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My Two b*****r`s Wifes!

Every year my 2 b*****rs and i take off on Friday and go hunting for 4 days. but this year was going to be different. my wife`s mother got sick so my wife left Thursday and drove up to her mother`s. there was a problem at work so i ended up having to work the weekend. so this year my b*****rs had to go with out me. Friday night being kind of bummed about not getting to go hunting and thinking about how shitty my weekend was going to be. i started pounding down the beers. about 8 there was a knock on the door. oh fuck who`s that. i opened the door and Amy my b*****r`s wife was standing there with a plate in her hand. you hungry Wayne? she asked yes i am but not for food i told her. we both stood there for a minute not saying word. you going to invite me in? she asked. oh yea come on in you wanna beer? i asked her. sure and what do you mean not hungry for food your wife has only been gone for 1 day you horny bastard she said laughing. sorry i can not help it i get that way every time i see you i said. i looked at her and smiled. WOW so i make your dick get hard uh Wayne. yes real fucking hard! so what are you watching? she asked. as she sat down on the sofa. i had forgot about the nasty movie i was watching. it looks interesting come watch it with me Amy said. being d***k and now real horny i thought what the hell and sat down next to her. we both got interested in watching the 2 girls give some lucky guy a blowjob. i heard Amy moan when the guy shooting his cum all over the 2 girls. dam that looks like fun Amy said and she reached over and started rubbing the bulge in my pants. you ever done that she asked. no i told would you like to? fuck yes i told her. me too she said then she got up and left. what a bitch leaving me alone with this raging hard on. so i went ahead and jerked off and went to bed. when i got home from work there was a note on the door Wayne do not go any where we will be back soon is all it said. i was getting out of the shower when the door bell rang. i put a towel around me and went to answer it. it was Amy but she was not alone Susan my younger b*****r`s wife was with her. and they were looking hot. i offered them a beer and invited them in. what are you two doing out causing trouble? i asked. i hope we do not have any trouble with this Amy said as she reached over and pulled my towel off. they both smiled when they say my rock hard cock. see i told you Wayne had a nice cock Amy said. come sit down and enjoy yourself Susan told me. then they started taking each other`s clothes off touching and feeling each other as they kissed. man it was hot so i started stoking on my cock as i watched. slow down you horny bastard don`t you dare cum yet Amy told me. we better help him out with that. they both got down on their knees in front of me and took turns wrapping their lips around my hard cock. as one sucked on my cock the other one would be licking my balls. oh fuck yes that feels good i said. well this should feel even better Susan said and then she stuck her tongue in my ass and started tongue fucking my ass. i am going to cum i yelled. no wait a minute Susan said she got down in front of me next to Amy NOW DO IT CUM ALL OVER BOTH OF US! and i did and what a load it was! we all sat down and drank another beer then they said they better get home. the next day when the wife got home i noticed she had a big smile on her face. i just thought it was because her mother was feeling better. why didn`t you call and tell me you didn`t go hunting. mom was feeling better so Saturday night i headed up to your camp to spend the night with you. but you was not there so i had a couple of beers and it was kind of late when i got up to leave. and your b*****rs were telling me to just stay the night and leave in the morning. no i don`t have a sl**ping bag or anything i told them. hell we got more then enough they both said. well maybe your right it would be better to wait till morning. well then hand me another beer i told them. after a few more i started feeling a little tipsy so i asked them where i was going to sl**p. in our tent we all ready made a bed. we will wait out here till you get dressed for bed. i got in the tent and i saw they only had 2 sl**ping bags. but they were kind enough to zip them to gather so we all could stay warm. i must have passed out before i finished getting dressed for bed cause when i woke up my panties were down around my ankles and my blouse was half off. it was a good thing i woke up before them i would not want them to see me like that. but you know what if i was you guys i would invest in some foam or something cause "BOY AM I SORE!"

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