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First time with a shemale

Well this is my first story i have wrote so bear with me and comment on what you think...

well this all happened about two years ago when i was 18 i always have had fantasies of having a cock in my mouth and ass but i wasnt attratced to men jusst the cock so i decided to find a shemale. i live in a small town and thats hard so i found one about an.hour away in the city. so i talked to her decided to leave work early i was already horny anways but the worst part was the drive because it gave me time to think and second guess myself but i kept going..
when i arrived there she was waiting outside all dolled up she welcomed me amd i followed her in.. as soon as i got inside she told me to strip so i did and she did the same.. she had a little bed set up on the floor i told her what i wanted to do and she laid down and told me to sock her cock.. it was a avrage girth 8 in black cock i starred at it for a little while then dove in trying my best to suck and take it in i could only take about 5 in put used my hand to stroke the rest.. i sucked her til she was hard i loved feeling the cock grow in my mouth until she was ready she got up and went to the bedroom she came back with a condom and some lube... i was a little nervous her cock was big compared to anything i have ever had in my butt. this was my first cock but i had tried some toys but not many... (always remeber im a smaller guy im only 5 5 and 120 lbs so not a big hole back there.) she layed me face down with my ass up and put lube all over her and on my shaved ass it was a little cold my cock was so hard and i was ready to exploed with my ass up feeling so vulnerable and the smell of spit and precum on my lips was almost intoxicated and the thought of being this cocks slut.. she slap and fingered my ass for a few and then i coulc feel her warm cock pressureing against my ass it hurt she could tell she pushed and backed off prolly 5 times until the head spread my virgin ass. she worked in nice and slow unti i took that black cock completlty in my ass.. i almost fainted lol it was aqward for her because i my butt was to low so i layed flat on my bellly now and had my legs wrapped around hers i remember my toes curling and her picking up the pace she was fucking my frantically me now and she would pull out and put it right back in and my ass would stay gaping when her cock would leave it i could feel lube running down my crack alll over my white balls i was so horny that i came from my dick rubbing the covers on the florr it ewas the most intesne oorgasm of my life my butt puckered and then as always i lost my interested in cock i alwasy have when i masterbated but i couldnt tell her to stop now so i let her keep fucking me on the floor, my head banging of the wall and her clamping me down it almost felt like **** now and that turn me on again but she was ready to bust she pull out yelling she was going to cum i just layed there and she blew all over my back.. i quickly got up and wanted to get dressed i could fell my ass still gaping leaky lube.. i was embarrased so i quickly thanked her and left... i thought about all the event on my way home and my stretched asss still leaking that i came home and fingered my ass and jacked off cuming all over myself

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