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She Doesn't Like Girls

A few weekends ago I picked my girlfriend (as in, my friend who is a woman) up from the airport.

I met her about a month after she turned 18 and first had a threesome with her and the man we had in common upon our very first meeting. We had been chatting and flirting prior to meeting. We'd exchange pics and share our favorite porn over emails and texts, getting excited for our first meeting in a week or so. We loved the same kind of porn and we talked about how fun meeting up would be with our common lover. That was February 2012 and we are still very close friends…

When I picked her up, I hoped she would say she wanted to stay with me awhile for lunch before she went home (an hour away). Better than that, she said, "Can we go take a nap?" She hadn't slept at all the night before flying out. She is a complete cuddle slut and always tries to fool around when she is with me. I think because I make her cum so much and so hard. As she has said many times, she doesn't like girls "like that", but she likes me!

We were laying there after devouring some delicious mexican food, sated, and a little sl**py. She stripped almost all the way down (I think she just had panties on), and snuggled up to me, head on my breast, my arm around her. She was doing her famous "starfish" impression by suctioning herself to my side and body.

She began slowly and seductively touching me all over, which made me ticklish too. She complained about my clothes, remarking on how unfair it was that she was naked and I wasn't. I removed the nuisance-making clothing and we continued to touch each other in this way for a time, till it was obviously going to turn into sex. It was then she began to nibble my nipple. Her licks and bites eventually became very hard bites which challenged and excited me all at once. I reached down to her wet snatch and rubbed her wet pussy juice from lips to clit, back and forth, making her writhe and moan. She stuck her fingers in my pussy to feel around and fuck it.

She played with me for a good long while. In the position we were in she could reach me better so I almost got off but honestly needed a little break from how hard she was biting my nipples, so I got up and said, "I have a present for you."

I told her to lay back and get comfortable and brought out my new (then) vibe, a jackrabbit with a rotating shaft in the dildo and a little bunny-ish part that vibrates on the clit in a series of several settings. I started on medium or low and began fucking her deep and slow, then a little fast but trying to keep the rabbit on her clit. It was really amazing to watch her clench up and moan and move involuntarily. In the past I usually made her cum with my tongue and fingers because I love feeling her pussy muscles pulsate on my hand.

This time she came within 2-3 minutes!

After that, we stayed naked, watched our show, snuggled, then she had the nerve to tickle me. Repeatedly she kept holding me down and attacking me in a way no one has in years. My goodness, she is sort of an evil bully, that one. She loves tickling me and I am afraid for my life every time I have to see her now! I cringe and laugh every time I think of it.

She loved the vibrator, and joked over text a couple days later that it was my fault, she now wanted one for herself. I took her to lunch this week and bought her one, but we were both very disappointed when I ran out of time and we didn't get to try out our new toys. I did buy a larger cock for my strap on that day, and I am definitely going to fuck her with it the next time we hang out. She told me we needed to make a "play date", which is nice because I think she means she wants to play.

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