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Me and my wife share a cock

Kate and I had only been married about a year and a half, but we had always fit together perfectly. We always had an open mind when it came to sex, and we each enjoyed fulfilling each other's fantasies. One such fantasy was the idea of her being with two guys at the same time. We discussed it for more than two months before we decided to try to make it happen.

The opportunity finally presented itself after we had hired a local man to do some landscaping around our house. The guy that came to work was about 24 years old and very handsome. As he worked, Kate made small talk with him and even caught him staring at her a time or two. The work took about two weekends to complete and during that time we had all become pretty good friends. He even came over a couple nights just to have a few drinks with us. One night after a few drinks Kate and I decided that we should approach him about our idea for a threesome. He almost jumped at the idea of being able to have sex with Kate, and with that we decided that he would come over for dinner the next Friday and we would see how it went.

Friday night finally arrived and we had both been filled with a mixture of anticipation and nervousness all week. We had discussed the fantasy of a threesome many times with multiple variations, but I don't think either one of us ever expected it to come true. I got home from work first and got washed up from a long day and trimmed all my hair so I would be looking good when our guest for the night arrived. As I was finishing up Kate pulled in the driveway and I could tell she was getting excited about tonight by the way she hurried in from the garage. She only stopped briefly to give me a quick kiss before heading off to the shower to freshen up as well.

As I heard the shower start to run I began preparing a little meal for us and our guest. Obviously the meal was not the main event for the night so I barbequed some pork chops in the oven and cooked some vegetables to go with it. We had already started chilling a couple bottles of wine for the night and they were perfectly chilled when the dinner was finishing up. I had lost track of the time until I heard the shower shut off and started thinking about my lovely wife still wet from the shower with her freshly shaven pussy glistening in the light. Just then I heard a door shut in the driveway and my cock twitched a bit with thoughts of what is to come.

"Kate, Jake is here." I yelled back toward the bedroom where I knew she was getting ready.

"O.K. sweetie, entertain him for a little bit while I finish getting dressed."

Jake rang the doorbell and I went to answer it. "Hey Jake, I am glad you could join us for the night. Please come in. Kate will be out in a few minutes. She is just getting home from work and washing up." As he walked into the house we tried to keep everything normal even though we were both feeling a little awkward about the situation. I knew I needed a little drink to calm my nerves and figured he would like the same. As I returned to the kitchen I asked, "Do you want anything to drink? I have some beer or wine."

"Sure, beer is fine thanks."

I pulled a beer from the refrigerator and handed it to him across the bar. We made idle conversation as I pulled a couple wine glasses out of the cabinet for myself and Kate and filled them about 2/3 the way full with the wine. Just as I was taking my first sip of the wine I heard the bedroom door open and was greeted with a beautiful view of my wife. Even for the most casual nights at home she always looked gorgeous to me, but this time it was something more. She wore a loose fitting shirt that left a little to the imagination, and a relaxed fit pair of shorts. I could tell she had taken the time to put on just a little bit of makeup but not so much that you could notice. Her hair was down and hanging over her shoulders which I love, but she rarely gets to wear it down because of her job. I handed her the glass of wine and she took a seat at the bar beside Jake as I finished up dinner.

After chatting for a bit the timer went off on the oven and I asked Kate to set the table while I made each of us a plate. After setting the table she refilled our wine glasses and gave Jake another beer before settling down to her place at the table. I put our plates on the table and sat down beside Kate with Jake sitting across from us. As we ate the alcohol began to take affect and our inhibitions dropped making everyone more friendlily. The thought that was one each of our minds quickly steered the conversation towards sex. Before I knew it we were discussing different fantasies and experiences. Somehow the topic came up about Kate taking me with a strap-on, and to my surprise Jake was not shocked by this. It turned out that he was actually bisexual, and was a bit intrigued by this. I assured him I was not bisexual, but more that I enjoyed turning the power over to her occasionally. During the conversation Kate had started massaging my cock through my shorts under the table ever so gently. After the recent discovery that Jake was bisexual I reached over to play with Kate's pussy and found her starting to soak through her panties. Apparently this had really turned her on. Our eyes met and locked onto one another. As I looked into her eyes I could see the lust building inside her and my next comment would have startled all of us had it not been for the alcohol.

"Jake, I think we need to move to the bedroom soon because Kate's panties are starting to get saturated. Not to mention my dick is so hard it almost hurts." I laughingly said.

"As much as I hate for her to take her foot away from my cock, I agree." Jake replied. It took me a second to realize that she had been using her foot to caress his cock at the same time she was stroking mine under the table.

We all got up, put the dishes in the sink to take care of later, and made our way down the hall to our bedroom. Once we got inside the room, Kate lit a few candles and had us both sit on the bed to watch her get undressed. Jake and I sat there almost in awe as she lit a few candles and put on some music. The anticipation alone was keeping me harder than I could ever recall being. When she was ready she slowly removed her shirt and shorts exposing her incredible body. The only thing she was wearing was a beautiful matching black lacy bra and panty set that only slightly showed the wetness between her legs. As soon as I saw this my hand instinctively found my cock, but she quickly put an end to me pleasuring myself by telling me to wait. She then made her way over to the side of the bed where we were sitting and gave each of us a passionate kiss. After probing each of our mouths with her tongue she sank to her knees in front of Jake and began removing his shorts and underwear in one motion.

Now, I have never considered myself small or huge when it came to my dick, but I was beginning to rethink this after seeing Jake's cock spring free. My cock is about 7 inches long, about an inch and a half wide, and has always been enough to satisfy my lovers, or so they said. Just guessing, Jake looked like his cock was about 9 inches long and almost two inches wide. Since Kate had already been massaging it with her foot she did not seem to be as shocked as I was by its size. Unknowingly I must have gasped at this because they each looked at me with a slight grin.

Kate quickly regained her focus and started to stroke his dick slowly just feeling it in her hands. I watched as her mouth opened slightly with anticipation and she licked her lips. She then leaned forward and began to lick around his head and flicked her tongue on the sensitive underside where his shaft met the head. Next, she opened her mouth and proceeded to work as much of that massive cock into her mouth as she could take, which wasn't much. As she continued to suck on his cock one hand worked up and down the shaft using her saliva as lubrication while the other hand moved down to gently squeeze his balls. As she worked him over his breathing increased and I watched his eyes close indicating she was working him toward a terrific orgasm. She must have sensed this too and stopped her sucking and looked up at him with an evil grin.

Giving him time to relax a little bit and let his orgasm subside she moved her attention back to me. She rose up to her feet and moved in to kiss me. When our lips met I could feel them wet with her saliva and they parted to let her tongue into my mouth. As our tongues danced around inside our mouths I began to taste something that I quickly recognized as pre-cum. I had always kissed her after she gave me a blowjob, and because of this I had often tasted my own pre-cum but never had I tasted another guy's. She knew I could taste it and this only provoked her further when I did not pull away. Finally she broke our kiss and began removing my shorts and underwear the same way she did for Jake.

"Did you like the taste of his cum? Don't lie to me. I already know you do." She teased me. She didn't really know, but she also didn't care if I liked it or not. "Maybe you should get your own from him instead of me."

I was so wrapped up in what was happening that I barely heard her second comment before her lips were wrapped around my dick. I shrugged it off and concentrated on her expert attention to my cock. The blowjob she gave me was shorter than Jake's, but no less effective. Again, she sensed my impending orgasm and stopped sucking me too. At this point I finally looked over at Jake again and he had already removed his shirt to be completely naked and laying on the bed watching us with his cock towering over his stomach. Kate made her way over to him and I took this as my cue to remove my remaining clothes as well.

She laid herself on top of him sandwiching his cock between them and began to make out. His hands roamed over her body squeezing her against him as he made his way down to her perfect ass. After a bit of playing with her ass his hands moved up to unfasten her bra and free her lovely breasts. I moved over to them and reached out to pull her panties off her and discard them. She adjusted just enough to let them slide off her legs without ever breaking her kiss with Jake. Then I moved into position on top of the two of them and kissed from her ass all the way up her back to her neck. As I did I let my cock brush against her pussy and then across her ass to let it rest between her cheeks. She moaned slightly with the first attention to her waiting pussy.

After making out like this for a little more we were ready for more action. I moved off the top of them and lay on my back on the bed a bit unsure of how to proceed from here. Apparently Kate did not lack the ideas that I had and she moved into a 69 position over me. As her mouth encircled my cock I instinctively began licking her pussy from her clit to her asshole.

"That's it honey. Get me nice and wet for Jake's huge dick. He is one of the biggest I have ever seen so I need to be as wet as possible." She prodded me before returning to her careful stimulation of my cock.

As I doubled my efforts on her waiting pussy I was rewarded with more and more of her juices with each lick. I closed my eyes as I enjoyed eating her out. I guess Jake could not wait any longer and I opened my eyes after feeling his presence near us on the bed only to see the head of his dick inches away from my wife's pussy and my tongue. Trying to keep my tongue out of the way I moved my concentration to her clit while he rubbed his head up and down her slit to lubricate it. After he finally felt he was slick enough he started to push forward and was met with much resistance because of his size. I watched as her lips tried to accommodate his cock to no avail. Since she was no longer able to concentrate on giving me oral sex she had given up and focused on getting this massive dick inside her. With each of his thrusts forward she moaned in a bit of pleasure and pain.

"There is still not enough lubrication." Jake announced. "I need more to keep from hurting you."

What happened next was a huge shock to me, and to this day I am not sure how I feel about it. Kate quickly offered him my mouth to use to lubricate his shaft. "He has sucked my strap-on multiple times so I know he knows how." As if I was merely here for their enjoyment my thoughts on this were not even considered, but I would do anything for her especially if it kept her from being hurt. As soon as these thoughts started to run through my head they were abruptly interrupted by the cock being pushed into my mouth. I initially noticed the taste of my wife on his dick, and then started to pick up more on the taste of his pre-cum. In a bit of a trance I started sucking his massive cock ensuring it was heavily coated with my saliva.

I felt the bed shift and realized Kate have moved to watch me. Sometime during this I had closed my eyes to concentrate and I opened them to see Kate staring at me with wide eyes and an equally wide smile. I tried to smile back at her, but it was useless with all the meat in my mouth. Our eyes never moved from one another until he finally pulled his dick out of my mouth with an audible pop. I mouthed to her, "I love you!" and she replied to me the same before she was pushed back onto all fours over me by Jake. With her clit once again in front of me I started to gently suck and nibble on it while Jake repositioned himself behind her again. With the help of my saliva on his cock he was able to push the head inside her. She let out a squeal as he started pushing his entire length into her. With my eyes fixed on his massive cock disappearing into her tight little pussy I continued to suck her clit. Finally, after what seemed like minutes he was buried all the way inside her and his balls lying across my nose.

He held his position there for a little bit to allow her to get use to the size. He slowly started to pump in and out of her. With each pull out he brought more of her juices flowing out onto my waiting tongue. Feeling that she was finally comfortable his speed started to rapidly increase. I could no longer keep my tongue on the little hard nub that was her clit. With his violent thrusting I ended up licking about as much of his cock as I did her pussy. After what seemed like one long orgasm for Kate, Jake finally announced that he was going to cum soon.

"Oh, god! Please cum in my tight little pussy. Fill me up with every drop of your cum." Kate egged him on. Again, my body acted without me knowing and I began to suck his balls into my mouth while he was buried in my wife. I could feel them drawing up inside my mouth as his cum was about to shoot into Kate.

"I'm cumming!!" Jake almost screamed as I felt his cock start to twitch with each spurt inside her. I was beginning to think he would never stop cumming until finally his cock twitched for the last time and he began to pull out of her. As he did, Kate collapsed on top of me with my aching cock beside her head craving attention, and her cum soaked, stretched pussy in front of me. As I was admiring the sight before me Jake took the opportunity to push his cock back into my mouth. At this point I thought, "What the hell, it's not the first time." and I started to suck his cock one more time. I could taste a wonderful mixture of his cum and my wife's pussy on his cock, but unfortunately as soon as I started to enjoy myself he was clean and pulled his dick away from me.

As he sank into the bed beside us, I was still trapped under Kate. Without any release I was still extremely turned on and wanted more. The answer was quite literally right in front of my face so I dove tongue first into Kate's now dripping pussy. This was something we had never done and I am sure if she were not completely exhausted she may have jumped at the feeling. Instead, all she could do was moan at how good my wet tongue felt on her sore pussy. As I licked and probed her pussy I was rewarded with more of the cum mixture that coated Jake's cock moments ago. Kate started to regain her strength enough to realize what was going on, and decided to help me out. She pushed herself up so that she was sitting on her knees over my face and started to grind her pussy all over my mouth and tongue. I felt her pussy tighten around my tongue and another mouthful of cum flooded into my mouth with the realization that she was pushing it out on me. I had no choice but to swallow the mixture that she was feeding me, and to be honest it was not as bad as I expected.

While I continued to lick and suck every last drop of juice out of her I felt the sensation of someone's hand on my aching cock. At first, I thought it was Kate rewarding me for a job well done, but that thought was long gone when I felt the warm sensation of a mouth sucking me toward a climax. Jake bobbed his head up and down on me quickly and stroking me at the same time. I had been waiting for so long it didn't take long before I felt my cum starting to rise. With Kate still firmly planted on my face I could not warn him I was going to cum, but he seemed not to need a warning. I shot spurt after spurt of my cum into his mouth until my balls were finally drained and feeling much better. He then pulled my cock from his mouth and straddled my waist facing my wife. They leaned forward each other and proceeded to share my load back and forth until each had swallowed some of it.

We all laid there in a pile on the bed for a little bit before Jake got up and started to get dressed to leave. Kate and I were so exhausted that we didn't even get up to let him out. He thanked us for a lovely dinner and a terrific desert, and as he was heading for the door I also thanked him for a wonderful creampie desert. We all laughed at the comment as he disappeared down the hall and we heard the door close behind him. Kate and I held each other and drifted into a much needed rest without a word about what had just happened. Even though we didn't say it, we both knew that this had been a perfect night, and knew there would be more to follow.

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