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Navy Shiandras Dominance of Subordinate Ranking

Navy Shiandras Dominance of Subordinate Ranking

My vibrator hummed mightily as I tried to bring myself to a quick orgasm
before falling asl**p; "ZZZzzzzZZZZzzzzzZZZZZzzzzzZZZZZzzzzz..." on and on
it chugged as I moved the tip up and down my wet slit and over the hood of
my clit. I was so close, but had to remember where I was so I didn't cry
out or moan, or even gasp too loudly.
I pressed the length of my plastic lover against my hood as I grabbed my
left breast and gave a firm squeeze and had my nightly cum, "Ahhhhh," I
sighed my release. So was my sex life in the Navy barracks where this tale
Chapter I
My name is Maureen, to be more precise, SK2 Maureen Johnson lately of a
Navy base in coastal eastern Canada. As the saying goes, "It's not the end
of the world, but you sure can see it from here." Life here is a lonely,
work-a-day existence; bleak and cold with the sun making a rare
appearance...enough to tease, but never enough to please.
Admittedly, I'm no beauty queen, but I'm not too hard on the eyes,
especially if you like big breasted, sturdy women. I stand proudly at
5'10" tall and weigh about 168Lbs., with very short, dark brown hair, big
brown doe eyes, a bit of a big nose, and large 38D boobs. Not every man
likes a woman with my proportions, but I managed to find a winner.
At my prior duty station in the wilds of Mississippi I had a good,
satisfying sex life with my boyfriend--and now fiancé--Jim. Jimmy was

also in the Navy and a year younger than me. He was certainly the only guy
I'd ever met that could keep-up with my sex drive. We would spend whole
days in bed (or on the kitchen counter, or in the bathtub, or in a dark
booth at an adult bookstore) trying new sexy things and watching porno
tapes while we rested between orgasms.
I was usually the first one to say, "Oh wow, let's try that," as we watched
our dirty movies and some sex act I'd never tried before was shown on the
screen. Trying porno stunts is not always safe however, and more than a
few times we pulled a muscle or ten playing the sex version of twister.
Jimmy was so much fun and his mind was as dirty as mine...I liked that a
I was pretty heartbroken when my CONUS rotation was up. We only had 18
months living together as a couple. About two months before I left, Jim
asked me to be his wife and I gleefully accepted. About a week before I
left, we spent a special day together that culminated in us exchanging
"While we're apart" gifts. I gave Jim an industrial size tub of Vaseline
and swore that I wouldn't get jealous of "Rosy and her five s****rs", and
Jimmy gave me a smooth, silver colored, variable speed vibrator to take
care of my needs while we were apart.
"Of course, if you want to get it on with other women..." he grinned at
me. The pervert had been trying to get me into a threesome, or at least go
down on a woman and then tell him about it, since about our third date (of
course, we fucked on our first date), "I won't mind one bit. Just call and
let me listen...Pleeeeaasssse," he begged with his 10 year old boy voice.
A voice he used with great effect. He used it to plead with me to allow
him to put his dick in my butt, and thank goodness it I adore
his thick meat entering me that way.
But eating pussy wasn't my thing. I can't say that I have penis envy, but
I do like dick; whether it's in my pussy, or mouth, or (as I learned with
Jim) my ass. I like the way a nice prick throbs in my hand, or when it
spills its cream either into or onto my body. I absolutely adore semen. I
love the taste, the smell, and the texture, about the only thing I don't
like about it is that it can knock a girl up.
"You're so sick boy," I teased my lovely man, whom I would truly miss when
we parted, "but that's why I love you."
Our parting at the airport was long and drawn-out. Both of us crying and
proclaiming that we would be faithful and wait until we could see one
another to fulfill our physical needs, that we would love each other
forever. I let Jim drag me into the men's room for one last blow job
before my plane boarded.
"I'll call you at least once a week," he promised as we waved our last
wave, "I love you Mar."

I jetted-off to my new duty station with cum burps, chapped lips, and an
unsatisfied pussy.
Chapter II
Soon after arriving at my new duty station, I was shown to my quarters in
the BEQ (Bachelor Enlisted Quarters) which was co-ed, but men and women
were separated by floor. It wasn't a bad layout for the women: a single
person to a room with a shared bathroom for two rooms and a shared lounge
with a TV, fridge, and microwave for each four rooms. `Ok, I can deal with
this,' I thought.
The other great feature was a private phone in every room, very rare for a
military barracks. I met my roommate, a young woman of 19 who was at her
first duty station. Her name was Lisa, and she was a bubbly little blond
YN3. She gave me the whole "to do" and "Not to do" list for the base and
filled me in on our quad mates.
"Be careful around Shiandra though, everybody thinks she's a lesbo," Lisa
I listened to her stories about the single men and about the women who were
known for being a "hole" (women that got a few drinks in them and then
took-on all comers). She also told me about the guy she was dating and how
she was hopeful that he would pop "the question" sometime soon.
She filled me in on the CO and what the weekly room inspection entailed.
How often the d**g dogs went through the barracks and when "random" d**g
tests were performed, "Don't eat anything with poppy seeds on it unless you
want to get kicked out of the Navy," she warned me. A fact I was already
well aware of, but it was nice that she reminded me.
"Oh, one last thing Maureen, if you're a dyke then you should keep it to
I actually laughed out-loud and told her about my intent to make the Navy
my career. I also told her all about Jim and how we loved each other. I
even threw in the bit about Jimmy wishing to see me with a woman, but that,
that wasn't me.
"Wow, you sound like you're pretty cool Maureen," she said.
The last person she told me about was our forth quad-mate, an MA1 named
Faye, "She thinks she's some kind of super spy or careful of
her to."
My job was easy. So easy that I thought I may go nuts from boredom.
Nothing ever seemed to happen here that would require my skill or training
in logistics. This duty was based purely on routine, and if you could live

with the monotony, then you would do well...maybe even upgrade your rate a
notch or two. I was afraid that I may get myself knocked down a rate or
two as my attitude deteriorated with every passing day.
Although the work was easy, life was not particularly pleasant at this duty
station. Harsh weather and alcoholism abounded. Early on, there were many
nights I staggered away from the EM (Enlisted Men's) club unable to
remember where I was. I ended that routine quickly though, and soon fell
into a pattern of work and masturbation. If I wasn't at work, then I was
getting-off with my silver toy or my least I stopped drinking.
Chapter III
HM1 Shiandra Thomas was a very big black woman: big butt, big boobs, big
legs...the woman was big, not fat, but very big. She stands at least 6'2"
tall and must weigh upwards of 220Lbs. She has very dark skin and a
close-cropped natural afro, with a pleasant, gap-toothed smile. We were
always amiable towards each other, as were all of the women I shared the
quad with. I never got the impression that Shiandra was gay. Now Faye on
the other hand, that girl was manly, but I doubt she was gay because her
job was very intrusive with routine polygraphs and the like. This was in
the time way before "Don't ask..." so if there was even a hint that a girl
liked licking carpet, then the chance of getting booted from the service
was very high.
I was into my third month on station and bored to death. Jim kept his
promise and called me every week. We would catch-up on gossip from
Mississippi, or I would tell him about work or that I frigged myself to
sl**p every night thinking of him. Mostly we talked dirty to each other
for an hour or so and masturbated together. I guess it was better than
Shiandra caught me coming out of my room one evening as I was headed to
chow, "Maureen baby, I hear you every night buzzing away with your toy.
Now why would you want to do that when my lips can turn you inside out and
make your tight white pussy cum and cum? C'mon baby, nobody will know.
It'll be our little secret. Let me suck on your big titties and tight
pussy. No one will ever know and we can both get what we need."
I was very shocked to say the least, `Lisa was right after all,' I
"Shi I'm not gay," I tried to explain.
"I didn't say you were baby. I'm not asking you to suck my twat. I just
want to taste your pretty white pussy. Nobody will ever know baby. All
the white girls say I do it best baby. It'll be just between you and me,"
she was persistent.

"Shiandra no, I'm not gay. Please! Now I'm going to dinner," and off I
went, flustered and disgusted with my quad-mate's sudden lifestyle
Almost without exception, every time I ran into Shiandra she would lean
close to me and whisper her desire to eat me out and brag on her "pussy
eating" skills and that nobody but us would ever know. This went on week
after week, up to six or eight times per day. She would whisper to me at
the most inopportune times, so that I couldn't even restate my disgust with
her repeated attempts to seduce me without others hearing my protests.
The first week I didn't say anything to Jimmy during our phone call, as I
didn't want to hear about his silly fantasy. During our second phone
conversation I told him what was going on with Shiandra. I told him how
much this was upsetting me, and I expected him to start in with his boyish
whining to go do it and then call him with all the details, but the
son-of-a-gun surprised me by being sensitive to my distress.
"You probably have two choices Mar, either report her to the NIS office for
investigation or put up with it and hope she gets bored and stops," My
sweet Jim said. As if these options hadn't run through my mind a million
times, "but stop saying "no" to her, that will just make you a challenge."
Jim was a fairly smart guy, but I didn't need his obvious advice. I just
needed a shoulder to cry on, "Jimmy, just shut-up and listen. Ok?"
"Alright Mar; I love you baby doll."
"I love you to honey," I said right before we started talking dirty and
engaging in our favorite Friday night sex.
Chapter IV
"You think about it though, don't you baby. C'mon, you can tell ol' Shi
the truth. You lie in bed at night and fuck yourself with that piece of
plastic and secretly wish it was my tongue. C'mon baby...why else would
you be blushing now," my lesbian admirer was becoming increasingly more
graphic in her attempts to gain access to my vacant, lonely cunt, "remember
Maureen...just you and me baby, no one else would ever know."
`I am NOT blushing,' I though indignantly at this, the start of the eighth
week of Shiandra's constant verbal assault on my good senses.
With each passing day she became more and more graphic with her
descriptions of what she wanted from my body. Of how she envisioned my
body would appear before her lusty eyes. "I bet those big titties of yours
have pale blue veins running all over them, just like all the big-titted
white girls I fuck; waiting for my tongue to trace that veiny map to your
pussy. I'm right baby. You try to tell me I'm wrong, but you can't

because it's true. Nobody but us will ever know baby...what have you got
to loose?" This was a continual seductive process, day after day, week
after week.
`All the white girls love what Shi can do for them. Nobody else will ever
know,' her words echoed through my head, `but I'm not gay damn it,' I
reminded myself
Week 12 of my ordeal came and went, by the Friday phone call from my
darling fiancé I was ready to talk hard and dirty about heterosexual
fucking. But first, I subjected Jim to my weekly whine about Shiandra's
advances and how they were getting more graphic by the hour. Jim took me a
bit by surprise as he told me about his first duty station in Yakuska,
Japan, and the first time in his life he encountered homosexual advances.
"This tiny little Japanese civilian guy kept telling me about how he could
take care of all my needs while I was in his country. A lot like what you
are going through, he made offers of un-cumbersome, almost anonymous gay
sex. But unlike what your response has been, I took advantage of the
little guy. I had him run errands and buy me dinner. He brought my
morning coffee to me and he waited, ever hopeful, for me to fuck him. I
took control of him rather than allowing his offensive rambling to effect
me," Jimmy was giving me ideas.
`Yeah,' I thought, `I'll control Shiandra rather that her controlling me.'
"Darling you're a genius," I exclaimed to my dear boy.
"Mar, you're spending a lot of time thinking about this," my Jimmy started,
"are you afraid of her, or afraid of what your response may be if she did
get you into bed?"
I started crying and confessed to Jim that I had started having sexual
fantasies about Shiandra and me about a month ago, but contrary to what Shi
was suggesting, in my fantasy she was forcing me to eat her big black cunt,
"I'm so sorry Jimmy. I don't know why I'm thinking like this. I would
never think this way if you were here baby...never...ever."
"It's ok baby. It's only a fantasy, and you already know how I feel about
you being bi-sexual so I won't go there. I know you'll do what's right for
you Maureen," and he let it drop.
Chapter V
Week 16 and I was locked into my usual routine, work and masturbation. This
Tuesday night found me eagerly pursuing that routine.
I was damn close, as I pressed and released, and pressed and
released, and pressed and released the vibrator against my puffy, wet

pussy, "nnngg...nnngg," I grunted as quietly as possible.
I was panting towards my third climax of the evening. On this one I was
having my fantasy of Shiandra forcing me to my knees and ordering me to
pleasure her rank, stinking cunt with my mouth, and by some unknown
compulsion within my psyche, I obediently allowed this big black woman to
guide my soft mouth to her filthy cunt.
`Almost there,' I was being overtaken by a wave of guilty orgasmic pleasure
as I imagined the big woman forcing me to perform the most disgusting acts
with her, `So close.'
"Knock, knock, knock," there was a firm knocking at my door.
"Goddamnit," I said loudly, "hang on a sec," very annoyed that my pending
orgasm was interrupted. I looked at the clock and it was a little after
`Shit,' I thought, `what asshole is knocking at my door at midnight,' I
threw on a robe and turned on the bedside light before opening the door. I
opened the door a crack to peek and see who was disturbing my nightly
masturbation, but before I could see who it was; Shiandra had pushed her
way past me, closed and locked the door.
"Don't' say a word Maureen," she commanded me as she released the sash on
my robe and slipped it off my shoulders and onto the floor. This big woman
was dressed in men's pajamas with a light-weight robe over; she looked and
acted like a lusty man. She pushed me, naked, back on my bed, grabbed a
pillow from the bed and put it on the floor between my splayed legs, knelt,
and started to kiss, lick, and suck my inner thighs.
"Shi I'm not...uuunnngggg," I didn't get to finish my protest as her big,
fat black lips gave my pussy a wet, open-mouthed kiss. She bathed my fur
with her saliva and made my already aroused cunt start its flow of juice
"Oh my...oh my," I gasped as Shiandra reached on the floor for my
discarded, day old panties and shoved them in my mouth to quiet me, lest we
get caught. My nostrils filled with the smell of stale pee and needy pussy
as I groaned and puffed through the improvised gag.
Either she truly was as good at eating pussy as she bragged, or was it my
six months without physical contact, I don't know which--at that point I
didn't care--but she soon elicited a trembling climax from my pussy. Shi
just kept licking and sucking my hole. She raised my legs high and licked
my asshole before returning her talent to my clitoris. I came and came on
her soft, warm tongue and into her magical, wet sucking mouth.
My eyes were shut tight both from the immense pleasure and immense guilt I
felt. Shiandra crawled up my body and started to kiss me with those

amazing, big soft lips. I could taste my pungent aroma as her tongue
entered my mouth while she increased the passion of her kiss. All too soon
she broke away as she stood and sat me on the edge of the bed.
I watched, in a sexual stupor, as she dropped her robe and untied the
drawstring to her PJ bottoms. She stood before me with those tree-trunk
thighs gleaming in the soft light cast by the table lamp. Shi led me by my
hand to kneel on the pillow that she had used moments before to cushion her
knees during my lesbian initiation. I knelt before this Nubian goddess as
she placed one foot on my bed and exposed the bright pink inside of her
cunt to my gaze. Without a word, she held my head in both of her strong
hands, and f***ed my mouth to her cunt.
`This is my fantasy come true,' I thought very briefly as she mashed my
face into her excited pussy. I did what she demanded and started to lick
and suck her dark flesh into my mouth. Her kinky hairs tickled my nose and
lips, but I forged ahead. I was determined to bring pleasure to my
dominant lesbian seducer.
When she finished with me she whispered into my ear, "Tomorrow, leave your
door unlocked after 2200 and I will give you what you need baby," I
listened, stunned, my face wet with her juice, as I readily agreed to her
Shiandra left my room quietly, staring at me for a brief moment--as if
seeking the answer to an unasked question--she then smirked at me and
closed the door. I didn't sl**p well that night. I enjoyed what happed,
and that disturbed me greatly. I didn't want to be gay. Jimmy's words
about me being bi-sexual ran through my head...but I wasn't sure I wanted
to be bi either.
The next night was almost an exact repeat of the night before. Shiandra
still had to knock, and still pushed her way into my room. She once again
ate me to a wondrous climax. But, this time she bent over my bed and had
me orally pleasure her asshole for close to an hour before she reached her
satisfaction. I was doubly disgusted with myself for being told to stick
my tongue in her big, fat ass, and I not only did it, but I liked doing it.
I liked the way she told me what to do and took control.
Thursday, I left my door unlocked. She didn't bother with my pleasure that
night as she came into my room, opened her robe and mounted my face as I
lay on the bed. After she reached her climax, she instructed me to
masturbate while telling her how much I loved her cunt...I did. My shame,
guilt, and disgust with myself were growing, `I'm not a lesbian. Why am I
doing these filthy things?' I doubted my willpower to overcome my immoral
Then Friday came...
"But Shi my fiancé calls me every Friday at 2000; I need to talk to him.

You can't come over tonight," I pleaded with her.
"I'll be there after midnight, leave your door open so ol' Shi can give her
pussy what she needs," my insistent lover demanded.
I didn't tell Jim what happened with Shiandra. I felt so guilty talking
with him. I knew that my dear man was home alone while I reveled in pussy
and lesbian sex at night and felt shame and self-loathing during the day.
We ended our call as we always did, but all I could think of was Shiandra's
big, black cunt being f***ed onto my mouth as I submitted to her sexual
"Baby, you don't sound like you're into this tonight," Jim complained.
"I'm sorry honey, but it's been a rough week. Please try to understand," I
hated myself for lying to my future husband. I was terrified of telling
him that I had been f***ed into having lesbian sex three nights in a
row...and that I liked it.
"I hope you are ok Maureen," Jimmy was suddenly very serious, "you know you
can tell me anything baby."
"I know Jim. I know," I answered, but unconvincingly so.
Shiandra came to me around 0100 and had me stick my ass in the air as she
licked and sucked my butt hole for awhile. Then she moved me around on the
bed until we were lying on our sides in a relaxed 69er.
I'm not sure when I fell asl**p, but it was after tasting Shi's furry pussy
and ass for quite awhile, and after she brought me to a few good orgasms by
using her big soft lips on my pussy and clitoris and slowly, steadily
finger-fucking my butt with her meaty black fingers.
Chapter VI
The alarm clock went-off at 0500, my normal workday wake-up. I slept with
my head on the big sagging pillow of Shiandra's boob.
"Turn that off pussy," Shi whispered to me, "it's Saturday baby, you ain't
going nowhere."
I lay back down on Shi's big boob. She moved my head a bit and fed me her
long nipple, as if I were her little baby, while we drifted back to sl**p.
Once again, the knocking at my door, `Oh God,' I looked at Shiandra still
sl**ping in my bed, `what if I'm caught with a woman in my bed.' The
potential consequences of my submissive lesbian lust became crystal clear
in those few seconds as the knocking continued.

"Mar? Maureen?" Lisa was softy calling out through the adjoining bathroom
I quickly put on my robe and turned to make sure Lisa wouldn't be able to
see my bed-mate from the door. I cracked the door open and peeked at Lisa,
"Mmm, hi Lis...what time is it?"
"It's after 7:30," she looked at me with an odd expression, "Do you want to
go to breakfast with me?" she asked while still looking at me as if she was
trying to figure out what was wrong with me.
"No thanks Lis, I didn't sl**p very well last night and I just want to stay
in bed," I tried to give a plausible excuse.
"Ya I know," she giggled at me, "you better get your fiancé up here or
you're going to diddle yourself to death. I almost knocked to see if you
were ok last night with all the moaning, but then you starting saying how
it was "so good" so I figured you were playing with yourself...again."
`Oh my God...ohmigod,' I almost died, "again?" I asked Lisa.
"Oh forget it Mar. We all do it. You just do it more often and are a lot
louder that some," she laughed at me. "Do you want me to bring you back
something from the chow hall?"
"Um...yeah...ok," I stammered at her incredulously, "a couple of bacon and
egg biscuits and some melon please."
"Ok, bye," and she turned to walk back into her room.
`She heard us...heard me' I was shaking with fear.
"Shiandra," I whispered to my lesbian seducer, "Shiandra, you have to go.
Lisa will be back soon and she'll want to come into my room. Please Shi!"
I begged her urgently, quietly.
Shi sat up, spread her legs wide and demanded, "Eat this first, white
girl," she was pointing at her fat black pussy, "you know you want it baby,
and it better be quick or you'll get caught by little miss prissy."
I fell to my knees on the hard floor and without hesitation, opened my
mouth and licked and sucked her big pussy. She never made a sound except
when she reached her climax with grunt, "Ungh," as she bucked her hips
once. She grabbed handfuls of my hair and forcibly smeared my face into
her pussy. I was coated from ear to ear, and chin to forehead in her
thick, sticky, smelly sauce.
She then pulled me up from her cunt by my hair and sniffed my face, "That's
the way you should always smell baby."

Without saying another word Shiandra dressed and headed towards the door.
I checked the quad before she snuck out, "be in my room at 1400," she
whispered to me as she left.
I went and sat on the edge of my bed and started to freak. Wondering how I
would ever stop this insatiable woman who was taking over my thoughts and
desires. I couldn't seem to stop myself from obeying her. After the
months of deflecting her advances, in the end, all she had to do was push
me onto my bed and do as she pleased with my body. The guilt and shame
overcame me in waves as I was disgusted by my total lack of willpower to
resist Shiandra's encroachment into my mind and body.
I sat wallowing in self-pity for too long, "knock, knock," came Lisa's tiny
voice as she opened the door from the bathroom. She gasped a bit as she
witnessed me sitting on the edge of the bed, tears of shame staining my
"Oh Mar, are you ok sweetie," Lisa said with real concern for my wellbeing.
I just looked at my pixyish roommate, "I can't help myself Lisa. I just
can't stop it, I don't have the strength," I cried to her.
She set my breakfast down and came and sat on the bed next to me. Lis
wrapped her arms around me, "It'll be ok Maureen; you just miss Jimmy is
"But you don't understand," I cried to her.
"It'll be ok Mar," Lisa said as she hugged my head to her breast and
started to stroke the sweaty, musky, cum-soaked hair that framed my face,
"Oh honey, it will all work out for the'll see."
"But you don't understand Lisa...please just leave me alone," I pleaded
with her.
"Ok, ok Mar, but I'll be right next door if you feel like talking," she
promised as she continued to wipe my tears and Shiandra's cunt juice from
my face, "everything will work out for the'll see."
I stopped my self-pity session and managed to eat the breakfast that Lisa
brought me. I sat and thought for a bit about my predicament and decided I
needed to call Jim tonight, and together we could work something out. I
went to take a long hot shower. I hoped to wash away Shiandra's stink and
some of my own guilt.
Chapter VII
I knocked on Lisa's door to see if she'd like to go for a walk and to
apologize for her seeing me in my frazzled state.

"Hey no problem Mar," she was her ever bubbly, ever girlish self again.
She was dressed in a delicate pink angora sweater, tight blue jeans, and
white tennis shoes, "everything will work out...don't'll see."
We walked in the cool Canadian air and I actually enjoyed the rugged
scenery for once. Lisa told me how she hated when Dino, her boyfriend, had
weekend duty and she didn't get to see him, and I griped about not being
able to see Jimmy. We talked about our mutual misery and how boring things
were at this duty station.
"Well, you could always join the scuba club to relieve your boredom," she
said pointing to the maniacs preparing to go scuba diving in the frigid
waters of Argentia Bay. "It might even be better than frigging yourself
all day long," she smiled and whispered to me, "because you sure could use
a cold shower or something Maureen."
I giggled nervously, `Yeah, or something,' I drifted away, thinking of
Shiandra's dominance over me and it caused a shiver to go through my body.
"Earth to Maureen," Lisa waved her hand in front of my eyes, "where in the
heck did you go just then?"
"I was thinking that you're right...I do need a cold shower...or
something," and we both chuckled at my admission of almost constant
Lisa led me over hill and dale as we jabbered on about work and boyfriends.
"I don't know though, Dino has such a little one," she complained, "I have
a love...I had a lover with a really big one," she corrected herself and
looked at me to see if I caught her slip, "and it was really great. I mean
it filled me so full I thought I would be split open, but it was the
best...the absolute best love-making I've ever felt. So, how big is Jim?"
`Did she just say "it",' I thought before responding, `I would never think
of a boyfriend as an "it".'
"Seven and one-quarter inches," I said with sure knowledge and a giggle, "I
measured him once just before he came and his dick was completely hard.
But he's really, really thick. Oh I miss my man," I sighed with lovely
memories of Jimmy fucking me to paradise.
Lisa laughed, "What? You pushed him away and had a measuring tape in your
"Almost hun, I was giving him a blow job and had a measuring tape in my
hand," I laughed back to my petite friend.
We both laughed, "No wonder you miss him," Lisa kept laughing.

We soon arrived at the decrepit entrance of, what appeared to be an old
mine. She took my hand as we explored a few yards into the abandoned,
vacant, and desolate shaft.
`Oh my, what metaphors,' I thought, looking at my partner in exploration.
It was an empty hole, but nonetheless, a hole filled with adventure. Lisa
held my hand tight as we explored together. She stopped suddenly and sat
on a large rock just outside the veil of direct daylight. Lisa still held
my hand in hers as we sat and became enveloped in our secret place.
We sat and talked and held hands like s****rs. We laughed and giggled and
whispered and shared our life experiences and our secret, hopeful desires
of what our lives would become. Lisa became a close friend that afternoon.
A couple hours had passed before we decided to head back to the barracks
As we walked back towards the BEQ I glanced at my watch and saw that it was
five minutes `til two, "Oh shit," I exclaimed, "I'm gonna be late!"
Lisa looked at my quizzically, "Late for what Mar?" she grinned at me, "are
you meeting someone know?"
"No, let's walk a little faster," I was almost panicked.
"Relax Maureen, everything will work out'll see."
We arrived at the BEQ at 1430. I hurried to my room and found a note that
read, "Wear you best and sexiest panties and bra. Nothing else! Come NOW!
You're late!"
Chapter VIII
I hurried into Shiandra's room without knocking, `whew, I made it through
the lounge,' I sighed to myself.
Shi was seated in the one and only chair in the room. She looked
positively dangerous as she stood to greet me. She wore a black ball cap,
a black leather vest that f***ed her big floppy boobs to spill out the top,
a pair of very tight black leather hot pants that allowed her big butt
cheeks to hang out the bottom and her unruly pubic hair to flow out the leg
openings, shiny black combat boots, and she carried a riding crop in her
right hand.
"Oh the stupid white pussy is finally here," she sneered at me as she went
to lock the door and ensure that the bathroom door was also locked. "Where
have you been pussy?"
"I went..." she wouldn't let me finish.

"Shut-up you dumb bitch. Stand at attention, and don't you look at me,"
she took control once again, "When I say be here at 1400, I mean 1400. Do
you fucking understand me bitch?"
"Yes Shi..." she cut me off again.
"Shut the fuck up you stupid white whore. I don't want to hear your
pathetic excuses. I'll tell you when you can talk." She barked as she
appraised my near naked body standing rigidly before her.
Shiandra reached into a pocket on her vest and removed a straight razor
which she held menacingly before my eyes. My body started to tremble as
she slipped the blade under my left bra strap and held it there--letting me
feel the cold steel against my skin--then she cut the strap. She repeated
this vicious game on my right bra strap, and then on the elastic between my
breasts so that my best lacy bra was effectively cut away from my body;
destroyed and laying in a heap on the floor.
She walked around my stiffened form and laid the cold blade against my neck
and ran it down to my breasts until I felt the sharp edge digging at my
"You better stop shaking you dumb pussy or you're going to hurt yourself."
She was enjoying my shame. She somehow knew I would perform whatever
deviant act she demanded of me.
Shiandra moved the back side of the blade downwards across my belly and
into my soaked panties with agonizing slowness. She grabbed the waistband
of my best pair of panties and started cutting the front in a straight
line, downwards, downwards...ever so slowly...directly in front of my
aroused pussy. She put the razor away and reached into my splayed open
underwear; digging two of her thick, black fingers into my sloppy hole.
"Just what I thought, all you stupid white pussies love the way Shi takes
charge," she sneered and shoved her wet fingers into my mouth, "Clean them
bitch. Good pussy. Stay right there pussy, daddy has some surprises for
She returned and placed a leather collar around my neck, she then buckled
leather cuffs to my wrists and ankles.
"C'mon pussy," she commanded as she led me to the foot of her bed where an
English-style riding saddle was strapped to the footboard.
Shiandra was practiced and methodical as she attached something to my ankle
cuffs that would not allow me to close my wide-spread legs, she then
secured my ankles to the bed frame. She roughly pushed me forward over the
leather saddle and strapped my waist down tight against it, and then
attached each wrist cuff to ropes suspended from the ceiling via pulleys.

She adjusted the ropes so my dangling breasts just barely touched the satin
sheets on her bed, and my arms were pulled painfully away from my willing
She appeared before my aroused, but terrified body, "this is what good
white pussies get," she said softly, in the seductive voice she used to woo
me into this bizarre relationship.
Shiandra opened the doors of the wall locker to my right so that I could
watch in the mirrors mounted on the doors as she knelt behind me and
started to slowly scratch and tickle her way up my legs towards my flowing
cunt. I groaned as she tore what remained of my drenched panties from my
legs; joining my bra in a destroyed heap on the floor. I moaned my lust as
she kissed and licked my ass cheeks, making them shinny and wet with her
"Oh good," I moaned louder as she licked my butt hole
with a flattened tongue, just like a mother cat would clean her kitten.
She sucked and kissed my pussy and within moments I was calling for
release, "Shiandra...Shiandra...oh yes...oh yes."
She suddenly stopped and went to her locker, "You stupid white dykes are
all the same; you just don't know how to stay quiet," she sneered as she
placed a red ball into my mouth that stretched my lips and jaws painfully
The ball had straps attached to it, that she in-turn clipped to the back of
the collar I wore; forcing my head to stay in a strained, raised position.
She closed the locker doors so I could no longer watch her as she moved
around behind me.
"You haven't been a good white pussy, now have you baby," she asserted her
dominance over my bound form, "this is what bad cunts get when they don't
obey their daddy."
I heard the riding crop sing through the air a moment before it impacted my
ass, "NNnnnnggghhhhhhh," I scream into the gag in real pain as she started
to viciously beat me.
After the second "thwap" of the crop I started crying. She stopped after
10 or 12 strokes as I sobbed and screamed with each impact from my
torture's instrument of punishment.
Shiandra placed the shaft of the crop into my pussy slit and drew it back
towards her. I could feel that I was lubricating the length of the tool as
she gave my pussy one hard swat before she stepped in front of me.
"You dumb white pussies are all the same, you whine and cry when you get
punished, but you just can't help fucking-up my riding crop with your pussy

juice," she goaded me, waving the wet crop in front of my face.
"You're not supposed to enjoy this you stupid bitch, but you are, aren't
you?" she demanded, "answer me you stupid cunt,"
I tried to mumble through the gag, but nothing intelligible came out.
"I fucking thought so, you won't even answer your daddy when he asks you a
question," she sneered.
Shiandra blindfolded me so that yet another of my senses was deprived from
this sick game. I sensed her moving around behind me again and heard the
swish of the riding crop through the air as my beating started anew. After
30 or 40 hard, vicious lashes from her crop I was a whimpering, sobbing
mass bound over a saddle.
My ass and upper thighs were on fire, burning from the beating so expertly
delivery by my seducer. Shiandra was far from done with me. I felt
something cool and wet being applied to my asshole, and then something
warm, narrow, and stiff being inserted into that hole.
"What a fucking whore," I heard Shi exclaim, "I just touch the tip of my
crop to your bunghole and it opens right up."
I heard her moving around behind me, praying that she wouldn't start
beating me again.
"This will take care of that hungry asshole baby," she had the sneering,
hateful tone in her voice again and I braced myself for her crop, "Daddy
has much better toys than you bitch."
She roughly pulled the riding crop from my ass and I soon felt something
slick, smooth and firm, and much, much larger being slowly fed into my
eager butt. It stretched me and stretched me until I thought that my anus
would tear. I screamed bl**dy murder into the gag before my anal ring
closed onto a sudden narrowing of the large butt plug that Shiandra filled
me with. I never had anything so large in my bum before, and once the plug
was in-place, I felt wonderfully full as the initial pain subsided and my
anus developed a warm, pulsing glow.
Then I heard the distinctive sound of a Polaroid camera going off,
Shi was still twisting and turning the butt plug; I felt both her hands on
my body. But the camera sounds continued again, and again, and again,
"Click...whiiiizzz...thunk. Click...whiiiizzz...thunk.
Click...whiiiizzz...thunk. Click...whiiiizzz...thunk," someone else was in
the room capturing my lesbian submission on film.
I struggled against my bonds. I was desperately trying to escape from the

humiliation of being photographed in my bound and aroused state. Shiandra
just laughed as she knew that I suddenly realized what was happening around
"I knew that butt could take my big toy," Shi said, sounding pleased with
herself, that she could demand to most vile and depraved things of my body,
and my u*********s desire for her dominance allowed her total access.
I was a sweaty, whimpering shell of a woman. My body had become no more
than another toy for Shiandra to play with...just another white pussy on
her trophy shelf.
My torturer surprised me again by starting to slowly, gently rub my exposed
pussy with her lubricated fingers. She quickly brought me to the verge of
climax. My body betrayed my mind, as my seducer aroused my insatiable
pussy over my better judgment and a need to flee this harsh, violent
"That's Daddy's baby," Shiandra's voice was back to the slow, liquid,
seductive voice that originally lured me towards her lesbian charms, "be a
good white girl now, and don't you cum unless daddy tells you to. You
understand baby? No cumming unless I tell you to...daddy doesn't want to
have to punish his girl again."
But my needy, shameful body betrayed me. I felt the waves of heavenly
ecstasy after ten minutes or so of Shiandra's manual manipulation on my
excited pussy and engorged clitoris. I moaned through my gag is I flooded
my tormenter's hand with my cunt juice. My body bucked against her hand as
best it could in my bound state. My nipples rubbed on the smooth satin
sheets as my pussy convulsed under her experienced hand. The burning of my
butt cheeks, the fullness in my rectum, the pain in my neck and shoulders
from being suspended for so long, and Shi's constant threat of more
punishment of unknown viciousness all combined to intensify my climax.
`I need to be punished for being such a stupid, filthy whore,' I then
corrected myself, `a stupid, filthy, white whore for my black goddess.' My
mind developed true clarity as I prepared for whatever new punishment
Shiandra was arranging for me, `I need the punishment to alleviate the
Without her control I had free will. With free will I had a choice, and
the decisions I attributed to myself with regards to Shiandra disgusted me
and made it difficult to look myself in the mirror without great
self-loathing and shame. But Shi controlled me...totally, utterly; from
the day she started her seduction I was controlled and manipulated by this
b**stly woman.
I needed the punishment--the pain and the hurt--in order to enjoy the
pleasure without guilt. I needed her degradation and defilement to
reinf***e her dominance over me. My will was not my own, but a plaything

for this woman who is, at once, the most sensual, sexual lover I've ever
encountered and within the same breath, the most vicious and cruel
personality I would ever dare meet.
Lisa's constant reassurances from earlier in the day swam in my head,
`everything will work out for the best'll see,' what did she
know of my torment? `Had she been strapped into this very saddle and
tasted the liberating agony of Shiandra's riding crop?' I wondered.
I heard the continual "Click...whiiiizzz...thunk.
Click...whiiiizzz...thunk" of the camera throughout my arousal and climax,
and as I awaited my penalty for disobedience to Shiandra. The strap around
my waist was loosened and the ropes attached to my wrist cuffs were
tightened; stretching my arms even farther and raising my body up so I was
now at a forty-five degree angle from the bed.
I heard Shiandra move around the room, opening and closing drawers and
assembling a pile of clinking and clanking instruments before me. She was
re-positioning me for either pleasure or pain. I didn't know which was to
be rained on my sensitive body.
During all her movement, the camera continued to capture my torment on
film, "Click...whiiiizzz...thunk. Click...whiiiizzz...thunk"
"You disobeyed your daddy again, didn't you whore," Shi was her sneering,
vicious persona again; "You are going to learn to obey your daddy baby
girl. You will only cum when I tell you to, you will cry when I tell you,
you will talk when I tell you, you will moan when I tell you, you will
scream when I tell you, and you will learn to follow my fucking orders or I
will beat your stupid white-trash body every day. Do you understand me
I didn't dare move muscle or try to speak through the gag.
"Grunt twice if you understand me bitch," Shiandra seemed pleased that I
waited for her instructions.
"Ungh...Ungh," I grunted my acceptance.
"You just came when I told you not to, didn't you whore?" Shi said as she
smeared her wet hand all over my face; spreading my wanton juice as
evidence of my disobedience.
"You are not to cry or scream or make any sound while I punish you. Grunt
once if you understand."
"Ungh," I waited for her to start beating my sore ass again, but instead
she started to wrap rough, scratchy rope around my tits. She made a few
clockwise turns around my left breast and a few counter-clockwise turns
around the right. She tightened the rope so that my tits were severely

constricted. She then secured the bitter-ends of the rope to the d-rings
on my collar. My breasts were in agony. I thought that the pain of having
my butt whipped was bad, but that was not even close to the slow, steadily
building anguish that my breasts were now subjected to.
I let out a small "nnnnggg" and a single tear ran under the blindfold and
down my cheek as Shiandra made her final sadistic adjustment to my bound
breasts. My nipples felt hard and cold as the bl**d supply was restricted.
The pain in my tits continued to build as every second passed.
Shi then started to lick and suck my tortured nipples. She soothed them
and bathed them with her soft, warm mouth until I was lost in this
exquisite agony and let out a small moan of pleasure.
Shiandra got up from the bed and whispered in my ear, "You're either one of
the dumbest white cunts I've ever fucked, or you're a pain slut. You may
cry and scream."
With that, she started to brutally beat my tits with her riding crop. I
screamed through my gag and cried with every whistling, vicious stroke of
her crop. I screamed my torment, but somewhere deep in my mind I begged
that she would never stop. That she would make me pay for being a wanton,
white-trash whore. That she would beat me until there was no guilt and no
shame left in me.
After fifteen or twenty strokes she stopped. My tits were burning with
pain. My nipples felt like they were cut and bruised. The base of my
breasts felt cut and abraded from the rough rope biting into my flesh as I
struggled against my bonds.
Shiandra came back onto the bed in front of me. She rubbed my stinging
tits and cooed about how pretty the scars would look on my big tits. Then
she attached sharp, biting clamps of some kind directly on each nipple and
one on either side of the nipple which elicited another small groan of
agony for my beaten and abused boobs.
"Its ok baby, daddy has some nice dark dick for you now," she terrified me
with her words.
`Was the photographer a man?' I almost panicked.
"Don't worry baby, you're going to get daddy's big black dick," Shi assured
me that she was going to fuck me with a dildo, "and daddy's dick is very
big and very angry, just like a white whore like you needs it."
I shuddered as I thought of how brutally she would take me. There would be
no tenderness or consideration for me. She would take what's hers as she
pleased. I prayed that she wouldn't ruin me, rip me, or destroy my tight,
toned pussy. And through everything there was the background noise,
"Click...whiiiizzz...thunk. Click...whiiiizzz...thunk"

Shiandra released the tension on the ropes attached to my wrists, so that I
was once again almost parallel to the bed. The ends of the clamps biting
my nipples were just barely touching the bed. I heard her moving again,
opening drawers and doors and preparing to give me "Daddy's Dick".
Shi's big hands opened my butt cheeks and start to rub my aroused pussy
lips. I was open, eager, and flowing at the thought of having this b**st
**** my blossoming, red cunt with her big black dick. I am nothing more
than a nasty, nasty white whore--a living cunt--needy for her daddy's big,
black dick, pounding and fucking; fucking hard, fucking deep, breaking my
wanton white pussy.
"No cumming unless I tell you to baby," my lesbian tormenter started
laying-down her rules for my lesbian deflowering, "no moaning, groaning, fact, I don't want to hear a sound from you baby girl."
I my minds-eye I saw her towering over my bound form. Shiandra, my
goddess, my daddy, dressed in her black leather costume with a gigantic
ebony dildo protruding from her loin as she prepared to fuck her new
I felt cool, wet lube being poor over my asshole and running down into my
pussy. Then I felt the cold tip of Shiandra's "Daddy dick" being rubbed
all around my swollen pussy lips, making me want to moan my desire for Shi
to fuck me. But I held back, I didn't want to be beaten yet.
She worked the tip into my pussy, it's a tight fit; the dildo vying for
space in my body with the butt plug that fills my asshole. Inch by inch
Shiandra works her exquisite dick into my hole. In a bit, out a bit...add
more a bit deeper still, until my stretched pussy is fuller than
ever in my life. It feels like she's put a soda can inside me, a long
flexible soda can. I feel her thighs and hips pressing tightly against my
tender, sore ass and thighs. My desire for this b**st to **** me is
overwhelming; I now pray that she will take me hard, and ruin my cunt for
all but her.
Shiandra grabs my hips with her strong hands, digging her finger nails into
my flesh as she prepares to fuck me. She rears back three or four inches
and then slams her dick and her hips into my body.
"NNNNnnnnnnnnngggggggghhhhhhhh," I screamed and howled into the gag as the
tip of Shi's big black dick tries to f***e its way through my cervix and
her pelvic bone makes contact with the base of the butt plug.
She repeated this viciousness two more times. Each time I screamed and
cried at the pain as she was now bruising and battering my insides as
viciously as she had battered my ass and tits before.
"Stupid white bitch," Shiandra sneered at me as she pulled out and started

to whip my torn-up ass with her riding crop. "Stop your crying you dumb
cunt, I didn't give you permission to cry and whine," she growled as she
gave my ass ten hard, rapid strokes of her crop.
`Oh the delicious agony,' I was learning to adore the cleansing pain of my
seducer's whip.
The second time she penetrated my cunt Shi was equally vicious, but I was
able to hold-out my whimper until I felt her salty sweat drip into the cuts
and abrasions on my ass. She beat me with another ten hard strokes of her
crop as I held-back my tears and screams.
On the third penetration Shiandra pounded me hard. She broke me. She
split my cunt open with her big fat dick.
I am into her rhythm now as she takes ownership of my cunt,
`FuckmeFuckmeFuckme,' I chant in my head, as my black goddess slams her
cock into my bruised hole. It wasn't long before a wave of pleasure
overtook me and I came. I trembled and moaned as I felt my juice coat my
thighs and Shiandra's thrusting hips.
"I didn't tell you to cum whore," Shi barked as she dismounted my pussy and
beat me again, this time on my dangling tits.
By the seventh fuck there were no more tears to cry, no more screams to
scream, no more moans to moan...there was no more of anything left in me.
Shi sweated and grunted and thrust and pounded my tortured cunt. My once
tight pussy was now an open channel for Shiandra's rage, and sadistic lust.
She fucked long and deep, fast and slow, but always hard pounding thrusts.
The clamps on my swaying tits hit the bed and pain shot from my nipples
directly to my clit. Shi held me on the edge of climax for well over half
an hour as she ****d my willing, hungry cunt.
"Does my white whore want Daddy's black babies now? Huh bitch? All the
white whores want their black daddy to knock them up," Shiandra was
growling with intensity as she increased her pace inside my cunt, "Yeah
baby, daddy is gonna knock you up now. Cum for me whore. Moan and cum for
Shi slammed her "Daddy dick" into me and I did just as I was told...I came.
And when she came, I ached. My cunt, tits, ass, and pussy lips are
pounding, throbbing, feeling as if they are cut, blue, swollen, bruised. I
never want her to leave my cunt! I need her cock fucking me into
"Click...whiiiizzz...thunk. Click...whiiiizzz...thunk.
Click...whiiiizzz...thunk. Click...whiiiizzz...thunk.
Click...whiiiizzz...thunk. Click...whiiiizzz...thunk," are the last sounds
I hear as I fall into darkness, where seconds are an eternity and hours a

Chapter IX
"Get up bitch," I feel Shiandra kicking me lightly, "C'mon Maureen, get
I'm lying on the cold linoleum floor, destroyed and in a heap, just like my
panties and bra. My cuffs and collar are off and my breasts released from
their bindings. I look around and realize I'm still in Shiandra's room.
"Let's go girl," Shi orders me.
I struggle to my knees and feel a sharp pain in my ass. The butt plug is
still inside me. Shi helps me to my feet and hugs me close and kisses me.
My tits are on fire again as they press into her leather vest.
"Don't say a word Maureen," she whispered to me. Shi is still wearing her
"Daddy dick" and I looked at it, I was amazed that she fit the large tool
into my body.
My torn and cut underwear was shoved into my mouth a moment before Shiandra
bent me over her bed, my ass sticking high in the air, "Scream if you need
to," Shi said as she pushed a pillow into my face to further muffle any
sound I may make. I felt more lubrication being poured around the plug and
then Shi removed the anal intruder in one swift tug. I didn't scream, nor
did I cry.
Shiandra seemed almost proud of me, "Very good baby," she beamed as she
placed the butt plug in front of me for me to see what my pliant asshole
was able to take.
`Oh my god,' I stared at obscenely large sex toy as I felt cool air
entering my gaping asshole, `!'
My ass felt so empty now, like it needed Shi's play toy. Shiandra was
using one finger to spread even more lube around my anus and was squirting
some inside my winking, pulsing butt hole. "This will make it feel better
baby," She explained.
`But nothing would feel as good as the plug,' I thought as I continued to
stare at the mighty instrument of my punishment.
"It's time for you to go now baby. I'm going out for a few hours, so make
sure you unlock your door after midnight, I'll be over to give my pussy
what she needs," I didn't know if this was a threat of more painful
racial/lesbian rage or of the soft, liquid sex from our encounters earlier
in the week.
`Did I care? Did it matter?' I asked myself, `No. No, it didn't matter

because I could not enjoy the pleasure that Shiandra's body brought me
without the guilt-cleansing pain and agony of her punishment.'
Shi handed me my room key and led me towards the door. She stopped and
looked at me before sending me naked into the lounge. I stood before her
battered, beaten, and bruised with my useless torn underwear in my mouth;
more sexually satisfied in my few hours of her sadism than at any time in
my life.
"Beautiful baby, just beautiful," she said just before opening the door a
crack to see that the lounge was clear for my exit.
My eyes were cast submissively towards the ground as Shiandra opened the
door wide and pushed me towards the lounge. I looked up and stopped dead.
Fear, anguish, and humiliation coursed through my body as I was confronted
with Faye and Lisa sitting on the sofa; each looking at me with some
surprise, but even more lust in their eyes.
I stumbled back a step or two and Shi held me upright. Shiandra bent me
forward slightly and placed my hands on opposite sides of the door
frame...bracing my body for whatever sick game was next.
I saw the camera on the coffee table--a Polaroid--and saw the stacks of
hundreds of photographs spread around the table. Lisa was sitting back
with a handful of pictures, her feet propped-up on the table and her legs
opened so that I easily saw the large wet spot in the crotch of her
sweatpants. Faye was similarly positioned and sported an even larger wet
spot in her blue jeans.
Both women grinned at me as I felt Shiandra press the tip of her dildo to
my asshole, "Not a sound whore," Shi threatened in my ear. "And don't you
dare cum until I tell you to," she said as she entered my ass with that
big, fat, black, "Daddy's dick".
She went up my rectum in one swift, easy move. I willingly submitted once
again to her filthy, sadistic desires as she started that same firm
pounding of my asshole that she had given my cunt earlier.
I wanted to scream out, "Fuck me daddy," but my torn underwear gagging my
mouth and Shi's instructions not to make a sound held me silent as I
happily accepted my lover's big, black cock brutally sodomizing me.
I heard the familiar sound of the camera, "Click...whiiiizzz...thunk.
Click...whiiiizzz...thunk," as Shiandra fucked my ass. Faye was the
photographer. She did her best to capture my humiliation and submission
through the lens of her camera. My black goddess fucked harder and harder
as Faye snapped away, "Click...whiiiizzz...thunk."
Shi reached around me and squeezed my painfully sore, sensitive, striped,
cut tits bringing me to the very edge of insanity again and again.

"Cum now whore," my lover demanded while pounding her big black dick into
my asshole, "cum you nasty fucking bitch, cum on Daddy's big dick."
I stared at Lisa as I came on Shiandra's command. Lis was rubbing her
pussy urgently as she watched Shiandra take my ass and break that hole to.
I stared at Lisa's blatant lust for my submission.
"See Maureen...I told you everything would work out for the best," Lisa
smiled at my contorting form as I climaxed on Shi's big ass-fucking dildo.
Jimmy was told about my submission to Shiandra. It happened the Friday
following my first punishment.
"Yes? Yes this is Maureen Johnson's room. No, I'm sorry but she's a bit
busy right now. Oh, is this Jim? Oh hi Jim. No, she's eating my period
from my cunt at the moment, can you call back in an hour or so.
Sure...hang on," Shiandra planned this. She was going to make me confess
my complete lesbian submission for my new Daddy to my fiancé this night
while I was eating her pussy.
She had started her period on Wednesday and demanded that I suck and lick
her menses from her fat, black cunt. I did so willingly, eagerly. I
wallowed in her bl**dy cunt and fervently followed whatever vile, degrading
command Shiandra gave.
She held the phone close to the juncture of my face with her cunt, so Jim
could hear the slick, wet sounds of his dear fiancé sucking cunt, "Here
baby, say hi to Jimmy," Shi moved off my face so I could talk to my
"Hi honey," I said in a very small voice.
"Mar? Mar, are you ok?" I heard Jim's fear and concern. I don't know that
he ever considered what would really happen if I had lesbian sex.
"I'm wonderful Jimmy...just wonderful," I sighed into the phone as I looked
at Shiandra's pulsing, bl**dy cunt only inches from my face, "I love eating
pussy now baby...aren't you happy?"
He was at a loss for words as I tried to cut the call short, "Baby, call me
back in a couple hours, Shiandra is getting pissed-off at me for leaving
her cunt. Bye."
Jim did call back and I confessed everything that had happened during the
past week. His voice was a bit shaky and insecure as I told him how I
needed what Shi was giving me, "I still love you Jimmy, but, I need this

now...ok honey?"
We ended that call with me talking harder and nastier than I've ever done.
Jim was groaning out his orgasm in record time as I told him about Shiandra
fucking my asshole in front of Lisa and Faye.
Lisa told me all about how Faye tenderly seduced her within her first week
on the base. She gave me graphic descriptions of the overwhelming joy and
release she found with Faye's talented hand stuffed up her cunt, "If she
had a real winkie I'd marry her."
She also said she was glad that she has never been subjected to Shiandra's
riding crop, "Oh god, I watched a few girls get beaten by her and don't
know how you can stand it."
`With lovely, liberating agony,' I thought, my mind wandering to my
goddess's wonderfully sadistic beatings.
Jimmy came to visit me once while Shiandra was still at this duty station.
Lisa and I masturbated each other as we watched our fiancés getting
fucked in the butt by our "Daddies". Shi was so cool while she butt-fucked
Jimmy; yelling at him, "Who's your Daddy," and, "Jerk your pathetic little
dick white bitch".
Shiandra ordered Dino and Jim to eat each others cum from the bed sheets
and then share it in a kiss, which they did eagerly...they even jerked one
another's dicks to another orgasm while they kissed. I never saw Jim in
the same light again.
I was completely and utterly attached to Shiandra and her brutal,
heavy-handed ways after watching her dominate these boys.
Lisa and Dino did marry. Faye was Lisa's maid-of-honor and I was a bride's
maid along with a few of the other dykes on base. I had the privilege of
preparing Lisa's asshole for deflowering on her wedding night.
Dino and I were ordered to kneel to either side of Lisa; Dino sucked Faye's
dildo and I licked Lisa's butt to get her ready. Faye then sodomized my
pixyish, femme friend as Lisa screamed, "Pop my cherry Daddy...Pop my
cherry Daddy," while tender, dominant Faye introduced the bride to new
kinds of forbidden love.
Lisa and Dino left the Navy and moved to Boston. Lisa was soon pregnant
with their first c***d, and, I think that sealed Faye's decision to join

them six months later as their "Daddy" and live-in lover.
Jimmy and I broke-up soon after his visit here. I told him that I still
loved him, but I would always need somebody sadistic and dominant in my
life...and he was just too submissive to fill that role. So...that was
I was sad for awhile, but Shiandra soon beat the sadness, guilt, and shame
out of me.
Shiandra made Chief, and after a year of our being together as Dom/sub, she
was transferred to Reno, Nevada as a recruiter. I was brokenhearted after
she left. My "Daddy" arranged for my Division Officer (a stout, LTJG who
thought she was a butch, but was much too kind and caring for my needs) to
have me eat her cunt every day, and to have Faye punish me on Saturdays for
being a stupid, white-trash whore. I was a nice thought, but neither were
a hard enough butch to absolve my lesbian guilt.
Shi called me at least twice per month and told me that she was going to
beat me senseless and put me in the hospital the next time she saw
me. (Promises, promises) She called me all manner of degrading names as I
gushed, and gushed on the other end of the phone. Never cumming until my
"Daddy" gave her permission.
Shi would give me all the grisly details of her sadistic conquests of
potential recruits passing through her office. "I've found heaven on earth
baby," she would tell me, "I'm processing so many hot, little, white whores
through this office that I may just want to go back to the fleet to have
another crack at them."
I couldn't help but feel a bit jealous hearing about my "Daddy's" fun.
`That should be my beating,' I thought while listening to Shiandra telling
me all about the latest eighteen year-old, white-trash cunt she turned-out.
Now as an SK1, I reenlisted on the condition of a guaranteed duty station guessed it...Reno, Nevada as a recruiter. I finished my remaining
eighteen months in Canada and then was happily reunited with Shiandra.
True to her word, Shi put me in the hospital on our first night together,
which was my first day of a thirty day leave. I was right to make sure I
had time to recover from my Daddy's rage before reporting to my new duty
I still had a bit of a black-eye, ripped cunt, and a healing cracked rib
when I finally reported to my new command. Shi and I shared a house, as

there wasn't any base or barracks to be housed in. We built a playroom in
the basement so that Shi had a place to beat me and fuck me where the
neighbors wouldn't hear my screams of submission.
About six months from Shiandra's rotation I arranged to be found in a
compromising situation with one of the young female recruits, and I was
promptly discharged as "A convenience to the Navy". Shiandra pulled a
similar stunt--ensuring her pension with damning pictures of our CO fucking
young recruits--and was quietly discharged from the service.
Shi opened a Harley shop that caters to hard butches just like her. She
and two other leather-dykes built a thriving business within a few short
months. I was surprised how far lesbian bikers would ride to use a
dyke-owned business.
Word was out that the only gay-run bike shop between Las Vegas and Stockton
was located just north of Carson City, and within their first year of
operations, leather-dykes and leather-men from all over the west were
flocking to the place, making it a financial success.
About two years after we were both free of Navy scrutiny, Shiandra and I
decided to start a f****y. We went to a fertility clinic and found out all
about artificial insemination. Shi decided that she would arrange
something more sadistically suitable for me than some sterile medical
procedure. She arranged for me to become pregnant by having five
different, anonymous black men, fuck me over five consecutive days.
I never saw the men as I was blindfolded while they pumped me from behind.
Shi controlled my impregnation sessions and continually hurled verbal
humiliation at me while I was being bred. Shiandra would beat my tits and
ass for climaxing while the men fucked me...even though she had ordered me
to cum while they fucked me.
Throughout the week, when a man emptied his load into my fertile womb, Shi
would tell him to leave and then she would give me a long, hard, pounding
fuck with her "Daddy dick". After she "came" inside me, Shiandra ordered
me to clean her cock, and I gladly sucked and licked any of "her sperm"
still clinging to my daddy's big, black dick. She verbally degraded me for
allowing a man to put his dick in me and called me a stupid white whore for
licking her sperm-coated cock.
"How can you eat that shit you dumb cunt? What a stupid fucking white
whore you are. You make me fucking sick" Shi screamed at me as I licked a
big blob of semen from her black dildo.
It had been over four years since I had been anywhere near sperm. I choked
and retched from the taste of it, every time Shiandra f***ed her big,
sloppy, semen-coated dick into my mouth.
Sure enough, I missed my next period. Nine months later I gave birth to

our first lovely, mulatto baby girl. I never knew who the true father was.
In my mind the father is named Shiandra Thomas.
Shiandra still beats, tortures, punishes, fucks, and sodomizes me on
Saturdays--beating, suffering, ass-fucking, and agony that I need, and
deserve for being a wanton, white-trash, dyke, whore--but the rest of the
week she is a great father and provider to me and our three, lovely,
dark-skinned c***dren, and the best lover a devout, masochistic, submissive
femme could ever hope to have.
------------------End of Punished for my Sins----------
And who says suburbia is a cultural wasteland.

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