

One evening, Victoria’s phone rang and Elise was on the other end of the line.
Elise asked her friend if she remembered their special time together and if she would be interested in coming over again. Victoria responded positively to both questions and so the ladies agreed to meet up again for a special rendezvous at the weekend.

“If you want, we can go one step further, “ Elise suggested to Victoria.
Victoria asked what her friend meant, but Elise refused to be drawn, saying that she would have to wait and see.

For the rest of the week, Victoria dreamt of how she had that special time with her friend. When Elise took her lesbian cherry. Towards the weekend Elise started texting her friend, inviting her to dinner and telling her to make herself look all “girlie”.

Victoria packed a weekend bag and decided to go for the killer look, with a tight dress, which emphasised her feminine curves, showed her breasts to great effect and was short enough for her to display her great pins in sheer black hosiery with black knee high boots. If Elise wanted her girlie, she was going to be all woman.

Driving over to Winchester, she parked up and collected her bag from the boot of her car.

When Elise opened the door to her home, she admired Victoria’s look.
“You look great, sweetie, “ she purred, as the ladies exchanged girlie kisses.
“Let me show you to your room,” Elise led Victoria to the spare room, which she had made up.

After this, the ladies had dinner put the dishes in the dishwasher.
“Now I bet you want to freshen up, so I’ll run a bath for you,” Elise told her friend and then disappeared to the bathroom. Whilst the water was running, the ladies shared some wine before Elise disappeared again, before returning dressed in a towelling robe.

“I thought we could start by sharing a bath, to get, you know, reacquainted, “ suggested Elise. Taking Victoria by the hand, she led her to the main bedroom, where she had laid out a bathrobe for her.

Leaving Victoria to get changed into the bathrobe, Elise came back a few minutes later and led her friend into the bathroom. Here she drew Victoria close to her, before kissing her on the mouth, whilst unfastening their bathrobes. The ladies drew close and exchanged kisses.

“I’ve dreamt of making love to you since that night, Vicky” purred Elise.
Victoria just kissed her girlfriend long and deep on the mouth, pressing her naked body against Elise. The ladies slipped out of their robes, letting them slip to the floor, and then Elise stepped in to the bath, guiding Victoria in after her. Elise sat down, slipping under the water line, guiding her girlfriend between her legs then easing her back to lean against her body.
The ladies bathed, with Elise washing Victoria’s soft skin gently scooping the water over her shoulders, then her full breasts. Gently she massaged her scalp and washed her hair too, before the pair laid back, exhausted.

Manoeuvring herself, Elise reached between Victoria’s thighs and touched her inner thighs, whilst kissing her neck. Victoria needed no second opportunity as she sighed appreciatively, closing her eyes and whilst leaning forward to expose her neck to her girlfriend’s kisses, opened her legs as wide as the bath would permit. The water softened Elise’s touch on her labia, so Victoria took hold of Elise’s hand and manoeuvred it around to the top of her thigh, bidding that she should touch her clitoris.

All the stress of being alone melted at the soft touch of another woman caressing her lips and she whispered that Elise should go faster. Victoria tingled between her legs at Elise’s touch. Reaching her peak, Elise slowed her pace and whispered into her girl’s ear that she didn’t want to spoil Victoria’s appetite for the treats that she had in store. Victoria looked around quizzically, but Elise just kissed her suggestively.

Leaving the bath, the girls drained the water and towelled themselves dry.
Leading Victoria into the main bedroom, Elise invited her into bed with her. As the ladies entwined, they kissed and Elise said that tomorrow she had a surprise for her girlfriend.

In the morning, the ladies awoke and Elise treated Victoria to breakfast in bed before asking her to get dressed in her clothes.
Elise watched as Victoria put on fresh underwear and hosiery.
Elise remained in her gown.

“Now lay there and let me get something,”
Victoria lay back, relaxed yet quizzical.
Elise re-entered the bedroom with a dildo, strap on harness and a bottle of lotion.

Victoria smiled and laughed nervously at what her girlfriend was carrying.
“Don’t worry, it won’t hurt you, “ reassured Elise. When Victoria said nothing, her girlfriend said, “you’re not a virgin, are you darling?”
“No, of course not, darling, but you want to make love to me, with a strap on ?”
“I thought it would be fun. Seeing as you haven’t got a man, I thought this was the next best thing.”
“Come here, “ Victoria laughed, pulling her girlfriend onto the bed with her, “you know me so well.”
The girls kissed each other, rolling around on the bed.
“Now, let me get some towels, I don’t want to get baby lotion on the bed, Sam doesn’t know about us.”
Elise disappeared to the airing cupboard to get some towels and then asked Victoria to help her lay them on top of the base sheet, before pulling the duvet back.
Victoria lay back on the bed, pulling Elise close. She felt so physically attracted to Elise now and wanted her to take her full lesbian cherry, wearing the dildo, penetrating her womanhood.
“Let me put it on first. Do you want to help me ?”

Victoria sat on the edge of the bed, dressed in a grey skirt suit, with her boots and a fresh pair of barely black tights on. As Elise stood between her legs, she unfastened the belt holding Elise’s dressing gown together. Letting the robe fall to the floor, Elise had donned a pair of her husband’s boxers. She stepped into the dildo’s harness and with Victoria’s help, fastened and adjusted the harness to fit her pelvis. Stepping back, she let Victoria feel and admire the phallus which stood proud between Elise’s thighs.
“Lay back darling, “ Elise purred suggestively. Victoria shuffled back on the bed, as her girlfriend climbed beside her.
The girls fell into each other’s arms and Elise stroked Victoria’s nylon clad legs.
“You look good enough to eat, “ purred Elise. Working her way up to between Vicky’s legs, she stroked her crotch through her tights.
“Not wearing any panties, you naughty girl!” admonished Elise.
The ladies moved into a position that Victoria was sitting with her thighs parted, on Elise’s face.

Elise extended her tongue and licked the pussy in front of her, through the material.

The feel of Elise’s tongue, softened by the tights that she was wearing made the effect more gradual, more erotic. Elise could apply just a little more pressure to ensure her tongue and the tights’ material rubbed against her lover’s soft pussy. Victoria lifted her skirt, pulling the tights taught against her soft skin, to ensure she felt the maximum pleasure from her lover’s tongue.

Soon, the aroma of an aroused woman issued from Victoria’s cleft, mixed with the fresh tights, which she had slipped into a short time before. Victoria wriggled, yearning for relief, yet powerless to resist Elise’s tongue.
Elise held her lover’s cheeks in the palms of her hands, as she licked and suckled the cunt before her.

Soon, as the feeling of pleasure and lust grew within her pussy, Victoria’s sounds of joy became more noticeable.

Elise worked her girlfriend with her tongue, until she gushed through her tights. Elise drank eagerly through the material, relishing each drop of juice that her girlfriend had given her to enjoy.

“Before you make love to me, let me feel you, “ purred Victoria, sliding down Elise and loosening the strap on, kissed Elise between her thighs before touching her pussy. The smell of another woman’s pussy and the sight made her swoon.

“Oh, Elise, the first time you touched me, I went home and couldn’t think of anything else.”
Victoria licked and kissed Elise between her thighs, discarding the strap on harness which Elise had intended to use on her. Elise lay back on her bed, revelling in the feel of another woman between her legs. Pulling off the boxers, this gave Victoria unrestricted access to her lover’s pussy. Licking it lovingly from end to end, she tasted Elise’s woman juices for the first time.
“Stick your fingers inside me, make me cum, you horny slut” begged Elise.
Victoria did as she was bid and slid two fingers inside her girlfriend. Sliding them in and out, she made Elise moan in ecstasy, and then combined this with her tongue to make her come.

“Wow, I didn’t know you had it in you, “ Elise said.
“Talking of having it in you, I thought you wanted to fuck me like a man, baby”.
Picking up the strap on, Victoria helped Elise back into it before unzipping her skirt and sliding it down her legs.

“Keep your tights on Vicky, “ said Elise, “I’ll fuck you through them, like some randy bastard”.

Victoria lay back on the bed, opening her legs, as she watched Elise approach.
Rolling her hips, to make her pussy more accessible, she thrust her pussy up. Elise knelt before her lover and poured some lotion on the phallus, rubbing it up and down with her hands, holding the tip against Victoria’s hosiery. Once it was nice and shiny, Elise rubbed like a real cock, with one hand, whilst moving it up and down Victoria hosieried pussy.

“Don’t tease me, baby, “Victoria begged slipping a hand into her tights and touching her clitoris.

Slowly, Elise thrust the phallus into Victoria, as the tights ripped around it. Victoria moaned in relief and ecstasy. It was so long since she had felt another person inside her.

With the entry made, Elise then went easier on her girlfriend, as both women enjoyed the mutual feeling of making love using the strap on.
Eventually, Victoria climaxed with a little help from rubbing her clitoris.
Elise withdrew and collapsed on her girlfriend in ecstacy.

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