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First experience with a man (true story)

I was 18 at the time and really horny.

Since I was about 9 years old the internet was available to me and was introduced to porn by my friends at that time. Over many years my taste in porn evolved and gravitated toward big cock blowjobs and interracial porn. By age 18 I discovered craigslist and that whole world of possibilities opened to me. By browsing the ads, it did not take me long to realize that it was mostly guys on here, and that really turned me on for some reason. To my knowledge up to this point, I was straight, but here I discovered that I had very strong bisexual urges. The very real possibility of me being able to suck a big black cock then became my strongest sexual urge and urge, period.

I'm an attractive light skin, fit Hispanic. I live in a major city. That being said, my first ad got a lot of attention. I got a lot of replies, but surprisingly, out of all of the wonderful dick pics I was sent, I chose to reply only to a reply with a pic of a very built black guy wearing underwear. He did not even include his dick size in his stats. Dick size is what interested me since I just wanted a big cock in my mouth, but I was just attracted to this ad for some reason. He lived about 30 miles away and was about 15 years older. I didn't care, and said I would drive all the way to see him.

Naturally, I was very nervous making the commitment of going to see him, but I knew very well what I wanted.

So I made my way to his place. He was a very nice person, being aware I was coming fresh into this, he made sure I was comfortable and made me feel so. We talked for a while to establish a level of comfort but we both knew I wanted to suck his cock so we went to his bedroom soon enough.

Here is where it gets good. He pulled down his pants and trousers to reveal what is truly a BBC. It was about a 9 inch uncut thick cock. It was better than a porn star dick. It was just like one of those dreamy beautiful black cocks you only find in those home made videos. He laid on his bed and my mouth was just pulled toward his huge cock by some powerful unknown f***e. I sucked on his perfect cock for about 20 minutes nonstop just enjoying every second of having his cock in my mouth, reaching the far depths of my throat. It was very sloppy and loud. The loud slurping sounds together with all of the slobber I was creating felt like heaven. Being the natural deepthroater I am, I was surprised at the time to be able to take his cock all the way to his balls. It was like a dream.

Unfortunately, I didn't swallow. I pulled his cock out of my throat as he came for some dumb reason and he shot out a massive thick load all over his leg. If I could go back in time, I would have let him cum in my mouth as I kept sucking his cock for a good while longer.

I went home after we cleaned up and never saw him again.

I've only sucked another guy's cock after that in the time span of 3 years and I am craving it so bad right now.

Who knows when I'll get such a privilege again, but I'm not taking anything less now that I have had a true BBC. A big cock of any race will also due I guess, but there is something about a big black cock.

I'll post any further encounters. Hopefully I'll meet somebody here. I'm near Austin, Texas right now.

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