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The Stream

The morning came like a refreshing wind after the thunderstorm that raged the night before. The air smelled like the mountains, moistened by the rain. You lifted your head to the day, the sun peaking in the cracks left by the not quite closed curtains. As you pealed away the covers, you realized you were naked... your nipples hardened with the gentle breeze that filled the room. This excited you.

"What will this day bring me" you thought, as you jumped into the shower. "Better than yesterday" you hoped in silence.

Your skin tightened up as the luke warm water splashed across it. You sunk you head deeper into the steady stream. "I feel like sunbathing by the stream, away from prying eyes..." you thought, as your soapy hands drifted along your curves. You could feel the water flow down your skin, along the lines of your tummy, and fall off your body. "It feels nice on my clit right now..." you thought, as you fought the urge to touch yourself, tease yourself, please yourself. "This will have to wait" you decided. "The day isn't getting any longer".

You finished up your shower, and quickly got into a flowing summer dress, with fabric slightly opaque. "I'm only going to a private spot. No one will be watching".

You jumped into your car, and drove up into the mountains. The sun warmed your skin as the wind from the speed cooled it. The intermittent sensations drove you crazy with anticipation. You couldn't wait to get there. It was one place you felt closer to the earth, where you felt like a woman. Naked. Alone. One with nature.

After a short drive, you came to a small pullout on the road. Being a Sunday, you knew there would be very little traffic, and guaranteed you the privacy you so desperately needed. You parked your car, gathered your things (which consisted of water, sun tanning oil, a sturdy beach chair, and a hat). "You mustn’t forget your hat", you thought as you giggled to yourself. "Off I go...".

As you strolled down the narrow forest path, you brushed the cobwebs from your dress. In doing so, you touched your hard nipples. “Not you again”. You stopped, took off your dress, and continued on your way. “There you go girls. Go play”.

You arrived at the stream, and for some reason, it looked better than you had ever seen it. Wildflowers grew up to the meandering stream bank. Birds were singing. The wind made the leaves rustle, like an audience applauding your arrival. You unfolded your chair in your usual spot. This spot had sun all day. “This is the perfect day”, you said allowed. “It could not get any better”.

You put on your tanning oil, placed your hat on your head, and lay on your chair. The sun warmed your cool skin instantly, and danced into your senses. Your nipples raged in excitement. Your legs spread to welcome the sun’s fingers. “Tease me, oh Sun-god”.

As the sun beat upon your body, you heard what may be footsteps. You looked up and around. You saw and heard nothing. You shrugged it off an lay back down. A few minutes passed, and you were dosing off to the peacefulness of nature.

What felt like minutes turned into an hour, and your startled yourself awake. You lifted off you hat from your eyes, and there, in front of you, was a naked man, stroking his cock at the sight of you. “I’m sorry, does this scare you?” he asks with a smirk. “Not at all, please, put your chair over here in front of me, and make yourself comfortable.” A perfect day indeed….

As he was setting his chair up, you took the time to check him out. After all, he did take his time checking you out. We was tall with dark hair, blue eyes, and a smile that could warm a soul. His body was average to fit, which is how you like it. His ass was perfect, and begged to be squeezed. You could see his shaved sack and shaft. Still semi-erect, his cock oozed precum. “Do you mind if I taste that?” you said. “Please do” he replied.

You sat up and moved over to his chair. His legs were spread. You took his cock in your hands and rubbed it. You knelt over and liked the tip of his cock. His precum was tasty and you greedily licked more off of him. You licked down his shaft and sucked on his balls. He moans as you take them into your mouth. “You are a very naughty boy for sneaking up on me” you said, and you liked your way down to his ass. As you rimmed him, he gave out a little cry, knowing that it pleased him. You continued to stroked his cock, which built up a nice supply of precum. You moved back up to his cock, and as you placed your lips on his head you inserted a finger into his ass. You could feel his contractions as you went deeper into his ass, and his cock deeper into your mouth. You continued this until you felt him ready to cum. “You will have to wait, bad-boy. I want you to use that tongue of yours on my pussy”.

You leaned back into your chair as he, as if in a daze, leaned over to your chair. You spread your legs, and touched your now throbbing wet clit. You spread your lips, inviting him in.

As he moved onto you, you could feel his warm, moist, breath on your skin. It teased you, as he moved closer to your pussy. He covered your lips with his whole mouth, and sucked you into his. His tongue flicking, massaging, tasting your clit. You moaned with pleasure.

After a time, he placed his hand behind your knees, and pushed on them closer to your chest. As he did this his powerful tongue slid down your pussy, and he teased your inner lips, sucking all of your honey out of your pussy. Just as you could feel some wetness flowing down the crack of your ass, you felt instant pleasure as he licked it off your asshole. He was licking between both love holes, as you spread your cheeks for him. His nose was teasing you pussy and clit as he dove deeper into you.

You were reaching you height of your orgasm when he stopped… “Oh oh” he whispered. You opened your eyes, and there were a naked couple walking up to you guys. “Hello. Mind if we join you?” they asked. “Sure, the more the merrier” you said.

There was a spot on the creek that had a natural log ‘deck’, where the logs had been water turned and debarked, and bleached in the sun. The logs were large in diameter, but were not high off the ground.

Everyone was walking over, the girls to the front, and the boys to the back. The ladies got there first and put some towel down on the logs. You both looked back and you saw the boys…. They were stroking each other as they walked. “I think you fellas should show us ladies some man loving” you yelled out.

The boys got to the ‘deck’. Your first fellow laid out on his back. The other fellow got between his legs and lick his full shaft, starting at the tip, and moved his way down to his balls. He stopped and sucked in his buddies ball sack. He licked back up to his tip and took his cock into his mouth.

As the boys were playing you ladies had a game of your own….

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