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Belles first gang bang.

Belle heard the lock on the door click and light flooded into the pitch black room, she had been in there for what felt like days with no light and no sound it was hard to tell.

"Good morning Belle, I hope you slept well" Ben said walking over to the cage on the floor in which belle was curled up.

She moved round in the limited space and placed her face against the bars "yes sir very well" she looked up at him squinting the bright light still to much for her eyes that were so used to the darkness. Belle opened her mouth wide and placed her hands behind her on her back.

"Haha, good girl Ben laughed. I can see we are getting there with the training aren't we. Tell me Belle why have you got your mouth open?"

"For sir to use as he sees fit, sir!" She replied obiediently. He reached his hand in through the bars of the cage and stroked her long blonde hair.

"Belle I have a special treat for you today, and you'll need all of your energy for later"

Belle looked at him intrigued "yes sir"

"We need to get you all washed up first, can't have you all sweaty" Ben leant down and unlocked belles cage and beckoned her out. "I want you to follow me upstairs belle, you can use the en suite in my room we want you looking you best.

Belle stood up and stretched as she did she let out a little moan of pleasure, she stood behind her master and waited for him to lead the way, he gave her a little slap on her bottom which made belle giggle slightly "thank you sir" "your welcome" he replied with a grin on his face.

Belle was excited about what her master had planned for her later that day. She had expirenced so many new things and Ben seemed to be in such a good mood today that day, it must be something very good in deed. As belle stepped out of the dungeon room and into the pool room she could she that it was a beautiful sunny day and bright sunshine was streaming in through the windows.


"Yes belle"

"Sir, can I ask what day it is"

"Its Saturday belle"

They walked round the edge of the pool and rather than head to the door that went to the rest of the house Ben lead belle to the sliding door that went to the garden. Belle stopped, was he leading her out side? "But I've got nothing on" she thought to herself "what if someone sees me"

Ben had noticed that belle had stopped and turned to look at her "don't worry belle it's lovely and warm outside" he knew that wasn't what was stopping her, but he liked to watch her squirm. He smiled at her "belle it's my garden, there's no one out there, and no one can see in" he slid the big glass door open took belle by her collar and pulled her to the door. Belle did not resist and followed him out side.

The warm sun on her naked body felt amazing and the warm gentle breeze brushing against her exposed pussy was fantastic. "See belle I knew you'd like it out here" Ben sat down in a chair on the patio and looked at her "belle I want you to go over and kneel down on the grass infront me.

Belle did as she was told and knelt down on the soft grass, it was an exhilerating feeling knelt on all fours spreading her legs and exposing her pussy outside with the sun shining down on her. Belle waited for futher instructions.

Ben just sat looking at her then he got up and came over to her he walked around her looking at her pretty body he reached his hand under her and tweaked on her hard erect nipple, a twinge of pain followed by a wave of pleasure passed through her body. Ben smiled to himself, he was now stood behind her, with his trainer clad foot Ben rubbed belles pussy, the feeling of the laces and the roughness of the leather felt different but very nice, belle moaned and she felt her legs wobble a little.

"Belle, I bet you really need to go to the toilet. You've been in your cage all night" now he mentioned it belle realised that she had not relived herself in quite some time, and all of a sudden she felt the overwhelming urge to pee. "Belle I want you to relive yourself out here in the garden" he had quite a wicked grin on his face all of a sudden

"I'm not going to go out side in the garden like a dog" belle thought to herself. "Sir I don't need to go" she said looking up at him

"Belle you are an awful liar, I want to see you go outside so we will stay here till you do" he pulled the chair over to her and sat down. Seconds, then minutes passed with neither of them saying or doing anything "you've been there There twenty minutes now belle, I can wait all day"

Belles bladder was now getting quite painful, she really needed to go desperately. Belle started to shake her hips to distriact her form the sensation at first she tried to hide her movements but as the urge to pee got greater and the pain stronger her whole body shook.

"Belle just let it go then you can go and get a shower"

Belle was starting to realise that she would have to go soon and a feeling of humiliation started to rise inside her.

Ben stood up put his hand under her stomach and pressed on her bladder, belle let out a little involuntrey whimper and started to sob she realised that she had no choice and the feeling of desperation and pain out wieghed the embarisment and belle just let go. A warmth flowed down the inside of her thighs and she could feel it under her knees in the grass. Pleasure and relief flowed though her body and out onto the floor under her. As the pleasure subsided a feeling of humiliation and embarisment built and belle looked up at her master.

Ben looked belle square in the face and opened his mouth to speak "WOOF!" He barked at her and belle nearly burst into tears she had just relived herself in the garden at the order of someone like a common dog, she was so embarrassed.

Ben smiled at her "see that wasn't that bad was it, be honest it turned you on didn't it" belle thought "No! But on reflection she did feel a little odd" Ben smiled and pulled her up to her feet come on let get you in that shower. Belle stood up sniffed and walked towards the house. SMACK! Ben rached out a hand and gave her a sharp hard slap across the arse "that's for keeping me waiting"

The afternoon slipped by as belle got herself done up for the unknown suprise that evening, Ben would drop in on her from time to time to either talk to her or simply just to watch her.

It was about six when Ben walked into the room where belle was sat on the bed doing her hair, she looked up at him. He was wearing a very sharp suit belle thought to herself how good he looked.
"Sir, can I ask what you want me to wear this evening" belle hoped that it was a beautiful evening drees to match bens suit. Ben opened the door to the wardrobe and lifted out an outfit he turned to belle and showed her her what she would be wearing. It wasn't the evening dress she was hoping for, it was a French maids out fit belle was a little disappointed but when she picked it up the feeling if the expensive silk and lace in her hands gave her a wonderful feeling.

"Let me see you put it on, I'll help you with it" belle stood up and let the dressing gown she was wearing slip to the floor. Belle steeped into the outfit and Ben zipped her up from behind, I moved in closer to her and reached his hands over her silk covered breasts and gave them a little squeeze, belle felt his cock swell in his trousers as he did, she reached her hand back and rubbed him through his trousers. Ben let out a moan of pleasure but moved her hand away "later belle, I'll have guests arriving shortly" Ben handed her a pair of silk stocking and killer heels " put these on as well"

"Oh yes sir, thank you sir" belle slipped her right foot into the stocking and rolled it up her shapely leg, belle made sure that she gave Ben a full view of her her shaved pussy as she did. She reached down and did the same with her left this time spreading her legs so wide it looked like hard work to pull the stocking up.

Ben smiled at her leant in close and pushed a single finger up belles soaking wet pussy, belle nearly came there and then " you truly are a filthy whore belle"

"You say that like its a bad thing, sir"

He just chuckled and slid his finger out of pussy and into her mouth "no, no bad thing at all. Now go down stair and wait on the chair by your cage ill come and get you in a bit.

"Yes sir"

Time passed so slowly as belle sat waiting to be summonded to the party, the sound proofed room gave no hints as to what was going on outside and all belle could do was guess as to what was going to happen to her.

Belle froze as she heard the lock click on the dungeon door, Ben walked in "were ready for you now, belle tonight is very important to me and I don't want you to embarrass me, do you understand"

Butterflies turned in belles stomach as she nodded "yes sir"

Ben winked at her "you look stunning" he took her by her shaking hand and left the dungeon room.
Belle could hear music playing and as they made there way towards the main part of the house a strange thing happened, the knot in belles stomach relaxed and her anticipation faded. The slightest touch from Ben had set her mind at ease and a new excitement grew inside her.

Ben opened the big heavy wooded door and entered the room, he waved belle in "everyone this is belle"

Belle looked around and there was a small group of people maybe 7 or 8 men and women. They all turned around to look at her some of them whispered between themselves and others greeted her

"Good evening belle" said a particular attractive woman "you've done we'll with this one Ben she said turning toward him "I hope she behaves as well as she looks"

Ben looked across at belle and gestured her to respond "good evening madam" belle replied. Ben winked at her and nodded.

"Well she certainly appears to have the basics covered" the attractive dark haired lady came over to belle and placed her hand on belles cheek "mmmm, very nice"

"Belle this is Claire , a close friend of mine" Ben said placing a hand on Claire's shoulder, Claire moved her hand down to belles chest and touched her breast "mmm very nice indeed"

Belle didn't know what to do she had never had a lady touch her breasts but a shiver of excitement ran down her spine.

"Belle how about getting us all some drinks" Ben said ushering Claire away

"Yes sir" belle made her way round the room asking each of the people there what she could get them. Each and every one of them seemed to check belle put as she moved past them some of the, placing there hands on belles arse or stocking clad legs.

"Belle come over here I want you to do something for me" Ben was sat in a large leather arm chair with a big smile on his face and his cock in his hand. Belle was a little shocked at first but she made her way over to her master and assumed the position she knew she should. On her knees with her mouth open. Ben must have been able to to the trepidation in belles face as she knelt just inches above his hard throbbing cock because he whispered quietly to her "just imagine there not here, just you and me"

"Yes sir" she moved her head forward and took his cock into her mouth, within seconds belle had relaxed and forgotten about the strangers all watching her being told to suck cock and the normal feeling of excitement and arousal took over. Belle felt a hand on the back of her head it took hold of a bunch of her hair and pushed her head down deeper into bens cock the f***e made her gag and and his cock slid from her mouth see turned sideways to she Claire stood over her " come on you can suck cock better than that can't you" "can't you"

"Yes madam" belle said breathlessly

Belle was f***ed up to her feet by Claire pulling her up by the hair " I want you to show me how well you lick pussy" Claire said collapsing in the seat next to Ben.

"Huh, what, I've never" belle was stumped she had never so much as touched another woman's breast let alone licked a pussy. Claire lifted up one leg across bens lap exposing her neatly shaved pussy. Claire pulled her In closer by her hair, belle could smell the musky scent of her pussy and she could see how moist Claire was she had clearly enjoyed watching belle sucking cock.

Belle extended the tip of her tongue and moved slowly forward, belle was so nervous but massively turned on as her tongue brushed against Claire's swollen clit Claire moaned loudly. Belle ran her young over Claire's lips and sucked them into her mouth. Claire was moaning loudly and still holding onto belles hair, Claire was direction belle by moving her to where she wanted to be licked. Belle came up for a quick breath and looked at Ben who was having his cock stroked by Claire

"Don't fucking stop" belles face was pushed back down onto Claire's pussy and belle greedily resumed her licking.

Someone had moved round behind belle and and lifted the short skirt of the maid out fit and stared to lick her pussy. "Belle look down" Ben said to her "Christ that's so fucking hot" belle looked down to she one of the other ladies lapping at her pussy.

Belle was lifted up by one of the men at Claire's request and placed on her back on the coffe table inthemiddle of the room the lady who had been eating belles pussy climbed up on top of her and lowers her own pussy onto belles greedy tongue, and Claire knelt between belles legs and pushed a couple of fingers inside her

"Some one pass me my strap on I'm going to fuck this fresh piece of meat" Claire stepped into her strap on harness pulled the straps tight and lubed up the big thick dildo. Belle let out a muffled scream of pleasure from her the woman sat on her face as Claire roughly began to fuck her juicy cunt.

This was the starting point that got everyone going belle felt a thick cock being pushed into the pussy on her face and she looked above her to she the lady's vagina stretched on a very big thick black cock.

Belle had lost her self and hands, people cocks and pussys wearing touching and sliding over everything. Belle sat up to see Claire fucking her and Ben fucking Claire. Belle thought this would upset her but if anything it turned her on even more, she reached up and grabbed Claire's tits and pulled her deep inside.

Ben let out a huge moan as he came deep in Claire. "Belle clean up my mess"

Belle slid out from under the couple fucking over her head and spun round so her head was hanging off the table infront of Claire. As Claire squatted down over belles waiting mouth a thick load of cum dripped from her gaping hole, belle ran her tongue over her lip taking it all into her mouth then Claire pushed her pussy onto belles face. Belle flicked her tongue across Claire's swollen lips and over her clit. Claire squeezed every last drop of cum from inside her and belle greedily pushed her tongue inside, belle loved the taste of Claire's pussy and bens cum all mixed together.

Claire reached her hand down to her cunt and vigously rubbed her sensitive clit and as she came she squirted huge volumes of ejaculate in belles face "thats it, swallow it all you filthy slut" belle was coughing and choking struggling to get her breath. Claire slapped her across the face, it made belles cheek feel very hot "you didn't thank me for cumming over you face"

"Sorry Ma'am, thank you ma'am"

Ben sat back down in the leather arm chair "I'm done with her guys she's all yours"

Before belle knew what was going on she was being turned over onto her front facing Ben sat in his chair, as she went to say something a huge cock was f***ed up her pussy. It was significantly bigger than any cock she had every taken before and it was streching her to the point of hurting. Belle looked back to see the owner of the big black cock that had just been fucking the woman sat over her face minutes before. He smiled at her placed his hands on her hips and pushed his cock all the way in. Belle opened her mouth to let out a scream as she big another cock was pushed into her mouth.

Ben sat watching his new slave being spit roasted as Claire and a pretty dark haired girl took it in turns to suck and lick his cock. The guy in belles pussy sped up his thrusts, belle felt his hot load being pumped inside her, as soon as his cock was removed another was pushed inside, belle noticed the girth of this one was no as large and it easily slipped in and out of her again another load was shoot deep into her.

Each man in the room took turns fucking belle either coming inside her pussy or moving to her mouth and having her lick their cocks and balls.

"Chris, how about seeing how much of you she can take up her arse" said Ben laughing, chris turned out to be the owner of the thick black cock.

"Sure, I do love to make a salve squeal"

"Slave spread you cheeks" he ordered her in a deep strong voice.

Belle hesitantly moved her hands to her arse cheeks and began to spread her arse to allow chirs easy access, as her cheeks spread belle felt a large amount of hot sticky cum run from her well fucked pussy. Chris reached down and scooped up a large amount of the cum "this will make a great lube, maybe make you life a little easier" chris said rubbing his cock. Chris moved in closer to her and belle tensed up with fear, she knew this was going to hurt. Chris's cock nudged against her tight puckered arsehole as he pushed it forward belles arse gave in and allowed the head of his cock to open her up.Chris's cock felt enormous as it moved further into her arse, belle squealed as it opened her wider and wider. Ben moved in front of belle and knelt down so they were face to face.

"Does it hurt belle?"

"Yes sir" belle said as a single tear ran down her cheek.

Ben reached up and wiped it away smiling at her he said "it makes me happy to see that you'll follow my instructions even when it hurts. As a treat I'll......"

"You'll make him take it out" belle interrupted

"Take it out, no!" Ben laughed wickedly " you" Ben pointed at the dark haired girl "lick her pussy as chris fucks her arse"

The girl got down under belle and lapped obediently at belle quivering cunt. With chris stationary in her arse and her pussy being licked the feeling of pain subsided and the pleasure increased. Belle began to moan.

"Isn't that better belle?" Ben said

"Yes sir, thank you sir"

Ben stood up and belle opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue "well thank you belle" Ben said as his cock slid into her mouth he pushed his cock all the way down belles throat and belle expertly licked his balls as the cock fucked her face.

Chris fucked belles arse hard and deep and belle just took it moaning with ecstasy. Her pleasure reached a crescendo and she came violently her arse gripped the shaft of Chris's cock so hard he let out a moan. Belle felt her pussy expel a large amount of ejaculate all over the girls face. Chris pulled his cock out of her and wanked his thick cock over belles gaping arsehole finally shooting thick jets of spunk into the deep open hole that was belles arse hole.

The evening carried on very much the same for many more hours each person in the room emptying there balls into belle or squirting over her face.

Belle was laid across the table totally exhausted, every body had got dressed and left . Ben had just shut the door behind the last guest and returned to the room. He looked down at belle she was d****d over the table face down the skirt of her maids outfit was hitched so high it was half way up her back. Her hair was soaked and her stockings stained.

" well belle, that went well. You look like you had a good time" belle lifted her head and smiled weakly she looked up at Ben and noticed his semi hard cock staring to stir

"Yes sir, thank you sir"

He leant down and lifted her to her feet and directed her towards the dungeon, and her cage. Rather than pushing her towards the the door Ben bent her over the top of the cage and in one swift movement pushed his cock up her loose arse "blimey belle , how much has your arse been stretched tonight" his cock slid in and out of her easily he fucked her hard and fast over her cage and once again came deep up her arse. Saying nothing he pulled her down to her knees and pushed her into bed for the night.

Ben locked the cage and as he reached for the light switch he smiled at her and said "we'll make you famous belle, the finest salve ever" he winked and closed the dungeon door behind him

The total darkness covered her, belle laid there, her head was spinning this had been the most amazing night of her life, never before had she experienced so much. She'd had sex with a woman, taken her first black cock. Thinking of this she reached her hand back and touched her arse she felt as if it would never return to it original tightness.

Belle slipped her fingers down to her well fucked cum filled pussy and rubbed her clit thinking of the next time she would be able to have so much fun.........

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