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True Black Cock Whore

So It’s has been a while since I told you about how I first began my life as a black cock whore. I guess it is about time for me to fill you in with another story of how I love to have my pussy filled with a massive member. My husband is totally supportive of my slutty ways. His name is John and he is the one that introduced me to the idea of fucking these big black dicks. He loves to watch and sometimes I left him. Other times I go out and meet up with some big dicks and let them use my body for their pleasure and then I go home and let john clean me up and fuck me as I tell him of my exploits, which brings me to the story of how I met Andre.
I am always looking for a bigger and bigger cock. I can only compare my addiction to BBC in the way a d**g addict is constantly looking for that feeling they got the first time they got the rush of their d**g of choice. Over the last few years I have had some very well endowed men, but I am not sure that there is a bigger cock than the one that hang between the legs of Andre. It a;; started one afternoon when I had finished teaching a history lesson and needed to go to the store to grab a few things from the store for dinner. I was grabbing a gallon of Orange Juice and I seen a very tall muscular black man. He was much younger than me. I am now in my 40’s and He had to be in his earl 20’s He was just a big guy. He seemed to have a very small waist and very broad shoulders. He was wearing some grey sweat pants and a tight wife beater tank. As he walked I could see that his cock was large as it appeared to be swinging low and bouncing off of the material of his sweat pants. It’s funny that I would notice someone dressed in such a casual manor. I always do my best to look good and dress in a very professional way. I decided to see if I could catch his eye. I walked near him I was wearing a short black skirt that came about 4 inches above my knee. I had on a sheer white blouse with a white camisole under it. I had on black stockings with 5 inch Christian Louboutin black patent leather heels with red soles. John loves these shoes and says it almost makes me irresistible. He says it makes my legs look rock hard. So as I walk by this young stud I smile and him when we make eye contact and I notice he slowly looks down at my Come fuck me shoes. I said Hi and he said hello. The next words out of his mouth was Nice Shoes. I said thank you. I instantly became shy and walked away. As I went about my business and finished shopping I could feel myself getting so wet. As I knew my chance to introduce myself had passed and was really disappointed. I checked out and headed to the parking lot when I seen him again. I could feel my heart start to pound as I knew I had one last chance to see what was in his pants. I went out of my way and pushed my cart in his direction. I walked right up to him and said Hi again my name is Julia. He introduced himself as Andre. I said Andre would you like to get a drink sometime? His response caught me off guard. He said What would your husband say about that? I instantly noticed he was looking directly at the ring on my ring finger. I said let me worry about that. So we exchanged numbers and agreed to meet at a local bar that coming Friday. As I turned to walk away Andre said hey. I turned back and said yes. He said on Friday wear those shoes. I just smiled, nodded and walked on to my car.
That evening I told John of my meeting and knew I would be getting fucked by John as he gets very turned on by my Slutty ways. John and I devised a plan for him to go to the bar in advance of me so He could watch his wife submit to another BBC. That Friday I put on the sluttiest dress and lingerie that I have. Black lacy corset that ties in the back with a red ribbon. John helped me cinch it tight as he loves my thin waist and large breasts. I had matching panties and garter belt. I put on black stockings with the seam up the back. And of course the Black heels with the red bottoms. I applied my make-up heavier than usual. I was getting more and more turned on with the anticipation of how the night would unfold. John and I drove separate vehicles to the bar as planned.
As I walked into the bar I walked right past John who was sitting at the bar. I noticed Andre sitting in the back at a table for two. As soon as he seen me he stood up. This night Andre was dressed nice. As I approached he immediately started kissing me. I accepted the kisses as he put his tounge in my mouth he ran his hands immediately to my ass. God I was getting so turned on being felt up and kissed by a perfect stranger while my husband sat at the bar watching. I looked up to Andre and said WOW, you aren’t wasting any time are you. He said Come on get real we both know why we are here, right? I just smiled and nodded. W ordered drinks and made small talk until I started to become a little tipsy. I couldn’t resist anymore and I leaned in for another kiss. Andre is a great kisser. He went strait for the prize and stuck his hand right up my skit. Like the total slut I am I instantly spread my legs allowing him to feel my soaking wet pussy. I reached down and rubbed his cock. It was giant. I could feel the outline and it seemed to be a foot long and I couldn’t get my hand around it. It was by far the biggest cock I had ever felt. I was scared I wouldn’t be able to take it inside of me. After a couple of minutes of making out and rubbing we decided it was time to get out of there. We drove to my house and as we got out of the car I noticed his cock was hanging out of his trousers. I got down right there in front of my house and started sucking this massive cock. He said come on lets go in so I can destroy your little white pussy. He started toward the door. I was walking up the sidewalk and still sucking his cock. I was so turned on and scared all at the same time. I swear it was a foot long and as big around as a coke can. His balls were giant. I was anticipating a huge cum shot. When we entered the door I dropped down to my knees and he did something I had never experienced before. He started hitting me across the face with his giant cock. It made me feel like the biggest slut in the world. It was painful but also a huge turn on. He reached back and unzipped my dress and I stood up and slipped it off exposing my lingerie. He pulled me close and started kissing me slipping two fingers in to my soaking cunt. He pulled me over to the couch and laid me on my back with my legs spread wide. He knelt down beside me and began finger fucking me in a very aggressive way. I was so turned on that I began to squirt. This is something I had never experienced before. I mean I had seen it in movies but it had never happened before. I felt like a total whore laying here on the couch with a stranger finger fucking me until I squirted all over his hand and all over my furniture. I was in total ecstasy. As he removed my panties I was once again scared that I would not be able to take this monster. My breathing became quick as he licked his fingers and rubbed the saliva on the head of his enormous cock. He laid it across my waist and at that point I noticed that if he puts it all the way in It will be deeper than my belly button. As he placed his cock at the opening of my dripping pussy I held my breath as he began to slowly push it in. I came instantly. I had never came so quickly in my life. As large as it was it went in the first few inches fairly easily. I was so wet and the next few inches were a little more painful. By this point I was moaning in a way that I never had before. I thought to myself that this is the cock that I had always dreamed about and now her I was laying on my back with my legs spread and my $1500.00 shoes in the air. I felt like a high class black cock whore. To top it all off out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of my husband John looking in from the side windows at the front door. I motioned for John to come in and as he walked through the door his hard little white dick already in his hand, Andre just looked at him and plunged the last 5 inches of his huge cock right into me. I screamed with pain and delight as My pussy had never been so full. Andre looked right at John and said get over here and watch this whore take a real dick. These words sent me into another orgasm. I tried to clinch my legs around him but Andre used his massive muscles to keep my little whore legs spread. Watching John be emasculated turned me on so much. Andre motioned for me to stand up. As I stood up he laid cross way on the couch with his feet on the floor and his cock standing straight up. It looked like fucking Mandingo. He told he to look at my husband and ride that fucking dick. I noticed my white cream all over the base of his cock. I climbed on and took this dick so deep that I thought it might come out of my mouth. I could feel it deep in my stomach. I was moaning and he made me say I was a black cock whore and that I was taking this real man’s dick. As I was shouting these vulgar things I seen my husband erupt and his cum shot all over the floor. Andre fucked me in different positions over the next 30 minutes. He ask me where I wanted his cum and I said please cum inside of me. I was riding his dick when it happened. He shot his giant load inside of me and I came again as he did. I could feel the warmth of his cum as it ran down his shaft. As soon as my orgasm subsided I collapsed on the couch next to him. He then reached down and pulled off my shoes. He began wiping the cum from his dick with my $1500.00 shoes. He then wiped my dripping pussy with the other shoe. My black patent leather shoes were covered with cum that had run down his dick as well as my well used and stretched out cunt. He motioned to John to come over and clean up the shoes. John licked those shoes clean like an a****l. As john was covered in cum he leaned in close and we kissed each other as we licked the cum off of those red soles. To this day I have never had a more erotic sexual experience. Needless to say Andre had been fucking me on a regular basis ever since. I am Truly a Black Cock Whore.

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