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As She watched I Fucked two Men in front of her

When Caroline got back to the hotel, she looked exhausted, worn out. I looked at her, showing concern, 'Hard day', I asked, then laughed at what I said, adding, 'Sorry no pun intended', but she had fire in her eyes, 'See anything you like', she retorted.
I went to her and could smell the unmistakable odor of Scotch on her breath, that would help explain her hooded eyes, quarter drawn with booze, another quarter drawn with a semi-state of sexual arousal, she was a woman who fucked with her eyes half closed.

Caroline is a main-stream actress, currently shooting a film called 'Romance', by the ever so controversial, French filmmaker, Catherine Breillat.
after three nights of initial filming, Caroline remarked, 'She would stick a camera up my cunt if she thought more men would cum', and went on to tell me there is nothing sacred where sex is concerned, Catherine has a mind like a perverted sewer.

But there was something different about Caroline, there was a new respect for her director, and an even more awareness about her own sexuality, not surprising when you have men, hung like horses, swinging past you every minute of the day, it does make you feel more feminine, and give you the urge to entertain one or two of them.

She was interviewed in a suite in the hotel, chosen for her looks and long mane of coiffured hair, 'She likes women to look like women, and for men to be hung like stallions', she told me after the interview, later in the evening I got the whole story, itself a small trailer to an as yet unknown movie.

When she entered the room she was greeted warmly by the director herself, and poured a glass of fine red wine, 'Do you like fucking'?
Caroline was stunned by the suddenness and openness of the introductory question, but this lady was known for her movies, which were a study of women through their lives and their sex, sucking cocks and removing bl**died tampons to fuck, were her trade marks on mainstream movies, so I guess asking me if I liked a good fuck, could be considered normal, so I said 'Yes' and left it there.

She finished pouring as I spoke and then came over and sat down beside me, a cultured lady in her early fifties, with an aura of confidence, 'That's good Caroline, because there will be lots of cocks around, and I dont want you to be offended', then she raised her glass and said, 'Cheers', to which I bowed my head slightly in acknowledgment and drank deeply.

'OK, lets find out what you're made off Caroline', and she pressed a button on the deck, and after a few moments two very handsome and muscular men came in, both younger than I, possibly in their late teens, I was certainly impressed, and Catherine took note of the look on my face.

'Pretty, dont you think', she asked me and I said I thought so too. 'Take your clothes of gentlemen', and after a short pause as they disrobed, she added, 'Everything'.
Perhaps the wine was to relax me, but I was excited as more and more flesh became visible, my heart pounded and my throat tightened as I raised my glass again, not realizing my glass was already empty.
Catherine filled it up again as both boys stood feet from me, as nude as the day they were born, and my eyes remained unashamedly focused on their large cocks.

I heard Catherine refer to them as, 'A nice piece of hardware', and we both laughed, she had complete power over both of them.
'Well boys, how do you feel to be as you are in front of a very pretty young woman', and both looked directly at me, smiling.
I took another good swallow from the glass as I noted their cocks coming alive, swelling and rising, 'Good boys' she said patronizingly, 'Lets see what you both look like, hard as a fucking rock'.

I was really enjoying the show, helped by the wine of course, but the private viewing and the sense of girl power, did make my panties start to feel damp.

Both these young men started to wank their cocks to aid them to harden, and I had to turn away in mock embarrassment, but Catherine said, 'Oh no my dear Caroline, I want you to take your clothes off too'.

I looked at her and my face drained of bl**d, suddenly I realized I was also part of the script and if I really wanted the job, I needed to get up and get naked immediately, so I did, as all three watched and waited to see all my girly bits.

I stood starker's, shaved and finding it hard to cover my nipples which had 'Popped' to bursting size, and it had nothing to do with the room temperature, indeed I was my state of sexual arousal, which made it easy for Catherine to continue with her directing of the next half hours debauchery, 'Which one is the most appealing to you Caroline'?
I tried to take the bull by the horns and regain my composure, by being bold, 'They both are in their own way', trying in vain to hide my attraction to both these naked boys, 'Oh, and how is that dear' she queried, 'Well he is pretty to look at, and he is rather large down there', we all found this amusing, and she just said, 'Good, now kiss them both'.

I froze, and looked at her, but she just said, 'You choose dear, 'The mouth or the cock, your decision'.
There was no way out of it and I dropped to my knees in front of the guy with the big cock and started to licked him, Catherine smiled as she studied me, she had obviously seen many girls do her beckoning, debase their own moral code as they pleasured complete stranger, I mean I never thought this interview with a famous film director female, would have me starkers on my knees licking a guys cock.

'How does she feel'? I looked up past his cock and into his eyes, maybe I was hoping to catch the moment he would cover my face in his jism, or would she insist on my swallowing his load, but looked at her then said, 'Could do with more tongue and put it in her mouth', I looked perplexed, 'Fucking cheeky sod', flashed through my mind, 'This cunt is getting a free blow-job', but my train of thought was interrupted as Catherine started talking to me, 'I see what you mean, Caroline, open your tongue dear, relax it so it appears flatter and wetter, the camera likes to see a woman's spit, remember, your mouth is a substitute for your pussy, it needs to be wet and cover his cock, let him inside, feel your cheeks and tongue, control your breathing, think Linda Lovelace', and she tailed off as I did just that, his cock touching my tonsils, I sucked on that baby with a sense of depravity, Catherine had signaled the other guy to get in behind me, and I could feel his cock slide between my labia and start to poke my ready opening vagina.

I dont really know if this was to part of the script or if Catherine had planned it for her own voyeuristic tastes, bur for me I became oblivious to all around me, my own sexuality had its own drive and I rose up from my haunches as his cock gained access to my wet cunt, I felt his balls slap my pussy as he hit home, my uterus opening bruise as he crushed it, the room was filled the sounds of raw sex, my moaning, the slurping from my willing mouth, the pussy farts coming from my cunt as it was stretched, all culminating in my god awful scream as I climaxed, over Catherine's voice shouting, 'Fuck the bitch, harder'.

I lay on the carpet, a naked mass of convulsing flesh, as both studs remained hard above me, receiving plaudits from Catherine, on reducing a prime and proper right little lady, to a slobbering naked mess, both their hands were touching me.

'Enough gentlemen, she's had enough for tonight', and at this point I sat up.
'Very good Caroline, this interview has shown me you can at least have a bl**dy good orgasm, my camera will love that'.
I looked at both these men, their penises were still rock hard, Catherine saw me looking, 'Yes they are wonderful objects of desire, but for you my dear, your interview is over, both these gentlemen have some more work to do', and I swear this old woman winked at me and smiled.

I rose and dressed as both men went around the desk where Catherine fondled their cocks, 'I shall call you in the morning', she said and I turned to leave, closing the door behind me.

I stood on the other side and listened until the unmistakable noises of sex came through the wooden paneling, I smiled in admiration of her, she was getting good firm cock from boys half her age, I was tinged with jealousy, but secretly hoped that someday I could be in control like she is, and have the power to fuck whom I choose.

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