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Fucked by my friends room mate

I stopped by my friends house to give and get a much needed blowjob. This is all I could do with this guy because he had a huge cock, but I ljus loved the way it felt in my mouth even though I couldn't fit much of it in. I would suck it as best I could while slididng my hand up and down on this monster until he shot down my throat and then he would return the favor.

I got to his place and knocked on the door and his roommate answered so I asked if Don was home and was told he had been called into work, needless to say I was very dissapointed which must have showed because he said but I available, as he reached out and rubbed my crotch and I imediatly got hard as a rock. I jumped at the chance for some fun as I was horny as hell. We went up to his room and got our clothes off and started licking and sucking each other. His cock was quite a bit smaller than Dons so I was able to take him balls deep into my mouth and I loved the feel and taste of it. After a few minutes he asked if he could fuck me, the thought really excited me as my ass was virgin. I said yeah please do it, he rolled me over on my belly and pulled my ass up in the air and started licking my asshole to get it nice and wet and slippery,it felt so good. He then got on his knees behind me and I felt hic cock sliding into my ass. I wasn't quite prepared for the initial pain involved at first but he just stayed still until I loosened up. He started sliding in and out very slowly until I was starting to enjoy it, each time a little deeper unltil I was taking the whole thing and pushing back at him for more. After a few miniutes I raised myself up on my hands so I cold push back harder until we were making slapping noises when my ass and his belly met. I was moaning and groning and saying fuck me hard we went on for I don't know how long and my cock was harder than it ever had been before. I thought it was going to explode. Suddenly he shoved his cock in me as hard as he could and let out a groan and I felt him shoot load after load of cum deep in my ass. He finally finished and pulled out rolled me over on my back and suced me till I filled hi mouth with cum. We laid there exhausted and I could feel cum running out of my ass and then hie toungue licking me clean, what a feeling that was. I had one hell os a summer that year sucking one guy off and getting fucked by another every week

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