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The Bank Job

Hello. My name is Alan. I have spent the last three years in the Waupun Wisconsin Correctional facility. I will most likely never see the outside of this compound again. I have accepted that fact, and if I had everything to do over again I wouldn't change a thing. I broke the law and am now willingly accepting my punishment. This is the story of the day that caused me to be incarcerated. This story is not meant to be an apology, I am only writing this because remembering that day still puts a smile on my face.
For seven long years I was a loyal but under appreciated employee of The First National Trust Bank in Racine Wisconsin. I was a hard worker, but could never seem to buy an even break. I would constantly watch as employees would be hired after me and quickly rise through the company above me and into positions of power above me simply because I refused to play the game.
It all started with Wendy. The day Wendy was hired was a day that I thought would make my job a job I would want to keep for the rest of my life. She was a beautiful woman. Her long flowing blonde hair and classically beautiful facial features along with her impeccable taste and sense of style gave her the appearance of an innocent princes, but I felt that image was hiding the true devilish woman that was kept secret beneath that safe exterior. She always wore long sleeves to work, but I had caught glimpses of ink that appeared to cover her arms from shoulder to wrist. Another giveaway that her innocence was just a cover was her taste in shoes. He dress was definitely stylish, but was also very conservative. That conservative style was never matched by her shoes. She always wore shoes with an open toe, always at least a four inch heal and always brightly painted toes. You should know that it is not a coincidence that I noticed her taste in shoes. I have always had a thing for pretty feet, and hers were a pair that I could never take my eyes off of. As we sat next to each other at the counter I would occasionally see her slip her heel out of her shoe and just dangle it from her toes as she slowly tapped her foot to the elevator music that was constantly playing overhead. Seeing that always made it difficult for me to get up to go back to the change counter. I was afraid the customer would notice the effect she had on me as I walked back to the counter.
It was my job to train Wendy. It was a task I was very eager to perform. I loved going to work those days. Wendy was so eager to learn, paid close attention to everything I told her and I thought we had turned into good friends. We would occasionally go out for drinks after work, talked on the phone once in a while and she seemed to notice the rise her feet got out of me and would purposely tease me by dangling he shoes or rubbing her feet at the busiest times. I was loving life! But then everything started to change.
It all started when the bank posted an opening for a supervisor. I applied for the position assuming they it was just a formality. Nobody here was more qualified than me and I had been there five years compared to the one year of the next tenured employee. The only thing I was worried about was how the switch to a supervisor position would affect my relationship with Wendy. I was not prepared for the decision that was made. Not only did I not get the promotion, they gave the spot to Wendy! I taught her everything she knew, how could she be more qualified than me? I was right to worry that the promotion would effect our relationship.
As soon as she got the promotion Wendy began treating me less like a friend and more like a subordinate. She was now too busy kissing up to management to give me the time of day. I guess all that kissing up worked for her too. It wasn't long before she stopped being my supervisor and became my manager.
That is how things continued for the next year or so. One after one, a pretty woman would be hired, I would train her and she would get promoted. To begin with I blamed the ladies for using their sex appeal to get promoted. I finally realized that even though the ladies were partially to blame, the real problem was our president, Mr. Delgato. He was the one who decided to hire only the prettiest applicants and the one who had the final say in promotions.
One night I was at a bar with my friend Jimmy. Jimmy must have grown tired of listening to be complain. He was just sitting there quietly staring at his drink then he slowly started shaking his head and softly said, "those mother fuckers need to pay".
That's how everything started. With my knowledge of the bank and all of its operations, we figured we could plan the perfect bank robbery, scare the hell out of everyone there and make off with a shit load of cash. As we were making our plans Jimmy had the thought that robbing them was not the answer. The insurance would cover the lost money, and before long everything would be back the way it has always been. They needed to be punished. I was shocked but also excited as Jimmy began spelling out the plan he had thought of. Two weeks later, it all came down.
It was a Monday, but it was also a holiday. I had always thought that Columbus day was a stupid holiday, but one advantage of being passed over again and again for promotions was that I didn't need to go in on this stupid holiday for the management meeting. Mr. Delgato (Kenneth) could have easily fit these meetings into a normal work week, but making management come in for a few hours on their holiday was just another way for him to exercise his power. This was the perfect chance for us to launch our plan. As the last supervisor entered the front door I saw Mr. Delgato lock the door behind her. I smiled as I looked at jimmy with the key to the door in my hand. We waited a few minutes for them to get settled into the conference room, then walked up to the door. Mr. Delgato had shown me how I needed to turn the key to the left twice and once to the right in order to unlock the door without setting off the alarm. That was a lapse in judgement he won't soon forget.
We snuck in close to the conference room with ski masks covering our faces. I knew Jenny was too much of a cheapskate to pay security on a holiday, but the cameras in the lobby ran 24/7. We each had a gun, but Jimmy was also carrying what looked like an old doctors bag. I asked him what it was for and he just smiled and said, "You'll see soon enough".
We loudly bursted into the conference room with our guns drawn and ordered everyone to lay on the floor. There was screaming and confusion, but within seconds everyone was on the floor as ordered. Jimmy walked over to Heather; our newly hired receptionist / secretary; and told her to get up. He walked her over to the area where Mr. Delgato was laying with his gun pressed against her head. She was visibly shaking and I could see tears beginning to form in her eyes.I felt a little sorry for Heather. She was not part of the problem. She was only a secretary and the only reason she was here was to take notes for the meeting. She was truely an innocent girl and did not fit in with this group at all. I knew she would be the first one to be threatened, but seeing how scared she was made me feel extremely uneasy. I knew nobody was going to get hurt though, so I allowed it to continue. We were only going to scare everybody and hopefully embarass the old man a bit.
With Jimmy and Heather standing near Mr. Delgato's head jimmy said, "get in the chair Kenny!". Mr. Delgato hated being called Kenny, he thought it made him sound week and he had a need to feel as though all who knew him should feel intimidated by him. Kenny got up from the floor and sat in the chair with his back to jimmy and Heather. Jimmy told him to put his hands behind the chair and told Heather to tie his hands to the chair. Heather looked around confused and asked, "with what?". Even though jimmy was wearing the mask I knew he was smiling as he looked down at her legs and said "those pantyhose should work pretty good." Heather looked at him with a look of horror and said "please, no." Jimmy pressed his gun against her head and said sternly "Now".
Heather tried unsuccessfully to hold back her tears as she slipped off her shoes and removed her nylons. I couldn't take my eyes off of her. her legs were so sexy and this was the first time that I had seen her barefoot. Her calves were thin and fit looking. Her ankles were so skinny i'm sure i could wrap my hand all the way around them. Her feet were gorgeous as well. incredibly high arches and freshly manicured toes that were painted a sexy dark purple. With her nylons in hand, she walked over to the chair and tied her boss's wrists to his chair. She then started to walk away when Jimmy grabbed her arm and said, "We should probably get his legs tied up to....". Heather had a look that made me believe she thought he would ask for more of her clothes to tie him with. She just stared at Jimmy and slowly shook her head no. He smiled and left heathers' side to walked over by Mary, the Assistant manager; and my temporary supervisor. He told her he would be needing her pantyhose as well. Mary being the bitch she is simply said no, she was not going to take off her pantyhose. Jimmy turned away, chuckled and told her she didn't need to. He put the gun back to heathers' head and said,"Heather will do it for you, won't you sweetheart." He grabbed Heather by the hair and lead her over to Mary. He told Mary to stand up and Heather to kneel down. He instructed Heather to remove Marys' nylons and to do it slowly.
Mr. Delgato was an asshole, but he sure knew how to find sexy women. I'm sure when the term milf was invented it was someone like Mary that the person had in mind. She was definitely a mother id like to fuck! The sight of Heather removing Mary's nylons made me wish that I had worn looser fitting pants. I'm sure she was only doing as she was told, but I couldn't help but think she was being purposely seductive in the way she went about it. She slowly and tenderly remove Mar's shoes and neatly set them aside, and before reaching up to pull down her pantyhose, she looked up at Mary and rubbed her ahnd up her leg for just a second. As nervous as I was, I couldn't help but be excited and ny cock was straining against my jeans. Heather had the nylons in her hands and returned to Jimmy's side. Mary looked so hot standing there in her tight skirt and bare legs and feet. Jimmy told Mary to turn around and lift her dress. She did as she was told; surprisingly; and gave us a view of an ass that can only be described as perfect. Jimmy turned his attention back to Heather, motioned towards Mr. Delgato and said, "his legs please." As Heather knelt in front of the chair, ready to start tying Jimmy said, "Wait, that gives me an idea. Take his pants off first". All Heather could manage to do was squeak out a guiet "please, don't make me". Jimmy just laughed and told her not to worry, and that the old man will love it. She sat there unable to move, and he pressed the gun against her head once more. She reached out, unbuttoned his pants and pulled then down to his ankles. She sat back thinking she was done and jimmy said, "all the way off". She undid his shoes and removed them before grabbing the bottom of the pants and pulling them all the way off. Mr.Delgato began swearing at jimmy and telling him that he would hunt jimmy down and cut his balls of if he keeps up with this bullshit. He asked why the hell we were doing this and jimmy gave him a bullshit story of how our friends were working on the vault and we are just here to buy them some time. Mr. Delgato started to protest some more and jimmy removed the old man's tie and used it as a gag, tying it around his head, covering his mouth. Jimmy then pressed the gun against his head and told him that if he tried to speak again he was dead. He then turned back to Heather and said, "underwear too". She was unable to protest any more. She simply grabbed his boxers and yanked them off, staring at the floor in shame. Jimmy let out a loud laugh and said to nobody in particular "You all say he's such a big prick, I guess you never saw him naked". He then motioned the gun toward Heather and said, " start tying". She did as she was told, tying each ankle to his chair with the pantyhose.
Jimmy reached out his hand to Heather, offering to help get up and said simply, "thank you". He turned his attention to the rest of the group and began a rant about how he couldn't believe they were willing to go so far to try and please a scumbag like this old man sitting here. He said that the only reason the old prick hired them was because he hoped it would lead to sex. Then Jimmy said, " I think it's time this old cart gets a return on his investment".
Jimmy walked over to our Angie, our Auditor and sat on the floor next to her. He was talking softly to her and I could not make out what he was saying. After a few minutes he motioned with the gun towards Mr delgato and she stood up and walked over to the chair. She knelt in front of him and without saying a word she leaned forward and began sucking the old man's cock. I couldn't believe it! What could he have said to her? She simply got down and started blowing him like it was the most natural thing in the world.
This was going way beyond our plans of humiliating the old man. I had no idea if this was part of jimmy's plan all along or if he was making it up as he went along. I wanted to put a stop to it but jimmy seemed crazy. If I didn't go along I was sure he would not hesitate to kill me. He was watching Angie trying to suck a still soft cock and said, "this ain't working. I think it's time to try plan 2 and see if that gets a rise out of him." Angie stood up and looked at jimmy as if looking for his approval. Jimmy nodded and she walked over to Mary who was back sitting on the floor and pressed her foot against Mary's shoulder, pushing her down to the floor. Angie stood over her with one foot on each side of her and unbuttoned her pants. She quickly removed her pants and panties at the same time and tossed them aside. Angie was staring into Mary's eyes as she began masturbating, stopping only to lick her fingers and then began rubbing her pussy some more. Mary looked up in shock as Angie slowly began to squat down, pressing her wet pussy against Mary's lips. Angie grabbed a hand full of hair and said "Eat my pussy you bitch" as she pulled Mary tighter against her pussy. Angie actually seemed to be enjoying it and before long she had stripped off her top and was massaging her tits as Mary continued eating her out. I was shocked to see how she was acting, but I was even more shocked to see what she did next. Angie spun around and sat her ass square on Mary's face and instructed her to eat her ass. As Mary was struggling to breathe, Angie spread he legs for all to see and fingered herself to an intense orgasm. She then leaned forward, pulled Mary's dress up and dove into Mary's pussy, eating it like it was the only meal she had eaten in weeks. I looked over at jimmy meaning to ask what he had said to her when I saw that he had his cock out of his pants and was lost in his own world, slowly jacking off while watching those two go at it. Jimmy always bragged about having a big cock and until now I figured he was strecthing the truth a bit to make himself sound good. He wasn't k**ding! His cock had to be well over 10 inches long and as thick as my wrist! I was so busy watching how eagerly Angie was eating Mary's pussy, that I didn't even notice at first how Mary had wrapped her arms around Angie's waist and was going at Angie's pussy just as hungrily.
Finally jimmy turned back to see Kenny. Jim's plan had worked, Kenny certainly liked what he was seeing. Jimmy told the ladies to stop what they were doing and to go stand next go their boss. Neither lady seemed quite ready to stop, and Jimmy had to yell a second order to them. They finally stood up and smiled at each other before walking over to the old man. With one lady at each side of his chair, jimmy calmly asked which one wanted to be with Kenny the most. They looked at each other for a minute and Angie said "I'll do it". She then knelt back down and eagerly took his now rock hard cock deep into her mouth. She was giving it all she had and then Jimmy warned he'd that she should only keep him hard and that if he came, they were both dead.
Jim then grabbed Mary by the hand and said, "I guess that means you're mine". He walked her over next to the table and ripped her dress off. He stood and admired her naked body for a few seconds before burrying his face in bet tits and his fingers in her pussy. He said how it seemed like she must have liked what Angie had done to her since she was so wet. Then he said that meant there was no need for foreplay and sat her on the edge of the table. He pulled his pants down, spread her legs and with one quick thrust he shoved that huge cock of his balls deep into her pussy. Mary let out a loud scream, but at the same time laid back and began fondling herself as he continued to plow into her.
I looked around the room and all eyes were on those two. Even Angie was watching. She was now sitting next to the chair, staring at Jimmy and Mary with a little smile on her face as she slowly stroked Kenny's cock. Jimmy lifted Mary's legs onto his shoulders and pounded that pussy even harder. He looked over to Heather and told him to bring him his bag. She did as she was told, and while still fucking Mary with all he had, he opened the bag and reached in to grab something. When he had found what he was looking for, he pulled Mary to her feet and told her to turn around. He pushed her forward and made her bend over the table. He then covered his cock with a slippery lube and said that he had wanted to do this since the first time he had seen that ass about four months ago. He spread her ass cheeks and slowly shoved his cock into her asshole. I think I heard a little whimper from Mary, but wasn't sure do to the loud gasps I heard from the others in the room. It wasn't long before he was pounding away at her ass even harder than he had pounded her pussy. Mary started screaming, "Oh my God, Oh, my God" I know they must have been screams of horror or pain, but they actually sounded more like screams of extasy. He then pulled out shoved Mary down to her knees and stroked his cock until he shot an enormous amount of cum all over her face. When he was done cumming, he shoved his cock into her mouth telling her to clean her ass from his cock. She seemed only too willing to oblige. She grabbed his cock in her hand and sucked and licked like a pro until Jimmy told her that was enough.
Jimmy walked over to the boss man again. He commented how Kenny was still hard and asked if he liked watching that. All Kenny could do was nod. Jimmy pulled Angie next to jimmy and had her press her ass against the side of his face. Kenny didn't move as Jimmy removed the gag and told him that it was ok, he could kiss Angie's ass if he wanted to. Kenny turned his head and began kissing her ass. Small pecks at first, but then wet sloppy kisses and hungry looking licking. Jimmy asked Kenny again if he liked seeing Mary getting fucked in the ass. Kenny said that yes he did, he liked it very much. Jimmy then asked if Kenny was up for a little assfucking with Angie. Kenny could barely stop from screaming yes. He was practically begging for jimmy to let him fuck her ass.
Jimmy grabbed a knife from his bag and cut Kenny loose. He helped Ken get to his feet and asked him, "so, you like anal sex, huh Kenny"? Ken said he had dreamed of fucking Angie's ass almost nightly. Jimmy smiled as he told him to sit on the table. Kenny did as he was told then Angie was told to stand in front of Kenny and show him her ass again. She stood in front of Kenny and bent over at the waist, giving a great view of her tight ass, reachin back to spread her cheeks apart while looking up at me and smiling. Kenny was too busy admiring that ass to realize jimmy had got behind him and jimmy pulled his arms out from under him and f***ed Kenny down so he was laying back on the table, legs hanging off the edge and his hard cock sticking straight up in the air. Jimmy pulled ken's hands above his head and held him down tight against the table. Jimmy looked at Angie and said,"it's in the bag". Angie reached down into Jim's bag and pulled out a dildo that had to be at least ten inches long and as thick as my wrists. That big dildo was attached to a strap on harness. Angie stepped into the harness with such ease that I couldn't help but think she had done it many times before. She put a dab of lube on the dildo and quickly and harshly shoved it deep into Kenny's ass. She had his legs over his shoulders and was fucking that ass as hard as she was able. Kenny was struggling, trying to get out of Jimmy's grip. Jimmy started laughing again and said he thought Kenny had said he wanted anal sex with Angie, so Jimmy was just giving him what he wanted. Jimmy then said to Angie, stroke that cock, I want everyone here to see this prick cum while getting his ass fucked. Angie grabbed his cock in her hand and stroked it at a pace to match her thrusts into his ass. Angie would occasionaly stop and tell Kenny to tell everyone how much he loved being fucked in the ass, and then went back at him. Within a few minutes Kenny was yelling out how much he liked getting fucked in the ass and was going go cum. Angie started stroking him faster with one hand while holding her other hand in front of the tip of his cock, catching every drop of Kenny's cum in her hand. When he was done cumming, she squeezed and milked his cock to get every last bit of cum out of him. She then walked around the side of the table and used her clean hand to squeeze Kenny's cheeks, telling him to open his mouth. He obeyed and Angie rubbed her cum filled hand over his open mouth telling him to lick it all of. When he hand was clean, she used it to grab his hair and pull his mouth go her plastic cock that she was still wearing. She shoved it in his mouth until he started to choke. She pulled it out and told him to tell her he loved sucking cocks. He looked at her, seemingly unable go speak and she shoved her dildo down his throat again. She kept pressing it as far into his throat as she could, making him gag and turning his face into a bright red. I thought I was going to be a witness to a man choking to death by being f***ed to deepthroat a cock that was far too big for him to handle. Just when I thought he would pass out, she pulled it out again and yelled,"say it"! He could barely speak as he raspily said " I love sucking cocks". She laughed and said "I knew it" as she slapped his face with the dildo. Angie slipped out of the harness and walked over to Jimmy and kissed him so deeply that it was now clear that today was not the first time they had met.
Jimmy then walked over next to me, still completely naked except for his mask. He put his arm around my shoulder, pointed at Wendy who was still sitting in the same spot on the floor as when all the craziness began. He said, "I saved the best for you, b*o". He walked halfway to Wendy and said "stand up paint". Wendy stood up and stared at the floor. Jimmy grabbed his knife and walked beside her. He used the knife to cut off her buttons. He pulled her shirt off and gave a whistle and said that she sure had some beautiful artwork on her body. He had her turn and face him and turn her back to me. He said, you were right b*o, this is some sweet paint this bitch has on her. He raised his knife and cut the straps of her bra. He then put the knife between her breasts and cut her bra making it fall to the floor. He said, "damn b*o, wait until you see these tits! They may be the best I have ever seen!". He stepped back just a bit to get a better look and shook his head saying,"I'm sorry, but that skirt needs to go. Take it off. Wendy didn't move and Jim just said, "Angie?" Angie walked over to Wendy and pulled her skirt off. Wendy was still facing away from me, but the view I had was amazing! Shiny blonde hair partially covering the tattoos that went across her shoulders, and a tattoo that went across her waist. Her ass was not covered at all by the white thong she was wearing. Her legs were fit and toned and her calves looked so hot from being supported by her white high heels.
Jimmy slipped his knife under her waistband by her hip and cut it so it was hanging off on one side. He then did the same to the other side and pulled her panties off, pressing them against his nose and commented how sweet she smelled. Then he looked her up and down again and said that it was too bad she was off limits. Stating that there was someone else here who needed her more than he did. He had her turn around and told her to look at me. I was hoping she wouldn't look too closely at my eyes. It may have been just a line, but when I thought we were friends she used to always comment on how she lived looking into my eyes. If she was telling the truth, I thought; she might look too close and recognise me. Jimmy told me to take my pants off. I didn't want to do this, I asked Jim if we could just be done now. He chuckled walked over to me and whispered in my ear, " I did this for you. Get those pants off or I will kill you and fuck her myself".
He walked over to the chair he had set his gun on and picked up the gun and pointed it at me. He said he did all of this for me and he was not about to let me leave here without me getting what I wanted. I reluctantly removed my pants to let Wendy see my partially erect cock. I had always fantasized about seeing her naked, but not like this. Jimmy noticed my less than rock hard cock and said,"what the fuck b*o? I thought she was your dream girl?" He told Wendy to help me out, "go give that cock a kiss babe". She walked towards me, eyes stating at the floor the whole time. When she got close enough she got down on her knees and began softly kissing my cock. Jimmy yelled "suck it!". Wendy looked up at me briefly then opened her mouth and wrapped it around my cock. Before she was able to get going on my cock, Jim started laughing. He said, "I'm sorry b*o, I forgot! It's her feet you have a thing for isn't it? And here she is stripped naked except her shoes! Get up and take those shoes off bitch!" Wendy quickly looked up at me and said, "oh my god! Alan?". This made jimmy break up laughing again. He said, "you see? I told you she knew how your freak ass was lusting at her feet. All this time she knew and was purposely teasing you the whole time."
Wendy stood up and removed my ski mask. She looked at me with a sadness in her eyes and just said "why?". Jimmy laughed again and said, "Why? Why? Its because of you, you cock teasing bitch! That's all I ever here from him, Wendy this and Wendy that! I'm sick of it! The only thing worse than hearing him tell me how much he loved you was hearing how this sick fuck wanted to suck your toes and fuck your feet. I knew you would never give him what he wanted, so I decided to get it for him. Just to shut him up! Now, get those shoes off and sit your ass over here on this table." When she didn't move, he yelled "Now!" Wendy removed her shoes and laid on the table, knees bent and her feet on the edge of the table. Jimmy told me to get over and do what I had been dreaming of. He raised his arm a bit and Angie took her place under his arm. She was smiling at me and said, "go ahead honey, if you have really wanted to suck her toes, this will be the only chance you will have". The whole time she was looking at me and talking to me, she was stroking jimmy's cock and it was once again standing straight at attention. He told me it was up to me, he didn't touch her because he thought I was in love with her. If I want to make love to here feet, I should go ahead, but that I needed to make up my mind quick. If I wasn't sucking her toes within fifteen seconds he said he was going to assume I don't love her and would fuck her in her ass. He commented how his second time he is able to go much faster and last much longer. he sais, "I would seriously love to tear that ass up, but I can guarantee she will not like it one bit". I said "fine, I'll do it. Just leave her alone!"
I walked over to Wendy and got on my knees, ready to start kissing the best looking feet I had ever seen. Jimmy told me to stand up. He said he wanted me and Wendy to be looking into each others eyes as I sucked her toes. I stood up, grabbed one of her feet in my hands and raised it to my mouth while gazing into her beautiful eyes. I slowly kissed along the side of her foot, licked the sole and kissed along the top of her foot until the only spot on her foot I hadn't kissed was her toes. I kept looking into here eyes and was unable to avoid smiling as I took her toes into my mouth. I didn't like how things had unfolded, but here I was, living out my dream of being naked with Wendy and sucking her toes. I couldn't hold back any longer. I grabbed her other foot and rubbed it against the side of my face while I continued to give her toes a blowjob that I would die to have given to my cock. I wanted to suck the toes of her other foot so I set the first one back onto the table and sucked, licked and sucked her toes, oblivious to the gun or the people watching. I thought things couldn't get any better when I saw Wendy smile at me and then felt her foot rub against my now throbbing hard cock. I was shocked a little bit and looked down to see her gorgeous foot pressing against my cock. Jimmy said "there you go buddy! Fuck those feet!" I looked at Wendy again and her smile was bigger and she nodded at me while placing a foot on each side of my cock.
I grabbed her feet in my hands and squeezed them tightly around my cock. I was fucking the space between her feet. I was in heaven! Seeing those gorgeous feet wrapped around my cock made me almost forget that anybody else was in the room. It wasn't long before I was ready to cum. I looked at Wendy and said, " I want to cum all over your feet". She just smiled and said, "go for it'",. With that she sat up and positioned her feet in front of me and said, "I've always wanted to watch you jack off", I couldn't wait any longer. I grabbed my cock in my hand and stroked it as fast as I could. Within seconds I was shooting the biggest load of cum I rember ever having. The first shot went up her legs, but the rest of my load went square on the tops of her feet and toes.
Jimmy Was clapping and cheering. He said, "way to go buddy, that's what it's all about". He gently pushed me away and held is hand out telling Heather "come here sweety". She did as she was told and stood in front of him. He asked her if she likes what she just saw. She said quietly "yes sir". He asked her what she thought of my cock. She said she thinks it is real nice. Jimmy chuckled and sat his gun on the edge of the table and softly stroked Heather's hair. I wanted to be able to see her face, so I walked around jimmy and stood next to the table. To my surprise Wendy reached out and held my hand.
Jimmy had turned Heather to face Wendy and asked her if she thought Wendy's feet were pretty. She replied,"yes, they are very pretty", Jim asked if that meant she could understand why I wanted to suck her toes so badly. Heather simply nodded. He smiled at her and said, "look at all that cum on her toes, I think someone had better clean that up, don't you?" Heather looked horrified. She knew what Jim was going to make her do. As exciting as it would have been to see Heather suck my cum from Wendy's toes, I couldn't let him make her do that. I said "stop, I want to do that". Jimmy looked at me surprised. "Wow, you like those feet so much that you're willing to eat your own cum from them? Go ahead dude. Whatever trips your trigger". I grabbed a foot in my hand and while gazing into Wendy's eyes began sucking her toes and licking my cub from her foot until it was all clean and then started on the other foot.
While I was doing that, jimmy said to Heather "if you didn't want to eat his cum, you can have mine instead". He shoved her to her knees and grabbed his huge hard cock in his hand. He told her that she was going to wish she had chosen to suck those toes when he was done with her. With his one hand holding his cock, he grabbed a handful of hair with the other and said "open wide". Before he was able to touch his cock to her mouth, I picked up the gun from the table and shot jimmy in the chest. I had expected to see a look of surprise on his face like in the movies, but there was no expression at all. He simply fell over, dead.
I reached out my hand to help Heather to her feet and Mr Delgato began yelling that it was about time I came to my senses. He began rambling about how I was fired and he hoped I got the chair. I raised my gun to him and said "this whole thing was your fault". I pulled the trigger and my bullet caught him straight between the eyes.
I slumped down in the chair, rested my face in my hands and said, "somebody should probably call 911".
While we waited for the cops to show up Wendy knelt beside me, massaged my neck and shoulder and told me she was sorry. She said she thought what she was doing was simple teasing and in good fun. I looked her in the eyes and said, "to you I'm sure it was. But I fell in love with you the moment I first laid eyes on you". She gave me a gentle kiss and repeated, "I'm sorry".
Right then the cops came busting in. It must have been quite a sight. Two naked dead guys, me naked in my chair with a beautiful naked blond kneeling beside me, leaning her head on my shoulder.
They tried to cover me up before taking me in, but I refused. I said I would go quietly, but only if I could go naked. As we walked through the bank towards the exit, I kept remembering the sight of me shooting my cum all over Wendy's perfect feet. It excited me beyond belief. By the time we stepped through the door, my cock was again as hard as a rock. I stopped for a moment and looked at the crowd that had gathered. I turned slightly to the side to give them all a good look at my hardon and then peacefully walked to the police car.
Like I said, I know I will never get out of here, but it was worth it to be able to finally cum on Wendy's feet and tell her that I love her. She sends me letters quite frequently and usually includes some pictures of her feet for me.
I hadn't meant to kill anybody, but I have no regrets. Mr Delgato was a slime bag and deserved what he got. Jimmy was a good friend, but Heather had done nothing wrong and I couldn't let him do what he was going to do to her. One other benefit from that day came from sucking my cum from Wendy's toes. I had always assumed that I would hate the taste of cum, but I found that I actually like it quite a bit. That is a realization that has served me well in here. There are always plenty of guys here who seem to like offering me a snack, and they don't seem to like it when that offer is turned down.

The End

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