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Carin's continuing adventures

So for those of you following my frustration, you may have noticed that I have become more willing than most wives usually do. I realise now that not only am I fine with that, but that I actually need the excitement. So when my best friend asked last week if Iwould help her with her husband's birthday present on Monday, while I of course said yes, I was actually dreaming of dressing up and being his present.
I arranged to be late for work, and since it is my week to stay until after close, nobody had an issue with it. Used to be I hated staying late, but that's another thing that has changed. I went over to help her set up just before noon, not really knowing what she had planned, so when she met me at the door in a robe, I didn't think anything was out of the ordinary. She practically dragged me up to their bedroom, and then told me I had to tie her down before she lost her nerve.
She dropped her robe, and yes you perverts, she was naked, and shaved. Then she crawled on the bed, the whole time babbling about how he would be home right away, and how I should come back after he leaves for work and untie her. That's when the wicked part of me took over. First, I turned her on the bed, so she was facing the door, with her ass towards the headboard. Then I bound her like she wanted, on the bed, doggie position. And then I went into her closet and got one of his silk ties, and blindfolded her.
She was panting in excitement, and told me to take her purse so I would have house keys to come save her. It was just as I was getting to her bedroom door that her husband bellowed from the front door. I was trapped! Frozen for a moment, I scurried into their closet as his footsteps came up the stairs. Through the slats of the closet door, I could see his lust as he walked in take over his face. He stripped as fast as he could, almost falling on his ass, and while I was so embarrassed, I almost gave myself away with a giggle.
Then I had a front row seat to my best friend sucking her husband hard. He slid in and out of her mouth, obviously enjoying her oral skills as he grew harder. I tried not to squirm much, as the door I was peering through wasn't closed, and it would have been so easy for him to look over and catch me watching. But at the same time, I was rubbing my now wet treasure, squeezing my legs together, as my hands carressed my hard nipples hidden under my shirt and bra.
He had moved behind her, and was slowly pounding deep into her as she begged for more. I knew she was more adventurous than I used to be, but listening to her get taken was pushing me over the edge. That's when I noticed someone standing in the doorway. He hadn't come home alone!
His friend quietly moved into the bedroom and undressed, but by that time my best friend wouldn't have heard a freight train rubble through, moaning as she was.
Begging for more as her last shuddering orgasm faded, and him asking what she wanted, he thrust in as deep as he could, practically pushing her mouth over his friend's hard member.I watched as they both slid deep into her, listened to her gag on a second hard manhood as her husband pounded her from behind.How long they lasted at the pace they were setting I don't know, but when both men finally thrust deep and moaned, I knew they had both just filled my best friend, and I wanted it to have been me!
She collapsed on the bed as they both pulled out, and moaned as he thanked her for the birthday present. Both men dressed quietly, and she was still shivering in extasy as they were leaving. He slipped her makeshift blindfold off, and whispered something I couldn't hear, but her answer left no doubt in my mind she was still lusting for more. He opened the night table right in front of me, and while he was blocking my view, I knew from her new found moans that he had slid a toy into her.
And then with one last look at his wife writhing and moaning on thier bed, my best friend's husband walked out, and I waited until I heard the front door close and his truck pulled out of the drive. Then I burst out of the closet, and laid down on the bed as she climaxed again. She then begged for release, and so I unlocked her from the bed. I was expecting her to hide from me, but instead she rolled over and began to pound herself with the toy he had pushed into her soaking treasure, legs open and fully displaying her lust to me.
I remember her asking if I enjoyed watching her be a slut, and then the questions get blurry as my excitement began to overcome me.Closer and closer I approached release, yet I couldn't stop watching her shudder as she found yet another orgasm to satisfy her wanton desire. Finally I couldn't take anymore frustration, and began to peel off my clothes, and smiled as her hands reached into her toy chest and pulled out a purple toy for me.
Spread on the bed, legs wide in the air, my best friend cheering me on as I slid her sex toy deep into my slippery treasure, when she asked if I wanted to be caught like that! My explosive scream was my answer, as thoughts of her husband and his friend walking in lit off my fuse, and sent me beyond orgasms, to whatever is better!
I came to, her laying beside me, our naked bodies pressing together, as she thanked me. I kissed her, our first non platonic kiss in 30 years of friendship, and thanked her back. Then she took her toys, and led me to the master ensuite I wish my house had, and we washed up. Not uncomfortable, but just quiet as we got cleaned up.The phone rang as we walked back into the bedroom n our towels, and the naughty smile told me who it was.
She was answering questions I couldn't hear, but the steady "yes" had distracted me from getting dressed. Suddenly she dropped her towel as she answered, and then lay spread on the bed. "Yes I want to be watched" was her answer as her free hand was now rubbing her belly. "Yes I will be a slut for you" was her answer as her legs spread."Yes I would be your office slut" as her hand now pushed down her body before me. "Yes I would be your sex slave" as she now rubbed herself in front of me again. Then her eyes came wide open, and she handed the phone to me.
"Will you tie my wife down for me again?" and I whispered a yes. "Will you teach her to be a good slut?" and again I whispered yes as my towel fell from my body. "Will you tell me who you are?" and I thrust the phone back to her, afraid and excited by how close I was to answering.
Standing in front of my best friend, naked and excited having already climaxed before her, I wated as she answered her husband on the phone, sure in my mind she was going to admit it was me. Then she said"maybe next birthday" and hung up.
Moments later we were both rubbing furiously to reach another shuddering orgasm, when she said I should hurry up as he was on his way back! I awoke from my explosion expecting to see him, but she just smiled, threw on her robe as I dressed, and promised to keep our secret as long as I helped her with another adventure.
I was just out the back gate to my minivan when I heard his truck screach to a stop on the front street.

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