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BBC Carpenter

My husband has a habit of setting up meetings and not telling me until the last minute! We had recently purchased a fixer upper house and my husband met our carpenter during the lunch hour at the house. He called and asked me show around 1230. When I got to the house I noticed Ken was there. Now we had made eye contact before and I felt something between us! When I walked in that afternoon in my short black skirt, tan stockings, heels and red silk blouse....well Ken started to bulge in his pants and I became instantly WET! We walked through the home....Ken always behind me! When we made it to the f****y room of the house I saw a matress on the floor and camera on the tripod! My husband smiled at me "Ken wants to pound your little pussy" he said! A little foreplay.....he licked and sucked me until I came all over his face! I reached down to feel his cock and OMG! He was very long and thick! Ken spread my stocking covered legs wide and with one shove sunk all his thick black cock deep inside me! I let out a scream as I felt him hit bottom! Within seconds he pinned my legs back and was pounding his cock inside me! I continued to scream with each deep thrust into me! Ken was fucking me harder than anyone ever had! I wrapped my legs around his back and began squeezing his cock with my tight kitty muscle! Within seconds he groaned "Oh shit I'm cumming" I felt loads of his thick black seed deep inside me as he jabbed with each stroke into me! As he pulled his hard thick black cock out of me I felt his seed as it ran across my ass! Ken rolled me over and f***ed my head into the pillows. He buried his cock back inside my dripping wet kitty! Within seconds I was being pounded from behind as he spread my ass cheeks apart! I felt pain and pleasure with each deep stroke. I could feel his seed running down the inside of my thighs across the tops of my stockings. He continued pounding his thick black cock inside my pussy until I felt him start to shake...."Oh shit.....I gonna bust a nut" He tried to pull out and I slammed back against his and grabbed his hips pulling him into me! As he came I felt his black cock throb deep inside me letting go of loads of his seed! I collapsed onto the mattress! "Ken you need to fuck her a little harder, pump her full of more cum" My husband told him! Ken rolled me onto my back and rammed his hard thick cock deep inside me again. " I took 3 viagra before I came over, I am tearing this pussy up" he told! I replied "you can fuck me all afternoon, pound my pussy Ken.....cum inside me". To be Continued for PART 2!

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