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The nosey neighbour.

its been a few years now since my last sexual adventure,lifes been really normal.ive split the wife and now moved in with my younger s****r.she was kind enough to take me in when life was at it lowest.i know live in a nice house which is semi the back of the house there is a little garden then it backs onto another house.after that is woodland.the only noise we get is from cars coming and going into the nature reserve behind us.the track to it is at the side of the bedroom is at the back of the house top floor.danielle my s****r has her room down stairs.the other night i was home alone as danielle works alot away from home.i like it when she does as i love to be naked and i take this time to do just that.anyway i was pottering around the house ,doing some cleaning up and stuff,the sun had gone down so i put on some i say we live in a area where its quite secluded so we havent got curtains up at the windows.anyway i decided id done enough cleaning and sat on the sofa to watch the tv.the room also backs onto the back garden.we have sliding glass doors which is nice to have in the i sat there naked watching the tv when i glimpsed something out the corner of my eye.the house that is at the back of my house was lit up.i was suprised as no one had livedd there since ive been there.i could see that there was lights on up i looked at the top window a grey haired man poped into veiw and he was staring right at me.oh my god!i could have died.he was looking staight down out of his top window straight into our house and at me naked.i pretended i didnt see him and watched him from the corner of my eye.suddenly he lifted some binoculars to his !he really was into cock started to get hard and i was feeling the urge to put on a show for this voyeur.i reached down and took my cock into my hand.slowly stoking it.with my other hand i pinched my nipples.i spread my legs wide and put my nees up.i was facing him straight on sitting on the sofa.i could see the man was watching me not moving the bins from his eyes.i stroked my cock up and down faster and faster,my heart feeling as if it wanted to leave my head started swimming and that horny warm feeling was washing over me.i pinched my nipples harder.i looked straight at the man as he watched.i thrust my bottom up and down as the feeling took over me.i was so excited of this man watching me.allof a sudden the warm dizzy feeling of coming came over since i was a boy ive had a bit of a problem when i cum.i pee and cum at the same time.its like a massive jet of slimy it gushed from me ,spraying into the air and splashing my chest and body.i screamed out in pleasure as the jets of warm cum piss shot out of me.i lay for a while catching my body now glistening with cum piss.i could feel it running down into my bum crack.i looked up and saw the man was still there.i stood up and ran to the shower to wash.after i came out the shower i noticed he had gone.i cleaned up and went to bed.the next morning i got up and noticed a letter hanging through the letter was from my nosey read.dear neighbour,as you are aware i noticed that you like to be after someone to come into my home once a week and clean for me.i would like to offer you the job.ill pay well.if your interested please come and see me at my house tommorrow moring.9 oclock sharp.thankyou,derick. ps you will be requird to wear nothing when cleaning. if you wanna know wot happened next please comment and let me know.

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