This is a print version of story Fucked as Bambi by an old chat friend i know as my by bambi92117 from

Fucked as Bambi by an old chat friend i know as my

This is a very true story...
My name is Bambi i am a TV/CD from sunny San diego.. I have been divorced now about a year.. The reasons for divorce were due to just to much separation in our marriage. I had taken a work assignment that took me to New Mexico and it was just

the straw that broke the camels back for our was a peaceful split and probably for the best since now i am mostly more into being Bambi in my personal time and entertaining the sexy men that like gurls like me..When i was married though we

had a swinger marriage and due to my closeted bisexuality we had the cuckold thing going on as well as meeting and playing with other couples. One couple we played with a couple times was Alvin and Lisa. We did a unique swap ,we met for dinner

and then once all parties were attracted to each other, we split up and went to separate houses to fuck each others wives..well we met once more the same way then kind of drifted apart..i would chat with Alvin on yahoo messenger though over the

years..we both had very similar interests (as far as hetro sexual) that is.. My bi /cross-dressing is very closeted..(even to my ex wife)..i would wonder about him though..he loved the idea of watching his wife with other men etc..but i know not all guys

with that fetish are i just left it at that..

So lets fast forward to more recent time..As i said i divorced and moved to new mexico..i also hadnt chatted with Alvin in sometime..I recently moved back to San Diego in the last few months..staying with my cousin and his wife..still not out to

f****y..but they both work long hospital shifts it gives me a chance to dress and entertain frequently..i got a kinky idea a week ago of sending Alvin a yahoo chat request from my Bambi messenger one thing i also left out when he did see
me the two times, it was over 5 years ago..i was not really dressing at that i had a goat tee..and was about 50 lbs heavier than i am now..So i thought what the hell lets first just see if he bites on the idea of a CD hitting him up first..Alvin by the

way is white..34 yrld.. 6'3" about 280 lbs a bit overweight..but what my ex told me and him when we he has a very thick above average cock..ok back to the story..So the next day im logged onto chat and bing he responds..rt away i put it out
there what i am..he asks for a pic..i send a rear view pic of me bent over with my well complimented bubble butt in the air and smooth tight pink hole starts chatting me up about meeting and saying he has never been with a CD but very
much wants to give it a go..i then start firing all kinds of face pics to him..still he has no clue!! Im thinking to myself really going to pull this off!!! So it just happens to be around a time my cousin and his wife are away for the week on vacation..I

ask him when he could meet. He responds that it would have to be after work on his way home..he would tell his wife Lisa he is going to go have happy hour then be home after...i give him my address and tell him i really dnt want to have a bunch of

conversation..i want him to just walk in and pull out his cock and let this slut go to work on expected he had no problem with that..

So with my fantasy almost becoming a reality in less than a few hours..i went into action of getting all ready.. I started out by taking a nice warm shower, shaving my body of its 3 day old fuzz..then when done i lotion up with my favorite

feminine smelling product. My makeup was done rt out of a porn and reds..with my sexy light brown with blonde highlight med length wig..My outfit i picked out was some "wet look" black thigh highs i actually like to get a couple sizes

bigger so they come all the way up to the tops of my legs rite under my butt my ass is framed like a big 38 DD silicone breast forms, with a long sleeve "skin tight" hot pink mini dress..and my 6 inch red stiletto heels..

The time finally arrived with a knock on the heart was racing..i know i sent a ton of pics and it seems he hasn't put 2 and 2 together..but also the excitement of knowing i am about to suck and receive t in my ass cunt tthe same cock that

fucked my ex wife to many orgasms..I called out its unlocked come on in..I had rearranged the living room so i was able to put my king size bed with the L shaped couches bordering at the head and side of the bed..The 50" flat screen playing porn..and

me laying seductively in the middle of the bed..the scene screamed SEXY!!..Alvin walked in and like we discussed immediately started undressing staring back and fourth between the TV and the TV he was about to get naughty was finally
naked and the rumors were true!! This big hairy guy was packing a nicely groomed soda can thick 8 incher.i immediately went rite to work sucking ,licking,and deep throating like the cock loving sissy i am. Amazing how a good cock sucking can

relax and put a strait boy at ease..Alvin was getting more hands y and verbally into it as my throat was milking his monster..he just kept telling me he had never been blown like this ever..i briefly stopped long enough to wink and in my best fem voice

tell him he needs to look up more girls like me after this and just hold tight its only going to get better you still have another hole to explore! and i immediately sank down to the base of his cock extended my tongue and licked his balls in one motion, he

went crazy! i kept this up for another 10 min, when finally he got up and immediately positioned me in the doggy position.. i felt lube being poured all in my crack and then came the fingers one,two then three..Alvin was fingering me with such vigor

and calling me a whore and making me plead for his cock..he really got into smacking my ass red,i played up to his aggressiveness like the passive sub i am..moaning..pleading and begging for his big cock..he finally after what seemed like forever with

our awesome teasing and domineering 4 play put a condom on and came around to my face grabbed my head in two hands and began face fucking me till he was rock hard again.. then he returned to my ass pussy applied more lube and just with no

remorse drove in hard and deep..he wasn't here to make love and i was glad he wasn't! Alvin fucked me for over 45 min strait with only stopping for a seconds at a time to switch positions.. one of the best moments was when we got in the missionary

position, him fucking me deep with us locked in a passionate french kiss..(the thoughts going through my mind)..when we chatted he expressed several times he wanted me to swallow..and like a good gurl i obliged! he had me laying sideways my knees
together, he was up on his knees hands pressing down on the side of my ass pinching his cock between my cheeks just like an energizer bunny continued the assault on my very happy cunt..Thats when he pulled out ripped off the rubber and i swung

around in perfect timing to take a huge mouth full of cream ..fuck he cums like he fucks..impressively..Well with the deed done it got even better, the thing i also love about 90% of the str8 guys i play with..when they bust that nut,they immediately

begin getting dressed and bounce!! a cuddlier here and leave the chatting to messenger and was no different..was cleaned up dressed and out the door like a flash..

We have since chatted and he still has no clue about me and i like it like that..this all happen only a few days ago...we are already planning our next meeting and trust me if anything is worth writing about i promise i will..hint.. i told him i was into black guys and he wants to do a 3-way with one of my blk be continued...xoxo.. Bambi

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