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My first bisexual experience

my first m/m experience. I had finally worked up the nerve to have a session with a dominatrix I had been very into for a long time. She was very thorough and we had discussed the scene for a while prior, heavy on sissification, feminization (she was a cosmetologist and very skilled), sph, tease and denial, etc. I arrive and am transformed. I had no body hair, all nails a pretty pink, perfect makeup and a tight fitting corset, thigh highs, I was totally passable as an attractive woman. I am brought to another room where my ass is filled with lube and Mistress puts on a large black strapon, sits in a chair and lights a cigarette. "Prepare my cock for your ass." I fall to my knees and begin worshipping mistresses cock while gazing upon her beautiful figure. I am deepthroating for awhile when I suddenly feel hands on my waist. I am alarmed, but do not dare stop. Then it happened. I felt penetration. I groan to her delight and continue working her cock. I didn't know how to feel until mistress made it clear. She grabbed my collar, bent over and blew smoke in my face. "Congratulations, you are officially a faggot." She smiled, and then spit on my face. She then parted her lips, revealing her perfect pussy. "There is no room in here for faggots." She laughed. The male was working me steady for awhile, gentle, not very big, felt more like making love rather than fucking me. I hear him quiver "may I cum, mistress." "Yes slut," she replies to him. "On his back." I feel him pull out and hear the condom slide off, then I feel his hand brushing my ass while jerking over my back. He groans, and I feel a warm puddle gather in the small of my back. "Clean him" she tells the other slave, and feel his tongue gathering all the cum from my back, and even into my ass crack. "Kiss." She says with a smile, and my mouth opens to accept his mouth load. "Snowball." We obey, and pass the cum and saliva back and forth. We caress, rubbing our cocks together, feeling our lingerie until she sinks her heel into my back... "Swallow, bitch." I took every last drop. She told me I had made a good faggot and I deserved an award, and made her other slave jerk me off to completion. He cleaned it off my stomach and also spat it into my mouth, then I swallowed. Mistress said "it's only gay if you cuddle... so cuddle." We caressed and kissed while she masterbated. Once she finished, her slave immediately lept up and left the room. I was e****ted out, wearing nothing but a corset, fishnets, lots of messy makeup and smelling of cum. "I hope you don't have to stop for gas." She kissed me and shut the door. I ran to my car, flacid penis flopping around for everyone to see, and sped home. I must have masterbated for hours thinking about the hottest situation I had ever been in. I saw her many more times and we covered several different areas, but nothing was ever quite like that first night.

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