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Dungeon rental! And afterwards..

Went to see my ex 19 yo gf Kendra again last weekend again for group sex with her and her 19 yo bf Isaac. We'd done some fun shit with her 18 yo gf Carly recently, and Kendra discovered that not only did she love eating Carly's tight little pussy and watching her get fucked...but she also got off really hard on doing BDSM shit to and with particular whipping Carly's tight little body and fucking her hard with a dildo. Soooo, this visit we arranged to rent a dungeon that we found listed online. We didn't tell Carly, but just first met a hotel as usual. My flight was a little late, so I expected to arrive in the middle of things when I got to the hotel. I wasn't all. Kendra had asked Isaac to bring over a friend, and when I walked in she was being spit roasted by the two big dicked guys. Isaac was about 9 inches, and his buddy probably 8 or so. They big dicked teen guys had her doggy style on the bed and Isaac was fucking her pussy hard while she sucked off his friend Mike. They told me to join in, so I stripped and knelt and stuck my cock next to Mike's. Kendra grabbed my hard dick along with Mike's, and alternately sucked us, then stuffed both our cocks in her mouth. Her saliva was running down our cocks as she greedily sucked and licked the cock heads, then shoved them both as deep in her mouth as she could. Mike had already been getting sucked for some time and he couldn't hold back, he came in Kendra's mouth as she was sucking us both....I loved the feeling of his hot cum shooting in her mouth while she continued to suck ran down both of our cocks and she licked and sucked it all up. Isaac started to cum as he was fucking her teen pussy, but she yelled for him to pull out and come over to her face too....she wanted to eat his cum too. He almost made it, just as he got close he shot all over her face. That was enough for me....a few more jerks by Kendra and she had cum from all three of us to lick up and eat. Which she did...moaning how hot and tasty it was. So that was how it began.

We got dressed and Kendra and Isaac and I went to pick up Carly. She came out dressed in really tight little shorts and a top which showed off her newly peirced belly button....she thought we were taking her to the hotel for some hot threesome sex, but instead took her to the downtown dungeon we'd rented. She was confused when they told us when we walked in that we weren't supposed to have sex in there, it was just for "play". But when we opened the door to our room, Carly "got it", and turned to leave. Kendra grabbed her arm and pleaded...."it will be a lot of fun, just please stay"..and gave her ass a little squeeze. Carly said OK and we looked around. What fun it looked like! We stripped Carly and led her to some manacles hanging from chains on the rafters, and locked her hands in them before she could protest too much. There was a nice assortment of whips, but Kendra choose a belt to start with. Isaac and I held Carly's legs apart, and Kendra started by whipping Carly's pert little A cups with the belt. Hard. Her titties turned a nice shade of red with really nice belt marks on them, then Kendra stripped as well, and so did Isaac and I. We again held Carly's legs apart, and Kendra whipped Carly's little pussy with the belt. Carly was screaming, but of course the walls were soundproof...the last time we had this kind of fun with Carly, the hotel got complaints. Then Isaac grabbed a nice lash, and while Kendra and I held Carly's legs, Isaac whipped her belly and legs with the lash, moving around to her back and lashing her ass too. Kendra was in heaven, smiling and slapping Carly's ass and kissing her little titties as Isaac whipped her. When she'd had enough, we got her down and took her over to a cross laying on two sawhorses, and manacled her wrists and ankles down on it. Before she was even done crying from her whipping, Kendra grabbed a HUGE fucking black dildo and rammed it right up Carly's pussy. She shoved it in and out faster and faster, meanwhile Isaac got on top of her face and shoved his big dick in her little mouth, rules be damned. It was so much fun watching little Carly getting fucked with the dildo and getting her mouth stuffed with dick! Carly was protesting and trying to scream, but her wet pussy showed us how much she was enjoying it. Kendra removed the dildo, went up to Carly's face and pulled Isaac's cock out and sucked it really hard. Then she shoved the wet dildo in Carly's mouth so Carly could suck off her own cunt juice. We did many variations of this before Carly could take no more. Then we left and went back to the hotel, where Mike and two of his friends were waiting.

Isaac and I took Kendra on one bed, and Mike and Eric took Carly on the other. Both Kendra and Carly loved having two cocks at once. A couple times, we would all go over to one girl so she had four dicks to have fun with. My favorite varition of this was when Kendra had me and Isaac lay down scissors style and sucked our cocks together. She rubbed them together and sucked them really hard, jacking them when they weren't in her greedy teen mouth. At one poing Mike fucked her doggy style while she sucked Isaac and I off...and Eric bought his cock over to get sucked too! Kendra tried but couldn't fit all 3 of our dicks in her mouth, so she'd suck two of us and stroke the other. She even brought all 3 cocks together and stroked us off using precum and saliva. It was incredible...Carly and Mike stopped fucking and just watched the fun, then Carly came over to help Kendra suck the cocks. Before we came, Carly wanted a double vag, and Isaac and I were glad to oblige. We lay down with our cocks together, and Carly sat on both of them, fucking them silly. We could only last a few minutes before we were ready to cum....feeling Isaac shoot inside Carly set me off, and Kendra right away came over and pulled the cocks out of Carly's pussy and sucked them clean! Mike and Eric were next, and Carly took care of them....both cocks shot in her mouth, and it was more than Carly could take. Cum was running down both girls chins, and they were laughing at pointing at each other's cum covered faces. I think was the best day of my life....

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