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Hot F A M I L Y Fucking Part Three

-= Chapter 13 =-

"Unh... Unh! Oh, yes, that feels so good!! Ahhh, shit, my pussy's so wet! Gonna cum... oh, fuck, really gonna
cum!" Kathy's younger s****r Debby was sprawled naked on her double bed, her firm-tited body writhing as she
pounded two fingers in and out of her dark-furred pussy. Debby was much wilder than most other women, and
that included the times she had to jack off by herself, when she didn't have a long, stiff cock to satisfy her. Her slender, delectably formed thighs were now spread wide, her knees hovering nearly over her shoulders. Debby held her hairy cunt-lips open with one hand while finger-fucking madly with the fingers of her other hand. She pretended her fingers were the big, horny cock she wanted so badly. Debby was thinking about Kenny, her handsome, young nephew, who had been staying with her for the past several days. She imagined Kenny lying on top of her, brutally ramming his gigantic cock in and out of her cunt.

How on earth did Kathy expect her to talk to him, Debby wondered? The fact that she'd once worked as a teacher's aide seemed to make everyone think that Debby was an expert at talking with young people. Everyone had always regarded Debby as the baby of the f****y She'd always looked younger than her age, and she still looked girlish now, despite the size of her big, round tits. Debby's blue eyes were wide and innocent-looking, and she still wore her brown hair in a pageboy cut. Her relatives had all deluded themselves into believing that she'd never-married only because she hadn't finished growing up....'

The real reason was that she'd always been much too horny. Neither Kathy nor her parents would ever guess how many nights Debby had spent at singles bars, wiggling her hot, horny ass on a bar stool while waiting for some arrogant, young stud to pick her up, take her home and fuck the piss out of her with a long, stiff prick. She liked the young ones best of all, Debby thought, biting her lip as she slid a third finger up her throbbing cunt. The young, eager ones like Kenny, the ones who could fuck and shoot jizz for hours at a time without ever going soft. She wanted to fuck Kenny. She wanted his fuck-rod so badly that she could practically taste it between her lips. "Unhhhh!" Debby finger-fucked even faster,; approaching her cum. "Oh, Kenny! Kenny! Kenny." "Yeah?" came the unsuspecting voice from the other side of the door. Oh, shit! Debby thought. He'd heard her! "You want me for something?" Kenny knocked lightly on the door. "Aunt Debby? Did you just call me?" "Ummm, just a second, Kenny!"

Red-faced with shame and fear, her pussy still throbbing miserably, the naked aunt leaped off the bed and looked for something to cover her body. The only thing she could find was a yellow, terry towel, which she wrapped tightly around her bare torso. Debby took a deep breath and faced the door as calmly as she could. "Come in, Kenny!" Her nephew entered the bedroom. He was a tall, muscular, blonde youth. He always seemed to smile at Debby in a way that was friendly and wickedly horny at the same time. Debby flushed as she knotted the towel under her arm, trying not to stare at her nephew's bulging cock through his jeans. Kenny sat on the edge of the bed and stared openly at her legs. "What's up?" he asked. "Your voice sounded kind of weird, Aunt Debby. You okay? ""No, I'm fine," Debby murmured nervously, sitting next to him. "I just had a little itch in my throat. That's all." "Okay," Kenny shrugged. "What'd you want to talk about?"

-= Chapter 14 =-

There was a short silence. Debby hadn't wanted to talk to him, and now the only thing she could think of was the reason he'd come to stay with her in the first place. "Kenny," she began hesitantly. "Do you... do you know why your mother sent you here to visit with me?" Kenny gazed at her, and his expression told Debby that he wasn't embarrassed at all. If anything, he looked proud. Debby squirmed again trying not to look at his crotch. "Yeah, I know," Kenny said. "What about it?" "Kenny, I might as well not beat around the bush with this. Kathy, your mother, told me that you... that you made a pass at her Kenny. A sexual pass, at your own mom!"

"I know who she is," Kenny said, grinning. "You don't have to remind me!" "Kenny, don't you know what a sin it is to feel that kind of desire for your own mother? Other boys your age aren't that way. Kenny, i****t is..." "I guess I can't help it, Aunt Debby," Kenny said. "She really turns me on! I mean, Mom has these super, big tits, and man, I just love the way her sweet ass wiggles when she walks, just begging for a cock. God, I get stiff just thinking about it!" "Kenny pleases!" Debby yelped. "How dare you talk that way in front of your aunt!" "You know," Kenny said suddenly, wrinkling his nose. "It smells kind of funny in here!"

Debby flushed nearly scarlet, realizing that the only thing Kenny could be smelling was the unmistakable, musky aroma of her wet pussy. The youth sniffed the air, then he grinned at her in an even more leering way. "Man, now I know what it is!" he said with a grin. "It smells just like your pussy, Aunt Debby!"

"Kenny!" Debby was trembling with lust, and her effort to be stern looked as desperate as it felt. "What a disgusting thing to say! How could you..." "No, no... It definitely smells like your pussy!" Kenny insisted. He studied her, seeming to notice for the first time her disheveled hair, and the sweat
glistening on her skin. "Yeah! You were jacking off, weren't you Aunt Debby?" Debby couldn't make herself speak. Kenny squirmed closer to her, his obviously huge prick bulging obscenely through his pants, his hand touching her bare leg. "Were you thinking about me, Aunt Debby? While you were playing with your pussy? Huh? About fucking me?" Debby slapped him. She couldn't think of anything else to do she was so horny that she didn't trust herself to speak. Kenny just grinned in response, as if he already knew how badly she wanted to fuck him. Debby gasped as he slid his hand brazenly under the towel, stroking her inner thigh, touching her hairy, sopping wet cunt.

"Yeah, now I can feel how horny you are Aunt Debby!" he said, chuckling. Debby tried to keep her thighs shut, but Kenny managed to get his hand between them anyway, thrusting a stiff finger up her gooey cunt. "Kenny, stop it! Stop it right now!" She raised her hand and slapped him again but Kenny just grinned and pushed his finger in and out of her juice-filled pussy, massaging the interior of her throbbing, horny cunt.

-= Chapter 15 =-

Debby lost all control of herself. Her nephew was a disgusting, arrogant young man, she thought dazedly. He didn't care if she slapped him, and he wasn't ashamed of voicing all his obscene desires to his aunt. Which meant, she thought, that she might as well do anything with him that she liked! Debby grabbed Kenny's wrist and pulled his hand forcibly from her pussy. Kenny looked at her in momentary surprise, wondering if his pretty aunt might really not be as horny as he would thought. Then Debby stood, letting the towel fall to the floor, and Kenny grinned again. Debby's expression was excited and feverish as she dropped to her knees in front of him, grabbing his belt buckle and struggling furiously with his pants.

"You little shithead!" she whispered intently. "You're just a dirty, horny little boy, aren't you, Kenny? Want to fuck your own aunt, do you? Well, let's just see if Aunt Debby can give you what you want!" "Shit, you really get hot in a hurry, don't you?" Debby ignored him. Her cunt throbbed like a heart now, and all she could think of was her hung nephew's stiff prick. Her fingers trembled with lust as she opened his belt and yanked down his zipper, Kenny lifting his hips slightly to help her as she tugged his jeans down to his ankles, freeing his throbbing cock. He wore no underwear. His fuck-rod was enormous, so long and fat that his naked aunt gasped at her first sight of his tremendous prick. Kenny's virile young cock rose straight out of the youth's cock-fur, swollen to bursting with adolescent fuck-lust. His cock-knob was puffy and flared, and hot, milky pre-cum already gleamed at his prick-tip. "Oh, God! Jesus, what a big, fucking prick!" Debby groaned. She wrapped her hand around his massive cock and started jerking it very hard, making Kenny wince with pleasure and pain as she yanked her fist up and down his rigid fucker.

"Is this how you like it, Kenny? Is this how you want Aunt Debby to stroke your cock? Huh? Or maybe this is how you want your own mother to beat your cock-meat? You do want to fuck your mother, don't you?" "Yeah!" Kenny said, grinning. "But right now I wanna fuck you, Aunt Debby!" "Why you filthy, disgusting..." Her words faded as the naked aunt dropped her head, impulsively plunging her nephew's gigantic cock between her lips. She nearly choked on it, taking his throbbing prick as far down her throat as she could, until her mouth was stretched to bursting around the blue-veined stiffness of his aching prick. The horny aunt started sucking off her nephew, puckering and bellowing her cheeks to create delicious suction in pressure around his cock-meat. Kenny sighed and relaxed on the edge of the bed, contentedly watching his aunt giving him head. He dropped his
hands, curling his fingers in her short, brown hair, silently encouraging her to suck his prick as hard as she liked.

Debby immersed herself in the blowjob, thinking of nothing but Kenny's hard young cock pulsing in her buttery mouth, oozing jism onto her tongue. His pre-cum was delicious, every bit as rich and salty-tasting as she'd dreamed. Debby's face reddened brightly with the intensity of her cock-sucking as she swiftly began to bob her head on his hairy crotch, fucking her mouth with his eager young prick. "Unggghhh, fuck!" Kenny moaned, a load of jism building rapidly in his swollen teenaged balls. He clutched his aunt's head tightly as he ground his hips, helping her fuck his huge prick in and out of her mouth.

-= Chapter 16 =-

"Uuuuuhhhh, yeahhhh, you love sucking my cock, don't you? You love the way it tastes, don't you, Aunt Debby? Harder now! Unggghh! Suck harder, if you want to make me cum in your mouth!" Debby sucked the boy's rock-hard cock as hard as she could, repeatedly caving in her cheeks around the bl**d-congested hardness of his man-sized young prick. Kenny's fuck-rod swelled even stiffer, pulsing rhythmically on the roof of her mouth, telling her that he would soon be filling her throat with a salty load of hot, adolescent sperm. Her hand tightened around his thick, throbbing shaft and began to jack him off, her fist complimenting the tight, sucking rhythm of her mouth. Soon, Debby's long, slender fingers were moving in a blur, as she shamelessly pumped Kenny's cock up to her cock-sucking lips. Her tongue constantly licked his spongy cock-knob, eager to lap up every delicious drop of the boy's oozing spunk.

"I'm getting close!" Kenny moaned. He gripped her head very hard, his hips lurching off the edge of the bed. He moaned and panted as his jism churned in his packed balls. "Jack on it faster, Aunt Debby! Ahhh, shit, I'm really gonna shoot it now! Oh, Fuck! You're really gonna get a bellyful of cum!" Debby whipped her hand wildly up and down his swollen prick, tirelessly jacking his cock up to her sucking lips. Her blowjob was very loud and sloppy-sounding. The naked aunt continued to feverishly bob her face on his crotch, fucking her mouth over his prick as her fist squeezed the root of his cock. "I'm cumming, Aunt Debby! Swallow it! Swallow my fucking load! Ahhh, shit! Jesus! Fuck! Here it COMES!"

Kenny pulled her hair and jerked his hips off the bed, choking his cock-sucking aunt with the bulging thickness of his cock as he stuffed it even farther
down her gullet. The long-awaited explosion of cock- cream erupted suddenly from the boy's dilated piss-slit, squirting down his horny aunt's throat in a veritable torrent of spunk. His jism was delicious, the best-tasting load Debby had ever sucked out of a man's balls in her life. Debby
fought back her gag reflex and clung to her nephew's squirting cock, continuing to suck and jack on the twitching, jerking pole of flesh as hard as she could. Spurt after spurt of hot, sticky jizz welled up from Kenny's balls, filling the inside of his pretty aunt's mouth and splashing across her licking tongue. Gratefully, Debby nursed down all his cream, sucking on his huge, glistening prick until she'd lapped the last drop of sperm from its swollen tip. "Oh, shit!" Kenny moaned happily. He grinned down at Debby wickedly as she finally let his still-hard cock slide out of her mouth. "Man, you are a good cock-sucker, aren't you, Aunt Debby? The way you were talking before, I almost thought you'd turn me in to the cops. I should have known all along how bad you wanted my cock!"

"Shut up!" Debby replied curtly. She rose to her feet, breathing very hard, staring intently at her nephew's magnificent prick. She felt furious with Kenny for the leering, cock-sure way he was behaving around her, yet she knew that she could not stop now until he made her cum. Her pussy had never
felt so wet and hot. Her pouting cunt-lips were swollen painfully, pulsing lightly as if to grip around an imaginary prick. "I was just telling you..." Kenny began. "I said, SHUT UP!" Debby smiled at Kenny in a strange, almost lust-maddened way. "So, you like getting sucked off, do you, little nephew? I'll bet you'd like to fuck me now, too, wouldn't you? Is that what you'd like, Kenny? I have an awfully tight, hot, little pussy. You'd like to put your big prick in it and fuck the shit out of me, wouldn't you, Kenny?"

-= Chapter 17 =-

Kenny just grinned and started stripping off the rest of his clothes. Debby crawled onto the bed, trembling harder than ever with her i****tuous passion. She wiggled her small, pert ass into a good humping position, then spread her slender thighs as wide as she could, letting her horny nephew see all of her tight, wet, pouty-lipped cunt. "Okay Kenny!" she said breathlessly. "I'm gonna let you fuck me. Nice and hard, the way I'm sure you want to. But first, little nephew, I think you need a good lesson in pussy-licking. So get down there and eat it out, Kenny! You've got to make me cum with your tongue before I'll let you fuck my pussy!" Completely naked now, his huge, wet cock throbbing more stiffly than ever, Kenny moved onto his stomach between her legs. "Man, you got a gorgeous little cunt, Aunt Debby!" he said as he stroked his fingers over her lightly-furred sex, experimentally feeling the slippery wetness of her hairy, aching pussy-slit. “I said suck it, Kenny! I didn't tell you to look at it! Suck my cunt and make me cum!"

She grabbed his head by the hair, roughly pulling his face onto her creaming fuck-hole. Kenny moaned with pleasure, enjoying the pungent aroma of his aunt's horny, wet twat. Debby gasped as the boy suddenly glued his lips to her pussy, thrusting his tongue deep into the interior of her hotly burning cuntslit. "Uhhhhmmmmm, fuck, yes! lick it, Kenny! Lick it good!" Debby clutched her nephew's head with both hands and wiggled her ass pleasurably on the sheets, sighing as he began dragging his fat tongue up and down between the flowering folds of her pussy. Kenny was a practiced, enthusiastic cunt-sucker. He moved his hand between his aunt's legs, delicately opening her pussy-lips with his fingers. He slapped her cunt much faster, licking all the hot, flowing juices from the depths of her drooling cunt.

"Unnggghhh! Suck it, Kenny! Suck it good!" Debby couldn't restrain herself from humping her ass, grinding and thrusting her burning pussy-hole against his lips and tongue. "Ooooohh, fuck that feels so good! Get your tongue in there, Kenny! Come on, be a good boy! Lick out Aunt Debby's pussy, honey! Clean it up and make me cum!" Kenny kept lapping Debby's tasty pussy, his huge prick pulsing like a steel rod between his belly and the bed. Debby shuddered as he slid two fingers gently into the clasping interior of her cunt. Kenny jacked off his horny, humping aunt while he ate her pussy, stabbing his fingers rhythmically in and out of her gooey, wet fuck-channel. "Suck my clit!" Debby pleaded. She humped harder, gasping and groaning, unable to keep her blushing ass still on the bed. "Uhhh! Uuuuhh! Feels good, Kenny! Oh, fuck, I'm getting close! Lick it baby, suck Aunty's
pussy! Make your aunty cum you horny little cunt licker!"

Kenny touched his tongue on the swollen pink bud of Debby's clit. Instantly, his aunt humped her hips up at his mouth much faster, pulling Kenny's hair as she fucked her wet pussy all over his face. Kenny took his aunt's burning clit between his lips. He sucked her clit firmly, grazing his tongue on it, simultaneously pounding his fingers rhythmically in and out of her juice-gushing cunt. "Jesus! I'm cumming Kenny!" Debby hissed, humping so
fast that he could hardly keep his mouth on her pussy- slit. "Unggghh! Suck my pussy! Suck Aunty's pussy! Oh, fuck! Oh, shit! I'm cumming, now! Cuuummnniiinnnggg!" Debby's pussy exploded violently into orgasm, her hairy fuck-hole contracting tightly around her young nephew's probing fingers, her clit tingling and pulsing almost unbearably between his lips. Kenny kept sucking and jacking her off, guiding Debby through the intense peak of her cum. Finally, he lifted his face from her wet, hairy fuck-hole, rising to his knees and grinning down at her as his enormous prick throbbed over her stomach.

-= Chapter 18 =-

"Okay, Aunt Debby," he said. "You promised, right? I get to fuck your tight, little pussy now, don't I?" "Oh, shit, yes!" Debby groaned, licking her lips as she stared at his massive prick. "Yes, I did promise. Now, fuck me, Kenny! Put your cock in my pussy and fuck the piss out of my juicy cunt!" Debby spread her slender thighs even wider apart, then lifted them high, until her knees hovered over her shoulders. Kenny got into position on top of her, bracing the weight of his torso on outstretched arms. Both of them looked down to watch his meaty, cum-oozing cock-head slice into her hot cunt. "Unngghh! Oh, Kenny!" Debby started humping as soon as he had his prick securely embedded in her pussy, wiggling at the same time to help him spear his cock all the way up her juicy cunt. "Fuck me, Kenny! Oh, shit, that feels so good! You've got such a big cock, Kenny! It's really a monster! Ram it up my pussy, lover! Fuck my cunt and make me cum!"

Kenny gasped, realizing that Aunt Debby's pussy really was as tight as she'd said it was. Her wet, pink fuck-hole nipped and sucked around his giant cock, as if welcoming it into her pussy. Relentlessly, Kenny pushed his prick into her hairy pussy-slit, sinking inch after inch of his cock into her narrow, gooey cunt. "Fuck my pussy! Fuck Aunty's pussy!" Debby gasped. She d****d her ankles over his shoulders and humped her ass like a bitch in heat, groaning and shuddering as she thrust her red-hot pussy onto the satisfying stiffness of his long, hard prick. "It's going into me good, Kenny! Oh, fuck, it's such a whopper! All the way in now, honey! Shove it all the way up my hot, fucking cunt!"

Kenny collapsed on top of his shapely aunt, crushing her big, stiff-nippled tits under his chest, sinking his massive fuck-shaft to the balls in the gushing
sheath of her cunt. Debby nearly started cumming all over again as she felt his bloated prick-head plumb the depths of her womb. Instead, she scissored her ankles together high across his back and started humping as fast as she could. She squirmed and whimpered shamelessly as she pistoned her drippy pussy onto the root of the teenager's huge prick. "Fuck my cunt, Kenny! Fuck Aunty's juicy cunt! Unggghh! Oh, fuck, you've got such a big cock! Aunty loves your huge, fucking prick! Ram it up my cunt, Kenny! Fuck my hot pussy as hard as you can!"

Kenny pulled his cock out slowly, sighing as he felt her exquisitely snug little pussy-channel clinging wetly to his prick. He paused with just his spongy
cock-tip inside her cunt, then thrust even farther up
her pussy. He began working his hips steadily between
her spread-eagled thighs, reaming out his aunt's
heaving pussy with long, driving strokes of his bl**d-
swollen prick.

"Unh... unh... uhhhhh, that's right! Oooooh, fuck!
Ohhh, shit!" Debby grimaced as she humped her slim hips
up to meet his strokes, relentlessly thrusting her
pussy against the pulsing root of his cock. "Fuck me,
Kenny, fuck your horny aunt! I love your big prick,
Kenny! Oh, please, fuck me faster with it! God, I Love
your big, fat mother-fucking prick!"

Harder and faster, Kenny fucked his prick-hungry aunt's
cunt, the bed springs squeaking beneath them, her
tender pussy-hole squishing audibly as it sucked
hungrily on his young prick.

Debby felt his cock pulsing ever more stiffly up her
pussy, and knew that the youth would soon spray her
cunt full with another load of boiling jizz.

"Harder!" She clawed his back with her fingernails,
grasping his gyrating ass-cheeks in a desperate attempt
to make him f***e his cock even farther up her cunt.
"I'm gonna cum again! Harder! Keep fucking my pussy,
Kenny! Oh, please, make me cum all over your prick!"

-= Chapter 19 =-

Kenny fucked his shameless aunt as fast as he could,
driving her ass into the mattress as he relentlessly
stroked his massive prick into her gushing, open pussy.
In and out his cock sawed, in a blur, seeming to
pleasure a different-part of her pussy with every
thrust. Debby humped with all the energy in her loins,
crying and panting as cum-spasms erupted deep inside
her cunt.

"I'm cumming, Kenny! Fuck me! Ohhhh! Fuck Aunty's
pussy! Unnggghhh! Oh, fuck me, Kenny, keep on fucking
me! Uhh! Uhhhhhh! Uuhhnnngggghh! I'm cumming,

Debby's pussy exploded, spewing cunt-cream all over
Kenny's hammering prick, her hairy, wet fuckhole
spasming and contracting repeatedly around his cock.
Kenny sighed and sank down on top of her, thrusting his
aching hard-on to the balls in her cumming cunt.

The second load of cum rushed up from his balls, making
his enormous prick jerks and quivers deep inside her
belly as it injected her cunt with his hot, gooey
sperm. Debby felt his cum splashing deep inside her
pussy, drenching her cunt with another torrent of her
nephew's rich, creamy spunk. Dazedly, she flexed her
cunt-muscles around his squirting prick, helping her
hung nephew shoot out every drop of his jism.

"Man that was a good one!" Kenny said, grinning down
at Debby as he popped his wet cock out of her drenched
pussy. "You really can fuck up a storm, huh, Aunt
Debby? Man, if only I'd known hot hot you were for
cock, I'd have..."

Debby pushed him roughly away. The initial heat of
their i****tuous fucking had faded, allowing room for
the shame and guilt she'd suppressed all along. Debby
couldn't believe that she'd just given her pussy to her
own flesh and bl**d. She didn't she could ever face her
s****r Kathy again.

"Hey!" Kenny protested. "What's the problem..."

"Get out!" Debby demanded hoarsely. "Just... just leave
me alone! Get out of this room!"

"Hey, come on! I just fucked your hot little ass all
over the bed, and now you're acting like..."

"Just get out!" Debby interrupted, shouting. "Yes, I
know what we just did! I'm sorry! Just leave me alone,
Kenny! Get out right now!"

Kenny looked at Debby for a moment longer, then
shrugged, picked up his clothes and trudged silently
out of the bedroom. Debby lay naked on the rumpled bed,
Kenny's milky jism still oozing out of her well-fucked
cunt. My own nephew, she thought, over and over. I let
my own nephew fucks me... and I loved it!

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