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Liz's Predicament

The words ‘your wife' rang in his ears. He hung his head in his hands as despair overwhelmed him. Nicolas had asked Mark to take his life, but Mark had merely laughed and said his life wouldn’t make up for what he owed, but his wife might be able to work it off. Almost two and a half million he had lost trading currencies with no way to pay it off, and now his newly wed Asian wife was going to pay. The fact that Mark had put him out of the way, in a prison which was a first class hotel room with two women, one Swedish, the other Korean, neither of whom spoke English, and both of whom would do anything he wished, only made it worse. He lay down on the sumptuous bed and closed his eyes, barking at the Swedish girl not to touch him.

Liz had gotten the visit from Mark, one of her husband’s clients, a notorious narcotics dealer, two days ago. He laid it all out for her: Liz was going to help her hubby that worthless bastard, Liz thought--pay off his debt, and if Liz didn’t, he could get the money by selling her to a brothel. Liz sold as prostitute, she knew he could do it, and would do it. Liz didn’t have a choice, and agreed to do whatever he said. He had only smiled, and said she only had to make sure she was at home alone today. In fact, he had suggested her to cancel all her appointments for a week or so. The following day some of his men had come and had wired her house with video cameras in every room. Wire was strung up all over the house and the grounds--her imagination ran wild with what they were for.

Mark leaned back in his chair and watched the 4 monitors in front of him, his hands resting on the controls which would give him a live feed from the house of his ex-lawyer from any of the cameras he had ordered so meticulously set up. When Nicolas had fallen on hard times, Mark was more than happy to make his Asian wife pay. At age 31, Liz was simply beautiful and mature, with long black hair and a tall, slender body, with just enough up top to give her a figure. He liked her eyes most, though, big, dark and shining and expressive. If he remembered Nicolas’ story right, Liz had worked in Amsterdam as a freelance e****t Model. Nicolas used to be as one of her regular customers and eventually they had hit it off. Well, the kind of films Liz was now going to star in were going to make Mark a lot of money, and if they didn’t make enough to cover what he was owed, well, once they had turned her into a cock craving sex slave she would make and bring in even more money.

It started when Liz heard her front door open; she had locked it. She stood tentatively and moved toward the front door, just a room away, when she saw them--four men, large, white, rough looking, not whom Liz had been expecting. Wh...wo are you? What do you want? Liz stuttered, stepping back as she saw their faces break into feral grins. Look what we got here, guys, the middle one sneered as they fanned out around her. Keep away! Liz yelled, and made a dash for the phone, fear giving her the strength to push past one of the men who tried to grab her and make it into the hallway, only to go crashing into the wall as another of the men threw her against it and pinned her down, breathing hotly into her ear. We’re going to have us a little party, bitch, he hissed, dragging her into her living room and throwing her hard to the plush carpeting, tears of fear and humiliation coursing down her pretty oriental face as the men, working together, grabbed her, and for the first time, Liz noticed that one of the men was holding a video camera. Despair overwhelmed her as she realized this is what Mark had planned for her.

Mark kept his eyes on the hand held camera, only occasionally glancing at the fixed ones, making a mental note to give the operator a bonus, he did such a great job of catching the fear and despair in her eyes. As he watched his men hold the Asian woman down and pull off her clothes as Liz thrashed about in their grip, begging and pleading with them to let her go, he buzzed his secretary and had him send in AJ3, a Japanese girl, and ordered her to suck his cock. He smiled as he felt her warm lips wrap themselves around his manhood, and he leaned back to enjoy the show.

No!! Liz screamed as she felt teeth bear down on one of her brown nipples, hands groping her now nude body, lithe and svelte from hours of exercise a day. Her hands were held above her head and her legs held open as fingers probed at her lightly furred pussy. I’ve got to get a taste of that cunt, Liz heard one of them say just before one of the men swung his leg over her chest and leaned down, his mouth beginning to hungrily slurp at her privates. Hey, don’t hog! another one of them yelled, pushing them both over until Liz was lying on her stomach on top of the man greedily licking her cunt, sending brief flashing of pain and humiliation through her as her body was violated. Mark watched remotely, his hands gripping the head of AJ3 as she took him into her throat, thinking what a great ass Liz had, two firm globes of muscle, as one of the men pulled them apart, his cock lubed up and pushing against her asshole while the third man was pulling out his cock near her face. They had tied her hands behind her back to get them out of the way, so now Liz was completely helpless, her slender, taut body at the disposal of his three men.

Liz howled in agony as one of the men drove his cock into her rear end while, at the same moment, the man beneath her bit hard against her clit, sending agony spiking up her body, making it feel like they were tearing her apart. A moment later pain lanced through her head as the third man lifted the front of her body up by her long, luxurious hair, and pushed his cock into her mouth, saying suck, bitch; suck it good before ramming it against the back of her throat. Her whole body spasmed under the triple assault, and Liz’s nausea rose in her guts as the cock was fucked down her throat and he began to fuck her face like a cunt, slamming his pelvis against her delicate nose. Guttural sounds escaped from around the cock in her throat each time the man behind her drove his cock hard into her ass. Her mind went numb as pain filled her body, a haze of blackness covering her thoughts as Liz was buffeted back and forth relentlessly. The only relief Liz had was the man at her cunt had stopped biting and gnashing his teeth against her flesh, and had sucked the flesh around her clitoris into his mouth and was running his tongue quickly back and forth across her clit, his teeth mashing against her sensitive flesh each time the man above him bore down into her ass.

Mark loved it; it was a masterpiece. A beautiful Indonesian woman fucked and debased, and his camera man was doing great, getting every shot that mattered: the cock stretching her asshole wide open, plunging in and out with abandon, a side shot of the cock in her mouth, sliding in to the balls, a far shot of her whole body being so abused. The sounds, too, the sounds were perfect, each slap of skin against skin, each grunt, each slurping thrust, each cry of pain was captured. He was going to make a lot of money off this, he thought as he came down AJ3s throat, holding her head still until he was done.
It seemed like an eternity, her body, twisted into an unnatural position, brutally rocked between two r****g cocks. It went on and on, her eyes tightly shut, her long eye lashes soaked with tears which ran down her face, splattering against her r****ts thighs each time he drove down her throat. Sparks began to flash behind her eyes as her assault continued, the pain, the lack of oxygen, all sending her into a daze beyond sensation. Her guts began to churn and her body began to shake as the sparks began to grow larger and brighter, each thrust into her ass sending her clit hard against the man’s mouth below, each thrust into her face dazing her slightly more. Get ready bitch, here it comes! Liz heard one of them say, and then Liz felt a tearing sensation in her scalp as he gripped her head more tightly, grinding his crotch into her face, cutting off her airways. At the same time the man fucking her ass leaned hard against her, spilling his cum deep into her bowels. Liz screamed as the man below her bit down on her clit, and the sparks exploded in wave after wave of cascading light and motion, her body undulating as pleasure/pain coursed through her raw nerves, a warm gush of fluids splattering across her thighs betraying an orgasm which seemed like it wouldn’t stop. Mark watched in amazement as Nicolas’s wife began to jerk like a gaffed fish, cum spraying from between her legs, her slender body shaking in the throws of an obviously mind-shattering orgasm, her gyrations only seeming to stop once the man at her head pulled his softening cock from her throat. He felt his own cock begin to harden again in AJ3s skilled mouth as he thought about what a prize he had found.

Liz moaned as she was thrown onto her back, her aftereffects of her orgasm overwhelming her. Liz couldn't think. Her mind was a swirl with emotions, her body seeming to float as the man who had been beneath her snarled, "I got to get me some of that cunt," grabbing her ankles and pushing them to either side of her head. Liz sobbed in humiliation as he drove his cock hard into her splayed, slick cunt, the more so because it felt _so_ good. As her slender body was rocked under the punishing fucking, drawing helpless grunts in between her sobs from her throat, her mind drifted to thoughts of her hubby. It was his fault Liz was suffering this, his fault. Liz gasped as a second orgasm washed over her, and tears of humiliation ran down her face. Her body shuddered again as he ground his pelvis against hers, spilling his seed deep in her guts, and Liz moaned as pleasure washed through her.

Mark came a second time as the camera focused on her tear-stained face being twisted into passion. He continued watching, satiated, as his men knocked her around a bit before dragging her to the kitchen, making her scream by twisting and crushing her nipples with a nutcracker. For the next 20 minutes they tormented her with various kitchen implements, foods, and ice before r****g her again. By the time they were done her in the kitchen, her whole body throbbed, cum running down the inside of her thighs and down the side of her mouth. The worst of it was that her body betrayed her two more times, gushing fluids against her r****ts, bucking uncontrollably as the men laughed at her and called her a whore, a slut, a fucking machine. For the finale they dragged her to the bathroom, threw her into the tub, and urinated on her, covering her hair and body with the acrid odour of their wastes, taking great delight in watching it splatter from her full red lips as Liz twisted her abused body about to avoid the foul taste. When they were done, the camera lingered lovingly over her beaten, abused, fucked body as it lay in the tub, motionless, only renewed tears and a weak sobbing showing signs of life. It was over an hour after they had left before Liz dragged herself to her feet--at least they had freed her hands--and cleaned herself off. Liz didn't think about what she had gone through, she just went through the motions of caring for her battered body before curling up in bed and crying herself to sl**p.

Mark helped edit the film himself, making sure everything was to his liking. When he had a rough cut of the master, he made a copy and had it sent to Nicolas. He wondered how that pathetic bastard would react to seeing his beautiful wife to become her brains out while being fucked by three men. He smiled to himself.

Nicolas was busy fucking the Swedish girl, boredom and lust overcoming his despair, up the ass--he loved the way she moaned and cooed as he twisted his cock deep in her bowels (his wife barely ever seemed to notice no matter how hard he tried to please her), when the Korean girl slid a tape into the VCR. He smiled at her naked, glistening, dark body, a smile which slowly vanished as the tape progressed.

Liz didn't open her eyes, her mind reliving the horror of the previous day, and the humiliation of her orgasms, until long after noon. When she did, she noticed a manila envelope sitting on her bed. She fearfully reached over and opened it, pulling out a single sheet of paper; the paper had instructions on it. Liz read it and despaired, but she saw hope in its claim that her ordeal would be over in four days--less if only.... Tomorrow, it said, she was to expect more visitors, and was to dress nicely for them. If she could exit by the front door after they entered the house, she could consider her hubby's debt paid. If not, then, three days after tomorrow, she was to put on a two piece bathing suit and lay by the pool all morning. At the end of that day, her hubby's debt would be paid.

The next day Liz sat in her living room, well dressed as commanded, waiting for what was to come. she didn't have a real plan to make it to the front door, except to run straight through whoever came in, because she really didn't think she could make it, no matter what she did. Liz knew they wanted her to do so, so she would, if only to get it over with sooner.

Liz was shivering with nervousness as she waited, and started when she heard the front door open-surprised at how easy they came in with the door locked. Liz stood up as she heard their footsteps approaching, straightening her skirt just to be doing something with her hands. Confusion spread over her features as Liz saw three women enter the room, hard, well-toned women in jeans and leather. "" Liz stuttered, backing away as realization sunk in--two days ago Liz had been fucked by men, today it was to be women. Liz turned and bolted for the pool area, climbing over the couch in her haste, only to trip and fall hard to the ground, where the three women jumped on her and began pummeling her.

Liz curled up into a ball as they bruised her slender body, before one of them grabbed her arms and pulled them painfully behind her back. Rough rope was pulled tightly around her wrists, followed by rope around her elbows, pulling her arms painfully together behind her back, making her arch forward. A knife glinted in her eyesight in front of a blinding smile and Liz closed her eyes, the sweat of terror covering her body. A ripping sound greeted her ears as Liz felt her blouse and bra being cut and pulled from her, to be followed by her skirt and panties, until Liz was lying nude, bound, before them.
"Ah!" Liz screamed as one of them gripped her hair and dragged her to her knees, saying, "Let's see how the cunt sucks pussy. You guys cool off."
Liz watched in horror as one of her captors shed her pants with one hand, revealing lithe, muscular thighs with a lightly furred mound and a hard ass. Liz didn't say a word as the woman sat down on her couch, opened her legs, and dragged her by the hair, jamming her face into her crotch. "Lick bitch," Liz commanded, jerking her hips into her face. Liz thought she was going to throw up as the strong odour of the woman's sex hit her, and she closed her eyes in disgust, pressed her lips together, and tried to pull her head away. She just couldn't do anything so disgusting. "Come-on!" Liz heard as the woman slapped the back of her head and smeared her groin against her face. "Pathetic," Liz heard the woman mutter as Liz continued to refuse to debase herself by orally copulating this woman. "Utterly pathetic. You asked for it bitch. Come over here guys and give me a hand."

Without a word the two women lifted her onto the couch, dropping her onto her back with her head hanging over one of the arms. Liz found herself staring upside down at the first woman sliding a huge dildo up her legs until it fit snugly against her crotch; it must have been 9 inches long and very thick. Screams were ripped from her throat and blackness clouded her vision as a woman ripped out a handful of her pubic hair, causing her body to arch upwards in agony, her head held firm in the grip of another as the dildo was shoved into her mouth.

Liz began thrashing about in terror as the woman drove her hips forward, forcing the huge dildo down her throat, blocking her air passage while the other two women held her down, biting at her nipples and groin. The scent of the woman's cunt was flooded her senses as Liz breathed in deeply through her nose, her whole body trembling as it fell back onto the couch, the dildo in her throat pinning her down as the woman ground her hips into her face.
Mark watched in growing arousal as the women took Nicolas's wife. Muffled screams came through the dildo whenever the woman at her crotch or breasts decided Liz needed a little tenderizing, pinching, biting, slapping, or punching her sexual organs without mercy, all the while her slender throat bulged with the dildo being ground against her face, her r****t standing enraptured, her hands to either side of her captive's head, a groove in the dildo riding against her own clit, sending flashes of pleasure through her body as Liz used the cunt beneath her.

The lack of oxygen was making her dizzy, her mind floating outside her body as the dildo began to pound in and out of her throat, fucking her like a man would, until female cum ran down her face and into her eyes and hair, blinding and suffocating her at the same time. Liz tried to scream, but her body, held down by the others, just shook along with the groin held firm against her face, cutting off her air. Just as Liz felt consciousness begin to slip away, the dildo was pulled from her throat, and warm air ruLizd back into her lungs, shocking her back into herself.

Her whole body was drenched and a faint nausea filled her. Liz felt weak, like a baby, and didn't, couldn't, resist as Liz was dragged by her hair to her feet, the pain a dull throbbing in her head. Liz didn't really register the 12 inch dildo they waved in front of her face before one of them slipped the strap on on. Warm lips met hers, and Liz was surprised by the passion in them, the warmth of the bodies pressed against hers from both behind and in front became comforting instead of suffocating as Liz felt a tongue press against her own, shivers of weakness sliding through her body as hands ran over her, holding her up while caressing her.

Her eyes shot open and a muffled grunt escaped her throat as Liz felt something prod her anus, and tears filled her eyes even as chills of pleasure shot down her spine as the woman's teeth clashed with hers, her lips warm and tingling. Liz grunted again and wailed slightly as she felt her ass stretch painfully, shooting a strange thrill of pleasure through her body as the fake cock slid up into her bowels, raising her up on her toes, her calves straining to lift her body away from the intrusion.

As the lips moved away from hers, Liz gasped at the fullness inside her, her breath coming in short gasps as her eyes locked on the sharp blue eyes of the woman facing her. Her eyes widened and Liz looked down, seeing the 12 inch monster pressed lightly against her labia, whispering "no" before hands gripped her inner thighs, lifting her from her feet and spreading her wide apart before dropping her onto the monster dildo.
"Ahhh!" Liz howled as she was split in two, a howl cut short as the dildo jarred against her womb, sending a shock up her spine. The pain was overwhelming, dragging screams from a throat Liz had thought screamed raw, until lips covered hers again, this time insistent. Her body was jerked back and forth like a rag doll as the two women fucked her relentlessly, in and out, in and out, each thrust into her cunt jarring her entire body with its f***e. Liz was no longer standing, and no longer being held up, only the two dildos kept her from sliding to the floor between her two r****ts. a****listic grunts came from deep in her chest in rhythm to her fucking, and Liz could feel her r****ts gasp and grunt and pant as they came, not stopping even then, enjoying they way they had impaled her slender body, the way it jerked and spasmed uncontrollably in their grip.

Again and again they drove into her until her head was spinning, sweat slick between their bodies, each of her r****t's passion rising as orgasms rippled through their bodies. The pain had receded to a background scream, leaving her feeling impaled and stretched beyond imagination. Lips and teeth at her neck and lips and face sent shivers through her body, and each thump of the dildo against her womb lit sparks of sensation screaming to her mind. Liz didn't realize she was coming until she heard her own voice howling and moaning as wave after wave of almost unbearable pleasure rocked through her slender frame, and still they wouldn't stop, feral grins twisting their faces as they drove her higher and higher into orgasm.

Sparks started to cloud her vision, and Liz felt warm fluid gush down her thighs. Her body was beyond her control, a spasming mass of muscle and sinew bucking uncontrollably on the end on the two fake, fat cocks, drowning her mind in pleasure. Her eyes open Liz couldn't see anything as she rocketed into ecstasy, her legs flopping once, another gush flooding from her cunt, before she went limp. The women fucked her a few more times before finishing their orgasms, dropping her like a limp doll to lay in her own cum while they staggered across to the couch.

Mark laughed aloud and nearly clapped his hands together as he watched. He didn't have anyone servicing him because he wanted to save it for later--he tended to handle negotiations best when he was hard as a rock--but now he almost wished he had had someone. Liz was perfect, and it took all his willpower to keep himself from calling in one of his girls to take care of his raging hard-on. He only watched for another hour, but the tape ran three hours longer, while they tied her onto her back on the kitchen table, her legs and arms and head hanging over the side, before they brought her to. Liz didn't have as much spunk as before, but they still managed to drag scream after scream and orgasm after orgasm from her tortured body, using everything in the kitchen from ice-cubes to the hand beater. Liz didn't even resist when they insisted Liz lick them to orgasm, being too overwhelmed to care. They untied her and made her crawl around on her hands and knees, making her service them with her mouth and fingers while they lazed around her place, thinking up more devious tortures.

The highlight, Mark thought as he watched the tape, was at the very end, before they left, they took her almost comatose form, limp from exhaustion, and, while two each held an ankle on either side of her head, the third drove a fist up into her cunt, bringing her to screaming, thrashing life. By then her whole body was covered in dried girl come, her hair soaked, her pubic hair matted, her body showing bruises and marks where the women had injured her. It was obscene, the way the hand disappeared into her cunt, the arm pushing in halfway to the elbow before stopping with a thud which shook her whole body. For long minutes the woman fisted her, finally bringing her head down and gripping her clit between her teeth, biting down hard and pulling, stretching the tender abused bud from her body while twisting her fist deep inside her. Liz howled as she came one final time and blacked out.

Liz came to twenty hours later, still laying on the soft carpet of her living room. Her whole body ached and when Liz remembered her orgasms she started sobbing, curling up into a little ball. It was all so unfair, so terrible, that they could do this to her. Liz didn't know who she was anymore: she had wanted for so long to be able to orgasm, to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh, but these people made it all so ugly, so humiliating, so hurtful. They used her body's pleasure to lord it over her, to laugh at her, and Liz sobbed the harder, knowing that it wasn't over, knowing that two days later she would face it all over again, knowing that deep down she didn't know if she wanted it to end.

Liz barely ate the following two days, laying in bed most of the time and taking long showers. The pain in her body, the bruises aching and turning an ugly purple/black, were as nothing compared to the torment of her mind, which replayed the two ****s Liz had suffered over and over. More humiliating, Liz found herself growing aroused as she thought on them, her hands almost u*********sly straying down to her still sore sex, her fingernails digging into the tender flesh, mimicking the remembered pain as she masturbated to orgasm. Each time, though, she felt dirty, worthless, and would cry at what Liz had become, a nearly nymphomaniacal pain-slut.

So it was with both apprehension and a shameful longing that Liz applied a light coat of makeup to her face, enhancing her gorgeous Asian features, slipped into a black bikini, and laid down in a lawn chair by the pool, sun glasses shading her eyes. Bruises still showed on her lean, muscular legs, on her svelte torso, and on parts of her arms. The marks on her breasts were covered by a bikini top which made the most of her breasts, and her round, firm ass was nicely displayed by the skimpy bottoms Liz had chosen to wear.
Liz saw the cameraman first, walking slowly from some distance away, camera pointing at her. Liz turned slowly and stretched out on her stomach, as much to hide herself from what was coming as to display her ass to the camera. She reached back and undid the strap holding her top on, feeling both dread and anticipation in the pit of her stomach. She wanted this as much as she wanted to avoid it.

Mark watched as the twenty men hopped into the yard, criminals, most of them, some black, a few Mexicans, but mostly white. Their eyes had all locked on their prize, a fine piece of Asian flesh made available for their sadistic pleasure, as they fanned out. When Liz heard them she turned and sat up on her elbows, fear rocking through her--so many, so many of them--fear and a thrilling buzz in her cunt--they were all going to fuck her.
Her sun glasses were knocked off as the first two grabbed her and dragged her to her feet, the surprise and shock evidence on her face, along with something else. "Nice piece," one said, and another laughed, pulling her hands away from her breasts, grinning at the blush of shame that reddened her entire body. "Gonna have us a good time," Liz heard another of them yell to a chorus of agreement as one of the men who had grabbed her pulled her against his body and bent his head to kiss her hard on the mouth. Liz gasped into his mouth as his hands dug brutally into her ass cheeks, fingers driving into the firm flesh as if he wanted to rip it apart. Another man tore her away and pulled her to him, dragging her head back by her hair so he could tongue roughly across her neck, one hand slipping into her bikini briefs, gripping hard against her flesh. Liz was passed from man to man, staggering as they pushed or pulled her between them, each groping her body with their hands and their mouths. Dazedly, Liz saw some reach into a cooler and pull out beers, but then another man was sucking on her lips, his hands dragging her leg up so that his fingers could jab at her sex. For nearly a half hour she was tossed back and forth, growing more and more disoriented, tension building in the air as the men groped her and drank, until Liz was grabbed by her shoulders by one of the men, stopping her dizzying travel.

"Uhg" Liz grunted as the man backhanded her across the face, making her stagger into another man, who punched her hard in her flat stomach, making her bend at the waist and slowly stagger to her hands and knees. Immediately men were all around her, and her bikini briefs were pulled roughly down her legs, skinning her knees and hands on the hard concrete near the pool. Cocks were out and Liz was brutally grabbed by the hair and one was shoved into her mouth, its musky scent and taste making her shudder as the man immediately began humping into her face. Hands gripped her broad hips and another cock slid easily into her slick cunt, and Liz shuddered at that too, feeling a small orgasm rippled through her body as the men began using her for their pleasure. It wasn't long before the cock in her mouth slipped down her throat, and Liz was well and truly impaled from both ends, the men fucking her savagely, jerking her body back and forth like an old rag-doll, her dainty form looking small and used between them.

This fucking went on for four hours, one man replacing another until her ass and pussy ran with come and her throat was raw, come covering her face and hair and dripping down off her chin to pool near her hands, torn and red from the concrete. Her knees bled, tingeing the come pooling around them a faint pink, her ass and thighs covered with even more come. All twenty of the men took her, drinking all the while, enjoying her body twice, some three times, keeping her in a constant state of sexual arousal, orgasms washing over her almost continuously, her mind a dull haze of motion and sensation as they used her again and again.

Finally satiated, they let her loose, lounging now, drinking and laughing, as Liz slid slowly onto her stomach, barely conscious as the come from twenty men pressed against her body, welling up to the sides of her as Liz collapsed. They left her like that for a few minutes, until two men approached her and kicked her, unresisting, over onto her back, her legs spread obscenely, her cunt a swollen red, her pubes coated flat with come and come covering her entire body from head to toe.

"She needs a little cleaning up, don't you think, boys?" one of the men who had rolled her over said, laughing as he gripped his penis and pointed it at her. A stream of piss splattered against her breasts, joined by a second, and laughter echoed around the pool. Liz mewled slightly at the acrid odor of it, weakly kicking her legs as she lifted her hands to her face to ward off the stream. Someone grabbed her hands and stood on them, the dull pain in them waking her a little from her stupor as more and more of the men began urinating on her body, "washing" it with their piss. Liz twisted her head away and clenched her eyes shut as it splattered against her face and mouth, soaking her hair in its foul smell. She could taste it through her lips and teeth and nearly gagged.
It was all over within ten minutes: twenty men had relieved their bowels over her body, leaving her lying in a huge pool of piss and come. Humiliation burned her olive cheeks to a deep red, and Liz struggled to stand, swaying d***kenly from exhaustion and use. "Uhg, I don't like my cunts filthy," a man said and grabbed her by her arm and swung her into the pool, the shock bringing herself almost fully back to herself. Her whole body was sore and weak, her cunt and ass throbbing in pain, her throat so raw Liz could barely make a sound, cum burbling up from her esophagus.

Liz tread water for a moment before making her way over to the side of the pool, noticing that some of the men were leaving. One pulled her out of the pool and laid her on her back, pushing her legs to either side of her head, the concrete digging into her spine as he drove his cock into her abused pussy. Liz moaned in pain and growing desire as he leisurely fucked her, taking his time. When he finally came Liz was practically writhing with lust and pain, her previous usage making her cunt flesh overly tender. A second man took his place, and three more after him, each one driving her higher toward the peak of sensation, yet none giving her enough to push her over. They left after they had finished, walking away without a word, leaving her lying there, writhing in unfulfilled lust. Her hands strayed down to her cunt, not caring if there were still three men watching her, not caring what they saw or thought, Liz just need to come. Her fingernails dug into the abused flesh there and Liz howled as pain ripped through her. Harder Liz pressed into her clit, feeling herself so close, black shadows passing before her vision.

Liz screamed in frustration as her hands were violently ripped from her sex. Her legs were pulled into the air until her body was resting on her shoulders, her hands still held by a man who hunched over her, grinning meanly down at her. "Fucking cunt" one of the men spat out, stomping his boot into her exposed sex, watching as her whole body arched, a scream ripping her throat as come juice splattered out of her cunt, her orgasm rocking her slender body as the bone-jarring pain sent her over the top, her eyes going blind as Liz was overwhelmed by the intensity of the sensations; "hasn't" again the stomp, again the bone-jarring pain sending her higher into orgasm until Liz forgot even to breath; "had" stomp, mashing her tender flesh, tearing at her abused clit--Liz was skyrocketing out of control, her whole body shaking as if in convulsions, the back of her head banging against the concrete, her slender Indonesian body almost tearing itself from the grips of her r****ts; "enough!" a final stomp, and Liz screamed, her Asian eyes wide, staring blindly as stars exploded in her vision, her whole body still, taut, then shook by massive contractions which sent come splattering in huge bursts against the boot still grinding into her sex. On and on it seemed to go until finally her mind shut down and her body went limp.

The three men just stood there for a moment, grinning, before fucking her u*********s body. They left her laying there after they were done, only the camera man was left, and the camera lingered over her used, abused form for several minutes before he put it down and carried her into her home.
Liz woke up two days later, her head spinning from dehydration, and staggered over to relieve herself. Her body was one throbbing pain, while her cunt and ass felt like they had been torn apart. She tried to speak but it came out in a hoarse croak, even after she gulped down water from the faucet. Finished, she gently walked back to the bed, noticing that the cameras still hadn't been removed from the bedroom, although they had been removed from the bath.

Liz closed her eyes, feeling her nude body with her fingertips, testing how much they had damaged her. Bruises and bites and scratches seemed to cover every part of her form, causing her to suck in her breath in pain as Liz felt each one. Liz could barely touch her groin, which thank goodness had been cleaned up before Liz had been put in bed, it was so sore. Liz traced around the swollen, raw labia with her fingers, remembering the past week and what Liz had gone through. How must it have looked, Liz thought to herself, running her fingers around her pussy like she was picking at a scab, knowing she shouldn't but unable to stop. Images of what they had done to her, of how she must have looked, of what they made her do, flashed across her mind, and her fingers began to push against her clit, the pain exciting her as Liz mashed the little bid hard against her pelvic bone. A soft yip escaped her throat as she rolled her finger until her nail was digging into her clit, the pain making her dizzy, her juices pouring from her cunt. Liz teased herself, rubbing and then jabbing and rubbing some more, her mind picturing what was done to her the last week, how she was used for the pleasure of others, humiliated and hurt and fuckeed into orgasm after orgasm. Liz was moaning now, her head thrashing from side to side, gripping her clit between two fingers, squeezing, mauling, digging her fingers into the flesh; her body arched as she dragged her fingernails along her clit, pulling it from her body as if to tear it off, thinking insanely that it would serve her right, slut that she was, as she burst into orgasm, her body flopping once, twice, three times as she wet her sheets.

Mark had only watched the beginning and the ending of the gang bang; it was mostly boring and repetitious anyway, and could barely believe what he saw. The cunt was wild, absolutely wild. Liz was beginning to obsess him—a hard task for a woman when he had as many beauties as he wanted on call.
He wanted her, and her demonstration in her bedroom simply increased his desire. He wanted to wait until her life was a little bit more normal--he had given his word, after all--before he decided whether or not he would take her.

Nicolas could not believe it was his wife he was watching. He now had three tapes, and they had had to replace the Korean girl with a chocolate skinned girl because he had beat her so badly after watching the first tape. He was still a "royal" prisoner, with everything he wanted except freedom, and, Liz apparently coming her brains out on hour after hour of tape. It was too much. He had gone from guilt to despair to a barely suppressed rage. Each time he took one of the women provided for him he tried to hurt them, not like he had the Korean girl--he had been warned about that. He wanted them to suffer like he was suffering seeing his wife get off with all those other men when Liz had made him feel inadequate. He had forgotten it was his fault what had happened, forgotten it was his own stupidity which put him in this predicament. So it was with a burning desire for revenge against his beautiful Indonesian wife, so slender and demure, that he listened to a proposition from Mark two weeks later.

Liz couldn't think straight. All she could think about was sex and pain and beating and the intensity of orgasms which shook her body. She masturbated four to six times a day imaging what had happened, and that wasn't even enough. Liz didn't know what she had become. It took a week before Liz felt well enough to resume her household chores, hoping that they would turn her mind away from her obsession with her own sexual pleasure, but it only seemed to get worse.
She would curl up on her mattress and sob. What had she become? What had her hubby done to her? Liz couldn't stand it, both rage at herself, her husband, and her lust fought together in her mind constantly. Liz had to do something. It was thus which drove her to a meeting with Mark.

Mark was more than amazed when Nicolas's wife asked for a meeting with him, but decided to amuse himself. He had already decided to take her, and had already arranged the place and time. He arranged to meet her at one of his restaurants.

Sitting across from Mark, Liz screwed up her courage. "I need to ask you a favour," Liz started.

Mark spoke into the pause, "Yes?"
"I don't want to see my husband ever again." There, Liz had said it.
He let the silence stretch, mulling it over.

He had planned to have Nicolas relocated somewhere overseas, since he was planning on taking this stunningly beautiful wife away to serve as his personal fuck toy. This was beginning to get interesting.

"Why should I do that?" he asked, wondering where Liz was headed.

Her body began shaking ever so slightly, knowing that she could never change this decision. "Look what he has done to me. You saw--you made it happen," Liz blushed furiously, her skin turning a beautiful shade of dark red.

"I'm no good to anyone except as a..." Liz nearly choked on the word "...a whore. And that's what I'll be for you if you'll just keep him away from me," Liz finished quickly, not daring to look him in the eyes.

"Very well," he answered, and proceeded to lay out the terms of the deal.

A week later Liz found herself hanging spread-eagled in a brightly lit basement, cameras practically covering the walls. Liz had been pulled out of her new sl**ping spot--at the foot of Mark's bed, naked, with her hands bound behind her and a collar affixed to the bedpost with a chain--by two women, who washed her, inserted a large penis gag and strapped it around her head, and took her downstairs to be bound. Once bound, they had inserted an IV into the back of her wrist, explaining to her that it was a stimulant, meant to keep her conscious; they both smiled when they said that, and she quailed inside. Liz had no idea what they were going to do to her, but looking around the room she knew it was going to be deliciously painful.

Mark, his leather mask in place, entered with Nicolas, also wearing a mask, at his side. He had cut a deal with Nicolas--a chance to torture his wife in exchange for her as well as his agreement to work for him in certain ways overseas, out of the way. Nicolas had agreed, so he was here, like Mark, staring at his ex-wife’s, gorgeous Asian body stretched spread eagled in the air, her big dark eyes bright with a touch of fear and anticipation, a slight sheen of sweat covering her body from the heat of the lights.

Silently they approached her, Nicolas behind and Mark in front, and began running their hands over her bound body. Mark felt her shiver, staring at him with those lumunous eyes filled with lust. He took her breast into his mouth, sucking hard, tasting the sweet flavor of her sweat while Nicolas pulled one of the more nasty lashes from the wall, a lash which would break the skin if applied hard enough. Mark bit down hard on her nipple, driving his fingers into her damp box, cruelly twisting it around as Liz screamed, the lash biting hard across her shoulders.

Pain exploded again and again across her shoulders and back as the masked man, only his mouth visible beneath the mask, continued to nash at her breasts, his fingers working at her cunt furiously. Screams came muffled through her gag as the lash fell across her firm ass cheeks, then hitting the back of her thighs. It worked its way back up to her lower back, leaving bright red marks across her body.

Mark stepped back from the woman, watching the pain etch itself across her face from the lashing. He made a small hand sign to Nicolas, who smiled and sent the lash screaming between her legs to land with a sickening splat right against her cunt, making her whole body tense and a scream of pure agony bubble through her gag. Again Nicolas did it, and her eyes snapped wide and juice spurted from her cunt, her whole body shivering in the throws of orgasm. Mark stepped forward and punched her right in the pelvis, making hereyelids flutter in agony as yet another orgasm washed through her slender Asian body.

Nicolas walked around to the front of her and began to knee her in the groin, angered by her orgasm, not realizing each thud of his knee into her cunt sent her higher and higher into shuddering pleasure. He stopped when Mark grabbed him, and they watched as Liz slowly came down from her orgasm, small mewling sounds escaping her throat as her body went limp, only the stimulants being pumped into her bl**d keeping her conscious.

A pool of cunt juice lay on the concrete floor, matching the slick juices coating her inner thighs, glistening in the bright lights. Positioning himself behind her, Mark ran his fingernails along her lashed back, bl**d oozing through several cracks in her skin, making her tense up again, ready for another round.

Oh god, Liz thought as she felt the nails run agonizingly across her back, oh God they were going to kill her. Liz had spent what seemed forever coming, pure sensation thrumming through her beaten body, and she was still conscious, still available for more torture, for them to, she shivered, squeeze even more orgasms from her. Liz grunted, shaking her head no as she watched the man in front of her light a cigarette, knowing what he was going to do. She felt her ass stretched painfully as the masked man behind her shoved his cock into her ass, but all her attention was for the man in front of her, with the glowing cigarette tip which was coming closer and closer to her defenceless body.

Nicolas watched as Mark popped his Indo bitch up the ass, the slapping sounds of flesh against flesh as he fucked her amusing him. He didn't just want to fuck her, he wanted to hurt the whore. He gripped her right breast hard in his hand, making the nipple protrude, and brought the tip of the burning cigarette against it, revelling in the muffled scream, the shaking, shivering, sweating body, and the smell of burning flesh. He took another drag and pressed it against the underside of the breast, earning another scream of agony. For the next fifteen minutes he smoked and burned the bitch, marking her tits almost black and leaving a trail down her stomach to her cunt mound, burning holes in the sparse hair there.

Mark was getting the ride of his life in her ass, which contracted each time the cigarette found her body, squeezing his cock beyond belief. Sweat dripped from her body and the smell of burning flesh filled his nostrils as he pounded into her tight ass, her ass cheeks quivering from each brutal upward thrust.
Liz could feel the man behind her finish in her ass, his fingers digging into her hips painfully, drawing her mind from the throbbing sharp pains in her breasts and especially her nipples. Each slight movement seemed to tear at them, sending raw shocks of pain straight to her guts, causing her ass to clamp down painfully on the cock still there. Her throat she thought was already screamed hoarse, even though only gutteral yells escaped the gag, the whole
front of her body felt like one raw, exposed nerve.

Mark pulled out, glancing at that firm backside and knowing he had just what he wanted, and walked around to the front. Nicolas was kneeling before her, one hand pulling her labia open, exposing her clit, while the other brought the burning tip right up against her clit. Mark watched as every muscle and tendon seemed to stand out on her body, bl**d oozing from her wrists and ankles even around the soft cuffs as Liz tried to wrench herself free from the agony, sweat pouring off her body and from her face and hair as she jerked her head back and forth, forward and backwards, the agony in her clit overwhelming. Finally, Nicolas growled and tossed the cigarette to the ground, standing and driving his hard cock brutally into her cunt.

Liz came; came as his pelvis thumped against her clit, his body rubbed up against her burned breasts. Her liquid splashed them both as he pounded into her, turning her agony into a crazy, overwhelming sensation which her mind could only read as pleasure, her slender body managing to rock in its tight bondage as he bit hard at her neck, ravishing her, hurting her, driving her to orgasm after painful orgasm, her mind shutting down, registering only the sensations rocketing through her body.

He kept fucking her even after he came in her spasming, grasping cunt, wanting to hurt her, punish her, even more. The whore, he thought with each thrust, the whore, glorying in her pain and debasement. When he finally pulled out he staggered back, his cock slowly going limp, her juices coating his stomach and the front of his legs. He looked at her as she hung limply in her bonds, her body looking beautifully grotesque with its punishment. Weak moans came from her throat; he smiled--he wasn't half done with her.

Mark waved Nicolas back, pulling a hose from the wall and beginning to wash her down, the cold water somewhat reviving her, making her toss her head back and forth weakly in pain. He watched as water sluiced down her gorgeous, abused body, his cock growing hard as he thought about what was coming next.
Nicolas sat on the bench, it would be used later, and passed Mark a small box containing 13 pins and a pair of small tweezers. 12 of the pins were about 3/4 of an inch long with a round orange ball on one end, while the thirteenth was only a quarter of an inch long and pointed on both ends. Mark took the box and looked at the nearly u*********s form of his victim, his cock twitching as he lifted her chin and looked into her eyes, clouded with pain and lust. What a woman, he thought, pinching her left nipple between his fingers and pulling her breast out, noting that although badly burned, there probably wouldn¹t be too much scarring from the burns. His attentions earned him a low moan from her, and he grinned, wondering what reaction what he was about to do would have. He placed the point of one of the needles near the mid-part of her breast, angling it down as he began to slowly push it in, fascinated by the way her body began to shiver uncontrollably, a wail keening through her gag, the way her skin dimpled, around the needle as he pushed it into the meaty part of her breast. He pulled the second needle from the box, leaving the first fully embedded, only the round orange ball tip visible.

Oh God, Liz couldn't take any more of this, her mind cried, her body shaking in agony, the dull throbbing of the burning superceded by the sharp agony of the needles as he pushed them one by one into her breast, six for each breast.
Her breasts were now fiery balls of pain, each twitch a screaming torment searing through her body; every breath was torture. Part of her mind suddenly disconnected, and the pain intensified until it was unbearable, transforming itself beyond pain to pure sensation. Her cries turned to whimpering, almost unable to endure what she was feeling.

Mark stood back, watching. Liz's screams died down into whimpers, and then Nicolas handed him two clamps, the teeth looking like two meat tenderizers coming together, but sharper and more vicious. He opened the jaws and pushed it against her right nipple until it completely ungulfed it, and then slowly let it close. He watched her stomach heave as if Liz were going into contractions, a faint spray of mist shooting from her cunt as she came. Three huge contractions rolled across her stomach and down her thighs, her orgasms making her head jerk spasmatically on her shoulders, an a****listic sound escaping from around the gag. He repeated the procedure on her other nipple with the same results, watching as Liz came again and again. He still had one more needle left, and that was for her clit, he thought with satisfaction.
Liz could feel it as he took her clit between the tweezers and began to pull it away from her body, making it shudder from head to foot; Liz could feel it as he pressed the tip of a pin against the side of it, pushing it into her most tender flesh, making her whole body convulse, ecstacy rippling along every nerve, forming a triangle with her breasts, swamping her mind with each infintesimal sensation of the cool metal sliding through her clit. It was almost more than she could stand, her mind blanking for long periods even as Liz sensed the way the pin in her clit held her labia apart, cruelly poking into that flesh also, before coming alive again as another orgasm shook her slender frame.

Mark and Nicolas stepped back and watched as convulsions rocked her body, idling rubbing their hard cocks until their victim¹s spasms slowed and finally stopped, leaving her handing limp in her bonds. Carefully they unhooked her and bend her over a special table, her legs at a 45 degree angle, her breasts hanging through an opening designed especially for them, and her head hanging over the edge of the table. They strapped her down tightly and prepared for round three. They pulled her hands behind her back and bound them, pulling them up as far as they would go and securing them to an overhead line, forcing her upper body hard against the restraining device. To complete the picture, Mark took her battered breasts and hung 2 lb weights from each nipple clamp, watching as each breast was distended grotesquely, the pins still lodged deep in her flesh as well as from her nipples as agonized moans came from her still gagged mouth. Two wire leads were attached to each weight, and while two small allegator clamps, with wires falling from them, were clamped on either side of her clit, gripping the pin which still pierced it. Both Mark and Nicolas stood back and looked at their handy work, each stroking their cocks as they prepared to violate her once again.

Mark moved to the front of her, grapping her hair and forcing her face forward, ripping the gag from her mouth and pushing his cock in in its stead, sliding it easily down her throat--he wanted it there when Nicolas hit the switch. Nicolas picked up the cane--it was more of a switch--and took a few swipes with it, smiling at the thought of how it would be, tiny thorns studding the switch down its length. A few swipes with this and her ass would be a mess, he thought, his foot resting on the switch, trying to decide whether or not to hit it before or after he started the whipping.

The cock in her throat was more of an impediment than anything else, considering the agony in her breasts. It was like a throbbing, each beat of her heart, each rasping breath through her nose, seeming to tear at her breasts, sending sharp shivers of pain up and down her spine. Her clit felt like it was swollen to three times its normal size, it too throbbing in pain, making her gasp through her nose with each little movement of her body. Liz knew there was more, more pain, more agony, on the way, and her stomach buzzed with trepedation and anticipation.

"Mmmmhhggggphhh!" her scream split the air as Nicolas brought the switch down hard across her ass, bl**d splattering across her ass and flying to hit his cheek, a savage grin on his face as her watched her muscles jerk spasmatically in their bonds. Again and again her brought the switch down, marking her, scarring her beautiful ass, bl**d beginning to flow more freely, dripping down the backs of her thighs where her muscles were shaking uncontrollably. As he brought down the switch for the forth time, he hit the switch with his foot, sending electrical current coursing into her tits and cunt, grinning as Liz seemed to levitate the whole table with her as her whole body went into convulsions, come shooting out of her pussy as her body was rocked by orgasm after orgasm, the electricity firing her nerves beyond endurance, turning her body into a churning mass of pain and pleasure.

Mark gripped her head between his hands, feeling like he was going to crush it as her throat spasmed around his cock, sending chills up his spine as her saliva dripped from her lips and slid down his testicles. He began to fuck her face with short, sharp japs, feeling his pelvis smack her nose with each fucking motion, reveling in the feeling of using this cunt like a piece of meat, the a spasming, rocking, coming piece of fuck meat. Her whole body jerked in orgasm after orgasm, like a fiery, pulsing star about to explode, the current throbbing into her tits and clit sending screaming flares of agony and pleasure through her mind, the switch a vicious counterpoint, rocking her with overwhelming sensations. Liz sensed more than felt when the man behind her shoved his cock up her ass, tearing at her rectum brutally as he pounded into her, sending her higher and higher into pleasure. It felt like it would never end; Liz didn't want it to end.

Liz wanted to be fucked and beaten and fucked forever, a cock in her throat and a cock in her ass and pins in her breasts and clit for all time. The bubble of pleasure which seemed to be engulfing her body expanded, still pulsing, sending wave after wave of increasing orgasmic pleasure rocking her slender bound body.
"Mmmghgggfffff!" she bellowed as the world seemed to contract to a single point of incredible sensation in the pit of her stomach, pleasure radiating from it in strange tendrils before exploding in wave after wave after wave of unbearable ecstacy, darkness flowing over her in waves as Liz convulsed in her bonds, her ass convulsing so hard Nicolas thought Liz was going to rip his dick off as he spilled his seed deep into her bowels, her throat spasming in howls as Mark fucked her face, his cock spilling its seed down her gullet. Still Liz came, and came, and came as the current ripped through her, the men's cocks softening in her holes, until the waves of darkness increased and then covered her completely.

"Jesus," Mark muttered, pulling his cock loose, looking down at the battered body before him. He signalled to Nicolas to cut the juice pouring into her tits and clit, walking around behind her to inspect her ass. Her asshole was still distended from its fucking, winking redly at him from between her asscheeks. He grabbed the bottle of bactine and began liberally spraying her ass with it. A weak moan came from her as Liz regained consciousness, the stinging pain of the bactine cleansing out her ass bringing her to.

Her mind was still fuzzy as consciousness returned, noticing first the stinging pain in her ass and the cool liquid coursing down her thighs to drip from her knees. Liz moaned weakly again, the wracking her body had taken and the incredible orgasms she had been subjected to beginning to take their toll. Her tits were in the same agony they had been since they had been pierced, yet felt like they had swollen to twice their size. Her ass felt tender and abused, and Liz prayed fervently that they were done with her.

Nicolas walked alongside his wife , his eyes lingering on her abused body, glorying in the pain he had caused her, loving the pleasure he had both taken and f***ed from her. Liz had always been gorgeous, he thought, kneeling down to stare at her breasts. like this she was perfect, a perfect piece of meat upon which he could visit any horror, take any pleasure. He walked around to her front and gripped her by her hair, jerking her head savagely up so he could look into her eyes. How he wished Liz could see that it was him behind the mask as he looked into bright eyes dulled by pain and exhaustion.
Well, he thought, the slut was just going to have to suck it up, he laughed as he thought it, placing his still soft cock into her mouth and hitting her upside her head until she closed her lips over it and began to suck, because they had lots more planned for her today.

Mark hit the power again, only keeping it down to half power this time, and watched as her body stiffened, muscles jerking spasmatically against the bonds. He would have to get hard again if he wanted to fuck the bitch up her cunt, and he knew exactly how to do that. He picked up the switch and brought it down hard against her already tenderized ass. He loved watching the way it raised her firm flesh, the way an involuntary cry escaped her lovely throat as her flesh rebounded from the blow, the muscled in her thighs twitching in agony as he continued to torture her.

Her cries came deep down in her throat her lips and mouth sucking harder on the invading dick like a pacifier, feeling it begin to slowly harden into a r****g tool. Liz couldn't believe the pain in her ass--the electricity cutting into her clit and tits low enough to be a background, insistent pulsing, no match for the agony which inflamed her buttocks, which felt like they were being flayed of every inch of skin. Fire spread through her body as the whipping continued, methodically sending pain rocking through her body as the whip shredded her ass. Liz shuddered as the electricity became more powerful, shooting sharp spasms through her clit, her body on edge, too exhausted and worn to come again, yet being driven higher and higher into that primal sensation.

Nicolas dropped the cane, the sight of her ravaged ass making his cock throb painfully; the idea that Liz was _his_, that she was nothing but a piece of fuck-meat for his pleasure, made him want her all the more. He gripped her slender hips, digging his thumbs into her ass, and f***ed himself into her tortured cunt, gasping at its slick tightness, at how it seemed to hum as it quivered spasmatically to the electrical shocks. He held it there for a moment, and then began to fuck her rhythmically, pulling the full length of his cock almost all the way out of her cunt before driving it back in, slamming his hips against her ass.

Liz was skewered again, a cock in her throat and one in her pussy, being fucked violently, the man in front of her slamming his hips into her face, making bl**d run from her nose, her lips raw from the battering. The electricity kept her on edge, the pain in her breasts a throbbing b**st threatening to overwhelm her. For the first time since they started on her she was not out of control with either pleasure or pain, her fatigue buffering her from the worse of both. She could feel her body responding, though, a queer humming feeling running through her nerves, making her want to achieve the release of orgasm, a release each pounding fucking, each jolt of electricity, was bringing her closer to.
The men fucked her relentlessly, their previous orgasms keeping them from coming. The pleasure of her throat and cunt setting them on edge, the sight of her beaten body making them want to hurt her all the more. Over and over they pounded into her bound body, feeling it grow more and more tense, her muscles quivering with fatigue and lust. Mark came first, spilling his seed deep in her spasming pussy, cursing at the intense pleasure shooting from his cock. His sight darkened as he came for the third time within the last hour, his cock slowly stopping its jerking as he pulled it from her grasping pussy, almost laughing when he heard the bitch moan. Nicolas was not far behind, grinding his pelvis against his wife's face as he shot down her throat, loving the way he was dominating her.

Not yet! her mind screamed, the fatigue of her body keeping her from reaching orgasm, don't stop Liz wanted to yell, her body keyed up beyond belief, her whole being striving for orgasm. She ground her hips against the edge of the restraining table, trying to jostle the needle against her clit--She needed it so badly. She tried to grab at her pussy when the released her, taking her back to her previous bondage. She tried to bring her legs together, but they would not let her. They grabbed her and hoisted her back into her bonds, her head inches from the floor, her long black hair pooling in her come on the ground, her legs forming a huge V in the air, her sore ass and swollen cunt fully exposed, her pierced clit glistening obscenely from between her labia.
It took Mark and Nicolas less than 5 minutes to get her hooked upside down in her restraints she was so light now. A look passed between them--this was to be the finally. They both knew Liz was on edge, her body begging for the release of orgasm, and they both planned to give it to her in the most brutal way they could imagine. Nicolas did not waste any time, picking up a vicious looking thick leather strap and bringing it down with the full strength of his arm with a wet splat against her exposed pussy.

A howl echoed through the room as pain flashed through her, her cunt spasming as the strap tore at her pierced clit, her whole body convulsing as Liz felt an orgasm begin deep within her belly. "Splat!" another blow landed, another and another and another coming in quick succession sending her out of her mind with pain, he body bucking uncontrollably within her bonds as her cunt spasmed on empty air, lights flashing behind her closed eyelids as her orgasm rolled through her, shooting a geyser of come into the air.
"Splat Splat Spat!" went the strap into her cunt, driving her orgasm higher and higher. Liz was completely lost in sensation, not noticing the whipping had stopped until Liz felt her cunt and ass filled, stretching as each man shoved their hand into her nether openings.

She screamed, as a fist thudded against her womb, sending lightning-like flashes of pain and pleasure through her lithe body, making her orgasm again and again as Liz felt her cunt and ass being torn apart by two fists plunging in and out of them. Mark and Nicolas worked their fists into her, both amazed that she could take them, her narrow groin stretched beyond imagination, her cum bubbling around the arm in her cunt as Mark pounded it against her cervix, feeling her cunt spasming around his arm, tearing at it in the throws of orgasm after orgasm.

For five minutes they worked their fists in her cunt and ass, feeling each other's fists through the tender membrane separating the two, her muscles clamping and unclamping on their arms as they drove her through orgasm after orgasm until finally Liz went limp, her breath coming raggedly and shallowly.
Mark pulled his arm out and motioned for Nicolas to do the same, getting the hose and spraying himself and Nicolas down. He looked down, amazed that he was hard once again.

Liz was done for the day, probably for the next couple of weeks, but he needed to take care of his now raging hard-on, and he noticed Nicolas had one also. He stepped outside and had AJ1 and AJ2 brought to him--they could give both of them a nice, easy fuck while his other women cleaned up Nicolas's wife.

The End

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