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Jack and Diane - Part 1

Jack and Diane - Part 1

(names and places have been changed to protect the innocent)
(this is a true fantasy, and should be taken as such)

My name is Jack and I am a very bad 40 year old. I have been into older women (50+) for quite some time, but it was my aunt Diane, and my fantasies about her, who really got me interested in mature and sexy women. Aunt Diane is only 55. A very sexy 55 (and when you do the math, 15 years isn't that much of an age difference. I have been with 2 other mature women older than her. There is nothing quite like the touch of a mature woman.

Now, I have had many fantasies over the years about Diane, starting as far back as me being 8 years old (yes, I was an early bloomer) until most recently. We have always gotten along very well, almost too well. We have shared sexual stories, or ideas, and sometimes pictures, with ease. Nothing feels taboo. It feels natural.

Recently I decided to have a mini-Me vacation, and thought of visiting Diane for parts, or all, of it. She was ecstatic to hear that I had made plans that involved her, and was very welcoming for me to stay with her, and besides, warm weather and the sand between your toes is a very good vacation.

So I packed up and headed to the airport, boarded the plane, and within a few hours, I was in Diane's home town. As I was exiting the plane, and heading to the Arrivals area, I saw Diane in the window waving. I smiled, as I walked a little quicker. I hadn't seen her for about 6 years and was quite excited to spend some one on one time with her. We always have a great time together, and more especially when it is just her and I.

I got through the doors, and Diane threw her arms around me, which usually land around the middle of my back. I hugged her back and we gave each other a little kiss on the lips. She looked really good, and I mean good. A tight jean skirt, and a low cut loose blouse.

"It's so good to see you Diane". "You too Jack", she replied pulling on my hand and trying to race to the luggage pick up. "Which one is yours?" she asked pointing to the carousel. "The black duffle" I replied. "There it is". She reached over to lift it off, and as she bent over, her skirt rose a little, showing off a little bit of her ass cheeks, and a hint of a g-string. My mouth must have dropped as I stared in amazement. She turned around and lay the duffle at my feet. I looked at her again, and I could clearly see down her top from where I was standing. Her pert round breasts were not in a bra, and again, I stared in awe. "This is too heavy for me, you shou..." her voice trailed off as she looked at me. I hadn't realized my own jeans were feeling a bit tight as well, due to my ever growing erection. "Umm Jack... JACK" she said. I snapped out of it. "Huh? Oh right, yes I'll carry it" as I picked it up and carried it in front of me, in my feeble attempt in concealing my hard-on. Diane looked puzzled, concerned, and then with a bit of smirk "Let's go and find my car" she said, with a hint of a giggle. Oh boy, could I have been that obvious. I must be very red in the face. No, it just must be the heat.

As we were heading down the highway, we made some small talk about my flight, the weather, the town, the beaches. "So how are you really?" Diane asked. "Well, I am alright, a bit lonely, but alright" I replied. "How about you?" I asked. "Jack, I won't lie. I am very lonely, but getting by. I have missed having 'fun' if you know what I mean. But enough about that... I am just SO glad you came alone to see me" she said smiling as she drove. "You must be starving. What would you like to do for supper?" She asked. "Well, I do like pizza, and seafood, but not together" I laughingly said. She looked and smiled. "Why don't we go back to my place, and you can change out of those hot and tight jeans and have a beer with me before we head out" she said. "That's a great idea" I replied as I looked down at my now semi erection. "That's a really great idea".

We pulled into her driveway, and I grabbed my duffle. "You know where the guest room is. Please, make yourself at home" she said as she unlocked and opened the door for me. "Thanks Diane" I said. "Anytime" she replied as she put her hand on my ass and patted it. "Anytime". I looked at her, and she had the same smirk on her face as at the airport earlier. "What? Can't a girl have some fun?". I nervously laughed as I slipped my shoes off and headed to the bedroom. "There are fresh sheets on the bed, and I laid out a towel and a facecloth for you" she said. "I'll get our beers ready". "Thanks Diane. I won't be long".

I was now a sweaty mess, with all the humidity and heat that I am not used to. I thought I'd grab a short shower, to freshen up, so I grabbed my bathroom bag and the towel and headed for the bathroom. I closed the door and started the shower, and climbed in. I washed my hair, but thought I had heard the bathroom door open, but didn't think any more of it. I finished rinsing my hair, and wiped the water from my eyes, and there was Diane, with two beers in her hands, watching me from the other end of the shower curtain. "Thirsty?" she asked before she took a drink from her bottle. "Umm yes" I said, as I tried to discreetly cover up. "Oh please, don't be modest or shy. I just want to watch you, and you are going to let me, ok?" Diane said as she handed over my beer. "Ok Diane" I replied with a f***ed smile. 'What am I to do?' I thought as I took the beer, and had a quick sip, as water was flowing over my back. My cock was starting to get hard again, and I felt myself get red in the face once more. "Diane, can you please hold my beer so I can quickly soap up?". "Sure thing k**do, sure thing" she replied as she took the beer from me. I quickly washed and rinsed, and the whole time being watched by Diane. I looked at her, and she intently taking it all in, watching and enjoying it all. I shut off the water and turned around, and heard the door close. I pulled the curtain back, and she was gone, but left the beer. I grabbed my towel and dried myself off, and opened the door, and headed to the bedroom. I could hear Diane in the kitchen, preparing something.

I closed the bedroom door and hung the towel up, and looked on the bed. Diane must have come in and laid out something for me to wear: some black silk boxers, a nice white t-shirt and a loose pair of surfboarding shorts. I got dressed, grabbed my beer and headed for the kitchen. As I turned the corner I could finally see what she had been doing in there. There was a bowl of nacho chips, fresh home made salsa, and Diane sitting on a stool, wearing nothing more than a tight tank top, a g-string, and sandals, sipping on her almost finished beer. I looked her over in awe as I sat down. Her hard nipples were clearly showing through her white top. "Thanks for the...." I paused, forgetting all concept of the English language. "The snacks Jack?" she asked. "Ahhhh yes, the snacks" I replied, as I nervously (while being quite puzzled and excited) finished my beer. "Would you..." Diane asked, but I cut her off without thinking. "Yes" I said. She looked and smiled. "As I was saying, would you like another beer Jack?". "Umm yes, Diane, thank you" I replied. She got up and turned around. The view of her nice, round and milky white cheeks split in half by her mostly buried g-string, was intoxicating. Diane opened the fridge and bent over to pull a beer out of the bottom of the fridge. I could now see her in almost all her glory. What seemed like time standing still, as she bent over, I could see the mound of her slightly hairy, but trimmed, privates, with the treasure hidden only by a small triangle shaped cloth. I could feel myself get hard. I could clearly see the cloth of her g-string was damp in the center.

Diane closed the fridge, popped the cap off the beer, and brought it over to me. She was standing almost between my legs as she set the beer on the table. Without a word or a look, she undid my shorts, and put her hands on my now throbbing and wet cock. I tightened up, wondering, 'what the fuck'. "Now Jack, I noticed you looking at me at the airport, and again when we got back here, and now again in the kitchen. And every time I have caught you looking at me, you have gotten hard. I am flattered, but I know now you 'have' to learn how to control yourself. I cannot have you do this when you are a guest in my home." She said sternly, turning her head, looking right into my eyes, as she squeezed my cock and balls tighter. "Do you understand Jack? You must be broken."

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