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Playing Cards

Every month me and Francine, my wife spend a night playing cards with my friend Connie and her husband Tim. While playing Canasta we saw on TV that here was a major fire on the other side of town. Since Tim is a fireman he was called to work. At the same time my wife who was a police woman was called to work also. This sadly interrupted our monthly game. Both Tim and Francine left together since the fire station and police station are in the block.
As we heard the car leaving. I look at my friend, Connie who I knew her when I was a teenager and she was in grammar school. My 1st paying job (outside the house) was to babysit Connie and her b*****r while their parents was at work. Decades have passed since those babysitting days. Now we were much older, no parents but each of us has a spouse.
As I gazed at Connie’s gorgeous body, I looked at her differently. Remembering her as a c***d but now sits a grown woman in her mid 40's. Then fresh sexual desires came to me. As I remember a thin little girl who grew up to be 145 lb, 5൓", 36-28-40 frame. Connie has always had very long red hair. Which was today pined up in a bow. By looking at her, one would know that Tim had a time separating her from other men when they meet. Connie truly was a bombshell of feminity.Today Connie was wearing a dark brown dress that came half way down her thighs. Her dress had a deep “V”shaped neck. Which expose part of her full breast for viewing. As soon as Tim left she kicked of her shoes and unpinned her hair allowing it to fall down across her shoulders. As she explained “Tim likes my hair pinned up .. I like it flowing free.” “I think it look better hanging loose too” I added.
As she was relaxing at the card table, I asked her if she wanted to play a game of card. She said “sure, it is still early”. I said “do you want to pick the game.” She said “no, you can if you like . But make it something different and interesting” she added with a smile. I knew Connie had a active sex life before she married Tim. After a minute I said “Ok let’s play strip poker”. Connie looked surprise but said “OK”.
“Do you have a regular deck of cards” I ask. Connie reply was “yes I’ll get them, I am going to get a coke to drink. Do you want one too?” “Yes .. Thank you.” When Connie came back she had the deck of cards and two drinks. She sets down and we toast and say together “good luck” as we both made eyes contact. As we sipped on the drinks.
As I get it cards ready Connie asked “What are the rules”. “The rules are: You can only have on three pieces of clothing to start. Your bra, panty and dress while I have on a shirt, pants and draws. After each hand the winner will choose what piece to be taken off of the looser. The winner will have the option of taking that piece off. When one is nude they must do anything that the winner wants for the 30 minutes.” I said. Connie said “Sounds like you played this before ... is there something you been keeping from me”. At that we both looked at each other and chucked.
With the start of the game our chat started on our f****y. And remembering the past when I would come over and baby set. Meanwhile I was in thought of how she would look now nude filled my mind with anticipation.

The 1st hand she won. So Connie asked for my shirt but before I unbutton it she pushed back my hand and unbutton it herself. When she spread the shirt open she placed her hand on my chest. When I felt her hands I fell back to enjoy the warm sensation. Then she sat on my thighs and licked my breast. Then return to her chair for the next hand.

The 2nd hand I won. My prize was to take off her dress. As I unzipped her dress there was a sexy dark brown bra and panty set. This contrasted against her white skin. I pulled her close to me and gave her belly button a juicy long kiss (with sound effects). At that she giggled because she is ticklish. My nose got a hint of her delightful perfume.

The 3th hand I won. I choose to take her bra off. For the first the 1st time I saw her naked untanned 36GG breast. For several seconds I stared at her breast. As I pull her closer I licked her breast. Once again her perfume filled my airways of my nose. Filling my mind with sexual desires. As my hand rubbed her pussy with her thin panty separating me from my goal. But Connie did not resist or hesitate allowing me full access.

By this time we were talking about what we are missing in our marriages. Come to find out we are both missing the same thing ... a sex life with our spouses. Our spouses were “a no show” in regards to sex.

The 4th hand she won. She asked me to stand while she took off my pants. She ran her long fingernail from my throat to below my belly button. Leaving five long white mark on my brown chest. As she put her long fingers on the under side of my dick with her other hand. At this time she could feel my dick pumping like an oil well about to burst.

During the game she continued to explained when her husband got into foreplay with her. It seem like only seconds later Tim would turn his back to her and goes to sl**p. This game of cards is lasting longer than his participation, she added. While leaving her starving for sex. Then she would go to the bathroom and relieve her tension. Connie had a black dildo for just a time as this (she admitted that she always wanted to feel a real black dick inside her.) I was surprised by that admission (my sexual secret was to do just that. To put my black dick into a white pussy). While Connie had too finishing what her husband started by herself. While she hears Tim snores away.
I was surprise to hear the revelation of her sexual experience with her husband. And the way it closely followed my experience with my wife, Francine. I opened up my sexual frustration with my wife to Connie. “By the time we get into foreplay Francine would cut it off and go to the bathroom.” With my horniness surrounds my body like a dark cloud. Wishing that Francine would come out and release me, but she did not. Until I had to do what my wife failed to do. I would go into the other bathroom and fantasying that Francine hands were pumping this rock hard dick. But instead of Francine’s hand on my dick mines were. This seem to be a relieve (for both of us) just telling someone about the sexual frustration.

With both of us down to a panty for her a pair of draws for me. The 5th and 6th hands was a tie.
At this point our sexual tension we felt for each other past the point of no return. Our sexual heat made it felt steamy HOT in the room. We both wanted the card game to be over and to let our pined up sexuality explode.


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