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Sucking Dick

I’m so excited and proud of myself, all at the same time. When I started dating my man he advised me that I would not be able to get him to finish just by giving him a blow job. So since he told me this it has been a goal of mine to get him to finish via blow job. I know that I have come close to getting him to finish, but he never would finish. I started feeling really down about myself. Thinking that I wasn’t able to please my man the way I wanted to please him and the way he wanted to be pleased. I just couldn’t understand why I couldn’t get him to cum in my mouth. I wanted to taste him; I wanted to feel his cum drip down my throat. It was mind boggling. I have never had a problem getting a man to cum in my mouth. Very depressing to think that I couldn’t give the man that I loved that gift. I tried different ways of trying to get him to finish, but to no avail, I was never able to accomplish my goal, but being the woman that I am I didn’t give up, and it helps that I love to suck dick. Beside practice makes perfect. Right? Well, being the woman that I am I kept sucking his dick. I loved it. I had too much fun.

There is nothing like getting his dick, all soft and squishy, putting him in my mouth and gently sucking on him until he gets hard. I love the feeling of him growing in my mouth, touching the back of my throat. It’s crazy never before did I ever gag when sucking dick. Guess that is why I love sucking dick so much. But I love to feel him at the back of my throat but it is hard to keep him there like I want because he makes me gag 50% of the time. But I still can’t stop. I love it. I love sucking dick over eating pussy any day.

I tried that stupid throat numbing shit that is “supposed” to numb your throat so you “don’t” gag but if you don’t vomit from that shit it still doesn’t work. At least it didn’t for me. It made me sick. I watched videos to see how other people sucked dick. But while watching all I could do was laugh because they can’t even get the dick all the way in their mouth. SORRY!!! I love feeling my man’s big dick all the way in my mouth and down my throat it gives me great pleasure and makes me very wet. Dripping wet!!!

Well, since I didn’t give up and I enjoy giving my man pleasure as well as myself. I continue to suck his dick. While watching a movie here recently I had my man lay on the couch. I started to give his dick a massage. I wanted to play. Just thinking about having him in my mouth makes me wet. I pulled out his dick and started licking him from the base of his penis all the way to his sensitive head. I placed his cock in my mouth and started sucking gently while I held his balls in my hand, and gave him a massage, while sucking on his big dick. When I was jacking his dick I began sucking his balls. It was different but very fulfilling, first I did one nut. I love the way it feels in my mouth just rolling around on my tongue. I would go back and forth between sucking his dick and sucking his balls. I was having so much fun, hearing the sounds that he was making.

I gave up on thinking about what I was doing, stopped trying to please him. I focused on enjoying myself and doing what I loved best. Just sucking, and licking him all over. The best part, as I was enjoying myself, I FINALLY got him to cum in my mouth. It was so much fun and rewarding. He was so hot and sweet, not as sweet as me, but sweet. The way he felt running down my throat. I just couldn’t get enough I sucked every last drop that I could out of him, but I wanted so much more. I gave up that night, but did it again the very next night, and recieved another victory. So I am a very happy person that not only once but twice I made my man cum in my mouth and I loved every inch and ounce of it. Can’t wait to continue sucking my man’s big dick and drinking all his cum.

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