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I couldn't help myself part1

My mum had had me very young, she was only 18 when she got pregnant. By the time i was 10, dad and her had got divorced, and he disappeared off somewhere, leaving me with mum. In the next 7 years, I barely saw my mum speak to a man, she certainly didn't go on dates, and for a while I thought nothing of it. After I lost my virginity at 15 however, I started to think about it more, and how mum could go without the sweet release of sex for so long. When I was left in the house on my own, I would start to look for things to see if she did infact have dates or a sex life. I checked the computer in our study and found nothing, but when I looked on her laptop I found a variety of porn sites and webcam sites that mum visited frequently. Looking around in her room I also found several toys; two small vibrators, a rabbit and one able to stand freely or stick to a wall and fuck. The thought of my mother using these toys and watching porn made my cock instantly hard so I lay on her bed looking at the toys stroking my hard cock until I climaxed. I returned the toys to their hiding places, cleaned up and left. for the next year or so I then spied on my mother pleasuring herself whenever I could. She would often buy new lingerie and dress up for herself, marvelling at her sexy body in the mirror and teasing her wet pussy with one of the vibrators.

One day when I was 17 I heard the familiar noise of my mum carefully shutting her bedroom door and the sound of her walking over to the cupboard to her toy hiding place. I gave it a few minutes before creeping up the stairs and pressing my ear to the door, I heard the quiet buzz of one of her toys and some gentle music. I slowly turned the door handle and opened it a crack. Laying on the bed was my mother, legs wide, a black and white lace corset with a thong stockings and suspenders and black high heels. She had a silk blind fold on, enjoying the sensual pleasure of being blind to her exploring, knowing hands. She had pulled her corset down so a beautiful firm breast was exposed, which she was teasing with her vibrator, circling her nipple. Her other hand reached down and stroked within her thong. Pushing the toy in her mouth and sucking it long and deep, she reach down and slid her wet thong down over her heels and cast it aside. The sight of her trimmed wet pussy made me instantly hard and my hand instinctively reached for my jeans, as her's slowly found her wet pussy and teased along her lips. As she slowly slid the toy from her mouth, she replaced it with the fingers now covered in her cum, and drew the toy down her body to her welcoming pussy. A small moan of pleasure escaped her lips as she pushed it inside her pussy, making me fumble with belt and jeans buttons to escape from the confinement that trapped my hard cock. Watching her body move from with each probing thrust of the toy was torture. Hard cock in hand, I watch, captivated by the gorgeous moaning, writhing figure of my mother. A louder moan and I couldn't help it my hand moved faster and my elbow hit the door, pushing it open and exposing me to my mothers room, jeans and boxers around my ankles hard throbbing cock in hand, I froze. Too occupied by the pleasure coursing through her body, and with the blindfold, my mother continued in her pursuit of a teasing and long-lasting orgasm. A louder moan, a desperate, lust-filled moan. I could no long resist, stepping out of my jeans and boxers, I stepped into my mothers room and approached the bed to get a closer look.

Part 2 to follow if interest...

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