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Indian aayushi and gym trainer

The hour was reaching 10 o'clock in the gym and most people had finished working out for the night. Politely, aayushi went around and told the remaining patrons that is was time to lock up, and soon the building was empty. aayushi, the young college co-ed in charge of the night shift, was a spectacular sight. Her 5'11", 130 lb. frame made her long, shapely legs and 36D breasts seem all the more attractive than they already were, but those were hardly the only drool-worthy features of the 20 year-old beauty. Her smooth skin was bronze in color, and her long sandy hair contrasted nicely with her piercing blue eyes. On more than one occasion she caught the male members of the gym looking her up and down, but she didn't care. She had grown used to their stares, and they actually turned her on. aayushi's slender body was the effect of years of dancing, but her athletic nature is not why she worked at the gym. She preferred checking out the hard bodies of the men that came to her workplace, rather than lifting weights herself. Another perk of her job, and the night shift, was getting the sauna and the hot tub all to herself when everyone went home.

The day had been a particularly stressful one for aayushi, and she was very wound up, so she decided that it was time for some relaxation. She went into the women's locker room and stood in front of the full length mirror as she stripped down to her tiny, black satin, string bikini underwear and black under wire bra. She looked at herself from every angle, lightly tapping her stomach. Slowly, the tapping turned into rubbing, and she became highly aroused at the sight of herself. In an instant, she pulled off her top and slid her panties down around her ankles, revealing enormous tits with highly erect nipples, and a small trimmed muff above her throbbing cunt. She stood there for awhile, teasing herself by stroking around her nipples which were in need of attention, and lightly prodding around her bright pink clit, but never quite touching it. Soon aayushi's breath started to quicken and she couldn't stand the torture any longer. Jumping up onto the countertop behind her, she situated herself in front of the mirror once more and spread her legs open as far to the side as they would go. Her being as flexible as she was, she had a perfect view of her now fully wet pussy and her large, full breasts. Methodically she slid one finger into herself and let out a deep groan of ecstasy as she began pumping it in and out of her. Next, she inserted another finger, and again another, until she was fervently finger fucking her steaming cunt like there was no tomorrow. Just as she was getting increasingly closer to orgasm, she decided to stop and finish herself off with the water jets in the hot tub.

Excitedly, aayushi skipped, bare naked, into the pool room and immersed herself in the hot bubbles of the hot tub. Speedily she saddled up to the side, where a high propulsion jet was located, and aimed the flow directly onto her clit. Within seconds she was writhing in pleasure, and she screamed out in joy as her first orgasm traveled throughout her body. Satisfied, aayushi climbed out of the tub, only to see a black man staring at her from entrance to the sauna, his hand firmly tugging at his cock. Startled, aayushi yelled at him.

"Who are you and what are you doing here? This placed closed a half hour ago." But the man made no reply. Instead, he motioned for her to come closer. Hesitantly, she did, and she realized that this was one of the guys that frequented the gym, and one she stared at quite often because of his unbelievable body. His abs were even more beautiful with no shirt covering them, and his dick was twice as big as any she'd ever seen before, and she had seen a lot of cock. He continued to rub himself, until a smile spread across aayushi's face and she removed his hand and replaced it with her own.

"Here, allow me," she said, kneeling in front of him and placing his member right in front of her face. She looked at it for a moment and wondered how she would fit it all in her mouth at once, but the black giant could not wait any longer, and so he thrust his dick into her warm orifice and sighed with relief. aayushi quickly learned not to tease this handsome stranger, and so she started to suck him as fast as she could, feeling his precum trickle down her throat. Just after she had gotten into a rhythm, the black man told aayushi to get up, and he led her into the sauna. In less than a minute, aayushi was dripping with sweat, and the black man propped her up against one of the benches and told her to bend over. aayushi did as she was told, and in a matter of seconds, she felt all 12 inches of him enter her from behind. At first she shouted in pain, but after awhile it started to feel good, and she began moaning in pleasure. He pumped slowly at first, but the thrusts became increasingly harder the more aroused he got. He reached a hand around aayushi's tiny waist, feeling her huge tits and playing with her protruding nipples. He then slid his hand down her stomach and started to gently rub her lips and clit, all the while pounding her pussy from the backside. aayushi couldn't take it anymore, and her body convulsed with its second orgasm, sending shivers through her beautiful black partner.

Just then, as he was drawing close to cumming himself, the black b**st withdrew from aayushi's cum filled, loose cunt and positioned himself on the floor. Without missing a beat, aayushi straddled his narrow waist and sat down on his man pole, squeezing every inch of him deep into herself. She shrieked with happiness and started to move up and down, up and down, until he was screaming with delight. Reaching his hand down to her vagina, he ferociously flicked at her cunt as she rode him like an expert. With aayushi hollering, her tits jiggling and her small ass slapping against the black man's pelvis, his cock stiffened even more as hot liquid semen squirted directly into aayushi's box. For a half a second, he continued to spray his load into her heaving pussy, but she still did not climax. After he was finished, he removed his still hard dick from her dripping hole and turned around to give her oral pleasure. Mercilessly he lapped up her juices and enveloped her clit with his tongue, sliding it inside of her every now and then. He then placed two giant fingers into her and started to feel aayushi from the inside. It didn't take long for her body to rock with ecstasy for the third time, and as she did, the black man sucked on her clit and made sure to swallow every drop of her secretions.

After this, they were both quite sweaty and sticky, so they took a shower together... but that is a different story for a different day.

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