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A Straight Farm Boy

One of my favorite sexual memories was with a straight farming guy I'd met a few summers ago. He was actually a few years younger then me, but more gorwn up then guys twice his age. He was a good old boy, sweet with good manners. He lived north of the city a little ways and was down here having a night out.
I had an online ad that he answered. At first I didn't want to respond to him because I didn't want anyone coming over to my place and he had no place in town to go. After hours had passed (with no good responses) I got another message from him and I decided to respond. We chatted for a little while and then decided to meet in a parking lot and talk face to face and see what happend.
He was very sweet and somewhat shy. Talking seemed to relax him so he began telling me more about himself. Being the easy going and friendly guy I am, I was happy to sit in his truck and listen. It was mid summer, not real hot but fairly warm. The windows were down and I could hear the traffic passing by the busy streets on a Friday night. He told me about the rough year he'd been having and how he was trying to get over the loss of his long time (high school sweetheart) girlfriend and the loss of their unborn c***d. And how after the c***d was lost his girlfriend lost all interest in him and then left one day without any warning. He told me how her f****y was on his side and didn't understand why she would leave a wonderful man like him.
As I sat and listened I moved my hand over to his back and begun to gently rub it. More sympathetic than sexual. As I did so he told me about how he'd been trying to get over all of that and move on with his life. He told me how he'd never been with a man and never even thought about it until recently. He said he wanted to see if he liked being with a man better than a woman, and if a man could take care of his needs.
Then he took my hand in his and placed it on his chest. I began to run my hand over his shirt until I found a nipple. I teased it through his shirt, which he seemed to like. He was a stocky guy, not really fat but not exactly musicular, his stomach stuck out slightly from a mix of eating well and having a few beers from time to time. I thought he looked amazing. I slid my hand under the shirt and felt his chest hair, then moving to the other nipple. I could feel his heart beating fast, a mix of nerves and excitement. I slid closer to him on his bench seat. He wanted me to tease him a little before moving onto heavier action. I was happy to do so. I wanted to make his time with me everything he wanted it to be.
Slowly I worked his shirt up and then started teasing his nipples with my fingers and tounge. Rubbing them, licking them, sucking them, gently biting them and blowing on them. He really liked this. He was getting very relaxed and HARD. I had moved my hand down to his jeans, feeling his cock getting hard and tracing the outline of it, gently rubbing on it. Just then he reached down and started to open his pants. I was getting very excited, I wanted him so badly, I had completely forgot about being in his pick up truck in a parking lot. I had never met anyone like him before and was completely entranced with this man.
I started working my way down his body with my mouth, drinking in the smell of him and the taste of his skin. By the time I reached his waist he had already pulled out his stiff cock and balls from the opening of his boxers. He wasn't huge, a little above average in length and a little thicker than most guys. His balls were shaved and hanging low. They looked beautiful like that. (I think balls are sexy and fun to play with!)
I could tell he was still a little nervous so I turned my face up to his and told him to just lean back and relax. I wouldn't do anything he didn't want me to. That seemed to relax him more as he gave me a coy smile and noded for me to continue. I started by teaseing the head of his dick with my tounge and gently kissing it, working down his shaft from the head to the base. As I worked my way back up it, I opend my mouth and took his rock hard cock inside my mouth. It tasted so good! He gave a heavy breath and a small moan - he liked it.
As I continued to suck his dick, up and down head to base fast and slow, I moved my hand down and started cupping his balls, gently massegeing them. They felt so good in my hand, I wanted to lick them. And I did. Gently running my tounge over his balls, kissing them, licking them and sucking them into my mouth. He really liked this so I continued to do this for a while. All I wanted to do was please this man. It turned me on to give him pleasure. After working on his balls for a while I went back to his dick, which by then was leaking pre cum. That tasted so good!! I kept sucking and savoring the taste of him. Rubbing his balls with my hand again. Listening to him breathe and give soft moans of pleasure. Instructing me: fast, then slow, suck and lick. Returning to his balls when he wanted me to and then getting back to his beautiful cock.
I'm not sure how long I'd been blowing him, I wasn't thinking about time, I was just enjoying this man and his jewels. Taking pleasure out of pleasing him and listening to his sounds of encouragement. Then I heard him ask, "Do you swallow?" I mumbled a "Uh huh" without letting his dick leave my mouth. I was excited, waiting for my mouth to fill with his seed. Just then I heard, "Good, I'm gonna nut." I moaned in pleasure as he shot his warm load inside my mouth. He grunted a little and moaned as he filled my eager mouth with his cum. I took it all, never letting a drop escape. Savoring the taste of it before swallowing it. All the while still sucking his cock. Feeling his stomach tremble and hearing his heavy breatheing. He put his hands around my head, guiding my movements and speed as his dick began to go limp. I pulled off it and kissed it some, along with his balls which felt a little lighter than they had just seconds before. I helped him get his package back into his pants. Then I turned to him smileing and asked him how he liked it.
Still breatheing faster than normal he smiled at me and said, "That was the best head I've ever gotten!" He thanked me and then we began talking some more. He told me that even though he liked it very much he wasn't sure if he would ever do that again or not. I said that I understood and that if he decided he wanted to do this again he could keep my contact info and I would be happy to take care of him anytime and let him try new things if I wanted without feeling pressured. I told him some of the other things I liked to do and he seemed interested but gave no sign of committment. I told him that I was happy to be his first and possibly only man to man experence. Saying that he was a great guy and that anyone man or woman would be lucky to have him. I wanted to have him. I would have loved finding out how great life could be coming home to him every night, this sweet wonderful man.
I said goodbye and got out of his truck and into my own car. Once I got home I began jerking off feverishly, reliving every moment of that encounter until I blew my own load. I never saw him again. I tried to write him a message once a few weeks aftyer that night trying to find out how he was doing and if he was interested in getting together again. The account had been closed and my message returned unread. Sometimes I wondered if I could find him again online, but then think I should just leave him alone. That way I can enjoy that wonderful night in my memory and hopefully he can do the same, if he cares to remember it.

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