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Next Door Is Very Handy....Part 5

I was sitting at home watching an old horror movie when the phone rang. Gloria's voice said, "Hi...can you come over for a sink won't turn off." I told her yes, and within fifteen minutes had her faucet repaired. She was wearing a tan coloured housedress which buttoned up the front, and a pair of black high heel backless shoes with open toes. Her hair was brushed up at the sides and pinned, and she was wearing a pair of sexy glasses with dark brown bows. She didn't have any makeup, jewelry, or hosiery on, but she looked hot nonetheless. She cut a piece of cake for her and me, and tried to make small talk as we ate. I was quite detached from the conversation because my interaction with Anita was bothering me. Finally, Gloria said, "Hey...what's don't seem like yourself." I brushed it off as nothing, but she persisted. "Look Trev...I think I know you quite well by now, and I can tell you have something on your mind."

I suppose my guilty feelings and her persistance made me open up, and in a slow and quiet tone, I told her I had had sex with Anita several days prior. Gloria sat back in her chair, crossed her arms, and simply looked at me. After what seemed to be a terribly long silence, she said, "Well, I suppose I am to blame for it because of the night the three of us were together." I shook my head and told her it was my doing. "You needn't feel badly, are a handsome young man, and women are attracted to you...the way I was," she said. Before I could reply, she asked, "Will you do it again in the future?" I yold her I had no plans to repeat it, and would regret it for a long while.

Gloria rose from her chair, and came over to mine, taking my head in her arms at her waist. She caressed my neck and shoulders, and to my shock said, "My poor boy...Gramma will comfort you." I must admit, she did look a bit like a sexy and trim granny the way she was dressed, but her words stunned me. "Gramma wants to make you feel better, honey," she said in a low voice, "Come with me." She led me up to her bedroom, where she proceeded to remove her dress. She was wearing a very shiny creme full slip which she had adjusted to hold her 40C breasts without a bra. Under the slip, I could see a light coloured full panty. "Come here and let Gramma hug you," she said. I went to her and she wrapped me in a tight hug, which made my penis immediately stir. "Do you like Gramma's silky slip?" she asked. "Why don't you take you clothes off and get comfy like Gramma is," she suggested. I stepped back, shed my clothes and pointed my now rock hard penis at her. "Oh my, it looks like you really do like the way I look in my slip," she smiled. She gently pulled me down onto the bed with her and said, "Please touch Gramma's breasts and belly, honey." After a few minutes of feeling her up, I climbed on top of her, and she wrapped her arms around my neck. "Does my boy want Gramma to make him feel good?" she asked. She reached under me and began jerking my penis with her slip. "Mmmm...Gramma's slip feels so good on your cock, doesn't it?" With that, she pushed me up, pulled the straps of her slip off her shoulders, and said, "Here honey...put your cock between my breasts." She pushed them together, and I rubbed my throbbing and leaking penis along her cleavage. The way her glasses made her face look was making me very excited. Suddenly, she pushed me off, out her slip straps back onto her shoulders, and straddled my left leg. "Pull your knee up honey...Gramma wants to rub her kitty on it." AS she rubbed the nylon crotch of her panty along the top of my thigh, I felt her wetness, and heard her starting to breathe rapidly. she gathered up some of the skirt of her slip, and started jerking me again with it. " good boy, you are going to make Gramma cum," she hissed. She pulled up one leg for balance as she rode my thigh, and I saw she was barefoot, and her toenails were painted a bright red. In seconds, she entered her climax, and forcibly ground my thigh toward the mattress. She let her grip of my penis go, and with one hand squeezed her breast, and dug her nails into my shoulder with the other. She wasa still moaning and gasping when I turned her onto her back, hooked my fingers under the crotch of her panty, and ripped it off. I pushed myself full into her drenched kitty, and began thrusting. Her bare feet felt sexy rubbing the backs of my legs, and the way her breasts swayed under her slip as I pumped her was bringing me to the point of no return. "YESSSSS honey.....give Gramma all of your young cock, and shoot me full of your juice !!!", she ordered. I pulled out of her, straddled her waist, and unleashed streams of hot semen which covered her glasses, her mouth, her neck, and her chest. Her tongue was lapping up as much as it could, and she grabbed her glasses and tossed them aside. "Put it in me again while it's still twitching, " she demanded. I was still hard enough to do that, and when I entered her again managed to pump a couple more times into her kitty. She laid spread-eagled on the bed, and said, "You see...Gramma told you she would make you feel better."

Later, I asked her what the "Gramma" thing was about, and she told me it had long been a fantasy of hers. "What others do you have?", I asked. She looked at me, smiled, and said, "'ll go into my drawer, get me a clean panty and slip while I freshen up, and let's go downstairs to talk.

My time with her was becoming very interesting.

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