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First time on a train

It was a cool November night, two of my cousins and me were just leaving a house party and could not decide what to do next. I was new to this hanging out thing, my parents pretty much kept me under lock and key. But when I spent the summers at my grandmother's house I had all the freedom in the world. We stopped by a store and got some beer when my cousin Blue says " Yo let's call up Snowy and get her to fuck!". My other cousin Black looks at me and asks "you down?". I respond " Hell yeah". In the back of my mind I'm scared though because I have never had sex before. My only encounter had been when I was younger an older boy asked to suck my dick and wanted to fuck me. I fought him off but I guess the struggle was enough for him and he bust a load right on the back of my shorts. The whole thing freaked me out and I had been getting real nervour everytime I am alone with a girl. Besides for kissing and fingering that was as close as I had gotten. Anyway we are all at Blue's house when Snowy walks through the door after about an hour. Blue immediately gets up and throws his tongue down her throat. He then tells her " You gonna let us all fuck." She just nods an Black says "yo let Red go first" It was like they both could sense that I was a virgin and was hooking me up with the honor of being first on the train. Snowy was a pretty girl, she was named that cause of her flawless white skin. She had D-cup breats that seem to bust out of the t-shirt she was wearing. She had on these tight blue jeans that showed off her curvy hips and ass. I had never seen a white woman with a ass like hers. She looked at me with thos hazel eyes and said " come on cutie", grabbed my hand and led me to Blue's bedroom where she had obviously been before. My heart is pounding and I am sweating thinking to myself " I'm really about to get some pussy?". She closed the door behind us and started kissing me, while my tongue was as deep in her mouth as I could get it my hands were cupping those breasts, I pulled her shirt down so that they popped out from their cotton prison exposing her large brown areolas the size of silver dollars. I started sucking on one and she moaned in delight. She then started backing up and pulling me to the bed where she submissevily laid on her back. She unbuttoned those tight jeans and quickly pulled them down showing her unshaven red haired pussy. I could still see her eyes even with her long flowing red hair in her face. I pulled my pants and boxers down to my kness and got on top of her. She grabbed my dick and started stroking it up and down the entrance to her pussy while we kissed. I could feel her juices on mjy dick head as she started jacking my dick to get it as hard as possible. I still couldnt belive what was happening and now couldnt want to actually see what it feels like. I thrust my hips forward pushing my dick in her wet pusssy real fast. Her pussy was so soft,wet, and warm I had never felt anything like it before so i bit my lip and tried not to moan too loud. She didnt hold back anything though and moaned loudly and started thrusting her hips to meet mine. We are fucking fast and furious when my cousin Black enters the room and says"hurry up man you taking too long, you in here making love and shit." He walks over to the bed and lies across it and starts kissing Snowy in the mouth while I am thrusting my dick in her as fast and as hard as possible. The room fills with her moans and the sounds of me pounding her soft hairy mound. Black seems real turned on and starts to kiss her more and suck on her titties. Within a few more seconds my body starts to quiver as I feel my cum load creeping up my dick shaft. I only had watched porn and in porn they always spray all over the girl so thats what I was going to do. I pull out of her warm, hairy love box and moan loudly as my dick pumps its hot cum load all over her soft red haired pussy. My thick white cum covers her red pussy hair and looks so great dripping all over her pussy and swollen pussy lips. My cousin Black cannot take anymore and as soon as I dismount her he rolls on top of her pulling down his pants at the same time to free his already rock hard dick. He puts it her pussy while my cum is still dripping all over box and starts pounding away as hard as he can moaning and screaming "yeah bitch, take this dick, your pussy belongs to us! aww shit awww shit". I stand up and watch as she screams in delight as he pulls her hair and thrusts as hard as he can into her soaking wet pussy............

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