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My Step Daughter Jenna 6

Juan was moaning and speaking in Spanish as he roughly fucked Jenna's mouth. He had his big hands wrapped in her long blond hair, holding onto her hair,Cramming his big cock in her mouth,balls deep. Jenna kept looking at me as she eagerly sucked his fat, brown cock.

I asked Juan if he wanted to fuck her tight little white pussy. He quickly said yes and flashed a huge smile. Telling us he still must be dreaming about his biggest fantasy,fucking a beautiful white girl.

We all went over to the bed and I laid down,having Jenna get on top of me in the sixty position. She slipped her warm lips around my cock and took it in her mouth.She was a natural cocksucker and you could tell she loved doing it.I'm sure she learned a lot watching her beautiful mom sucking my cock.

Juan moved behind Jenna and rubbed the huge head of his dark brown cock up and down her dripping wet cunt lips. I was so close to her pussy and his cock. He slapped her little white ass telling her how good her sweet white cunt felt as he shoved about half of his thick cock between her slippery cunt lips.

Jenna's moans were muffled by my cock as he started fucking her. She sucked my cock even harder now,enjoying the pleasures of two cocks at once for the first time. She jerked her hips around taking more of his hard cock up inside her.

It was so beautiful and erotic watching and hearing his brown cock pumping back and fourth in her white pussy. His cock glistening with her cunt juices. I put my hands on her hips pulling her down,flicking out my tongue to lick her clit. My nose rubbed against Juan's slick cock as I started sucking her fleshy clit.Rapidly flicking my tongue over the quivering flesh. Knowing she would have the biggest orgasm of her life from this.

She jerked her hips around wildly,moaning and sucking my cock like there was no tomorrow.Juan was pounding her eighteen year old pussy and his balls rubbed against my forehead when he crammed it all the way inside her. Watching,hearing and tasting them fucking had me ready to cum. This was so fucking hot,pleasing Jenna like this. Just like her mom she was going to want two cock at once again.

I held back from cumming and Juan pounded her pussy for another ten minutes,changing up his strokes so he wouldn't cum to fast. Jenna started grinding her wet,sloppy pussy against my mouth,humping my face. She let my cock slip from her mouth and moaned and sobbed loudly.her whole body quivering."OMG......OMG....OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH....yes yes yes!!" she cried out with pleasure. I knew she was having waves and waves of pleasure sweep her young body deep inside.Her body shook for quite a while then she went limp. Juan cried out he was cumming and shoved his big cock all the way up her pussy.

"Suck my cock Jenna" I moaned wanting to release my cum in her mouth. She took my cock back into her mouth, Greedily sucking on just the head and furiously pumping her hand up and down my cock. My cum exploded in her mouth and she swallowed all of it.

Juan's cock was coated with cum and cunt juice as he pulled it from her pussy. And his thick white cum oozed from her puffy cunt lips. Jenna rolled over on the bed,telling else she had never experienced anything like this before.

Later after we had ate our cold lunch.Jenna sucked Juan's cock again before he left. Letting him cum in her mouth and all over her face. The young Mexican was a huge cummer. We promised him we would get together again. After he left we took a early afternoon nap.

When we awoke we went down to the beach again to relax. Much to everyone's delight,Jenna went topless again showing off her perfect natural tits.I loved the way people stared at my beautiful, sexy step daughter. She gave them a glimpse of her well fucked pussy as she rubbed lotion on and pulled her tiny bikini bottom over to rub lotion on the side if her mound. There was not a soft cock around us.

At one of the stores at the resort, I bought Jenna a new dress for dinner. She looked like a goddess when she put it on. It was a very thin, white little dress, almost see through. When the light was behind her you could see through it. The hemline stopped at mid thigh showing off her long tanned legs. The wrap around dress was held together at the waist only with the little chain and loops. The plunging top was open to her navel revealing the center of her firm jutting tits almost to her big nipples. The outline was her dark brown lemon shaped nipples poked out against the thin clingy material.When she walked the bottom of the dress would open to just below her pussy. Of course she wore nothing else except heels and perfume.

Walking into the restaurant all eyes were on Jenna and she was loving the attention. She had told me she had always loved showing her body. Here at this private resort she could show whatever she wanted. When we seated Jenna's dress slid off her golden legs,showing the top of her dark tanned thighs. The cute Mexican hostess complimented Jenna on her beautiful dress as she looked at her breasts.

Barb,the lady who we had briefly met on the beach,was sitting a few tables across from us. Her black husband or boyfriend was with her and they were both looking at Jenna. When she seen us looking she gave a little wave and licked her lips. She was wearing a little black dress and showing a lot of skin too.

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