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Indian mom and black priest 2

The air was knocked out from her lungs for a few seconds as the priest was only the second man in her life to fuck her.

“Please stop. I can’t take it anymore” screamed mom.

Me and dad heard the priest from outside telling her: “Hold on woman I am fighting with all my f***e to defeat these demons”

Inside the room, the stud began his fucking again as he slammed into mom’s tender vagina, his big black cock filling her completely and stretching her to limits dad could never dreams of reaching.

As she began lowering and raising herself on the cock, mom u*********sly began pinching her nipples. Seeing that, the black priest told her that some of the demons are trying to escape from upstairs. Without a delay he took the big melon breasts in his hands and began mauling them as he continued to ram his cock up mom’s overflowing cunt.

Taking one of the nipples in his big black lips, mom’s moans escaped her throat as her pleasure moved between her cunt and breasts. The priest devoured mom’s big breasts and bit on her nipples like a man crazed with lust under the pretense of fighting the incumbent demons.

Fifteen minutes and fifteen orgasms later, mom’s voice was hoarse from the screaming and the moaning. As she was getting fucked by the black priest, every moan of pleasure was being countered by a nervous reaction from dad who was about to break down hearing mom in this supposed agony.

As mom felt the priest climax inside her, she felt her womb being filled with a burning hot liquid. The priest filled mom’s fertile womb with his black seed until cum began to flow from her cunt on the bed. As he popped his cock out of her, mom tried to cover her breasts but pain from the sex bites coursed through her, reminding her of the masculinity of this black priest.

As he put on his clothes again and threw mom the petticoat and saree to wear again, the priest went out to meet me and dad, visibly tired.

“She should be better now but I am sure she will need a few more sessions”

Dad was overjoyed with the result and bent and kissed the holy man’s hand in appreciation. In retrospect, it is humiliating seeing my macho older dad kissing the hand of the filthy nigger with the donkey cock who fucked mom senseless on his bed but dad didn’t know better then.
Over the next few days, the priest conducted several exorcism sessions all over the house and even in the barn outside. I was able to watch most of these sessions as I was home that time.

One day, mom was preparing lunch in the kitchen for dad who was about to arrive with his business associates. I saw Father Tyrone enter the kitchen in nothing but his underwear. For a priest, his body was ripped with big black muscles. He had little fat in his huge masculine body.

Standing behind mom, he put his big nigger hands on her shoulders. Mom felt a shiver cross her body through her saree.

“The demons seem to be pretty active today, woman” said the priest.
Mom didn’t argue. She just nodded her head.

“They are in your mouth right now. It is a perfect time to attack them. On your knees hurry.”

Like a c***d waiting for his present, mom knelt in front of the giant nigger and looked with passion in her eyes as he freed his cock. He didn’t take off his underwear, he just took his big thick cock from underneath them.

“Put this holy black rod in your mouth. Let’s fuck some demons”

Mom licked her lips in anticipation and as she ( ) approached to service this hunk, the manly smell of his freshly cleaned salami filled her nostrils, making her big rosy nipples ache and her cunt lubricate with her hot juices.

Without delay, mom engulfed the salami in her mouth, moaning and slobbering over it as some dribbles of saliva stained her homely saree. If only dad could see what the exorcism obliged mom to do.

As she began sucking faster, the black cock hardened touching the back of her throat. Mom wasn’t expecting that as she has never done that to my poor dad.

Confused and the cock having cut the air to her lungs, mom began choking and she hurriedly held the black monster out of her mouth as she coughed.

The priest laughed at mom’s ordeal as he watched her kneeling in front of him holding the cock that nearly choked her. As she breathed back, mom grabbed the black pole in one hand and began caressing the big wrinkled balls of the priest in the other. She slammed it whole in her mouth as she looked with a burning gaze in the man’s eyes.“Fight off the demons in your mouth. I will burn them soon, dear. Keep my cock in your fuckin mouth.”

A few minutes later, mom’s jaw was getting sore from the thickness of the cock and her saree was already stained with saliva and precum.

Mom heard the muscular priest bellow as he began discharging his nigger cum inside her. As she opened her mouth, she felt endless gobs of cum filling her mouth and going through her throat to her stomach. The priest’s biceps flexed as he kept injecting mom with his cum.

As he filled mom’s stomach, she couldn’t take anymore cum so he finished off on her face. Burning wads of manly sperm covered her innocent face as she moaned in lust at the defiling act.

As he finished cumming, the priest exhaled and congratulated mom on a good fight against the demons.

“I must have killed one or two demons with this session. Good job woman.”

Mom thanked him and kissed his cock in appreciation as she left the kitchen to wash herself before dad and his associates arrived.

An hour later, dad arrived with his friends finding mom and me and the priest waiting in the dinner room.

Dad was very proud of his house and his wife and it showed in the way he bossed mom around. He liked to think of her as his trophy wife. If only he knew that she wasn’t his trophy wife anymore with all the semen she got inside her form another stud.

Sitting at the table, we began to eat but mom soon had to excuse herself because she didn’t feel hungry.

“Are you okay, dear?” asked dad.

“Yes honey. I just feel full.”

“I always tell you not to eat a heavy meal when we have a lunch” said sternly dad thinking he is the macho man of the house.

Mom apologized and went to her room to digest the meal she got from the testicles of the black stud.

When dad wasn’t home, the black priest always found an excuse to fuck mom in the pussy. He was especially attracted to her breasts. Throughout the day, whenever she passed by him, he would maul her breasts and play with them.

Sometimes when he is horny, he would make her take off her saree and he would feast on her big breasts. His big black lips eating her fleshy indian breasts was a wrong scene to happen but it happened all the time. He would put hid big black face between her breasts and inhale the smell of her chest and then lick and bite all over her breasts.

If it weren’t for the excuse of the exorcism, mom would be officially the mistress of this black priest. Dad would just be the second man in her life. The black father Tyrone would be her rightful stud.
One day dad arrived from work to the screams of mom from behind the closed door of her bedroom. I told him that the demons were hyperactive this morning and Father Tyrone had to do a session right away.

“My ass. Please take it off my ass. It is so big. You are tearing my ass apart. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

As he heard these words, dad’s face turned pale. Something was inside mom’s ass. Dad was a hot-bl**ded man. He couldn’t retain his anger. Like a bull he went and tried to open the door screaming at them inside to open it.

Silence happened in the room and stpes were heard hurriedly as the black priest opened the door and screamed at dad.

“I TOLD YOU NEVER TO BOTHER US WHEN WE ARE EXORCISING DEMONS!!!!” bellowed the macho nigger. He had just put on his robe back on but it was clearly unbuttoned until his pecs.

“What is happening to my wife? What is in her ass?” asked dad stupefied by the priest’s reaction.

Without even responding , the priest smashed the door shut and went back to continue his carnal actions with the mother.

We heard mom moan deeply. Dad didn’t know what was happening but I was sure he has just penetrated her again in the ass. Mom’s moans continued for a few minutes until the priest hollered like a b**st discharging his semen inside her virgin ass.

As they opened the door, mom was barely walking bow-legged from the thick pole that was inside her poor virgin ass. The priest put his beefy muscular arm around my dad’s neck and walked with him to the other room. He explained to him that the demon he exorcised today was very dangerous. He was lodged inside mom’s ass and he was hurting her and it took a lot of effort for him to destroy the evil demon.

Hearing that, dad apologized to the priest for cutting them while they were in session but dirty thoughts were crossing his mind of what was happening inside the room.

“I must tell you that because of what you did, your wife will need at least two more weeks of intensive sessions or the demons will overtake her poor body.”

The priest found an excellent opportunity to keep illicitly enjoying my mom’s body under the supervision of my bull—headed macho naïve father’s eyes.

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